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First up, Foxy Naruto and Bunny Hinata

Summary: This world of Hunamanus. They are a mix of humans and animal, they form communities and societies with their own species. Most live in the forests, while some live in the ocean. They are all extremely intelligent, and do have the ability to build their own homes. But, it's a Humamanus eat Humananus world, and unfortunately, Hinata from the bunny section of the wood, finds herself in danger of being eaten.

The lush green trees blurred past her. Her heartbeat was thundering in her ears as adrenaline coursed through her. She felt herself tiring, but she had no choice but to keep going, at full speed, because if one of those foul beasts caught her…

"Hey bunny! Come back here! We promise to bite you as gently as possible!" One of the dogs yelled behind her.

"Yeah!" Another one shouted," We'll kill you quickly so you don't feel a thing!"

A few round of laughter followed.

Poor Hinata had the misfortune of wandering way too far away from her warren, she was smelling the beautifully colored flowers, and didn't notice the 5 dogs until they were right on top of her. If she hadn't been near a lake at the time and seen their reflection behind her, who knows what might've happened. From what Hinata could tell, the dogs stood at the height of 5'11, which was taller than Hinata's petite 5'6 frame. The all had dog ears at the top of their heads, tails sticking out their lower backs and their legs; all the way up to their knees were some sort of hybrid cross of a human and dogs. Their hands had long sharp claws that they would use along with their sharp canines to rip her to shreds. There was a pelt covering the lower half of their bodies, like shorts. Their color fur and pelt varied from brown, gray, and gold. They all appeared to be in their late teens early twenties. They ran using both their back paws, and their hands.

Hinata, on the other hand was only 17 years old. She was extremely beautiful fur, pelt, and skin. She had two long bunny ears, each about a foot long. She had a little white fluffy ball as a tail. She had long, flowing dark blue hair that was currently whipping around behind her. Her legs were a weird cross between humans and a rabbits. It was like that from her cute paws, to half way up her thighs. She was wearing a white pelt that served to cover the rest her legs, and she wore a pelt was eerily similar to a corset. It was snug enough to ensure her bountiful triple D breasts stayed in place, and it didn't constrict her breathing in any way.

Hinata was hopping as fast as she possibly could. Like most rabbits, her hind legs were strong enough to propel her forward quickly, and at great distances. She couldn't go back, not with a pack of predators trailing behind her, so she had to make as many right and let turns as sharply as possibly, in the hopes that they would lose her trail. It seemed so far, to be a hopeless endeavor.

'Come on! Come on! Come on! Go faster!' Hinata thought to herself. Her lungs were burning, and her legs ached, but this little rabbit was determined not to get eaten by this group of slobbering mutts. She didn't want to die today. And she had a feeling that they weren't going to be as 'gentle' as they claimed.

She turned a hard right and stumbled a little. 'Oh no! Please don't let them get me!' But alas, her prayers seemed to be going unanswered. Not only was he pack gaining on her, but her legs were starting to cramp up. She couldn't go any faster than this. Tears began to prick her eyes as she began to panic.' Oh no! I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to-'

Her senses were hit with a foreboding feeling. Every single nerve on her body felt as if it had been struck by lightning, and her instincts told her to run as fast as she possible could in the other direction. Hinata had never felt this amount of fear before in her life. Without a single thought, she turned left. It was a horrible mistake. Not only did the feeling of danger increase, but she completely stumbled over a branch, and flew forward. She turned so that she landed on her side; she bounced off the ground a few times before rolling, and finally coming to a complete stop.

'Ow' Hinata groaned silently. Hopefully, nothing was broken. Her eyes widened as she a voice rang out in the small clearing.

"We got you now little rabbit."

She immediately sat back up on her hind legs and cringed. If her ankle wasn't broken, then it was at least bruised. Her hunters realized she was injured almost as fast as she did.

"Well, well, it seems little miss rabbit here has injured herself. Poor thing." The alpha male spoke up. At least she thought he was the alpha male. The beta spoke up next.

"Don't worry; we'll be sure to put this poor little creature out of her misery as quickly as possible."

They each wore a grin that curled Hinata's stomach, and sent an unpleasant shiver down her spine. They formed a semicircle around her, they were too close for her to run and actually gain any type of distance. They stepped closer, Hinata tried to step back, but she whimpered as a jolt of pain shot through her body from her ankle. A round of chuckles echoed through the clearing at her misery, her helplessness.

'Oh no! 'She thought, closing her eyes and turning away, unwilling to see her demise coming. 'I never even got to say goodbye to anyone'. She started trembling. 'Goodbye world'.

Suddenly, the foreboding feeling that had disappeared returned with a vengeance. Another whimper sounded across the forest. One that didn't come from her. Her eyes shot open as she gazed upon the scene unfolding no less than 3 feet in front of her. What she saw caused her to tremble even more, and her stomach dropped.' No, not him! Anyone but him!'

But it was him. The top predator of the entire Hunamanus world. He went by many names, The Feared One, The Tormenter, The Hunter, The Predator of predators, King of the forests. Or, most the common, Kyuubi. She had only heard of him through stories her parents would tell her in order to get her and the other bunnies to behave themselves. They would tell stories about how if you weren't good, he would come and snatch you away. From what Hinata was seeing, it wasn't far from the truth.

