Sweet Jealousy

She had a green gumdrop balancing on her nose when he sat down across from her. Her head tilted slightly back, her creamy neck exposed. She was idly chatting with another girl, despite the position. Suddenly, she cocked her head back, making her vibrant red curls bounce with the action. The gumdrop jumped into the air a bit before she caught it between her soft, pink lips.

He had never been so jealous of a piece of candy.

Her nose was sprinkled with leftover sugar, sparkling like a rare gem in the candlelight. She laughed as she brushed the crystals away, loud and vivacious. Her head was leaned back again, much farther now than before. The creamy expanse of skin was flawless, but for one little brown spot on her left jugular. It marked her there, innocent and yet somehow intimate.

He had never been so jealous of a freckle.

Her lips curled into a smile as she turned and caught him staring. He returned the gesture, going a bit pink before turning back to his meal. His eyes danced over the deserts, trying to decide what would satisfy his sweet tooth. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth as he thought, his canine digging into the soft flesh. He wrapped his fingers around his fork, their pale alabaster standing out starkly against the shining gold of the utensil, though they did seem to compliment each other nicely.

She had never been so jealous of a fork.

His platinum hair danced over his forehead and down into his eyes. He gave his head a small flip, reminding her of a horse tossing his mane, and the hair fell back from his face. He finally chose a piece of German chocolate cake, rich and decadent. She knew he had an ongoing love affair with anything chocolate. The golden utensil cut through the desert with easy, delivering the sweet, gooey nectar up to his lips. As they closed around the treat, his eyes slid shut in a moment of bliss.

She had never been so jealous of a piece of cake.