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It had been six months since they had arrived back home from the past. Sharpner was now back and the poartal was forever closed. Since then everyone had gotten back into their old shedules and routines. They had also quit communicating with the past. Due to Gohan's concern's about the way the other timeline would turn out they all agreed to never speak to the past again. At least that is what they thought. Unbeknownst to everyone Trunks was still communicating with past Bulma in secrecy.

"So what do ya got for me this time?'

"I got you the blueprints and data for a few inventions my mother just finished. I can send them over to you right away."

"Thanks kido, your the best."

"I thought we all already knew that and DON'T call me kido." Trunks scolded as he sent the data over to past Bulma.

"Sorry." Bulma apologized. "So what's new there?"

" Oh nothing. Gohan and Videl are officially a 'couple' now and mama says that it's pretty serious. They're out on a big date tonight. Mom says it's a very special one."

"Really? How is that Sharpner kid doing?"

"Ok I guess. I haven't seen him since the 'incident' but, Gohan says that he didn't come to school the other day because, he had nightmare the night before about my dad." Bulma giggled at this.

~*~Satan residence~*~

Ding Dong!!

Before long the butler answered the door and let Gohan in. Gohan was wearing a nice pair of black dress pants and a dark blue dress shirt.

"Ms. Videl is her room getting ready, sir. If you don't mind waiting in the living room, I'll tell her that you're here." Gohan and nooded and the butler left Gohan to fetch Videl. Gohan, knowing his way around the mansion fairly well, made his way to the living room. No matter how many times he had been here, it still amazed him just how big the Satan Manor really was. As he entered the living room he noticed he would not be the only one in there. On the couch sat Mr. Satan, reading some article in the newspaper about something he had done. Noticing someone had entered, Mr. Satan looked up from his paper.

"Why, Samuel, my boy! How are you?"

"It's Gohan, sir. I fine, thanks." Gohan said, but what he was thinking was, Samuel? Where did he get that from? it's no where near sounding like Gohan! I can't believe him and Videl are actually related!

"Sorry, George. I never was good with names."

"It's ok, sir." Gohan said. Well at least it starts with a 'G'.

They heard the door open and looked to find Videl and the butler from before. Videl was wearing a light pink dress that came down to her knees. She also had on white sandals with a slight heel. On her wrist was a silver charm braclet. "You look so beautiful, Videl!" Gohan said as he went over to Videl and gave her a soft kiss on her forhead.

"Will that be all sir?" The butler asked Mr. Satan.

"Yes, Bob, that'll be all. Your dismissed."

"It's Samuel, sir, and thank you."

Gohan looked between the two. So that's where the name Samuel came from. Hmm? I wonder who Bob is?

"Well, you ready to go?" Gohan was knocked out of his thought by Videl leading him by the arm towards the door.

"I'm coming!" The two of them then left and headed down the sreet. "The restaraunt we're going to isn't far. It's actually only a ten minute walk from your house."

"Where are we going? There aren't many restaruants by my house, except for a few really nice ones. Tell me it's one of those!"

Gohan laughed at her behavior. "Since when do you care where you eat and how nice it is?"

"Never, until now. I think this pink dress is doing something to my head."

After a few minutes of walking they came to what had to of been one of the nicest restaraunt either of them have ever been to. It was called 'Île De Paradis'. It was a nice French restaraunt. They walked into the door and were met by the host at the front. "Bonjour! Do you have a reservation, sir?" asked the host, who was dressed on a nice tux, as were the servers. "Yes, I'm Son Gohan and I believe my friend Bulma Briefs made the reservation." "Oh, yes! Of course. Your table is waiting for you. Right this way please." The, who's name turned out to be Nicholas, took the to a beautiful table by the lake. It was a table set for two by candle light and around the table sat many kinds of exotic flowers and plants that smelled wonderful. Their server stopped by and inroduced himself as Thomas and gavethem a couple a menu's and a glass of water. The two looked over the menu and decided on what they wanted to eat.

"Are you ready to order?" Thomas said when he returned five minutes later.

"Yes, I will have the Ribeye Steak and a glass of red wine." Gohan ordered.

"Will that be all for you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well. For you madam?"

Videl looked up at the waiter. "I would like the Smoked Salmon with a glass of champagne. That's all" (I know they're not old enough. Just humor me.)

"Vey good. I'll be right back with your drinks" and with that Thomas left the two.

"The food here is supposed to be really good." Gohan said starting up a conversation.

"You didn't order much." stated Videl.

"Yeah, well I had a big snack before coming." Videl looked at Gohan as he smile, rubbing the back of his head. He's so cute and innocent. I wouldn't have him any other way. She thought as she smiled. The server came by, interrupting the moment, and gave them their drinks. They thank him and took as sip. Videl set her drink down and looked back to Gohan, only to see him making a strange face.

"What the matter?" she asked him, worried.

"I don't think I like that," he said, pointing to the glass of red wine on the table. "I think I'll just stick with the water for now."

"You've never tasted wine before?" he shook his head 'no' and she giggled. Soon the server brought their food. It didn't take long before the finished eating and afterwards Gohan got up and stuck his hand out.

"Dance with me?" he asked. She smiled at him and took his hand. He led her over to a place by the lake, off to the side from a few other dancers. He held her close as they softly danced to the slow French music playing from the live orcrestra. To Videl it was perfect. To both of them, really. Neither one would have it any other way.

~*~ Later on that evening~*~

After leaving the restaraunt they then went to a nearby beach. There Gohan made a small fire for light and the two sat on the beach, just enjoying echother's company and listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. After abour half an' hour Gohan spoke.



"I love you"

"I love you, too."

Gohan looked down at Videl and reached into his pocket. He then pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside it had a beautiful white gold ring (use your own imaginations, I'm not good at rings) and held it in front of Videl. She stared at it for a moment and then looked up at him.

"You mean...?"

He nodded and said, "Will you marry me?"

"Oh my God! I ...of course!"

Gohan smiled own at her and put the ring on her finger. He then bent down and kiseed her softly. Videl smiled against the kiss before deepening it.

~*~Let's skip forward, shall we?~*~

The couple landed at Capsule Corp to tell Bulma and ChiChi, who goes to Bulma's everytime the two go out, about the news. They walk in and headed for the kitchen to see Bulma and ChiChi talking and Goten eating a snack. Videl walked over to the two women that were now looking up at her and held our her hand, showing off the ring.

"Oh my God!!!!! Grandchildren!!!!!!"

"Calm down ChiChi!" Bulma said, trying to relax ChiChi. "She's getting married, not having a baby!"

"Yeah, but you know what they say, first come love, then comes marriage, the COMES BABY IN A BABY CARRIAGE!!!" Bulma shook her head and congradulated the two. Goten, after watching the whole seen ran off. He soon came to Bulma's lab, punch in the code Trunks taught him, and quietly walked in and over to Trunks, who was talking to past Bulma.

"Trunks! Trunks! Guess what!"

"What is it Goten" said Trunks, now turning his attention to his best friend.

"Gohan and Videl are getting married! Videl has a ring and everything!"

"Really?" Trunks turned back to the computer screen. "Gohan and Videl are getting married!"

"Wow, this is great! I can't wait to tell everybody!"

"But then they will know we've been talking!" Trunks started to panic.

"But...," Bulma really needed to tell someone. "Srew it! I'm gonna tell them! Bye guys!" She then logged off the computer. Goten and Trunks ran out of the room and headed toward the newly engaged couple. They had a lot of teasing to do.


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