The first chapter is actually the one-shot 'Just A One-Night Stand' I wrote a few days ago. If you are following my one-shot collection 'Kindred Spirits' you have already read it! I decided to continue it because a lot of people asked me to continue it and I love this AU idea. So here it is! The first two chapters of a new story!

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, just the story!

Chapter 1

The bar was nearly empty. Everyone was at home with their family. But she had no one. No one but herself and the amber liquid in the tumbler in front of her. But she wouldn't drown in self-pity. She never had. She never would.

Someone was sitting down two stools beside her but she didn't care. She didn't want to talk to anyone. She just wanted to sit here and drink. But then he opened his mouth and ordered rum from the bartender and his voice … damn it ... his voice.

She tilted her head just a fraction, only to take a look at him from the corner of her eye and ... fucking hell … he was gorgeous.

He was wearing a three-piece suit in dark blue, a suit that practically screamed designer label. It fit him perfectly and she actually had to bit down a curse as he removed his jacket and threw it on the stool beside him.


The vest was hugging his body, showing her that he had not own gram of fat on his body. She could only see his profile but that was enough. His jawline was to die for, making her mouth water, his black hair was just this little bit too long, not the normal business haircut but he was definitely from the high level of Wall Street.

His whole appearance, his demeanor, his watch, the cuffs on his shirt … yeah, he probably made about three millions a year, had a fancy car and a house in which three families could live in.

She hated this type of men. Hated them with a passion. Men who thought they could get anything because they were rich and famous. Men who were born with the silver spoon in their mouth. Aristocratic features, no care in the world other than making more money than they could ever spend.

But damn, he was a specially good-looking specimen. Dark hair, blue eyes and this scruff. She forced herself to look away from him, down at the liquid swirling in her glass. No, she would not think about how his scruff might feel against her skin, how fucking amazing it would feel when he would trail his lips along her thighs, how his scruff would burn her skin.

God! She had too much to drink. She should go. Right now.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Shit! Just don't react. Just ignore him. Ignore him.

But the alcohol was flowing through her system and made her reckless. She didn't need another drink. She needed a man. Between her legs.

She tilted her head, looking him up and down before she met his gaze. "I don't need a drink. But if you can offer something else ..." She let her eyes drop down to his midsection, drawing her bottom lip into her mouth and lifting her gaze back to his eyes, she licked her lips, throwing him a challenging gaze. "I'll take it."

He didn't even hesitate, his mouth tilting up into a lopsided grin as he answered. "I can offer you so much more, love."

She hated endearments but his lilting voice and this accent … it definitely shot sparks through her whole body.

"Then let's go!"

She stood up and grabbed her coat, waiting for him to throw some bills on the counter, surprised that he didn't have own of those fancy money clips but a real wallet. But she didn't really care. As long as he carried a condom with him he could keep his money loose in his pocket. She just needed a good fuck and he looked like he was capable to give her one.

She didn't wait for him as she stepped out of the bar, hailing a cab before he was even joining her and climbing in, she left it up to him to take the offer or bail. But of course he got in and the moment he closed the door his scent enveloped her. His cologne making her stomach tighten.

"Four Seasons." She told the cab driver before she leaned back into the seat.

He was rich as Croesus and if he wanted to fuck her he could at least pay for the right atmosphere. She waited for him to correct the directions she had given to the cab driver because she might not wear the cheapest clothes but a man of his caliber would know with one look that she didn't have any money.

But when she looked over to him, he just threw her a slick smile, his eyes raking over her body before he leaned back into the seat and closed his eyes.


"Mr. Jones." The concierge rushed towards them the moment they stepped through the entrance. "We didn't expect you tonight but of course the Penthouse is ready for you."

"Thanks, Jorge."

Of course he was a well known customer in the most expansive hotel of New York. She shouldn't be surprised but her jaw almost dropped as they entered the penthouse, the windows revealing a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline.

She walked slowly towards the windows, letting her earrings clatter on the table and slipped out of her high heels, strolling over to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

He stepped behind her without saying anything. He was a pro in this kind of game. A pro like she was. He only brushed against her and she could feel the heat radiating from his body.

His hands trailed down her arms, his fingers closing around hers, pulling her hands up, pressing them against the glass, his mouth skimming over her shoulder before his hands slipped back down, over her arms, along her side, down to her waist, his fingers digging into her skin as he just stepped forward this one inch that had separated their bodies and she couldn't hold back the moan as she felt his length connecting with her spine.

Jesus Christ! He was big.

Heat was pooling between her legs and god damn it he had hardly touched her and she was already burning for him.

His hands skipped lower, pulling her dress up, his fingers skimming over her thighs and goosebumps erupted all over her skin.

Jesus Fucking Christ! He was good.

One hand slipped around her waist, his fingers trailing along her string, not touching her where she craved his touch the most, only teasing her, his other hand wandering up her stomach, stopping before he reached her breast and her nipples tightened, her hips bucking back into him.

God damn it! She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her really hard.

And then he stepped back and she turned around, meeting his gaze. His eyes were burning, his pants were bulging and she didn't even think about it, just reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head.

She didn't wear a bra, standing almost completely naked in front of him but she didn't feel the slightest embarrassment, the lust flashing over his eyes making her bold and she stepped towards him, slipping her fingers between the buttons of his vest, rubbing her core against his length as she opened his vest, letting it drop to the floor, followed by his shirt.

She couldn't even take in the sight of him before he lifted her up and carried her towards the bed room, almost throwing her on the bed, ripping at his pants, getting rid of them in seconds before he lowered himself beside her.

She still hadn't kissed him, her heart jumping into her throat as his lips brushed over hers and a second later he kissed her hungrily, his hand trailing down her back and pulling her into his body, letting her feel his hard cock pressing into her stomach.

He trailed his lips down her throat and over her chest without touching her breasts, and lower, down her stomach, skimming along her panties before his fingers reached for them and pulled them down.

She expected him to reach for the condom and settle back between her legs to take her without any foreplay but he surprised her, spreading her legs and laying down between them, his mouth inches away from her throbbing center.

She normally didn't feel comfortable with men going down on her, the intimacy was just too much but he was just too good, knew exactly what he had to do down there to drive her crazy with need and she forgot everything around her as he licked over her clit one second and fucked her with his tongue the next.

She was trembling with lust, couldn't even think straight anymore but her mind still registered the tell-tale sound of the plastic wrapper as he opened the condom but her arousal didn't even cease one bit before he was already between her legs, his tip pushing against her entrance.

She was dripping wet for him, wanted nothing more than for him to bury himself deep in her and he did exactly that, thrusting into her with one jerk of his hips, making her gasp.

God! He was huge. He was really huge. And it was incredible. He was stretching her, his cock filling her completely, pulsating in her.

She was quivering under him, waiting for him to move, to fuck her already. But seconds ticked by without him pulling back and she opened her eyes slowly, looking up at him.

And in this moment it was as if time was standing still. She couldn't breathe, his gaze fixating her and she had the eerie feeling that she knew him. Some part of her recognized him. But she had never seen him before. She would have remembered him.

But the feeling wouldn't go away and they stared at each other like transfixed for too long, not moving and she could see he was feeling it too, this strange feeling, this feeling as if they had met before.

But it was absurd. Such things didn't happen in real life. Such things only happened in movies.

She wanted him to fuck her. He wasn't some lost soul mate or some other crap like that. He was just a ridiculous good-looking man with a big cock who would give her some orgasms.

She didn't want more. She didn't need more.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him closer, her fingers trailing over his ass, slipping between his cheeks and she let one finger hover over his entrance, pressing down softly.

"Do you need some special encouragement?" She asked him tauntingly, almost hoping that he would tell her to just slip her finger in so that he could fuck her senseless.

He stiffened for a second before he let out a soft chuckle, his lips brushing over her ear as he rasped. "Not tonight, darling."

And a second later he pulled out of her almost completely and slammed back in, knocking the breath out of her as his cock hit her at the exact right spot, telling her that he would definitely bring her to an orgasm tonight.

But she didn't expect him to take his time. He was taunting her, teasing her, altering the pace of his thrusts, hitting her deep with one and slipping out of her excruciatingly slow with the next. She wanted to curse him, wanted to scream but knew she would lose the game they were playing if she would show him how much she needed him to give her more. But she didn't even need to tell him what to do, he was pushing her closer and closer until she exploded around him, the intensity of her orgasm so great that she almost blacked out, her whole body arching up as the waves crushed down over her.


She slipped out of his embrace at the crack of dawn. This was the first time she actually had fallen asleep with a one-night stand. Normally she waited until they were out before she slipped out without them noticing it. But with him it was different.

She had just felt too comfortable. Almost safe and she had let herself fall asleep in his arms. Maybe if she wouldn't be so screwed up they would have a chance. A chance to have more. She had felt the connection. Knew there was more. Something she shouldn't turn her back on.

But it wasn't worth it. Getting involved. Developing feelings for someone only got you hurt. And she had promised herself a long time ago she would never ever let a man hurt her again.

One-night stands. She didn't need more. Strangers she could take into bed for one night. Nothing more. One night of hopefully good sex and then she would never see them again.

She opened the door, hesitated a brief moment, throwing a glance over her shoulder and looked back at him. He was sprawled over the bed, the sheet barely covering his lower body and she almost went back and crawled into bed with him again. Almost.

And maybe if she wouldn't have been burned in the past she would have stayed. But falling in love only ended in pain. And she knew the man who she left behind could be a danger to her heart.

One night with him had already shook her walls, made her want more from him than she had ever wanted from any one-night stand before him.

So she had to leave. Before he would make her feel more than she wanted to give. More than she was able to give.