"I enjoyed my stay very much, sir, and I thank you so much for your hospitality," Elsa said to the prime minister of the Northern Isles, and he all but kissed the back of her hand in return. He took the liberty of bringing her and her guards to the docks, where her ship was being readied for departure.

She would usually take morning or afternoon trips, but she had promised her daughter that she would be there when she wakes up. She wasn't going to break that anytime soon, even if she had to take a night trip back home.

"Our pleasure, Your Highness. You are always welcome here." The man grinned, bowing first before turning around and walking back towards the carriage. Before Elsa walked towards the ship, she felt a little tug on the back of her dress.

"Hey, you! Get away from the queen!" One of the guards said behind her, and she turned around to see a small girl, around six or seven years old, looking at the guard in fear before slowly backing away.

"Leave her be," Elsa commanded, and the guards visibly relaxed. She went down on the child's level and tried to spark a conversation with her. "Hello there."

"'Ello, yer majesty," the girl said shakily, going down on her knees and touched her forehead and palms to the ground. Elsa immediately took a hold of her arm and gently brought her back to her feet.

"Please don't do that; it makes me very uncomfortable," Elsa admitted, and the girl started apologizing profusely, at which Elsa only grinned at. She then realized that during their encounter, the girl never looked at her directly in the eye.

"What's your name, little one?" Elsa asked, holding her hand. The girl blushed at the contact before replying.

"Lyka," she said meekly. "I'm sorry for touchin' yer dress, yer majesty. It's just so pretty."

"That's a very lovely name," Elsa commented. She then looked down at her signature ice dress, smirking a bit. "Oh, that's alright. But what are you doing out so late at night? Where are your parents?"

"They right there," the girl replied, pointing to the couple around 20 feet away. "I saws you and ran 'cause I thought you was an angel 'cause of yer dress."

"Oh, that's very kind of you to say," Elsa smiled at the compliment. She opened her arms out and the girl hesitantly returned the hug. She squeezed her in her arms once before releasing her, standing up from her kneel.

"I really must get going. It was very nice meeting you, Lyka." Elsa said, patting the girl's head once before walking away.

"'Ave a safe trip, yer majesty!" She heard Lyka call out, and she looked back with a smile before making her way to the ship.

When Elsa arrived at the Arendelle docks, it was almost five in the morning, an hour before sunrise. There was a carriage waiting for her and she waited until cargo was unloaded from the ship until they could leave for the castle.

She was itching to have her daughter back in her arms, and despite the short travel time, she wasted no time by immediately getting out of the carriage when it arrived in front of the castle, walking through the gates, up the stairs and towards her sister's room.

Taking in a deep breath, she opened the door and smiled at the sight.

Anna's back was propped up against the headboard, her head bent sideways, her drool falling from the side of her mouth in drops on the pillow next to her. Her arms were wrapped securely around Elise, who's head was resting on her chest, and her legs were straddling Anna's waist.

Elsa walked up to the pair, brushing Anna's bangs away first before kissing her forehead.

"Anna," She whispered. She watched her sister close her mouth as she stirred, slowly opening her eyes. "I'm just here to bring Elise to my quarters."

"Oh, hey. Hmm, wait a second, let me just-," Anna groaned, adjusting herself to a more comfortable position. "She tried staying up for you, but it was a futile attempt, as you can see."

Anna then yawned, a sleepy smile on her face as she added, "She missed you a lot. I missed you."

"I missed you both as well. Was she any trouble?" Elsa asked, taking Elise from her sister's arms and cradling her in her own. She held her close to her body, as if she was going to disappear any moment.

"Oh, no. She was the perfect angel," Anna sugar coated, rubbing her eyes, but finally lying down under the covers. "Wouldn't stop crying for her mama, though."

"I'm sorry," Elsa said, knowing how bad her daughter's tantrums could get. "At least you'll get to sleep peacefully now. I'll see you in a little while, Anna."

"Hmm," Anna grunted, pulling the covers over her head, immediately going back to sleep. With a small smile, she quietly made her way back to her own quarters, rocking her daughter as she did.

She settled down on her bed with her back resting against a few pillows, propping her up as she allowed herself to watch her daughter sleeping in her arms.

She's gotten lighter, Elsa mused in her head, sighing quietly. She traced small circles on her back, occasionally kissing the crown of her head, breathing in her baby scent.

