I, Dark Creek own Valerie, Eric, and Assiel my characters as they were born from the depths of my imagination as to all Pitch Black, Dark Fury, and The Chronicles of Riddick characters belong to the genius of David Twohy
The scene I used for the Lab and Assiel is a scene that I borrowed from the ending of Resident Evil, when Alice wakes up and finds herself on the examination table. I thought it would be a perfect scene for Riddick's first encounter with his other half.
For those that have already read the stories I have decided to change Elysium's name to Assiel.

Dark Creed

They say most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep...
All but the primitive side...
...The animal side.
No wonder I'm still awake.
Transporting me with civilians; sounded like forty; Forty plus.
Heard an Arab voice; some hoodoo holy man.
Probably on his way to New Mecca, but what route...?
What route?
Smelled a woman.
Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather.
Prospector type, free settlers, and they only take the back roads.
And here's my real problem:
Mr. Johns, blue-eyed devil.
Planning on taking me back to slam...
Only this time he picked a ghost lane.
Long time between stops...
Long time for something to go wrong...


"They say most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep.
All but the primitive side...
...The animal side.
Is this my reason for still being awake...these past three years?"


Came the soft whisper; which fluttered in the essence of her mind.
A whisper not her own but another's; another in which she had known since she was a mere fledging.
Shirah was her name.
Her only company in this darkness which was her world.
Her only friend...
"Assiel...it is almost time"

"Time for what Shirah…to die?" she asked a mere whisper

"Far from it…his coming…"

"Doubt that will help my situation…" She answered with humorless laughter in her voice

"Be ready…"

"You and your riddles…Shirah…mildly amusing…" Assiel answered


They all stood atop of the cargo hold of the crashed ship, one of many pieces overlooking the view of stark and unforgiving terrain.
The valley floor was relieved by low hills to one side while spiked earthen spires stood on the other as three suns scorched down on everything.

"Interesting..." the first to speak was Johns; a merc who to everyone else was a cop. But only him and one other knew the truth of his identity. Holding a compass in his hands, Johns stared at the arrow spinning uncontrollably, sighing he looked up at the desert valley that stretched before him

"Anyone else having difficulty breathing...?" Paris an overfed, over groomed slim man in his forties or fifties asked as he turned to the other survivors

"Yeah...feel one lung short...All of us" Shazza; a woman who held a tough sexiness to her said a bit breathless as she stood next to her partner Zeke a good-looking strong male in his early forties

"So what the bloody hell happened?" Zeke asked

"Somethin' knocked us off-lane, maybe a rogue comet." Fry the new captain of the now crashed Hunter-Gratzner answered

"Well, I for one am thoroughly grateful. This beast wasn't made to land like this..." Shazza began as the others pitched in to thank Fry for her landing, though Johns only turned his head to the side, as if he knew something the others didn't.

He could hear their heartbeats; smell their scent as they spoke between themselves.
The captain of the crashed ship stood far off in the corner staring in his direction, where
Johns had cuffed him to an unstable metal beam

"Unwise Johns…"

"And him?" Fry asked, turning to Johns who walked in to join her as he leaned a hip against some broken metal

"Big Evil?"

"We just keep him locked up forever?"

"Well that'd be my choice...Already escaped once from the max-slam facility on-" