Author: Babychan


Title: It started With a Nightmare

Series: Comic

Rating: R

Disclaimer: X-men and all its characters do NOT belong to me.

Summery: Scott's POV. A little story of how Scott and Ororo started their relationship and the years there after.

It Started With a Nightmare

"I am so sick an tired of hearing your whiny scratchy voice! All you ever do is complain! Why don't you shut up for once and follow your orders!"

"Listen darlin' I'm not going to stand here and listen to your bullshit!"

"No *you* listen!" Storm yells as she towers over the Wolverine. His claws are out, but she is not intimidated in the least. "Its you're fucking fault that we are all dead now!"

"Well if you think that I am going to abandon Jean to accomplish some damn mission, you're off your fucking rocker lady!" He roars back. "Anyway, Ol One-eye's strategy was all fucked up! If I followed his plan we would be dead anyway so get off my fucking case!"

"There was nothing wrong with his strategy!" Ro's voice is low, but it is dangerous and powerful like thunder. "But if there was, I guess we'll never know because *you* completely sacrificed us all right from the fucking beginning! And Marvel girl!" Ro corrects as she points at said person. "Is a fucking X-men! She doesn't need a white knight leaping into battle for her every time she is danger! We're *always* in danger! And If she can't hack it then, she needs to stay in the fucking lab!"

"Now hold here! I don' t know who you think *you* are.." Jean seethes "But I've been part of this team longer than you have. So don't think that just because your fucking Scott gives you the right to tell me where I should or should not be!"

"Excuse me?" Ororo roars as she spins around to face the other female in the room. Blue lightening swirls around her and she balls her hands into tiny fist. "I'll show you who I think *I* am!"

This is just fucking great. I'm watching a bunch of class A mutant idiots yell at each other when we should be practicing for our next mission. By the way they are acting, you would think they were enemies instead of close friends.

"Stop it right now!" I snap at both of them, but mostly to Jean. "Our private lives have no baring here!" I then turn completely to Jean " And since you've so nicely informed us of your tenure, you already know that what you just said is completely uncalled for!"

I glance at Ororo, I can tell that it's killing her not to verbally rip Jean into shreds, but in respect to my authority she keeps quite.

Jean however, does not give me the same respect. "Scott, she was out of line!"

"It's Cyclops. And no" I growl out. "Storm was completely right! *Marvel Girl* as long as you keep acting like a damsel in distress you're not an asset to the team. You're a liability!" A fierce frown stops her from trying to interrupt again. I then glower at ever single person in the room.

Hank, Bobby and Peter give me a, whadda *I* do look. In truth, they hadn't done anything wrong, so I decide to ignore them and concentrate my attention and those who I am truly mad at.

"I don't know about the rest of you but *I* want to live to see our next mission!" I bite out and turn my gaze toward Wolverine "And as long as you ignore the plan we won't!" I'm so angry, I could just blast him. But I don't. That would make my behavior just as bad as them. So instead, I turn angrily on my heel and stomp away in a tantrum, like a bratty child.

I know Ro is going to tease me about this later, but right now, I don't care.

But before I leave the danger room completely, I give all of them a side profile of my extreme displeasure and bite out "We better not*ever* have another training session like this again! We're X-men not children! So act like it! Do I make myself clear?"

I didn't get an answer before I slam the door behind me, but actually, I didn't expect one.

I don't go to the room right off. I actually went up to the attic to work on the apartment that Ororo and I are going to move into. She doesn't know I got permission to do this. Its going to be a surprise for her. So I used that time and energy to burn off steam. I didn't want to lash out at Ororo in the room because of what happened earlier. So when I finally make it to the room a few hours later. I find her on the bed, laying on her stomach and watching TV. She looks freshly bathed, for she is wrapped snuggly in her favorite plush Egyptian cotton robe and her hair is still wet and spread out on her back and partially on the bed.

She has this thing about letting her hair air dry. I don't really mind it, because its her hair, gets the bed all wet.

So before I say anything to her, I go into the bathroom and get a clean towel from the bathroom cabinet to pat dry her hair. She doesn't mind me doing this. Now that I think about, she probably lets her hair soak the bed because she knows I *will* do this.

The towel I grab out of the cabinet is also made of Egyptian cotton. I have the feeling that from now on that's all we will be using.

She actually got them from Egypt last month, when the professor took her to represent the X-men. I can remember when he announced that he was taking her at dinner like it was happening today. Jean and everyone else was so jealous that he chose her over the rest of us, but Xavier had his reasons. Ororo was the only one who spoke fluent Egyptian.

Yes, it was a surprise to me too when I found out. She never told me that she was bilingual. Later that night, before we settled for bed, she told me that my shock at the news was my own fault for underestimating her intelligence because she only had a fourth grade education.

She was teasing of course, because like her, I too only have a fourth grade education.

We both had a hard life.... but it never stopped us from making the most of it.

However, after finding out that she spoke Egyptian that night I also found out that she spoke about five languages fluently. Kenyan, Spanish, Egyptian, Italian and English to be exact. None were taught formally. She told me it was just something she picked up while living on the streets. Except Kenyan, she said she learned that from her mom.

While she was away in Egypt, she shared with me, during one of our many and long phone calls, a little bit about her life before her parents died and told me that Kenyan was the primary language they spoke in her home, for it was her mother's native tongue. Her mother was really strict about her knowing her roots and lineage, so she learned how to speak that before she ever learned English. Afterwards, I begged for her to share some of her lineage with me. Reluctantly, she agreed.

To say I was impressed is an understatement.

My Ororo is an African Princess, literally!

I mean, I always knew she had a royal air about her. But WOW! I wasn't expecting that!

It wasn't until after her parents death did she learn the other languages. She learned Egyptian from this guy name Achmed. He was some sort of master thief/conman, who she called Uncle. When the rescue crew pulled her out of the rubble, Achmed lied to the authorities and told them that Ro was a relative of his. Because she had no other family and all the friends her family had died when the brownstone collapsed, There was no one to prove if this man was telling the truth. So they let her go with him. He could have been a murder or a pimp, but they let her go. Luckily for Ororo, the man was pretty decent, for a professional thief, and took her under his wing as an apprentice . He taught her everything she knows about stealing, and he kept her safe and away from the other predators who would rather use Ororo in different ways. She stayed with him from the time she was nine until she was 14. Because it was then when Achmed was thrown into jail for trying to rob a house that was better guarded than Fort Knox. However, during that time she befriended a young Puerto Rican girl named Isabella, and it was from her she were she learned Spanish.