He was a large, imposing figure, standing at about 6'6, completely towering Hinata. 9 red tails swished behind him, each one was 6 feet. He had hind paws which stood at an odd mix of human and fox that went up to his knees. He had red pelt that covered his rest of his legs, it looked like he was wearing pants. There were two fox ears on top of his head; they were both red with a white tip. Just like his tails. And, like most males of this world, he had no shirt. Hinata could tell just from looking at his back that this guy was ripped, not overly buffed, but he sure as hell had more muscle than her would murderers.

There was a certain aura that radiated outward of him. His power was suffocating, it was not only being felt by those around him, but it was also expressed in a way that left Hinata feeling extremely conflicted. She didn't know whether or not she should feel relieved or terrified at the fact that this newcomer was holding the alpha afoot off the ground by the neck, with only one hand. A chuckle bounced between the trees, sending a strange shiver down Hinata's spine. 'Okay, I sh-should d-definitely be terrified.'

"Well, well, well, it seems that some prey have wandered into my lair. What a surprise." He had a deep, baritone voice, one that demanded you listen when he talked. It was currently filled with malicious glee.

He tightened his grip on the struggling alpha. "I guess this means that I won't have to go hunting today after all."

"H-hey! C-come o-on m-man, w-w-e don't w-want any t-t-rouble, j-j-just l-let him g-g-go." One member stuttered out.

"Yeah, just give him back and there'll be no problems pal." Surprisingly, it was the beta who spoke up. He seemed to have a very confident air around him.

A pack member glared harshly at him "What the hell! Are trying to get us all killed?!"

The beta chuckled, "Calm down you idiot," He seemed to look the Kyuubi straight into the eye. "We can take him, no problems."

Hinata and the other pack members felt their eyes pop out of their sockets by the sheer ignorance of what came out of his mouth.

"Dude, do you have any idea who this is? This is the fucking Kyuubi, not just some weak ass fox!"

"Of course I know who he is!" The beta snapped, "Who doesn't know about the great and almighty Kyuubi"

He seemed to spit the name out of his mouth.

"Then do tell, why the fuck are you trying to get us all killed!" The same pack member growled back.

The beta just chuckled; a cocky grin adorned his face." Because, all the stories I've heard about the Kyuubi involve him taking down his opponents when they're either alone, or completely unprepared. And right now," his smirk grew even wider," We are none of those things."

Hinata though that what the beta was suggesting was the single most idiotic thing she had ever heard. To actually think that a plan as half baked as that was completely ridiculous! There was no way that anyone would even agree to do something as suicidal as…..

"Of course!" A pack member shouted in excitement.

Another pack member tail was wagging," Yeah! As long as there are more of us than him, we'll win no problem!"

The other members also seemed to agree with this "interesting" idea. They all straightened their backs and looked dead-straight at the Kyuubi. They each flexed their claws, as if preparing for a fight.

"Bring it fox-man; we're not scared of you." The beta proclaimed quite foolishly.

Kyuubi, who had been silent that entire charade, was quite amused at this turn of events.

"Oh really? All of you really think you can take me on?"

"Hell yeah! You don't stand a chance against our numbers!"

The Kyuubi threw his head back and roared with laughter.

"Alright then, it has been awhile since some poor soul has had the balls to challenge me. Here, I'll even make things easier for you."

He threw the alpha onto the forest floor. The brown haired male landed hard on the ground. He let out a loud yelp and began gasping for breath. The beta and another back member immediately rushed to help him to his feet. All members began growling and snarling at the Kyuubi.

"You're going to regret that you bastard!" The alpha wheezed out.

"Than please, show me what you and you're mangy mutts got."

Hinata prepared to run; she was not going to stick around for the slaughter. She took another step back; she regretted the action when Kyuubi's' head snapped to the side in her direction. She could only see half of his face but it was still frightening none the less. From what she could see, he had 3 whisker marks on one side of his cheeks. They were wild, and made him look more feral than any other Hunamanus. His eyes were a deep, piercing blood red color, filled with malicious glee.

He grinned, revealing his sharp teeth and his deadly looking canines. They looked as if they could tear through her bones if he wanted them to.

"And, after I'm done with you, I'll enjoy this little bunny."

Hinata swallowed hard at that statement, fear bubbling in her chest, threatening to overflow in a flood of tears.

The dogs glared at him.

"There's no way in hell we're going to let you leave with our prey!" The alpha growled out.

"Well, then come and fight me for the little bunny rabbit." He replied sadistically, turning his head to look back at the pack.

He spread his arms out wide, signaling for the mutts to attack him. The first male on his left jumped out him growling with his claws extended out in font of him. Hinata didn't wait to see who would come out as the winner. Immediately turned and made a dash for it. She tried her very best to ignore the pain in her leg, but that just wasn't happening. The pain grew with every jump that she took. An especially loud yelp escaped her lips. The pain was unbearable, and only after approximately 1-2 minutes of running.

She stopped in the middle of a very familiar clearing. She knew that it was probably a bad idea to stop here, but she couldn't go on. The pain was just too much for her to handle. She spread both legs out in front of her. She closed her eyes and grit her teeth from the fire that seemed to be exploding from her ankle. She must've damaged it more while running. She inhaled and exhaled slowly before pulling her injured leg closer to her body so she could examine it better.

