Harry was sitting in the Hufflepuff common room looking out the window. They were situated directly beside the greenhouses, which was ok with him he liked them. He thought back on the past week. He had been feeling lonely to tell the truth. Neville, Hermione, and Draco all seemed to be reluctant to be around each other. He guessed that it had to do with house politics. It pissed him off and hurt his feelings. He usually got to be around them one at a time, mostly because he was to stubborn to leave them alone. He didn't even get to spend that much time with Tonks, because she was under intense training to be ready for her N.E.W.T.s at the end of the year. He did like curling up to her and falling asleep with his head in her lap while she studied on the couch. It was an awful lot like having a big sister. The detention with McGonagall had been a spectacular laugh, though. she had assigned him to scrub a bunch of trophys in the hall of awards. he had laughed the whole time and compared it to oiling all the saddles and farming equipment.

He decided it wasn't acceptable that he only got to hang out with his friends in classes. So he decided that this weekend he would fix this. His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of cute girls. One had a waterfall of red hair flowing down her back and an athletic build quickly noticeable due to age. Her warm sea green eyes where captivating and Harry was quickly giving her his good ole boy smile. The other had shoulder length hair that was honey blonde, and light dark blue eyes that made Harry think of the deepest parts of the ocean.

"It's time for class harry we need to go or we'll be late." The cute red head said sweetly.

"Well hello there Suzy, Hannah. I was just thinkin' 'bout you two." Harry said with all the charm he could muster. "How are the two prettiest 'puffs I know?"

Both girls blushed at this, Harry just gave a self satisfied grin and got up from his position at the window. He wrapped an arm around both girls shoulders and began walking towards the potions room. They arrived to find they were exactly on time. They had just sat down with Hermione, since the 'puffs had potions with the Ravenclaws, when Professor Severus Snape came in. the man carried himself with all the grace of a jaguar. Harry had to smirk at the bluster of the man. He obviously either practiced walking in such a way as to make his robes flutter like that, or they were charmed to do it automatically.

Harry smirked as the man began to go through his spiel; "I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory, and even...put a stopper in...death." Harry knew they more than likely wouldn't get along due to Snape's animosity to his father and godfathers. But he had to give the guy props for being able to enthrall an audience.

Snape began going through the roll call and when he got to Harry's name he stopped. "Ah yes, Harry Potter our new...celebrity. Tell me what would you get if you added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

"That'ld be the drought of living death." Harry answered with a smirk.

"Indeed?" Snape asked clearly surprised that he would know that. "And where would you look if I asked you to get a bezoar?"

"Well I'm guessing that you mean besides the ingredient's cabinet, so in the stomach of a goat." Harry said still smirking and getting a few laughs from the class. Snape scowled.

"As amusing as you might think you are. One final question What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?"

"Trick question." Harry said with a bored sigh. "They are two names for the same plant which happens to be the main ingredient to your potion the wolfsbane potion that gives control to the human mind of a werewolf during the full moon."

At this the class was silent. This boy was apparently beyond prepared for this class. Snape sneered at Harry before he took his gaze off the boy. "Well why aren't you writing this down?" Surprisingly that was the end of it all, for the day anyway. On the way out of the classroom Harry stopped at the door and waited until it was just him and Snape in the room. Harry quickly cast a silencio over the room and walked to the desk. Snape's eyes followed him like a snake trying to decide if it needed to bite. Harry saved him the trouble of deciding though.

"I want you to know that Sirius is sorry that for the way he treated you when you were kids, as is Remus. I can't offer you James Potter's remorse as he is dead." With that said Harry waved his wand and removed the silencing charm. Harry's snakeskin boots rapped against the floor as he left the room and the gobsmacked professor behind. Harry threw his arms around Hannah and Susan as he entered the hallway and dragged them off to lunch. He lead them to a table and then said. "I'll be right back ladies." He turned and walked to the Gryffindor table and told Neville that he wanted to talk to him Saturday morning out on the grounds by the lake. Neville agreed, and Harry then made his way to the other two tables and gave Draco and Hermione the same message. He then returned to his place between the two girls who had yet to eat anything so he called for Kreacher to bring the three of them a supreme pizza.

Harry sat on a large rock overlooking the Black Lake. He was leaning up against a large willow tree. His Hat was pulled down over his eyes and he had his body stretched out like he was asleep. Split was resting beside him on the rock. Harry could hear someone walking up beside him. He didn't lift his hat to find out who it was though because Split never even lifted his heads.

"If it's alright with you I'd like to only say this once so please sit down and let's wait for the others." He said still just enjoying the sunlight shining down on him.

"Alright mate I have no problem waiting." Came Neville's timid voice. Harry grinned and continued to sit comfortably until Draco and Hermione had arrived. Harry then stood up and walked to the edge of the rock. He stared off into the lake for a moment before he opened his mouth.

"I grew up without many people my own age. I didn't go to a muggle school I was home schooled as to muggle sciences and histories and arts. I was trained in magics that we are studying right now at age 6. All because a mad man decided he wanted to rule. Except he didn't get what he thought was his by right so he started to destroy instead. Because of that monster I didn't get to grow up with the Potter's or any of my cousins. I didn't get to have any siblings and my Godfather had to flee the country." Harry said still looking at the water. "I got to Hogwarts, and had met three people who I wanted to get close to as friends. And now something as stupid as house prejudices is stopping our friendship. I don't think it is fair or right. But I want you all to think about something. In seven years your house isn't going to matter anymore. All that will hold is the friends you have. I want you three to be with me through Hogwarts and after." with that said he turned around and gave them the most serious look anybody had ever seen on his face. They all looked at each other. Finally Draco stepped forward and said. "Cousin your talking about a person from each house disregarding the rest of their house to form a group of...Friends?"

"No I'm not asking you to not make friends in your own houses. Hell, bring them with you and we can all be friends." Harry said throwing his arms wide. "We could very well put a stop to all the stupidity in this world. Just think about it. If we all work together, take what we are best at, and work towards a goal? We are a whole generation that is sick of all the division...we could put a stop to old Moldyshorts and Fumbledork both!"

Hermione looked at Harry inquisitively. It was a look reserved for whether or not he needed to be dissected and studied. Neville was giving him a look reserved for a soldier looking at a war hero. And Draco was looking at him thoughtfully as though he was trying to figure out how all this would work in his favor.

"Don't answer now." Harry said with a hasty raised hand before any of them could speak. "I want you to think about it this week and come back here next Saturday. That's when I want your answer. And hey bring friends when you come we'll see if they want to join us or not."

The three other preteens nodded, then turned and left. Harry looked down at Split and grinned. He pulled out his small blackened steel mirror phone and said "Sirius."

Harry stood beside his broom with the rest of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. It was their first flying lesson and he was bored out of his mind. The only way he liked to fly was to do it as his animagus form which was a red-tailed hawk. He followed the teacher's instructions and brought the broom up into his hand. He then mounted it and proved he knew exactly what it was he doing. He then took the free time to fly around to perform as many tricks as he could. He found that it wasn't half as much fun on a broom as it was when flying as a hawk.

Madam Hooch had declared him to be the best flier of his age she had ever seen. It had astonished her that he didn't spend to much time on a broom. It had hit her on a almost physical level when he told her that he had no intention to try out for such a stupid sport as quidditch. She them glared at him and told him she had been the seeker for the Hollyhead Harpies. Harry tipped his hat back and just looked at her. She glared at him before hmphing. Harry gave a cocky grin before walking off the Quidditch pitch with Hannah and Susan on his arms. Harry then made his way to dinner. It was funny he had been getting jealous looks from everyone within two years of him. Harry's week had gone by relatively slowly. It was actually funny how he was doing. He was pissing off quite a few people because he was doing so well in his classes. It was sad really. No one had noticed that after he performed the required pieces of magic he picked up a fifth year textbook and began working through it.

It was Friday and he was hoping to receive good news tomorrow. He didn't want to loose his family or his friend. He had already asked both of his friends Hannah and Susan to come with him. They had agreed to go with him which made him happy. He ate his dinner before glaring at Theodore Nott. The small weasel like boy. It pissed him off to have found the boy casting hexes at Neville earlier in the week, But Harry had fixed that easily by hitting Theodore in the ear with a piercing hex in his ear. He glared even harder as the boy smirked and got up. The black haired boy made his way over to Harry and stopped directly in front of the other boy.

"Potter I challenge you to a wizard's dual." Theodore said with a viscous smirk. He opened his mouth to speak again, only to be cut off by Harry.

"Ok I'll go get Flitwick to be our referee, I'll be right back." Harry said before jumping up and making his way to the teacher's table and Flitwick. If he'd bothered to look back he would have noted that the other raven haired boy had a look of pure horror on his face. Harry told the miniscule Professor what was going on and the Half-goblin readily agreed to referee the match. The left the staff table with Dumbledore's eyes twinkling like stars. When the two got back to where the boy was standing still shell shocked, Flitwick said.

"Why don't we take this to the courtyard?" His words were greeted by a Devil-may-care smirk from Harry, and a very stiff nod from Theodore. The two preteens followed the tiny Professor out of the Great Hall. They were soon joined by most of the student body and the Professors. Dueling wasn't so rare an occurrence that it didn't happen, but it was Rare enough that even if it was a pair of novice firsties were doing it it was a happily watched and talked about spectacle.

The two boys stood at opposite ends of the courtyard about thirty yards apart. Theodore already had his wand out and at the ready. Harry on the other hand simply pushed his trench coat out of the way of his wand holster on his right hip. The handle of his Phoenix feather wand on display with his hand twitching in anticipation. Flitwick explained the rules and then turned to Harry.

"Harry perhaps you should draw your wand." The diminutive Professor said gently.

"Don't worry Professor I got it covered." Harry said slowly pulling the brim of his cowboy hat down over his eyes. Everyone thought he had gone crazy but the Professor just nodded and called for the participants readiness. The he cried. "Begin."

No sooner had he said the first syllable was Theodore casting ever jinx and Hex his father had taught him up until this point. Harry just spun around to the left with all the grace of a ballerina. Which was quite a feet given that he was wearing Cowboy boots. After a minute and a half of nonstop casting on the other boys part, and dancing around spell fire on Harry's Theodore stopped and stood panting. Harry tipped his hat back out of his eyes and looked at the other boy.

"Surely your not done yet?" Harry asked in disappointment. Theodore just glared at him. Harry shook his head and quick as a striking snake drew his wand and fired a stunning spell that caught the other boy right between the eyes. The Slytherin was sent sprawling off his feet and landed on his back unconscious before he ever started to fall. Harry holstered his wand and turned back towards the castle. The students parted before him as he made his way back to the Hufflepuff table. The one thing on every bodies minds was that those weren't the dueling moves of a first year.