Ororo never told me what happened to Isabella, but by the way she dropped the subject, I knew it wasn't a good memory for her.

From the age 14, she lived on the streets by herself until she was 16. Then she met a 20 year old Italian guy named Antonio and started dating him. He was affiliated with the mob, but he a grunt trying to work his way up. She said that at first, she only stayed with him because he had a posh apartment and allowed her to live in it and the love she felt for him developed over time. She said he spoke the language so much that she couldn't help but learn it. However, its American Italian. Not exactly the same as the Motherland.

I'm not sure why, but hearing about her past relationship with Antonio bothered me.

I guess it's because I could hear the smile in her voice when she spoke of him and what they used to do together. *And* because she admitted that if it wasn't for her powers surfacing, she would probably still be with him today. Before Jean broke her out of jail, he was coming to bail her out. I asked her if she ever thought about going back to him. She assured me no. Because as happy as she was with him, she was a million times more happy with me.

And that's when were weren't even dating!

Does she know how to stroke my ego or does she know how to stroke my ego!!

I leave my thoughts, when I sit beside her on the bed, and retrieve her brush from her nightstand. I then begin to brush her long, thick ,platinum locks with one hand, while I following my strokes with the towel underneath with the other.

"Umm.... sorry." She says. Her chin is resting on folded arms while her focus is toward the TV.

"For what?" I ask softly as I concentrate on my tasks.

"For earlier. I didn't mean to explode like that....Logan and Jean...they just made me sooo" She growls "Angry!"

I don't say anything. Instead, I keep brushing her hair in efficient yet tender strokes. She doesn't press me for a response. Nor does she say anything else for about thirty minutes and until I am almost done brushing her hair dry.

"Are you upset with me?"

"No, of course not." I sooth. "Why do you ask?"

She is about to answer then shakes her head no to dismiss the question.

I stop brushing her hair. "Ororo...Why would you think that I am upset with you? I took your side, did I not?"

She sighs then turns until she is laying on her back and looking at me. "You called me Storm."

I give her a confused look.

"In the danger room." She clarifies.

"Oh..." I quirk a brow "I always call you Storm when we are in uniform...."

Ro shakes her head no. "Only when you are upset."

I didn't believe her, using code names while in uniform is a big pet peeve of mine. But nonetheless, in my heart, I knew she was right.

Ororo continued. "I know you don't believe me, Scott but even after you gave us that *long* lecture about using our code names while in uniform... You still use *my*.. name."

I make mental note not to do that anymore, right before I say "Maybe I do, but...I'm the leader so I'm entitled to engage in a little double standard" I then lean forward and lay a light kiss on her the tip of her cute little regal nose before she can protest. "I'm not mad. I promise."

"But you were?" She sits up slightly and props herself up on her elbows after I sit back up.

I sigh and admit "Yes, I was... but not at you. *You* followed the plan. It's Logan... and Jean." I turn away from her until I am facing the edge of the bed and stare at my hands. "I just don't know what has happened to her...I mean she used to be a better fighter than that. But ever since Logan came back..." I shake my head regretfully. "Now...I'm not even sure if I can count on her anymore....I think I may have to drop her from the team. She's going to gets us all killed for real..."

Ororo doesn't say anything, but I feel the bed shift when she moves to sit behind me. She gives me a brief hug from behind, then starts to massage my shoulders and back. She always does this for me when I am overly stressed.

"Scott...If I tell you something...You promise you won't get all upset?"

"No." I answer truthfully.

Ro laughs at my bluntness and to me it sounds like angels bells. So very beautiful.

"Fine then... but you were forewarned."

"So noted." I say in a mock Cyclops tone. Which only makes her laugh harder.

"Scott, there is nothing wrong with Jean's fighting ability. ....It's a ploy to gain Logan's attention."

"What?!" I spin around to face her. "Are you telling me that Jean is attracted to that little runt?!" My voice was laced with anger.

Ororo doesn't answer. Instead, she is disappointed by my reaction and scoots back to get away from me.

Dammit, I've hurt her.

Ever since Jean moved back in, almost a year ago, she has been worried that I am still in love with my ex. And that our new, only a month in the making, romantic relationship is rebound. That fear, of me leaving her for Jean, was one of the many reasons it took us so long to finally get together.

But what Ororo doesn't understand is that I don't give a rats ass that Jeans attracted to Logan. What pisses me off is that she is endangering Ororo's safety with her little games.

"Beauty" I say as lovingly as I possibly can and as I grab her hands to keep her from moving any further away. "Please ... don't be upset. That came out all wrong."

"There's always a bit a truth in words said in anger, Scott" She whispers solemnly as she stares at both our hands.

"Your right....Logan *is* a runt." When she gives me a shocked look, which tells me that wasn't what she meant, I can't help but crack a smile. "Well, he *is*."

"Scott" She sighs. I can tell she is fighting back tears, even though its not in her voice. The overcast which has just blocked the sun told me so. "If you want to compete for Jean's affections...don't string me along."

"Ro" I interrupt. "I don't want Jean! Please believe me. I *don't* want Jean.... What was that saying you told me the other day?... Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt"

"Then why did you get so upset?"

"Because of her *game!*" I crawl on the bed, straddle her legs and trap them between my knees. "Love, when Logan diverged from the plan to go play hero... that left you with no back up!"

"Trust me, I know." She mumbles out of the corner of her mouth

I let go of one her hands and caress her beautiful face. "I can't help but think that if this was a real mission, you could have gotten hurt, or worse yet, you could have been killed for real!" When she bites her bottom lip unconsciously, I feel like ice dropped into my stomach. I know something is wrong. "What happened?"


I don't know if Ororo knows this or not, but I know her better than I know myself. And right now, she sounds too innocent and that means she is lying.