It was a dark purplish color. It was extremely swollen; she could see and feel it throbbing at the same time. Another wave of pain caused her to throw her head back and closed her eyes. She tenderly touched her ankle; she immediately drew her hands back and a hissed. She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, that's for sure.

'Oh no, I'm trapped out here, all alone in the middle of the woods.' She thought sullenly to herself. Her ears drooped a little at that thought. Rabbits were extremely social Hunamanus. They always traveled in groups and were seldom caught alone. Well, except for her...

A sudden rustling noise jolted her out of her thoughts. Her ears perked back up and started searching for the noise.

Another rustle, it was coming from directly in front of her. Whatever it is was currently 300 yards away and coming closer. She gasped when it suddenly disappeared, she couldn't hear its footsteps anymore.

The overwhelming sense of adrenaline and fear surged throughout her system once more. A figure appeared just outside of the clearing. He was hidden among the trees and the shadows they casted. But there was no mistaking those piercing red eyes and the tall imposing stature. It was him.

She tried to scoot back, away from the impending danger; tiny whimpers were escaping her lips. She gasped as he disappeared once more, only to reappear inches away from her. A startled shriek escaped her lips as he grabbed onto her good leg and dragged her towards him. He lifted her hands away from her injured ankle, and caressed it gently. She whimpered loudly in pain, tears were building in the corner of her eyes. His eyes snapped back up to hers at her reaction.

She could see him clearly now. He had hair that was long enough to reach the back of his neck. He was very built, not like the bear Hunamanus, whom were absolutely bulging with muscles. But he looked strong enough to strike fear in the hearts of many. She also noticed that there were splatters of blood covering some parts of his body. In fact, his hands were covered in it.

She looked back into his eyes and was surprised by what she found there. It was tenderness, concern for her well-being, and lust. The lust was well cloaked behind the other emotions, but she wasn't fooled. It still warmed her heart that he wasn't guarding his emotions like usual.

"Hinata." His voice rumbled deep within his chest, sending a warm feeling to her heart.

"Naruto." She murmured back.

"Are you alright?" He asked gently, although there did seem to be some yearning in his voice.

She nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm a l-little bruised up b-but I'll be f-fine."

His eyes searched hers for awhile, as if he were deciphering the emotions within them. He nodded his head, apparently pleased by what he found. He peered down at her ankle, studying it with both careful hands and a piercing gaze.

She didn't flinch as he bent his head down to her wounded leg. Nor did she move when he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into her flesh. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, her hands resting on grass beneath them. Yes, she knew the dreaded Kyuubi, the monster that haunted this section of the vast forests. She knew him quite well in fact; she's known him for most of their life. Although, their relationship has progressed far from what it used to be. She could still remember the first time she met him….

Flashback 13 years ago

Hinata had always been different from the rest of her kind. While other Rabbit Hunamanus were social creatures to each other, they didn't really fraternize with the other types of Hunamanus. To them, every one else was a threat, either because they would steal all their food, or make them their food. In a world of eat or be eaten, it was pretty easy to understand their fear.

But Hinata wasn't like them. She didn't fear the unknown and she was always ready and willing to meet different species. She often caused heartache for her poor mother because she would go wandering the woods alone, without any type of supervision. The other bunnies were always afraid to venture out into the world, and the other rabbits never wanted to play with the young bunnies. So, for most of her life Hinata was a loner.

She was an oddity, who was never one to back down when entering a dark cave in the middle of the night, but she was shy whenever she met someone new. Although both her parents loved their daughter to death, they were worried for not only her safety, but for her future. How was she ever going to mate and have children if she was so shy?

One day, the three year old little rabbit was doing her usual exploring of the forest. Her mother had warned her not to stray off to far, but the best berries and fruits were hidden deeper within the forest. Hinata knew this from not only personal experience, but because she heard some of the bunny-rabbits bragging about it.

She hopped around, sniffing the trees and examining the dirt. It may seem odd to some, but Hinata loved taking in the scenery for all it was worth. The sight of all the "weird" insects and creepy-crawlies making their way through the dirt intrigued her. She had always wondered why none of these tiny creatures looked like her, or any other Hunamanus she's seen. They didn't even look like the insect Hunamanus!

Her train of thought broke when she spotted a berry bush nearby. It was only a few feet away from her, and boy, did it look tasty! She hopped her way towards it excitedly. She stood at a measly 1 1/2 feet tall, which was considered short for her age. The berry bush stood at a mind boggling 5 feet. It easily towered over the young female. The leaves were round, and dark green. The berries themselves were a deep dark purple color. Water was dripping of the leaves and berries from the earlier rain.

Hinata grabbed one berry; it was so big that she had to use her entire hand to hold it. She licked her lips before sinking her teeth into the berry. She hummed in delight as she ate. It was extremely sweet, overloading her taste buds with flavor. The berries farthest away were the best! She ate one right after the other until she was completely full. She sighed, feeling extremely content with herself.

She suddenly frowned. Peering down at her hands and fur coat, they were completely covered in the berries juice! She had made a complete mess of herself! She was going to get all sticky, and her fur would clump together. Not to mention all the dirt and grime that would stick to her…

She turned and made her way back the way she came. The little bunny had remembered passing a river, so cleaning up there would be the best option. It would save her parents a lot of grief if she didn't come home dirty. Plus they would ask too many questions about where she went, and then go into a rant about how dangerous that was. She'd already heard it all…

Coming up towards the river, she peered into it. It was slow moving, there was hardly any life in there at all. The Hunamanus that lived in the water wouldn't live in a river this small. They enjoyed being in a large body of water, where they could swim and swim and swim without a care in the world. Or at least that's what her mother told her.

