A/n been a bit since my last post, took a little while to get back into the swing of things at school but here is the next instalment of Women of the Web, a personal favorite of mine and one of my favorite X-girls.

Laura Kinney, formerly known as the weapon/assassin X-23, sat in kitchen at the Xavier Institute having recently been found by her now surrogate father figure Logan, the original Weapon X. She still wasn't making many friends at the school, her only one being Kitty, but she had to admit it was nice to be around people that didn't see her as a weapon, people who understood her in some small way. Though she didn't talk much she enjoyed being around others. For too long her early life was filled with silence so she enjoyed hearing people around her. Then a particular subject came up at the breakfast table as Logan returned from a trip to New York City with a new student.

The Professor smiled as the mismatched duo walked into the room. Logan was his usual gruff self his jacket slightly torn up and some blood stains on his cloths as well. In contrast the girl beside him was the exact opposite. The blonde sixteen year old was dressed in a Midtown cheerleading warm up, a black tank top and designer blue jeans. She looked the part of the snotty cheerleader type clique but her eyes betrayed that she was nervous about meeting the rest of the mutants.

"Logan I am glad to see you have returned." The Professor said as he wheeled over to the duo. "And Miss Allen it is good to see you are unharmed." He had heard of the tussle that Logan and Spiderman had gotten into with Sabertooth in the city and was happy to see that their newest potential member was not of put by witnessing the event.

A small smile rose on the blonde's face "Well I am from New York City and have had up-close encounters with super-powered nutcases before." This comment caused two members of the X-Men to remember where they had seen the girl before.

"You're Elizebeth Allen! I remember seeing your picture in the paper! You were rescued by Spider-man! What's he like? How tall is he? Is he a badboy like they say?" Kitty Pryde started shouting in excitement.

"Please call me Liz and as for Spider-man he is well he is…" she started

"The Webhead is an annoying little twerp that never shuts up." Logan said as he closed the door to the fridge after taking out the orange juice. He turned to the group and received a glare from Kitty, Liz and surprisingly Laura. "But he is a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. I hope you don't mind Chuck but I told him if he ever needs a place he could come here. Kid needs to know there is a place with people that understand him."

The girls were wide eyed as Logan rarely gives out compliments and it takes quite a bit to earn his trust. They wanted to know what Spider-man could have done to earn the respect of the gruff man. Chareles however was well aware of Logan's prior dealings with the young hero and smiled. "Of course Logan that is the very reason I founded this school now Kitty if you wouldn't mind showing Liz around."

"Sure thing Professor, come on Liz I will show you around the Institute. You want to join us Laura?" Kitty said to her reserved friend. Laura simply nodded and joined the two other girls around the school.

As they walked through the halls Laura remembered her first experience with the young New York super hero.


Laura had only just recently joined the X-men and as an exercise the professor suggested to Logan that they use a form of immersion therapy. To that end Logan to his adopted daughter figure to New York City to meet with a friend of his who he thought would be a good influence on Laura.

Logan knocked on the door of the small Forest Hills home, Laura was standing to his side a step back wondering why they were here.

An elderly woman answered the door and smiled at the pair. "Logan it is good to see you again." She said warmly, "oh who is this you have with you?"

"My name is Laura Kinney." She replied flatly still puzzled at why she was there.

"Well aren't you a lovly young lady. I am May Parker. Come in, I have some freshly made pie and I was just about to make a pot of tea if you two would like to join me." She smiled again and waved the two into the house.

A small smile appeared on Logan's face at the mention of 'pie' as they both entered the house. The trio sat at the table and Logan and May traded stories, Logan about being a teacher at the Institute and May about the life of her nephew who is practically her son.

"So Logan, how did Laura come into your life?" May inquired

"The short version is basically she is my daughter I never knew I had. Her mother was in an abusive relationship and that abuse extended to Laura." This is not entirely a lie as the people at the facility were abusive to both Laura and her mother. "Her mother eventually died and Laura came looking for me. Needless to say I was pissed at the way she was treated. Now she lives with me and the others at the institute." Logan did not want to tell may the full story about the origins and abuse that Laura had endured.

"Oh you poor dear." May said as she turned to Laura "Well you will always be welcome here. I have a nephew your age that I think you would get along with."

Just then the front door opened and a voice shouted into the house. "Aunt May I'm home."

"Peter dear we have guests." May replied to her nephew as he came into the kitchen.

That was when she first saw him, boy that would change so much for her and would help her regain her humanity. He was the same age as her looking to be about 15 years old. He was a little bit taller than her by a couple of inches and his brown eyes went wide when he saw her.

To Peter Parker this girl sitting at the table with his Aunt and Logan was the pinnacle of the cool dark beauty type. He was captivated by her and immediately began to stutter and stumble over his words.

Both May and Logan laughed at this, Peter blushed and appeared embarrassed while Laura was now even more confused about what was going on.


Looking back on it caused Laura to smile at his initial reaction. This did not go unnoticed by Kitty. "Whatcha thinking about that's got you in such a good mood Laura?"

Laura just gave her friend a look that said "you know what it is and I don't want to talk about it in public."

"Maybe she is thinking about her boyfriend?" Liz suggested not realizing how spot on she was.

Laura blushed for just an instant before she growled at the other two girls who then burst into laughter as they continued the tour.

There were many things she regretted in her life but meeting Peter Parker will never be one of those.