"Scott..." She sighs wearily. "Just promise me you won't do anything stupid....because I don't need you fighting my battles, alright?"

I don't promise a damn thing. I just stare at her expectantly. After a few minutes, she reluctantly wiggles her other hand free from my grip, closes her eyes, and then, even more reluctantly unwraps her robe from her body.

"This is why I was so angry at the both of them." She admits in a sheepish whisper.

I don't even think it takes a second before I am out of the room and heading for the steps. I am too angry to wait for the elevator.

I've never really been one to act on my emotions. Inwardly, I rage, but outwardly, I have the uncanny ability to be able to keep a level head in almost every type of situation I've been faced with. But right now I don't give a fuck! I'm so angry I could literally kill someone!

I really don't know who I am mad at more. Jean for pretending that she couldn't protect herself. Logan for leaving Ororo with no back up. Or the Professor for making that fucking danger room so realistic. Ororo's whole body was covered in bruises, cuts and gashes. If the attack was real though, she would be dead right now. But luckily, the realistic illusions cease to attack before the injuries become life threatening.

"Scott!" Ororo yells as she grabs my wrist. "What the hell are you doing?"

I spin around to face my furious princess, but all my words leave me. What *am* I doing? I have no idea. Am I going to go beat the shit of Logan, Jean and the Professor? Logan maybe...but...What am I *doing*?

"I thought so." Ororo sighs as she gives me a disappointed yet knowing shake of the head "Scott Summers you are such a hot head." She tugs at my wrists and leads me back up the staircase. When we are back in the room she continues to chastise. "I don't know who's worse sometimes.... You or Logan."

"You've just insulted me, I hope you know." I grumble.

"Good. You deserve to be insulted. You're acting like an idiot." She retorts as she pushes me on the bed.

I look up at my angry girlfriend from where I am sitting. Ororo is probably the only person, save the professor that knows I can have a quite a temper. It rarely ever surfaces, but sometimes, when I am overly stressed, it explodes like an active volcano. She's the only person who has seen it and lived to tell about it.

Personally, I can never tell when I am about to blow, but Ro can. She knows all of my secrets so she knows what I am capable of. So during those times she usually tells me bad news, starting of with 'I want you to promise me that you won't get mad, or do anything stupid.'

"Scott, my injuries are not as bad as they look." She assures with her hands on her hips

"How can you say that?"

"Because while you were off doing who knows what, I went to Hank and had my injuries checked out. The bruises look bad but they are superficial."

It doesn't bother me that she trusted her ex to treat her. He and I are once again good friends. It took a while, but we worked things out. I think the fact that she and I roomed together for over a year without dating helped him realize that she didn't dump him for me. After she and I finally started dating, he even came to me and admitted that he would have never been able to be as patient as I was.... and still am.

Despite what Jean said earlier, Ro and I have yet to do anything more than kiss.


"No, don't Ro me!" She chastises. " Scott, you need to relax before you do something you regret!"

She's right. I do need to relax. I've been overly stressed for a while now, since Marie, a young mutant girl that joined our ranks a few months past, left to join Magneto. It's not her fault, she is confused. Calisto lied to her and then to top it off, she mistakenly absorbed all of the original Marvel Girls powers. So she is *extremely* powerful and on the wrong side. However, out of all of us, I think Logan wants her back the most. He feels that he failed her because she left us while he was away.

"Scott...." Ro says interrupting my thoughts. "Let's go on a vacation. You need one. I need one. "

I wish we *could* get away for a while. But there is just no possible way. "We can't, Ro, we have a mission coming up... And after what happened today, we need all the practice we can get."

"That's why we need one!"

I just shake my head. "Love, right now the X-men have a problem with team work. As it stands right now the only ones who work well together are you and myself, Peter, Bobby and Hank. Jean works well with everyone, but she's come down with a damsel in distress complex and Logan doesn't work well with anyone. You know, just as I do that this is a recipe for disaster."

"Scott, I need this....What if I tell you that I know I shouldn't have been depending on Wolverine to be there to back me up today and that I should have prepared myself for every scenario... like you keep telling me to do. If I would have done that I would have been prepared to take on the extra soldiers."

I reach up, grab her hand and gently pull her towards me until she sitting on my lap, before I assure. "It's not your fault, Ro. And blaming yourself is not going to make me change my mind."

"I know" She admits in a defeated sigh. "It's all of our fault.... Yours too."

"ME?!" I squeak out affronted.

"Yes, you! I didn't stutter." She leans forward until her forehead is resting against mine, and she is staring directly in my eyes. "It's your fault too, Scott."

She does this all the time now. It doesn't bother her, but it scares the hell out of me because the only thing that is keeping her from certain death is my glasses. And if they shift or slip off ... I've lost her.

So I lean back and ask

"How? How is it *my* fault?"

She looks at me like I'm stupid "Because your strategy was all screwed up!"

"What?!" I almost push her off of me for speaking such rubbish.

"Scott, don't tell me that you didn't realize that you didn't give us enough time to get out!"

My mouth opens and closes like a fish.

"I can't believe this!" She yells to the ceiling then looks back at me exasperated. "Scott, you only allotted us enough time to get in and accomplish the mission. You left no time for escape!"

"No,... I made sure there was enough time to get out."

"No dear, you didn't." She says matter-a-factly

When I start to protest, she makes me go through the entire plan with her. I was determined to prove her wrong. But in the end, she was right.

With her still sitting on my lap, I flop backwards on the bed. "Ororo... if you knew beforehand...Then why didn't you tell me?!!! And why did you bitch at Logan?"

"Because..." She answers as she gets up, but only to straddle my waist.

"*Because* is not an answer, Ro. You've must have told me that a million times."

"Smart ass" She teases. "What about the double standard rule?"

"Ro" I whine "I'm serious, why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't tell you because I didn't have a chance. You briefed us on our part then sent us out to practice. I wasn't going to point out your mistake in front of everyone. Especially Logan! He would never let you live that down! And because you rushed out of the room, I never had the chance to pull you aside and tell you..... Though I doubt that you would have listened to me anyway."