She could easily see her reflection in the water and frowned. It wasn't that deep, or fast moving, but Hinata wasn't that tall. Nor was she a good swimmer. As a matter of fact, she couldn't swim in any way, shape, or form. Hinata concluded that the best thing to do was to splash water on herself the best that she could, and hope that she got clean.

She gathered a small amount of water with both her hands, and splashed it on her coat. She had a nice little corset on; it was pure white and soft. It was there to protect the assets she was years from growing. She carefully washed herself, trying her hardest to make sure that there were no trace of the berries left anywhere on her.

She closed her eyes as she scrubbed her face. Her tiny bunny ears stood up straight, listening closely for the sound of any predators. Her ears weren't the best right now at her age, but they were all she had.

There was a noise.

She paused, halting all of her actions. The noise was back again, this time closer. It was coming from behind her, slightly to her left. Keeping cool was key for survival, if Hinata panicked or started freaking out now, she would be in big trouble. It was never a good idea to let the predator know you were on to them, at least not right away.

She calmly weighed her options, but made it seem as if she was studying the water. The river was deep, but it wasn't wide. There was a slight chance that she would be able to make the jump. But there was also a chance that she would miss the jump and be carried away into the larger rivers of water and eaten alive by the carnivorous aquatic Hunamanus. That is, if she didn't drown on the way there.

She decided to jump. If it turns out that it wasn't anything dangerous, she would study it from a distance. If it was something dangerous, she would hop as fast as she could back to her family. Her father was strong; he could probably fight off the beast. It didn't sound too big.

Hinata backed up until she was 2 feet away from the river. There was now growling behind her. It certainly was larger than her, but not too large that her father couldn't get rid of it. With a surprising burst of speed, she hopped her way towards the river. Once she reached the end of it, she jumped with all of her might. Whatever it was behind her decided not to follow, it probably assumed she wouldn't be able to make the jump. Soaring through the air she hoped that she would make it. The other side of the river was coming closer.

And closer….

And closer…..

Thud! She made it! It was a close call, but she had made it to the other side! She felt so proud of herself! Hinata did a little happy dance inside of her head. Her celebration didn't last long though. A coyote burst through the bushes, and it was headed straight towards her! She kicked her little bunny butt into gear and hopped away as fast as she possibly could. There was no way she was going to be anyone's meal today!

The other Hunamanus was right on her fluffy tail. She could feel his breath on her neck as he puffed and panted after her. She may be tiny, but she had some of the strongest legs around! But the predator was gaining on her, so that was a problem.

It was getting closer. Hinata felt tears blur her vision. She should've never gone out this far. Her poor family was going to worry themselves sick if they couldn't find her! Just then, Hinata felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety and panic. It was the worst amount she had ever felt in her life. Before she got a chance to decipher the meaning, a huge creature came barreling through the trees. It was gone as soon as it came, taking the coyote with it. Hinata paused and looked around; she couldn't hear or see anything.

'What was that?' She pondered.

Hopping towards the spot the creature had come from, she noticed some flattened bushes, and the trees had indents and slashes on them. She looked towards the direction the creature had dragged the coyote to. There was another path left behind. It would be a horrible idea to follow it. It could easily rip her apart.


She had never seen anything like it! As a matter of fact, she didn't even get to see whatever it was! It wouldn't do her much harm to just watch it. Plus, she wasn't expected back with the others for another few hours. With that thought in mind, Hinata began to follow the trail left behind by the creature.

Naruto sighed to himself, his tails swishing behind him. Life had become so mundane. It was always the same, find and animal, watch it cower in fear, and then kill it. Ever since he had made a name for himself as the most powerful being on this planet, others stopped challenging him. He couldn't even take them by surprise anymore, unless they were extremely distracted. Otherwise they would sense his presence.

He wasn't one of the first Hunamanus around, but he had been around the longest. He wasn't sure how he came to be, or why he was so different from all the rest. All he remembers is himself, and the woods. He had always needed to fend for himself, he had no parents so there was no one to teach him how to hunt or stalk prey. It was difficult, and there were multiple instances where he almost perished, but that was the past. And he means way in the past.

He had been around for almost a thousand years. He wasn't exactly sure how old this world was, but he had seen and experienced most of it. He had swam from ocean to ocean. Explored and hunted on all the lands of this planet. Fighting had always been a highlight of his life. But he couldn't do that anymore, no one was willing to take him on. Even if he had them cornered, they would just fall to the ground and close their eyes. Not a single species put up a real challenge, and it's been that way for over 200 years. He was vastly disappointed.

He was currently sitting in the middle of his den. It was a cave behind a small clearing. A bear Hunamanus used to reside here, but he wasn't hard to get rid of. Naruto was leaning against the cave wall; his body was leaning against the hard cave wall. His eyes were closed; he was planning on what to have for dinner. There was a group of rabbits currently staying in an area around here….

He sat up suddenly. There was a chase happening, and it was headed his way. He got up and stretched his limbs.

