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"Haha! I win again!"

"That's not fair Trunks! You cheated!"

"What! I did not! You should know by now Goten, that you shouldn't use Pikachu when playing Super Smash Brothers."

"But Pikachu is my favoritest in the whole game!" Goten exclaimed.

"First of all, its favorite, and second who cares?! This is boring. Let's go see if my moms almost finished with dinner." Trunks suggested.

"OK!" and with that the two boys ran downstairs. When they got to the kitchen they could smell all sorts of wonderful smells. They could smell the delicious smell of chicken, potatoes, fish, rice, and many others. They were in Heaven until.."Oww! Oww.! Oww!"

"That oil's hot, huh? Serves you right, Trunks! Now wait until dinner!" Bulma scolded her son. After Trunks' plan to steal some food backfired, he and Trunks sat down at the kitchen table to wait patiently for dinner.

"What should we do know Trunks?" Goten asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we should." Trunks was then interrupted by a knock at the door. Bulma stopped what she was doing and went to the door only to find ChiChi.

"Hi ChiChi, what's up?"

"Hey Bulma, would you mind if we stayed here for a few months?"

"Sure, we always have enough room. Why? What happened?" Before she could get an answer from the younger woman, Goku peered around the corner, then quietly walked in and sat down earning questioning looks from everyone but ChiChi. She just glared at her husband. Everyone was silent.

"It's not my fault! I swear!" Goku broke that uneasy silence. He seems suspicious. I think he did something.

"What's not his fault? What happened?" Bulma tried again.

ChiChi kept glaring at Goku and then stated: "Two certain full-blooded Saiya-jins were sparring a little too close to where a certain HOUSE use to be!" ChiChi exclaimed.

"It's not my fault! Vegita's the one that Final Flashed the house! I tried to stop him but by the time I came up with a plan it was to late!"


"Oww! What was that for?" Goku was now rubbing the bump forming on the back of his head. ChiChi never went anywhere without her Almighty Frying Pan of Doom.


"But it's not my fault! When I punched Vegita he went flying back toward the house, an then I went to punch him an he appeared then reappeared further away and used Final Flash which missed me cause I dodged it. It then hit the house and when I turned around the house was gone. So as you see, it was all Vegita's fault. It's all very scientifical." Bulma, ChiChi, and Trunks all sweat dropped and stared at Goku. Goten and Mrs. Briefs were too naïve to get it.

Bulma was the first to speak, "Goku that had nothing to do with science."

"Oh" Goku said innocently. ChiChi, finally done listening to everyone else, got out the Almighty Frying Pan of Doom and. 'BANG'

...nailed Goku again. "YOU'RE BOTH AT FAULT! SO I."

"Dinner time!" Mrs. Briefs quickly interrupted.

"DINNER!!" Goku, Goten, and Trunks shouted at once.

"Did someone say dinner?" Gohan said as he walked though the door with Videl close behind.

"Hello sweetheart, how was school?" ChiChi greeted her son.

"Hi mom, it was just fine. I figured that since the house was gone that you would all be over here."

"That was the result of your father and Vegita's sparring." ChiChi told her son before turning to Videl. "And how are you Videl?"

"Just fine, thanks." They all sat down at the table as Vegita walked in and sat own across from Gohan. Mrs. Briefs and Bulma served the food. Mrs. Briefs left the room and Bulma sat down next to Vegita.

"So," Bulma said to Vegita, "what did you do today? You didn't cause any DAMAGE any HOUSES did you?"

"Nope" he lied and continued eating his dinner.

"You're not lying to me, are you? I mean I wouldn't want something to ACCIDENTALLY happen to the gravity room, would you?"

Vegita looked up and took a second to think about what he was about to do. "Umm... no... besides, the gravity is already broken from when I refused to eat that crap you tried to pass as spaghetti, which I still don't understand cause it was gray for ring out loud!" he answered eating.

"Vegita!! What about the house they use to have?"

"What house?"


"Oh, you mean the house they use to have?"


"Kakarotto blew it up," Vegita said pointing an accusing finger at Goku.

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO BLEW IT UP!!" Bulma and ChiChi yelled in unison. "What does matter is that it's gone!" ChiChi continued. Everyone was silent for a minute then continued eating in silence until ChiChi spoke up, "So Videl? Am I expecting grandchildren anytime in the near future?" Videl could feel heat upon her cheeks and knew she was blushing. a lot.