I prop myself on my elbows and look at her. I am dumbfounded and insulted by her last comment. "That's not true and you know it!"

"Scott, *you* listen to me. Now Cyclops, on the other hand..." She shakes her head no.

"I'm not that bad, am I?" I poke out my bottom lip.

"Yes... you are." She looks at me seriously then gives me a loving smile. "But I wouldn't have you any other way. Now, to answer your other question to why I bitched at Logan. He LEFT me without back up! Without even a WARNING!! He's lucky I didn't put a lightening bolt up is ass! Then to add insult to injury, we couldn't even accomplish the *mission* because he wanted to go and play hero!" She punched the bed. I could tell she was letting off some of the steam she had to hold in earlier. "I don't mind dieing for the cause...but I'll be damned if my life is going to be sacrificed for a failed mission!"

I give her a distressed look. "Ororo, I don't want you dieing at all! I would never purposely give you or anyone a suicide mission. I just miscalculated!"

"I know." She says as she leans forward and rests her forehead against mine again. "That's why I am going to offer you a proposal."

"Which is?" I ask as I lay back down. Perhaps, later, I'll tell her how much her doing that scares me.

She sits back up and give me a breathtakingly brilliant smile. "I'm suggesting that we get away from here."

"Ro, I already told you...there's no possible way right now..."

"Just listing to what I'm saying before you make up your mind alright?"

"Ororo..." I protest.

"Scott." She interrupts. "You need and deserve a break. Unlike the rest of us, you're the only one who has to deal with the responsibility of being a X-men 24/7. All *we* have to do is follow the plan. But you have to think about it, create it, work out all the kinks and what ifs. *You* never get a break, because you always have think about your job as leader. You're always thinking of ways to make sure everyone gets out of the mission alive." She crosses her arms and pouts. "It's not fair... It's not fair that you have to do this all by yourself. You need help!"

I nod at her words. It *would* be easier for me if I had someone I could bounce off ideas with. "Do you want to help me?... I mean.. if you want..."

Since we've become friends, I've tried to keep our work and personal relationship separate. I want her to be able to feel safe in her personal life. I want her to be able to escape from the world that hurt her.

"Do you trust me enough?" She asks seriously but with a surprised smile.

"You're the *only one* I trust enough." I answer completely serious. And she is. Which surprises me, because I trust Jean completely, but not like I trust Ro.

She looks down at her hands, shyly. I watch her long lashes brush against her cheeks. That action makes her look so young and childishly innocent. It makes me remember that she is almost two years younger than me and not even old enough to drink legally. When she looks up and at me again, she now looks confident, and strong. She looks like the woman I am so madly in love with and the teammate that I so deeply respect.

"So...what exactly are you asking me to do? Do you want me to be... Co-Leader or something?"

"What?!" I almost yell out and sit back up. Were did she get that idea?

"Fine, I'll do it!" She smiles brightly. "And I have equal say...even in public. Right?"

"Ororo, I think you are misunderstanding what I asked. I only wanted to know if I could bounce off ideas with you."

"What did you say, Scotty" She asks in a phony old woman's voice as she cones her hand around her ear. "You want me to be co-captain?"

"Ro." My tone is flat and un-amused by her antics.

"Co-captain you say?" She interrupts in that same scratchy voice. "Sure, I'll do it. No need to beg."


"I said okay. Sheesh!"

I refuse to say her name again. Instead, I just frown at her. This was not what I meant and she knows it. After a few minutes of silence. she finally gives up.

"Fine! I didn't want to be co-captain anyway." She crosses her arms and refuses to look at me. But she doesn't get off of me so I know she isn't really angry.

"Beauty..." I smile out because of her mock tantrum. "If you want the job, you can have it...But only under one condition."

She looks at me as if she is surprised that I relented to her request. I don't know why she is surprised though, I rarely deny her anything. I mean she is sharing my coveted room, so why would sharing a leadership position be any different. Moreover, she doesn't know this yet, but the team already looks to her as a co-captain. Despite the argument earlier, usually even Jean respects and follows Ororo's decisions. I've noticed this and so has the professor. They go to her before they come to me and she brings their grievance to me. I guess everyone feels that Storm is easier to talk to than Cyclops.

"What's the clause, Scott?" She asks bringing me out of my thoughts.

"It's that if working so closely together starts affecting us..." I point at her and myself, but I mean something much more vast, I'm talking about our personal relationship. "I want you to give up the position. I don't want to loose what we have, Ro. Not because of the X-men. "

"I Agree." She smiles brightly and kisses me on the lips. "But understand this Scott, the only reason I am taking this job is because I want to help*you*. I hate seeing you so stressed and tired all the time. You have too many responsibilities my love, and because of that...."

"I'm making errors that I wouldn't normally make."

She nods woefully in agreement. "I just want to help you, Scott...I don't even need or want the title. I just want to help you."

I kiss her this time. A slow, intimate, open mouth kiss. She responds in kind which only makes me wish we could do more. But I know she is not ready, so I reluctantly break the kiss before I do something I will regret later.

"Do you want to start working on strategies right now?" I breath out as I try to control my raging hormones.

She shakes her head no and breaths out. "Not tonight." Right before she kisses me again.

I want to take her words as a green light to do more intimate things but.. I know better.

After she pulls back, I ask "Then what do you suggest we do, my co-captain?"

She gives me a sheepish grin. "I suggest we use this free time to find a place so you can take a break from being the leader of the X-man and from being a mutant. I suggest that tonight, we are going to find a place were you can be a regular guy and me, a regular girl."

"There's no such place." I whisper back solemnly.

"Then we'll just have to make one" She smiles lovingly and kisses me tenderly on the mouth. Afterwards, she quickly gets up and runs over to the closet and starts pulling out clothes.

"What are you doing, Ro?"

"Getting dressed!"

I sit up. "For what?"

"Because we are going to find our special spot."


"That's what I said" She shakes her head. "You don't listen...are you sure you're not in Cyclops mode already?"

I am almost insulted by that question. "Ro, we can't go tonight!"

"Sure we can!"

"No... we can't... I have dinner duty tonight!"