'Well,' he thought to himself, 'time to go eat.'

He immediately sprinted through the forest at top speeds. He was only a blur to anything that caught sight of him. He was gaining on the duo. From what he gathered from his nose, it was a young bunny running from a pubescent coyote. Since the coyote was bigger, it would only be fit to go after him. He decided the best form of action would be to attack from the side. He was closer now…

And pounce! He didn't hesitate as he sunk his teeth into the unsuspecting Hunamanus. It whimpered and snarled in his grasp. It was actually putting up a struggle! Naruto couldn't believe it! He guessed it was because it didn't get a chance to look at him. Whatever, it wasn't much, but at least there was a little bit of a fight. He carefully carried it back to his den, its movements becoming weaker and weaker with each passing second.

Naruto closed his jaw tighter on the coyote's throat. There was a sickening crunch as it took its last breath. He dropped the coyote's dead body in front of him. He began ripping into it, devouring the animal one piece of meat at a time. It wasn't the best meal he's ever had, but it was something to hold him over until he decided to go hunting again. While he was eating he heard a small crunch, it was the sound of leaves being stepped. His head snapped in the direction and he growled. Someone was watching him, and he didn't like it.

Hinata was tired. She had been hopping for almost an entire hour. How far away did this beast live! It was absolute ridiculousness. Why would anyone travel so far just to catch a meal? Well, there was a perfectly good reason why, but still, this was really far! Well, actually it wasn't that far at all. Hinata was just so little that the distance was greater that it should've been. She paused, placing her hand against a tree for support. It was a real challenge, but she had to move forward no matter what! She reached the edge of the clearing she heard some sickening sounds of bones being crunched. She darted behind a tree and peeked her head out.

There was a full grown…..Hunamanus? Was that was he was? He looked like one, but he had 9 tails. 9 of them! It was so strange… She needed to get a closer look; so she took one simple step forward. She nearly jumped out of her skin when his head snapped towards her and a menacing growl left his throat. It was an extremely petrifying moment in her young life. The creatures red eyes bored into her, his read eyes were filled with nothing but extreme distaste and displeasure. But on the plus side he wasn't making any sort of movements towards her. Any other predator would have attempted to eat her.

They both stared at each other, carefully eyeing one another. It was the strange creature that broke the silence.

"Yes? Was there something you wanted?" His sarcastic tone was completely lost on Hinata.

She'eeped' and hid herself even more behind the tree. He rolled his eyes at her and continued to eat. She watched in morbid fascination at what he was doing. She knew that there were Hunamanus who ate meat, but she never understood why. This was the first time she observed one eating.

She finally gathered enough courage to speak.

"W-w-what a-a-are y-y-you d-d-doing?" She questioned meekly. Her voice barely rose above a whisper.

He paused, casting his gaze back unto her. There was a slight blush on her face; it always appeared whenever she was nervous.

"I'm eating." He responded bluntly.

"I-I Kn-kn-know th-that. B-but w-why a-a-are y-y-ou ea-eating h-him?" She asked, referring to the dead coyote.

"Because I need to eat in order to survive."

"B-but wh-why d-don't y-you t-try f-f-fruits o-or ve-veggies in-instead?" She asked, this time a little more boldly.

Naruto was extremely confused. Why was this young bunny conversing with him? It didn't' make any type of sense. But, he decided to humor her anyway.

"Well, this tastes better than any type plant life I've ever eaten." It was true, Naruto had gotten rather peckish once in his younger years. He was still just a kit when he thought that it would be a good idea to try out some fruits. They weren't horribly bad, but still. He wasn't in any rush to try some again.

He was broken out of his thought by the youngling. She was making her way over to him. The strangest thing was, she wasn't looking at him at all. She was staring at the dead body curiously. He watched as she stopped in front of it, opposite of him. He was bewildered when she actually bent her head down, and tried to rip of a piece of flesh! Well, she attempted to. A Rabbit's teeth weren't that sharp to begin with. Adding the fact that she wasn't fully grown yet and you had a set of choppers that couldn't really do much.

She drew her head back and spluttered, some blood had gotten into her mouth. Her hand reached and began wiping her mouth. He couldn't help but be extremely amused by the sight. She was an odd little thing.

"Yuck! Th-th-that was so y-yucky! H-how c-can you s-stand to e-eat that?" She spurted out.

It was going to take a gazillion berries to wash that taste out of her mouth. It had been absolutely horrendous to the young girl. She thought that since he had liked it more, maybe she should give it a shot. She had never eaten meat before, her parents never bothered to feed her any. Now she knew why! That was so awful! Eating meat would surely make anyone sick.

He chuckled at her; it was deep and reverberated in his chest. Her cheeks flushed again, this time in anger. She didn't enjoy being laughed at, and he didn't even answer her question! How rude.

"Hey mister! Pl-please answer m-me! H-h-how c-come y-y-you eat this s-stuff? D-doesn't it m-make y-you s-sick?"

"No, eating this has never made me sick. But, eating any type of fruits or vegetable has made me sick before. " She opened her mouth to ask another question, but he cut her off before she could speak.

"The reason for this is because my body is built to be able to handle meat. But it isn't built to be able to handle the plant life you eat."

He continued to eat his meal as she sat there and pondered over what he had said.

