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Spider-man stood hunched over slightly. His breathing heaving and his costume torn, the young hero leveled a stern glare at the floating armored master of magnetism that hovered a few stories up.

Magneto had sent the Brotherhood to test the Queens born hero to join his order. As he expected the spider themed man won against the combined forces of Avalanche, Blob, and Toad. As a reward for defeating those three Magneto offered Spider-man a place among his disciples. To which the young hero replied, "Yeah because joining a mutant terrorist will do such wonders for my image problem. No thanks tin can."

While Magneto is not someone who is easily taunted his son is a different story. Quicksilver rushed Spider-man at his superhuman speeds only to get tripped by the hero and sent barreling into a wall.

"Sabertooth, retrieve Quicksilver and the others. There is nothing more to gain here." Magneto said in his cold, authoritative voice. As his underling went to gather up their fallen comrades Magneto used his powers to bend a lamppost and use it to pin the Spider to a wall. Just as he was about to speak another interrupted him.

"Why do you fight to protect these people? I have seen what they call you, they hate you and belittle you. They call you the same names they call us, a freak, a menace, a blight on the world. You would be welcomed in Genosha your gifts would be accepted." Came the voice of the Scarlet Witch. Magneto's daughter was dressed in her typical red leotard and cape, along with her read leather gloves and boots.

Surprisingly Spider-man stopped struggling against the bonds that held him and looked at her before responding. "I ask myself that a lot. But as you said I have these talents, these abilities, they are as much a curse as they are a blessing. Because with great power comes great responsibility."

The conviction in his words moved Wanda a great deal. She knew all too well the burden that having powers can be. Unlike the other members of the brotherhood she struggled with controlling her's and to this day still had issues with them. She found herself at a lose of words, as she tried to gather herself her father spoke.

"A naive and foolish way of thinking boy." Maneto spat. "Such thinking belittles your own abilities, those things that make you better then these pitiful humans. I see now that you were never truly one of us. But take this one warning boy, if you ever cross my path, if you place yourself in the way of my ambition, you will receive no mercy."

As he floated away metal balls encompassed the Brotherhood and followed their master. But Wanda hesitated and took a moment to look at the hero who was breaking out of the bonds that held him. 'Perhaps I am not as alone as I thought.' She muttered to herself before flying off.

Several weeks later Wanda was once again in New York City on a mission from her father. She was to find a mutant who her father believed had the power to see the future. He wanted her to perform a reading on events related to his plan. To use her magic and sight to ensure his own dominance. In the city she felt a number powerful magical presences, one being the headquarters of Stephen Strange the Sorcerer Supreme, but it was another in Midtown that seemed to call to her. She was dressed in street clothes; black boots with a black dress that went to her knees. Over top of that she wore a dark red trench coat that she kept open.

Wanda followed the light pull she felt to possibly the last place one would expect to find a legitimate oracle, a fortune teller's shop. The door simply read Madam Webb and while the sign said closed Wanda felt drawn to it and to her surprise the door opened and she took a cautious step in.

"Well well well, it's about time you showed up Ms. Maximoff. I was beginning to wonder what was keeping you. Come in please the tea will be ready soon." Came the voice of a figure on the other side of the room. The figure a woman was dressed in a long red dress with what looked to be a white spider symbol on the front. She looked to be in her 70's if not older, her face showing many lines of aging and her grey hair only had a few dull traces of red in it. One striking feature was the red cloth over her eyes leading Wanda to believe the woman was blind.

"You were expecting me?" Wanda replied only slightly surprised. If this woman could see the future then predicting her arrival would not be much of a stretch.

"Of course." Came the reply of Madam Webb as she moved from behind the table, revealing herself to be in a wheelchair. She moved over to a low counter with an electric tea kettle turning it off before it could go off. "You seem to strike me as an Earl Grey type of girl am I right?" Wanda nodded before realizing the woman couldn't see her. Webb chuckled as she poured the tea into a pot and brought it to the table she was originally at, pouring two cup. "Well sit, enjoy your tea then we can get to more serious matters."

Wanda sipped the tea slowly, though the woman was being very friendly the whole situation was making her feel very uncomfortable. The small smirk that Madam Webb wore mad her thing this unease was intentional.

"Now I know why you are here but sadly I can not give you the prediction your father seeks." Webb stated in a matter of fact tone. "There are forces at work that cloud the future beyond my ability to see."

"Then this whole trip was a waste of time." Wanda replied with a hint of anger and fearing her father's disappointment.

"Now now child. You came here for a reading and you will get one. Just not the one you were expecting." Webb said in a half hearted attempt to cheer the girl up.

"So what you are going to predict my future? You don't know me!" Wanda said getting more upset.

Wanda was sure that the supposed oracle was glaring at her despite her blindness. "Wanda Maximoff I have been watching you for some time now. You have been adrift for some time, unsure of your purpose and afraid. Afraid of you father, the world he envisions, of defying him, of your very own powers. You are alone even when surrounded by you fellow disciples of Magneto." Webb said sternly the room changing to a pink and purple mist swirling around the two. "The bringer of the end times is fast approaching and your father's petty views will all but guarantee Victory to the Enemy. Even if the Enemy is defeated, your current path will lead only to further pain and the decimation of your people. The day you loose control is the day mutant kind will become all but extinct." Her voice seemingly growing louder and more intense with each word she spoke.

Whatever doubts Wanda had about the authenticity of this seer were blown away by the swirling mist that seemed to grow more turbulent with the seer's anger. After a moment the mist calmed before Webb continued her voice softer. "But you no longer have to be alone child. There is another who feels as you do. One who is also burdened by great power and great responsibility. Your path, should you take it, will bring you closer to the center of the web. The choice is yours to make young Wanda." The sear finished as she and the swirling mist faded away.

When Wanda regained awareness of her surroundings she found herself on the street, the fortune teller's shop she had been in was nowhere to be found. she looked up and in front of her in the distance was the Avenger's Tower a shining spire. A part of her knew that it was a bit of Tony Stark's vanity that was behind the design. It still represented Earth's Mightiest Heroes and many of the smaller heroes aspired to join their ranks.

"Well if I am going to become a hero might was well aim for the top." She said as she took off towards the tower.

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