She stops what she is doing and gives me a queer look. Then informs me, matter-a-factly. "We're going, Scott."

Great, now she's giving me that come hell or high water look. There's no way I'm going to be able to talk her out of this idea now.

"Scott..." She says as she is sifting through her clothes. "Sometimes you've got to tell the world to go fuck itself. You can't follow the rules *all* the time. Sometimes you gotta make your own rules...You know... Carpe Diem and all of that bullshit."

It's not about rules. And its' not that I *want* to cook either. It's just that... a few days ago I made a big deal about everyone doing their chores. I even called a meeting and everything. Usually, I'm not so anal about house chores, it's just that Logan acts like he doesn't have to do them or follow the rules... He just struts around the mansion like he owns the place and.... it pisses me off.

So now, if I skip out of my chores, he's going to give me grief about it.

Absently, I can hear Ororo continuing to talk to me but I'm not really listening. I'm thinking of a way to change her mind without really changing it.

Then I get an idea!

I quickly pad over to her and grab her hand. "Ok...lets go!"

"Wait! I'm not dressed!"

"It doesn't matter." I say dragging her out of the room, down the long corridor and to the steps. She's wrapped in her robe, so its not like she's naked.

"Wait, Scott!" She yells as she digs her heels in the plush hall carpet. "Where are we going?"

I turn and face her. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do." She answers without hesitation.

"Good, because its a surprise." I answer back as I lead her up the stairs. Though I can't help but puff my chest out a bit, at her words.

It isn't long before we are almost at our destination .

Ororo follows and looks around disappointedly. "We're in the attic, Scott."

"I know." I answer cheerfully, while still leading her deeper into the massive area. "Ok, close your eyes."


I turn around to face her again. "Close our eyes, Beauty. Its a surprise!"

She gives me a skeptical look then reluctantly closes those beautiful orbs. I quickly swoop her into a cradle position, making her squeal and wrap her arms tightly around my neck.

"Keep your eyes closed, Ro!" I laugh.

"They are!" She assures as she looks at me.

After I've made sure her eyes were closed, I lightly kick the door open and walk her across the threshold.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now."

" God!"

"Do you like it?" I ask timidly as I gently put her down. I really hope she does. I've been working on the apartment for about 4 months now. I've had some hired help, but not much. I really wanted to do this place for her, by myself.

It has a large bedroom, a living room with floor to ceiling windows that leads onto a balcony, a huge bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a separate shower and a small kitchen. Neither Ro or myself are much on cooking. Oh and last but not least. It has a walk-in-closet that is almost as large as our room is now. I figure, they way she buys clothes it wouldn't be long until she fills it up.

I watch Ororo slowly walk around the unfinished apartment then turn back to me.

"Is this for me?"

I nod proudly.

"Are you kicking me out?"

"NO! Of course not!" How could she even think that?! I quickly walk over to her and wrap my arms around her slender waist. "I...I was just..I wanted to give us more space."

"Oh" She looks toward the bedroom then the closet that looks like another room. "Ummm"

I see the fear in her eyes "It's a closet, Ro. Not a separate room."

"Oh" She breathes out in relief.

" want it to be a bedroom."

"What?" She asks fearfully.

I touch her stomach and shrug sheepishly. But inwardly I am screaming, 'what the hell am I doing?!' I don't know why I did that! I don't even know why I said that! It was just an outspoken hope.

"I'm not pregnant, Scott. I mean.. You know we haven't..."

"I know" I cut in. "I was just talking about... in the future."

"Oh" A smile slowly graces those perfect lips and she mischievously starts speaking in a thick fake southern accent. "Why Scott Summers I do declare, If I didn't know better I would think that you were suggesting a proposal of marriage."

"Maybe I am." I say with complete seriousness. After my mind realizes what I said , I slap my hand over my mouth.

I'm not taking back the proposal. I'm just wishing that I hadn't said it. It's a big step and I'm terrified that I just scared her off. I mean, despite the fact that we have been sharing a bed for over a year, She and I have only been dating for a month. And the most intimate thing we've done in that relationship is open mouth kiss. We've never even purposely touched each other private parts because it makes her uncomfortable! And here I am, asking her to marry me.

She glowers at me then breaks away from my hold and stalks toward the door.

Shit, just as I feared. I scared her off.

"Ororo wait!"

A loud clap of angry thunder is my answer.

We are now out of our apartment and in the thick of the junk filled attic.

"Ro, Please... wait!"

She spins on her heel to face me. "Scott, leave me alone!"

"Never." I answer back and grab her shoulders. Her eyes turn pure white when I touch her, but I don't let go. "I love you, Ororo Munroe!"

"You love me but... you just don't want to marry me!" She cuts in angrily.

"What?" I ask dumbly. I wasn't expecting that response. "I never said that!"

"You didn't have to." She seethes then yanks my hands off of her shoulders. "Your actions said it all for you!"

"Ro, you don't understand..."

"Like hell I do! If you didn't want me..."

"Ororo, *I* don't want you?" The outrageousness of that question is in my voice but apparently she didn't hear it because she screams.

"I *know* that already!!" Which is accompanied with lightening and thunder.

I grab her shoulders again. "Would you just calm down a minute! You're taking my words out of context!" She shakes her head no, but I continue with my soul's declaration anyway. " I love you! And I want you! I want to be your husband! I want you to be my wife! I want to have a family with you!"

"Then... why did you take it back?" Tears start to stream out of her still white eyes.

God it hurts to look at her when she's crying.

"It's because I'm used and dirty isn't?" She volunteers and nods in a way that tells me that she is trying to make me agree with her, but I don't.

Her voice is so broken and it breaks my heart to hear it. In my heart, I knew that when she walked off, she thought I didn't want her because of what happened to her during Project X.

"Ro, you're *not* dirty! God knows it's not your fault what happened to you! It was those bastards fault!" She looks away and refuses to meet my gaze "If anyone is dirty.... it's me.." That makes her look at me and she shakes her head no.

She knows what I am talking about. I've told her everything I can remember about my life. Everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And she knows that I am referring to my time while I lived on the streets. She knows that I was talking about the occupation I had to do just to survive.