"B-but why d-do you h-have 9 t-tails?"

He chuckled once more. "You're just full of questions, aren't you?"

She blushed and ducked her head down.

"Ok then, I have no idea as to why I have 9 tails. But…."

She looked back up at him, waiting for him to finish his statement. Her eyes were full of wonder.

"Having them there must make me pretty special, right?" He grinned at her, giving her a full view of his bloodied and razor sharp teeth.

To his complete and utter amazement, she smiled at him! As in a full blown teeth showing, lip turning smile! He was beginning to suspect that this young girl was mental…

"Yeah! That d-does make you s-special! I-I w-wish I had more tails, or a-at least a r-really l-long one…" She trailed off. She seemed to visibly deflate at the thought of her short, stumpy tail. She seemed to pop back to life an instant later.

"H-hey! I have another q-question! So, how c-come…"

And that's how it continued for the rest of the day. Naruto would sit there eating, while Hinata would sit there and fired off question after question. He was content with answering them the best he could.

Hours later, she looked up at the sky and gasped. Oh no! The sun was almost setting! She had to make it back home before it got dark!

"Oh no! I have to g-go mister! It as nice talking t-to you!" She quickly got up and hopped away.

She paused once she reached the edge of the forest. She turned back to speak to him.

"Oh! And d-don't worry! I'll be back tomorrow so we c-can talk some more!" With that, she was gone.

Naruto stared at the spot she was standing. He was amazed, what an eventful day! He managed to not only catch a meal, but he was also able to meet a creature that wasn't absolutely terrified of him. She wasn't scared one tiny bit, which was surprising. Little bunnies are usually the most timid and easily frightened.

'She'll come back tomorrow eh? I guess I'll allow it.'

He didn't realize it was the start of his first real bond…..

So that's how things went. For years Hinata would always travel to the same spot to meet her 9 tailed companion. It took a full month before she realized that she never got a name from him. She almost freaked when he replied with,

"Others call me the Kyuubi, but you can call to me as Naruto. It is the name I gave myself."

This was the feared Kyuubi, the one her mother had warned her about?! Absolutely ridiculous, he would never lay any type of hand on her! Yeah, he did hunt down and devour other Hunamanus, but never her! With that thought in her mind, Hinata resumed her friendship. Everyday she would come down to meet him, with brand new questions. He was always amused by them.

She coincidentally brought him meals too. There were multiple predators that would wait around the rabbit's lair in order to get a quick snack. When they spot Hinata wandering outside with no other rabbit with her, they pounce on the opportunity. They never count on her speed, or her use of extremely sharp turns. Just when the predator is sure that they're going to get her, Naruto would come barreling out of the woods. After that, the tables are completely turned. The best part for Naruto was the fact that Hinata would attract animal that were either too cocky to back down, or ones who had never heard of him. There was usually a challenge there for him.

So it worked out beautifully. Hinata would get her questions answered and protection, while Naruto got a challenge, a meal, and some company. It was win win for both. Until….

Fast forward 11 years. Hinata is now 14 Naruto is still in his early twenties.

Hinata was making her way towards her favorite person; she was always so excited to see her much more experienced friend. It warmed her heart. She was leisurely making her way towards his den. It was one of those calm and peaceful days; she wasn't even getting chased by any sort of predator! It was going to be a good day…

Hinata was now currently sitting in the lap of the great beast known as the Kyuubi. She had an extremely perplexing question. She hadn't asked it yet because her friend seemed to be distracted. These two issues were tied in with each other.

'Why am I in his lap?' She wondered to herself, her eyebrows furrowed.

Sure they were close; he would even let her play with his tails sometimes. But this was still extremely odd. The minute she arrived here he gained an extremely dazed look in his eyes. She ignored it and moved closer to him to begin asking her daily questions. She wasn't even done asking her first question when he suddenly grabbed her and dragged her into his lap. He would sometimes bury his head in her hair, or her neck, and just sniff her. She found the whole situation to be quite odd.

She mentally shrugged her shoulder before snuggling into his chest. His arms were currently wrapped around her middle, so she placed her arms on top of his. She decided to relax into his grip. His attention wasn't unwanted, just a bit unusual. Truth be told, she enjoyed his attention more than the attention she had been receiving from the bunny-rabbits in her warren. Ever since last week, the males around her age have been treating her strangely. They would always offer to show her where to find the best berries were, or offering to accompany her on her strolls. They would even shower her with comments of how beautiful she was. Of course the other female bunny-rabbits around her age were receiving the same strange attention, but not to the extreme that she was.

She closed her eyes and laid her head against his chest. She felt at rest with him, like nothing would ever go wrong with him at her side. He once again buried his head inside of her neck. This time he started emitting this odd mix of a growl and a purr. It caused a warm feeling to pool within her stomach. His clawed hand began running its' fingers through her fur causing the warm feeling to triple. She was feeling so dizzy now. But it was such a nice sensation; she didn't want to let it go.

As this continued, she began to feel even more funny. She wanted something, she craved it, but she didn't know exactly what it was.

She felt Naruto move on from her neck, dragging his lips along her skin. Her heart fluttered at the feeling. Once he reached the temple of her forehead, he nudged it; signaling her to tilt her head upwards. She got the message loud and clear. She tilted her head up to look at him. She was panting, peering at him with lidded eyes and a light blush spreading across the bridge of her nose. His eyes were darker than ever, filled to the brim with a burning hot passion that threatened to tear her apart. She didn't move as his head moved closer to hers. She closed her eyes as his lips brushed over hers momentarily, before pressing down unto her more firmly.

