I would just like to say a coupe of fun facts about the Harry Potter books as well as my story! (Don't use my story information as a viable source for science papers or what not! However, some of this is true. That's why they call it fun facts.)

1. Veritaserum is the super powerful truth serum that takes only three drops to spill the darkest of secrets. It is colourless, odourless, and basically like water but potent. Cyonide actually has all three of these components (besides the truth telling of course). It is colourless and is almost always mistaken as water. There however is a slight smell of almonds to it but only those with the strongest of noses can pick it out. 1.5mg of cyanide is deadly to a human which is about three drops. Veritaserum is almost exactly related to or is the wizard form of cyanide.

2. Against popular beleif, Slytherin house was never meant to be fully evil and house rivalries at Hogwarts were not menat to be permanent. There are several occurences through the films, books, and video games where there were several students of mixed houses (including Slytherin and Griffindor) talking together and actually hanging out. Slytherin house's trait is not "being evil" it is being cunning and quick footed with the ability to think on ones feet as well as extreme cases of determination. The reason why everyone thinks it is evil is just because most of the villians and racists in the books come from that house. This is because along with the positive traits of houses, they also have bad traits. Gryffindor has the bad trait of leaping before they look or "doing stupid things for no reason". Slytherin has the bad habit of being overly proud. All of the cruel and evil wizards and witches that come from Slytherin suffer from the Cardinal sin of Pride. Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor, he did not suffer from Pride because he is able to throw himself at everyone's feet without caring much about his appearance.

3. Madam Promfery is an overly caring nurse that most people like to present or show as stern or strict. This is true, the only reason why she forces people to do things her way is because she know it is for the best of their health. However, Madam Promfery isn't a foul hearted nurse. She has the most motherly characteristics of any teacher in the books and most students look up to her as one (a parent away from home).