There's not many ways for a homeless, adolescent, blind mutant to make money,. Not many legal ways that is.

"Scott," She sobs and wraps her arms tightly around my neck. "You're *not* dirty! And if you say that again I'm going to shock you!"

I shake my head no and bury my shamed face in the crook of her neck. "Ororo... unlike you I had a choice."

"Jack would have killed you." She reminded as she kissed my temple.

"What I used to do.... killed me anyway." I sob and hold her closer to me.

"Oh..Scott..." She doesn't say anything more. She doesn't have to. Words cannot comfort me. Jean tried to comfort me with words, after she found out that I was force to be a child prostitute. I didn't tell her, like I told Ororo. She had peaked into my thoughts, uninvited and found out.

Ororo understands that I don't need words. I don't even want them. What I *need* is to *feel* worth something. I need to be physically comforted without it being sexual. Because for so long, while living on the street, I was treated like trash, and the only touch I ever received hurt me.

Ororo, understands this and holds me and caresses my back in comforting circles until I have calmed down. She understands that it's what I need. I need to be held. I need to feel loved. I need to feel like I am worth something. Something more than just a good fuck.

She makes me feel loved...complete...clean. She told me once, that I make her feel the same way.

About 20 long minutes later, I've finally composed myself. I pull back and look into her beautiful face.

"I love you" She assures me in a soulful whisper as she gently and tenderly caresses my face. "I love so much."

"I love too" I choke out. I really do. I love her so much, I feel like I am going to explode sometimes. Like now.

It's so weird, how I have changed just by my sharing my private life with Ro. She knows everything about me. The abuse I lived through, and all of the things I did on the street just to survive and even the stuff I am deathly ashamed of. And she *still* looks at me with love. She doesn't pity me. She respects me even more for surviving what I had to live through.

I've never been able to tell anyone about that stuff before. Xavier and Jean knew, but the read my thoughts. I never *told* them. I never wanted them to know. But I had no choice in the matter, It wasn't about trust with them. They delved in my memories at their leisure and I was stuck with hoping they wouldn't judge me to badly for what I've done. Or pity me for what I had to live through.

I think that's why I try to be everything they want me to be. I want them to see me for who I am and not what I was.

Perhaps that was their plan. I don't know.

But with Ororo... She had no way parading into my thoughts, picking and choosing the things she wanted to see. No, I had to verbally tell her. Though the experience of confessing my life left me exposed and raw, it was also empowering. Empowering because it was *my choice* to tell her.

She is looking up at me, I can see her love for me glistening in her eyes. I can feel it in her embrace. I heard it in her voice. All of this together overwhelms me and makes it impossible for me to stop the words that spill forth.

"Ororo...." I breath out like a prayer. "I know a have a sordid past.... I have nothing to offer you. No money, not even a place of my own, not even a ring. All I have to give you is all of me, all of my devotion and all of my love. And please know that with everything I am Ro, I love you. Forever and a day I will love you. And even though I don't deserve you.... A princess, *my* princess....I want to ask you to marry me."

Her jaw drops and she looks completely and utterly shocked for about 30 seconds. When her mouth closes, it then opens up again, then closes again. Her words are not coming. But her emotions are written all over her lovely face.

"Are you serious?" She finally squeaks out disbelievingly.

I feel like my heart is in my throat, so all I can do is nod.

She looks away, unsure if I am telling the truth. However when she looks back at me she looks angry. No not angry, hurt. She looks hurt and tears are streaming out of her now blue eyes. "Then why did you take it back earlier?"

"I didn't." I assure tenderly as I cup her face with my hands and gently wipe away her tears with my thumbs. When she gives me a hopeful look, I continue "I love you, Beauty...and nothing in this world would make me happier than being your husband. I ...I just reacted badly because I was afraid that I may have scared you off by telling you my hearts desires so soon."

She gives me a timid smile. "You're not just saying this?"

I hug her close to me and whisper in her ear. "It's the complete truth, Ro. I'd marry you today if you'd let me."

She pull backs a little and stares at me for about a minute before she whispers. "Then ask me."

Honestly, I thought I just did. But I ask again anyway.

"Ororo Munroe...will you marry me?"

She nods excitedly and ravishes my mouth with kisses . "Okay" Was her happy whispered response.


I was late getting down to make dinner. I wouldn't have been down at all, but stupid Logan and his supersensitive nose went searching for me.

He found Ororo and I in our attic apartment and in a very intimate position.

But what makes his intrusion even worse is that it was the FIRST TIME we've ever been in that position.

I could have killed him, literally.

God, I hope he gets a cold that blocks that thing up. A bad, painful, stuffed up nose that drips into his mouth and with post nasal down his throat.

"Do you need help with anything?" Ororo asks me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"No, I'm fine." I assure.

Ro and I are now in the kitchen. Cooking. Well, I'm cooking, she's sitting on a stool and watching me with a happy smile on her face. A beautifully cheesy smile. And that smile is mirrored on my face.

"Are you sure?" She asks sweetly. She leans forward and rests her elbows on the kitchen island.

"Positive." I happily assure again. "Actually, I'm almost done!"

"Really?!" She smiles out.

I turn at the waist, to face her, and nod to her question. I'm not making anything fancy. Just spaghetti. Not even fancy spaghetti. I'm just going to boil the noodles and dump the Ragu in. If Logan doesn't like it, tough shit.

I smile back at her before I turn around to tend to what I'm cooking.

I can't believe how happy I am. How right it feels to be engaged. To Her. To my princess. God, I feel like shouting it to the world.... or at least to everyone in the mansion.

A few minutes later, the food is ready.


"Hmm?" She hums dreamily as she gets up from her seat, to help me put the spaghetti in bowl.

I look at her, then lower my gaze to what we are doing. "Were you serious...?" I ask diffidently as she holds the bowl I am pouring the food into.

"Serious about what?"

I can feel her gaze on me. Shyly, I turn my attention toward the stove and say barely above a whisper "When you said 'okay' about marrying me today..... Were you serious?"

She doesn't answer for about 30 seconds. The longest 30 seconds of my life.