She stayed in bed with her daughter in her arms up until after sunrise. Elise usually woke up at half past seven, and that still held true when Elise started to shift in her arms.

"Ungh," Elise groaned before yawning cutely. She spoke with her eyes still closed so she still hasn't realized that Elsa was already back. "Aunt Anna?"

"Hmm?" Elsa replied, trying to replicate her sister's voice with a small smile on her face. She rested her hand on the crown of her head before combing her fingers through her hair.

"You said she be here when I wake up. Is mama here?" Elise asked, resting her chin on her mother's chest before opening her eyes.

"I'm right here, Elise." Elsa grinned, squeezing her tightly. She saw her daughter's face light up with a large grin as tears started to prick the corner of her eyes.

"Mama!" She squealed, crawling up so she could kiss her cheeks and lips, making Elsa laugh. "I missed you, Mama."

"I missed you so much, baby. There wasn't a moment when I wasn't thinking of you." Elsa admitted, before chuckling at her daughter's tearful expression. "Don't cry, now. Mama's here."

Elsa wiped her daughter's tears away with her thumbs before smiling; her smile couldn't possibly be any wider. "Smile for me?"

Elise complied, a few stray tears escaping her eyes as she smiled with all her might. Elsa laughed before kissing her forehead. "There's my beautiful girl."

"Did you get my kisses, mama?" Elise asked excitedly, bouncing a bit. "Aunt Anna taught me to do flying kiss and I send a flying kiss to you every night."

Elsa's heart melted. Elsa immediately said, "As a matter of fact, I did. They helped me sleep at night, so thank you. Did you receive mine?"

Elise's brow furrowed as she shook her head, a small pout starting to form.

"You mean they got lost at sea? Well, that isn't acceptable." Elsa dramatized, holding Elise close before flipping them both on their sides. "I guess I'll have to give you some more, then."

Elsa started to attack Elise's face with kisses as she tickled her sides, making them both laugh loudly. Elsa lifted a part of her daughter's nightgown up, blowing a raspberry on her bare stomach, making her squeal in delight.

They cuddled for a few more moments, each one just appreciating the fact that they were finally holding each other after a long period of time. Elsa finally looked up and saw Anna standing by the door, her hand over her heart. She had only been able to witness the tickle fight, but it was a beautiful sight to see those two reunited.

"Welcome back, Mama." Anna joked, leaning against the doorframe. "Told you she missed you."

"Aunt Anna!" Elise said, climbing down the bed and running up to her. Anna crouched down and Elise whispered in her ear, "I wanna wear the blue sparkly dress. Mama's wearing it now. I wanna match."

Anna nodded dramatically, as if she had been told a serious secret as she watched Elsa look from amused to concerned.

"Alright, then." Anna said, standing up back to her full height before taking Elise's hand. "Wait here, Elsa. She has a little surprise for you."

"Do I get to come along?" Elsa asked, starting to stand up from her place in the bed before she saw Elise shake her head.

"No, stay there, mama! We'll be quick quick!" Elise said, tugging Anna towards the hallway while saying, "Come on, Aunt Anna!"

After a few minutes of waiting, Anna came back to her sister's quarters, a smile on her face.

"Elsa, when you were gone, Elise wanted to play dress up. Guess who she wanted to be." Anna asked. Elsa grinned, standing up from her position on the bed and sat down on the chair by the vanity facing her sister.

"Hmm, let me think," Elsa drawled out, racking her brain for ideas. "You?"

"Nope, even better." Anna retorted. Before Elsa could respond, Anna had opened the door and Elise came in the room wearing a miniature version of her ice dress, sans the snugness and the leg slit with her hair done in a braid.

"Look, Mama! Now I look like you." Elise said as she climbed up on her lap, wrapped her arms around her neck as she kissed her cheek.

"You look absolutely darling," Elsa complimented, placing Elise on her feet and twirling her around, allowing little snowflakes to swirl around her and stay on her hair.

"Would you like to tell your mama the things we did while she was gone?" Anna asked, a grin playing on her lips.

"Oh, yeah!" Elise said before launching into story mode, sharing several anecdotes from the past week.

Elsa grinned before kissing to top of her daughter's head. It was great to be back.

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