I found these in one of my notebooks while I was looking for something else. I'd completely forgotten that I'd written them.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.

1. comfort
She never knew what to say to him when he was upset - she wasn't good at empathy, and he hid things so well - but luckily her presence by his side seemed to be comfort enough.

2. kiss
The first time she saw him, she couldn't help but notice his perfect teeth; later, she noticed the lips that framed them and wondered what they would feel like on hers.

3. soft
Ryo lives for the rare moments that Ruki's eyes soften - it doesn't matter whether her focus is him or not.

4. pain
He hid his pain behind a different mask, but he couldn't hide from her - like calls to like, after all.

5. potatoes
He'd never tell her, but he loved listening to her ranting, even when it was about something as absurd as potato batteries.

6. rain
His year in the Digital World left him able to endure rain without complaint, but he soon learns that Ruki doesn't approve of him showing up soaking wet.

7. chocolate
She shoves the chocolate at his chest and doesn't wait to see if he can catch it before it falls - she just wants to get out of there before he notices that she's blushing.

8. happiness
She tells herself that it's ridiculous, but that doesn't stop the way warmth blooms in her chest whenever Ryo smiles.

9. telephone
Sometimes it's easier to talk to him over the phone than in person - when he can't see her, she doesn't have to hold back her smile.

10. ears
Renamon's ears twitch - picking up the sound of clothing rustling and a masculine intake of breath cut off suddenly in Ruki's room - before she settles back, content in the knowledge that things are progressing.

11. name
She isn't exactly sure when 'Ryo Akiyama' stopped being a name that filled her with anger, and started being one that made her heart leap.

12. sensual
Ryo loves the texture of Ruki's hair between his fingers, and Ruki loves the feel of his fingertips stroking her scalp.

13. death
They've both looked death in the eye too many times to fear it for themselves, but that didn't stop them from being afraid for each other.

14. sex
As their relationship progresses, it becomes apparent that even though Ruki has elsewhere earned the nickname of 'Ice Queen', one word that cannot be used to describe her is 'frigid'.

15. touch
He's unused to it; she rarely allows it - these things combined meant that sometimes it was the smallest touches that mattered the most.

16. weakness
It takes them both a long time to accept that really caring for someone isn't a weakness.

17. tears
They all cried when their Digimon left, and maybe that was what saved Ruki from feeling ashamed about it later - the fact that even Perfect Teeth loved his partner enough to to bawl when they had to leave.

18. speed
Those on the outside might have thought that their relationship move too fast, and even their friends were a little surprised - only Ryo and Ruki understood that what happened had been a long time coming, and they were only making up for time already lost.

19. wind
They both like to stand facing into the wind - the way it ruffles their hair brings back pleasant memories of riding their Digimon.

20. freedom
They had both wished at times for the freedom not to care, but decided that, ultimately, freedom wasn't worth the emptiness.

21. life
Even before they became an official item, Ryo sought Ruki out wherever possible - their verbal sparring was as close to a proper fight as he was going to get outside the tournaments, and it made him feel alive.

22. jealousy
Ruki met the jealousy of Ryo's fangirls in the same way she had always met competitors - with cool aplomb and certain knowledge of her superiority.

23. hands
He isn't sure whether the sensitivity of her hands in the cause or effect of the way she avoids touch, but either way he enjoys the way she shivers when he strokes them.

24. taste
Ruki didn't get her first taste of recognition until Ryo disappeared, and as such she found it distinctly unsatisfying.

25. devotion
To some couples, devotion meant constant calls or lavish presents; to Ryo and Ruki, it meant the knowledge that the other would never, ever reveal their secrets.

26. forever
They were both too conscious of the way that time ends things, so they never used the word 'forever', but took each day as it came.

27. blood
Black, blue and bloodied, it didn't matter - one thing that Ruki and Ryo had in common is that they would never give up when their partner was threatened.

28. sickness
Ruki would never make a nurse, but even through the haze of the fever Ryo could appreciate that she was trying.

29. melody
He hoped that, if he made no comments or sudden movements, Ruki wouldn't notice how the melody was soothing her into relaxing as they danced.

30. star
The ring was simple and the stone relatively small, but it flashed like a star on Ruki's finger when it caught the light.

31. home
Two adults, two Digimon and a toddler with enough energy to outlast all four should have made a madhouse - somehow, instead, it made a home.

32. confusion
Confusion was endemic as the weeks passed and Ryo continued unscathed - how was he managing to date Ruki without enduring bodily harm as compensation?

33. fear
Throw either of them into a life-threatening situation with ferocious Digimon and they'd handle it with ease - but throw them into a situation that required emotional honesty and they recoiled, terrified.

34. lightning/thunder
Soon it became as natural as thunder following lightning - where Ruki could be found, Ryo would probably follow.

35. bonds
Ruki scrutinized him with narrowed eyes, and wondered just what it was that bound Ryo so closely to the Digimon. (-even more than the others, he just couldn't seem to escape.)

36. market
He always manages to find her some little gift at markets - more than her mother, he has the knack of finding things that she will actually wear.

37. technology
The pace at which technology advanced gave them both hope for reunion with their partners.

38. gift
Wordlessly, she lifts his gift - a yellow bandana, edged with purple, with the yin-yang symbol printed in the middle - and ties it around her neck.

39. smile
He had thought her smiles were rare before, but now that Renamon was gone they seemed to have vanished altogether.

40. innocence
He is surprised by so little when it comes to the Digimon and their world, and privately Ruki wonders if he was ever innocent of them.

41. completion
She seems the most unlikely candidate, but she's the one that helps him complete his journey from mistrust of others back to trust.

42. clouds
Every cloud is meant to have its silver lining, and he supposes that this loss will teach her strength in herself - but does the lesson have to hurt so much.

43. sky
It might have been a cliche to say that his eyes were like the sky, but Ruki thought defiantly that it was true - sometimes dark and stormy, sometimes clear and bright, but always containing more than anyone could see in one glance.

44. heaven
It's not heaven, sitting with him under a convenient tree in summer, watching the Digimon play and feeling him stroking her hand - but it's pretty close.

45. hell
It's not hell, having to say goodbye and being prevented by pride or caution from asking when you can see them again - but it's pretty close.

46. sun
They're not natural morning people, but thanks to their Digimon they both rise with the sun - which makes group camping trips interesting.

47. moon
It might be the lunar symbology of her Digimon, or it might be the way that her eyes shine - but either way, Ryo thinks that Ruki looks more at home in moonlight.

48. waves
She gets one good look at his hair when wet - flattened and dripping - and has the time for one good laugh before he splashes her in turn.

49. hair
When she reused to believe that his hair just "did that" as he claimed, he just took her hand and shoved it into his gravity-defying hairstyle as proof.

50. supernova
She has hair like sunset and a temper like a supernova - yes, there's definitely something fiery abut Ruki Makino.