Still not looking at her, I confess. "Because I want to get married today."

"What?" She drops the bowl, and the pasta splays everywhere. "Today?! Are you serious?"

Like her, I ignore the mess on the floor and turn my complete attention to her beautiful face. "Yes, Today. I want to marry you today."


"Aren't you the one who told me to seize the day?" I interrupt hopefully.

Her eyes are wide with the romantic excitement of the idea of eloping. "Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

"Should we tell the others?" She breaths out excitedly.

I shake my head no. "They'll only try to convince us to wait."

"You mean they'll try to convince us to do it right...With a wedding and such."

"It will be right no matter how we do it." I promise as I cup her cheek with my hand and kiss her tenderly on the lips. "I love you Ro, but if you want to wait..."

"I didn't say that!" She smiles out excitedly. "It's just... This is so impulsive ..."

"Beauty" I cut in before she can talk us both out of it. "I asked you to marry me because I *am* going to marry you. If not today, it will be sometime in the future....But this is how I see it.... If we are going to be married in the future...we might as well do it right now!.. Because either way ,we'll *still* be together.. So why not be married."

"Scott...are you sure? I mean are you really sure...?"

She's giving me a look that tells me that she is willing to marry me today, but she is not ready to consummate it.

"I want this, Ro.." I do, I really do, and I will wait forever to have sex with her if I have too. Because its not about sex. Its about her. It's about *us.* "I want to be your husband, and I want you to be my wife so your name can be Ororo Summers"

"Ororo Munroe -Summers" She corrects.

I nod and kiss her forehead before I concede. "Ororo Munroe-Summers."

She smiles and asks "Are you sure you don't want a wedding?"

I shake my head to reassure her that I don't. "But if you want one....I'll make sure you have the biggest wedding you can imagine... Just...Later.. We can do the wedding thing later.. I just don't want to wait."

She looks hesitant and that's when I realize that I'm pressuring her.


However, before she can answer to give me a ye or ne, we are interrupted.


Jeans calls out as she opens the kitchen door. "Logan wants to know what's taking so ...Whoa!!!" She stops and grabs her temples.

"Jean!" Both Ororo and I cry out at the same time.

"Are you okay?" I ask worriedly as my fiancee quickly pads over toward her.

She holds up her hand to stop our worries as she shook her head ,to shake off the lethargic feeling. "Don't worry, I'm fine."

"What happened?" Ro asks.

Jean looks at her with a secret smile. "I dunno you tell me?"

My eyes widen worriedly. "What are you talking about?" I ask because I hope she doesn't already know.

She gestures to the both of us "The emotions in here are so thick, I thought I was going to suffocate. So.... what's going on?"

"Nothing." I answer a bit to quickly.

"Don't lie to me, Scott. I am a telepath remember?"

I look at Ororo, to make sure she doesn't mind me sharing the news, and I see her giving me the same look I am giving her. Then we both blurt out happily.

"We're getting married!!"

At the news, Jean looks as if the wind was just knocked out of her. Her gaze shifts between the both of us before she forces the words to come out of her mouth "When did this happen?"

"No, Jean" Ororo answers sarcastically. "I believe what you are supposed to say is 'congratulations.'"

"Oh yes of course," She apologizes "Congratulations.... I was just surprised that's all...This is all sudden!" Jean walks into the kitchen and continues to talk, but mostly to me. "I mean.. you two just started dating... and now you are getting married....Don't you think that maybe...I dunno.. that you are rushing things a bit?"

I hear thunder rumbling in the distance and that isn't a good sign. I glance at Ororo. She looks as calm as ever, but I know she is pissed. I look back at my ex and sigh disappointedly. I wish for once that she could just be happy for me and Ro. It always seems to take a while for her. She and Ro are friends but mostly for my sake. I'm not sure if they will ever truly be friends because Jean feels like she has seniority over me since she has known me longer and because she was my first love. Her possessiveness pisses Ororo off to no end, but my fiancée doesn't say anything about it because she has this fear that if she makes an issue about it I will choose between them. And Ororo is convinced that I would choose Jean.

Which I wouldn't but Ro doesn't believe me when I swear to her that she would always be my first choice.

Perhaps today she will believe me.

"Jean.." I growl out.

"Look, I know what you guys are thinking..." She interrupts "And you're wrong. I am happy for you two. Really, I am. You guys are prefect for each other."

There is a bitterness in that last statement that I don't understand. I mean *she* is the one who broke up with *me*. She's the one who didn't want *me.*

I've even come to accept the fact if it wasn't for Project X, Jean and I probably would have never gotten together. We were put in the same cell together after she killed that man to save my life. She was distraught and sought comfort. And I was the only one in the cell with her so I was the lucky one who got the job. It was then, in a fit of tears, when she confessed that she loved me. Despite the situation, I was more than overjoyed over her confession, because those were the words that I had been waiting to hear from her for six years!

It was also in that cell, surrounded by all that sorrow and stress, were we made love for the first time.

But now that I think back on it, I think she only made that confession and had sex with me because she *honestly* believed that our cell was going to be our *coffin.*

And after we did, our relationship had changed, for the better, in my opinion. Jean on the other hand didn't feel that way, but she was stuck. She couldn't just tell me that she wanted things to go back to the way it used to be. No not after she was the one who initated our love making. But that was what she wanted . She wanted to go back to me being her love sick puppy and where I would be content with the scraps of affection she would give me here and there.

However, *she* had started something in that cell. She started our relationship because at the time, it was convenient for her. Convenient because she thought she was going to *die,*

But after we were free and *alive* Our relationship was a burden to her.

Why was it a burden?

Because romantically, Jean never wanted me like that.

I'll admit, I hurt to accept that fact, but eventually I got over it. And now I'm glad because if she would have kept me, I would have never found my soul mate in Ororo.

But now, after she has cut me loose... Sometimes my ex acts like she wishes that I never moved on. Sometimes I get the impression that she wanted me to wait for her, wait on her forever.

I hate to admit this, but she is more attentive to me *now* than when we were dating. And even though she has Logan, it's almost like she wants us both. Her flirtations have even gotten more frequent since Logan started training Ro in the art of hand to hand combat.

