A/N originally I was going to update Spiders in the League but I decided as a special new years gift to you all I would crank out as many of these spiderman one shots as I can! First up is one of my personal favorite girls to pair with spidey the felonious feline feme fatal Black Cat!

"You know Cat there are easier ways of getting my attention then robbing Goldman's Jewelry and Pawn." Spiderman said to his on and off again 'dance partner'. The dance of course usually went; Black Cat steals from a store thus attracting the attention of the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. The fight that then follows is fully of flirty banter as Cat flirts with her favorite hero and getting in some fairly scandalous positions before ultimately giving back what she stole with a kiss to her favorite guy.

That was how the fights normally went but tonight Cat seemed distracted. "What's up Cat you seem a little distracted tonight." Spiderman said as he dodged a halfhearted claw swipe. "I mean you haven't said anything at all and usually at this point we are well into innuendo town." As much as Spidey was against criminals he and Cat had this kind of chemistry. There was also the thrill of flirting with danger and a bad girl with an attitude appealed to him more then Mary Jane after she dumped him.

Cat chuckled at his concern. "Guess I have been feeling a little out of it." she sighed dodging one of Spiderman's kicks. "I have something I really don't want to do later but my friends keep insisting."

Spiderman laughed as well because he was in a similar situation. "Yeah my friends sometimes have a habit of really meddling with my life too." Dodging a sweeping kick and back-flipping and dropping back into a ready stance.

"You know it's interesting I sometimes forget that you have a life outside of the costume." Cat replied "I don't even think most of the people down there ever think about people like you and me as having lives out of the costume."

"I could say the same about you Cat. I have to ask what do you do when you're not strutting around in skin tight leather?" Spiderman asked as this gorgeous vixen swayed her hips walking up to him.

She pulled up his mask seductively scrapping his face with one of her nails leaving a light mark. She then whispered into his ear "Now that's something you will have find out some other time Spider." She then dropped the small bag of jewelry she had taken from the store before scampering off. She had a date to get to and she needed to properly prepare herself. Sure it was a blind date that her friends set her up on but she had to do it if only to shut her friends up about her dating life.

After about an hour she thought she was looking drop dead sexy. She was really partial to black and though her personal favorite was her black 'cat' suit and high heeled boots, her little black dress was just good. She had washed out the white dye from her hair and it was now in its natural honey blonde color. Now she was waiting for her date to pick her up from her penthouse apartment. Intimidating yes, but if a man is intimidated by just a flight of stairs then they really were not worth her time.

When she heard the buzzer go off she huffed off the couch "Well this is going to be another tedious night with some egotistical ass hat trying to get into my panties. I swear if this guy makes any dumb blonde jokes I swear I will claw his eyes out." She huffed before composing herself and opening the door.

"Felicia? I am Peter, our friends set us up for this blind date." Peter parker said nervously stumbling over his words at the sight of his date.

Felicia took one look at her date and noticed the mark on the right side of his face and thought to herself 'maybe this won't be so bad'.

A/n and so there we go! First girl up and she now knows both Peter and Spiderman. Next up is either Jean Gray or Rouge. So an X girl is guaranteed.