She was in paradise. The way their lips moved together sent chills down her spine. She felt something wet and warm brush across her lips. She knew it was his tongue, but wasn't sure what to do about it. Her eyes burst open when his tongue slipped past her lips and began exploring her depths. Her eyes fluttered closed as she enjoyed the sensations. When his tongue tangled with hers, her mind exploded in a flurry of excitement and pleasure. Her deeper, more animal like part of her mind was exploding in a flurry of passion and elation that such a strong male wanted her.

He tangled his hands in her hair, tilting her head back in order to deepen the kiss. She moaned at the sensations spreading across her body like wildfire. She carefully turned her body to face him, placing her hands on his shoulders. He carefully twisted their bodies and began pushing her body down towards the ground. His larger body covered hers completely.

Hinata was going to explode with pleasure if he didn't do something soon. Their lips parted, HInata was panted hard, sucking in deep gulps of air. She was feeling extremely light headed, Naruto's hands were trailing up and down her sides, and Naruto's head was in hair neck trailing kisses. She didn't know what was going on, and she didn't want it to stop. He began kissing a specific part of her neck more firmly and more often than the rest. It was the spot where her shoulder and neck met. She arched into him and grasped his shoulder when she felt his tongue lapping at the spot.

"N-N-Naruto!" She panted into his ear. She was completely drunk with desire at this point.

Suddenly everything was gone. His tongue, his hands, his warmth, everything had disappeared. She stared up blankly at the sky, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She sat up on her legs, almost falling over from the act. She was really out of it.

She spotted him near the edge of the clearing. He was hunched over, panting harshly. Hinata stood shakily, and attempted to make her way over to him.

"N-Naruto?" She called out softly, her voice laced with desire.

"Stay the fuck away from me!" He snarled harshly at her, his head whipping around to glare at her.

She halted in her movements and whimpered. She didn't like this; Naruto had never spoken so harshly to her before. Tears were gathering in her eyes, did he mean that she couldn't come near him, ever? That this was the last time they were going to see each other?

Once Naruto saw the tears in her eyes he took another deep breath and attempted to speak again.

"Look, just-just don't come near me for the next 2 months or so, alright? Go talk to your parents about this. Now." He put extra emphasis on the last word.

She nodded her head and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Bye…" She spoke softly before hopping away as fast as she could. She had to know what was going on, she just had to!

As it turned out, Hinata was going through heat. It would happen every month between April and May. Her mother explained to her that her body would emit an irresistible sent in order to entice males. She would then have to choose the male she preferred the most, and mate with him. And when rabbits mated, they mated for life. Since both her mother and father were extremely strong, Hinata herself was an extremely strong offspring; this could be detected within her scent. This is why the male bunny-rabbits are so eager to get to know her. Apparently, her scent could also attract other males of different species to come mate with her. But her mother warned, as usual, to stay away from males that weren't rabbit Hunamanus.

Like she was going to listen to that warning. But Hinata knew that this meant she had to start looking for potential males within her warren. None of them caught her attention. But they kept hounding at her and hounding at her until she learned to stay away from the males during this two months. She knew it was dangerous, but she would leave during the day and come back near the night. Those two months have always been the most boring, she knew how much she affected Naruto, and she did say she would stay away.

So that's how things continued. Hinata would spend two months relatively alone, and so would Naruto. Although, neither of them enjoyed it. Both wondered if being mated to each other was really that bad….

Present day.

Hinata relaxed as Naruto's teeth released their grip on her ankle. She had been healed by his saliva many times before, she had been a very clumsily bunny after all. She sighed happily at the removal of pain from her ankle. She immediately tensed when she felt a kiss being placed on her fur.

"Hinata.." He called out softly; his eyes were closed as he breathed in her scent.

"Y-yes?" She responded back hesitantly.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away during these two months?" He was gazing up at her, pure desire swirling in his depths.

"Yes..." She replied slightly breathless tone. The dizzy feeling was returning…..

"Then tell me, what are you doing here?" He purred his hands traveling up her legs.

"I-I d-didn't mean t-to I j-ju-just- Eeep!" She let a squeal when he suddenly had her pinned underneath him.

His head was buried deep within her neck, sucking on the same spot as all those years ago. Her hands moved into his hair and fondled and rubbed his ears. The animal parts on a Hunamanus were the most sensitive. He growled deeply and thrust his sips into her sore, causing her to cry out loudly.

"I want so bad little bunny-rabbit." He growled harshly in her ear. "And I intend to have you."

"Yes please, take me! I need you so bad…" She whimpered. She was lost in a haze of pleasure, her mother had warned her that the more she put off mating, the more frustrated she would get.

He growled before crashing his lips on to hers. His tongue immediately sought out hers and she wasted no time in responding. He snaked his hands underneath the pelt covering her stomach and chest.

Yes, pelt. During these two months her fur would detach itself to become a pelt that could be taken on and off. It made gaining access to the female's body that much easier. They broke the kiss so he could slip the pelt off. Once it was gone, he attacked her chest.