"I'm...just saying this because you two are *so young*..." She continues affably. "Marriage is a serious commitment. It can't be taken lightly."

"And we thank you for the advice *old* wise one!" Ororo bites out angrily "But I think we know what we are getting ourselves into." Ro rolls her eyes and walks back over to me. Well not exactly to me. She crouches down and starts picking the spaghetti off the floor. When I make a move to help her She looks at me and shakes her head no. I can tell that she is furious because her eyes keep flickering to pure white.

So I return my attention to my ex and bite out :"Jean, you should know me well enough to know that I don't take anything lightly!"

"Scott.." She cuts in.

But before she or I can say anything more we are interrupted.

"What the hell is taking so long?!"

Jean spins her attention to her current love interest. "Ororo and Scott are getting married."

"And what does that have to do with my dinner not being ready?" Logan looks at his wrist and at his imaginary watch. "It's 7:56pm. Dinner should have been ready 56 minutes ago! I thought we were supposed to be consistent with the chore schedule. I know *I* was last night. *I* actually had dinner on the table at 6:53pm!"

I grit my teeth and roll my eyes behind my glasses. Logan is such an ass.

"Logan, did you hear what I just said?" Jean huffs angrily. "Scott and Ororo are getting married!"

I hear thunder again. This time it's closer and much louder.

He looks at her, then at me, then at Ororo who is ignoring him and still picking up the food on the floor. "Mother fucking hell!" He growls out and stomps over to the mess. "Is this supposed to be dinner?!" He glowers at me then crouches down to help Ro.

I can't help but narrow my eyes when she doesn't prohibit him from helping. I'm not going to lie. I really don't feel comfortable with their friendship. I liked it better when she didn't trust him and didn't like him at all. But as time wore on, and Ro's fear of people, other than me lessened, she and Logan come to an convivial understanding. It wasn't long after, did Logan subtly invite her to train with him.

Honesly, I didn't think she would accept. She told me privately that in a lot of ways, he reminds her of Sabretooth. So I was surprised when she said yes. Unhappily surprised. I'm not going to lie, it really hurt my pride when she accepted. I was the one training her before Logan's offer. But grudgingly, I must admit, she *is* a better fighter now. And I know for a fact that I couldn't have helped her improve so quickly.

For that I will always be grateful to him.

However, with their sparring together, they have become good friends; in spite of the fact that while they are training together you wouldn't be able to tell. In the danger room or wherever they are sparring, they talk to each other like trash, threaten each others lives when the other messes up. I have even seen Ororo shock Logan with a lightening bolt just because she wanted to see what would happen to a man with a metal laced skeleton. Sure, she was extremely pissed with him at the time, and he deserved it.... but still.

"Umm.." Logan says softly to Ro. "Congratulations"

She doesn't look at him but gives him a forced closed lip smile.

I just stare at the both of them. I'm sure my mouth is ajar because I've never heard Logan's voice so tender before, and it doesn't sit well with me that he is speaking to my future wife with it.

"So when's the big day?" He asks still in that gruffy yet gentle voice as he digs his hands into the mess on the floor and plops the noodles in the bowl.

Ro must be angrier than I first assumed because I've never seen Logan placate her before. Usually he pisses her off on purpose. He gets a kick out of her making the sky scream with thunder.

I glance at Jean and I can tell by the scowl on her face that this benign side Logan is not boding well with her either. However, I hope I am masking my feeling better than she is.

I now understand why she resentments Ro. Its because she is afraid that my fiancée is going to steal another man away from her. But for real this time. Ro is much younger and more beautiful than she is. What's more, Ro doesn't have to go out of her way to gain Logan's attention. He gives it to her freely.

But between you and me, I think he does it because he knows it pisses me off. I say this because the attention he gives her is not of the flirtatious type. I have a feeling that he knows that would make her really uncomfortable. He just always notices when she is around and the two of them have these little private conversations. Privates as in Ro won't tell me what was said. And that pisses me off. Ororo is my confidant and I don't like sharing her! Though I would never admit that out loud.

I have jealousy issues. I know this and Ororo knows this But luckily for me, it doesn't bother her. As long as my obsession with her doesn't become oppressive, she's told me that can live with it. I'm glad because I don't think that I can change. Things that I love, I covet and want to keep as mine.

Both Jean and I look expectantly at Ororo. I'm afraid of her answer because I'm not sure what she is going to say/

It takes a minute but Ororo finally confesses "Today" She then looks up and gives me a shy smile.

I return that smile with big ass grin of my own.

"Then you should go back upstairs and start getting ready." Logan smiles "I'll clean up this mess.

Are you sure" She asks excitedly

He nods "The magistrate doesn't stay open 24hrs a day, you know. So get!"

She nods, quickly stands up, and pads over to me. Even though her hands are messy with sauce, she grabs hold of mine and happily and excitedly drags me toward the door. However, before I leave the kitchen completely, I turn back toward Logan and say


Perhaps, Logan isn't such an asshole after all.

He nods his head back. "Yeah whatever, One eye. Just don't think I'm going to let you forget that you failed to do *your chores.* Especially after that meeting you called and that long ass speech you gave us!"

And just when I was starting to like the guy, he reverts back to his ol asshole self. I huff and turn on my heel to leave.


I turn back around. I'm stunned because this is the first time Logan has ever used my name. My real name.

His attention is completely on the mess he is cleaning up, but in a soft tone but not as tender as he used with Ro, he states. "You're good for her."

And for the first time since I've met this man, I realize how important his opinion of me really is. It means a lot. Much to my ultimate horror. It means so much in fact that I can't stop the smile that tugs at the corners of my mouth, nor can I stop my chest from puffing out a bit.

"Come on, Scott!" Ro laughs out happily and tugs at my hand. "We want to get down to the court house before it closes!"

Her words were all it took for me to rush past her and start dragging *her* toward the elevator. As she and I run down the corridor, laughing like the two love birds we are, I can hear Jean's voice in my head. She's telling me congratulations, and because I am linked with her, I can tell that this time, she means it.

It always takes a while for her, but she eventually comes around.