"Mom!" Gohan shouted, "*sigh* I give up. She's hopeless." Vegita wasn't too happy either, considering he was sitting directly across from Gohan and now was covered in rice. Vegita quickly stood up, trying to control his temper, and that's when everyone noticed our rice covered prince. Trunks looked up at his dad and busted out laughing.

"SHUT UP BRAT!!" Vegita demanded. Trunks stopped laughing immediately. But then, Goten started and that got Trunks laughing again. They soon stopped when they heard Vegita growl. The look on his face told them one thing "RUN!!" And with that the two chibis ran out the door and took to the sky with Vegita right behind them. As soon as Vegita was out of site Goku leaned across the table and grabbed Vegita's food. No one noticed this and Goku shoved all of the food into his mouth before retuning the plate to it's original spot.


Vegita chased the two chibis down an old street in West City. Trunks and Goten turned a corner and dove into an abandoned warehouse before Vegita. Not a second later Vegita turned the corner and then stopped. He knew they went into the abandoned warehouse, seeing as how that's the closest building and was the only one with the doors and window not boarded up.

"Bakas. They're in there somewhere, I know it. Must be hiding their ki." Vegita decided to lower his ki and wait. After about ten minute they still hadn't shown up. He turned around to leave. "Well that was a waist of time" He flew at top speed back to Capsule Corp.


"Hey Trunks? I think your dad's gone."

"Your right, I can feel him going back home" They crawled out of their hiding place, which was a dark corner behind some old boxes, and started to wander around.

"Hey Trunks, where do you think we are?"

"I don't know Goten. I think we're in some old factory or something." They walked into a room to look around a bit more then, Goten spotted something.

"Wow, look Trunks!" Trunks looked over and spotted something amazing, yet, odd.

"What do you think it is?" Goten asked his best friend.

"I don't know, Goten, I've never seen anything like it." They both stared at the blue and black thing that seemed to be standing by itself in the middle of the room and also seemed to be swirling real slow.

"Hey, Goten? I dare you to touch it." Trunks ask.

"Why should I?" Goten replied.

"Because you're a weak lil' chicken"

"Am not!" Goten shouted.

"Are too!" Trunks retorted.

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not! Why don't you touch it?"

"Are too! Because I dared you to!"

"Are not! I dare you to!"

"Are too! I dared you first!"

"Are not! I'll do it if you do it!"

"Fine, we'll touch it at the same time."

"OK." The two boys stood in front of the blue swirl.

"OK We'll do it on the count of three." Trunks announced.

Trunks: "One."

Goten: "Two."

Trunks & Goten: "THREE!!"

Trunks and Goten both put there hand out to touch the mysterious blue. thing. As soon as their hands touch, time seemed to stand still. The whole world seemed to stop turning. Seconds seemed like hours as they were sucked into the blue swirl. Suddenly they were thrown into darkness.


Vegita landed in the front yard of Capsule Corp. and calmly walked inside. "Where have you been Vegita? Where are the boys? They better be alright." Bulma greeted her husband. (Did they ever get married?)

"They're fine woman. They're probably still hiding." Vegita answered. ChiChi choose this time to enter.

"Where are they hiding, Vegita?" Vegita turned to ChiChi

"In that old warehouse on 31st St." He then turned back to Bulma. "Well I think I'll finish my dinner, now where is it?"

"There aren't any leftovers, Vegita"

"Well what about the food that was on my plate? You have better not have given it to that baka, Kakarotto!"

"No I didn't Vegita. There was nothing on your plate. Now not another word or you'll be sleeping on the couch until I decide otherwise." With that Vegita left to go train in the gravity room. ChiChi then went into the living room to find Gohan helping Videl with her homework.

"Gohan," she said walking up to her eldest son; "I want you to go to the abandoned warehouse on 31st and get Goten and Trunks."

"Sure mom." Gohan said, not wanting to meet the Almighty Frying Pan of Doom for arguing.

"I'll come to Gohan!" Videl said as she and Gohan ran out the door and took to the sky. A few minutes later they landed and started walking towards the warehouse.


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