She arched her back and tangled her hands into his hair, pulling him even closer to her breath. His tongue lapped at her pert nipple until it was hard. He switched to lavish her other breast with the same attention. His hand reached up and pinched and pulled at her other nipple so it wouldn't get lonely.

"Aaah! Aaaaaaah! P-please! M-more!" She begged, squirming underneath his body in an attempt to gain friction.

He pulled back from her nipple and grinned, "You want more eh? Ok then."

He kept eye contact with her as he traveled down her stomach. He slipped the bottom part of her pelt of, leaving her completely naked and exposed. His hands grasped her thighs as he gazed her flower. There was absolutely no hair her hood. Her lips were so pink, inviting him to plunge deep within their depths.

He used one hand to hold down her hips, his other hand has used to spread her beautiful lips apart. He almost purred at the sight of clenching hole. It was practically leaking with her juices. It was begging him for his attention. He dragged his tongue from the bottom of her dripping womanhood, to the top. He added more force once he reached her succulent little clit. She almost ripped out his hair.

"N-N-Naruto, p-please d-don't tease m-me- AAAH!" She was cut off by his tongue entering her depths. It was the single most pleasurable feeling of her entire life. She felt Naruto groan, it caused vibrations in her core that drove her absolutely insane.

Naruto's eyes rolled to the back of his head as a groan slipped past his lips. She tasted absolutely wonderful! It was the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted in his entire life! The first time Hinata had been in heat, this was the only thing he had wanted to do. He had barely held himself the first time because of her age and ignorance as to what was going on. Now, he wasn't going to bother holding back. Her scent was way too strong for him to even bother.

His tongue plunged in and out of her depths, drinking everything she had to offer him. She was so warm and tight; his tongue felt like it was close to being snapped in half every time it journeyed inside her. He couldn't wait to fill her.

He loved this and everything about this. He loved the way her fingers tangled inside of his hair. He loved the way her body squirmed and jumped with every plunge that he would make into her body. He especially loved it when she called out his name in an endless fit of pleasure. She was just so responsive. It drove him absolutely mad.

Hinata was so close to passing it out. Spots filled her vision as a tsunami of pleasure crashed into her body over and over again. It was absolutely delightful. It felt better than the first time she was pinned beneath him. She felt something inside of her tighten; it felt like a coil waiting to snap. It became tighter and tighter until….

"NARUTOOOO!" She was sure the whole forest had heard her, but she didn't care. An overwhelming amount of pleasure slammed into her, knocking out all of her air. It felt as though she was transforming, her entire body tingled with a pleasant but extremely hot fire. Her vision went complete and utterly white for a few seconds.

When she came to, he was kissing his way back up her body. He kissed her gently on the lips and she smiled drunkenly at him. She felt almost complete, like she had found her other half but still needed to connect with him. Her mother had warned of this. Rabbits were the most sought after to mate with. Once you bring a female to orgasm, they were yours for life. It'd why they were so picky when it came to choosing a male.

Hinata reached up and caressed his cheek.

"Naruto." She purred out seductively, "please take me, I'm yours."

He shivered at the tone in her voice. He knew what just happened, and he was ok with it. If there was one female out there worthy of being his mate, it was her.

He carefully slid of his pelt. This change did occur with every Hunamanus during mating.

His erection throbbed at the feel of the nice cool, gentle breeze. He carefully placed it at her entrance. He dove down to kiss her while slamming his entire length into her. They both moaned him in pleasure and her in pain. He paused, waiting for her to give the signal. She signaled she was ready by wiggling her hips. He pulled out almost all the way, before slamming back into her. She arched her back, thrusting her chest into his. Naruto didn't pause in his action, slamming into her as hard as he could with each thrust. This was not love making, this was hard core mating. Hinata loved every second of it.

Hinata broke the kiss and screamed loudly.


He growled viciously. He sat up on his heels, grabbing her hips tightly, he thrusted into her with even more force. The way her head was thrown back and her hair was mussed up spurned him on even more. The way she gripped and caressed his rod was absolutely incredible. She was like a fire hot vice gripping him. Pleasure coursed through his veins. His eyes zeroed in on her breasts that were jiggling and bouncing like crazy. He used his tails to fondle and squeeze him. She tightened around him and screamed louder in response. She tightened dramatically; he could tell she was close.

Hinata couldn't take it, all these different emotions slamming into her at once was overwhelming. The coil inside her was about to snap again. She was seconds away when he pushed deep inside of her and found a spot that made her vision became blurred with colors. At the same time, she felt a warm liquid pour into her and a sharp sting at her neck. Naruto had bitten her; he had marked her as his own. The thought and the sensation caused another mini orgasm to wash over her.

They were both lying on the found, feeling extremely content with what they had just done. No wonder Hinata wasn't interested in any other male, female rabbits would only mate with the strongest mate they knew and liked. The day she befriended Naruto sealed her fate indefinitely.

"Naruto?" She called out to him softly.

"Yes?" He responded back.

"Did you know this would happen?" She questioned, she wasn't upset, just curious.

"No, I thought you would mate with someone of your own kind." He responded back honestly.

There was silence for awhile.

"Naruto?" She called out again.

He chuckled she really hasn't changed much, He was glad for that. "Yes?"

"Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?"

He laughed even harder at her question. He really couldn't wait to start his new life with her. And neither could she.

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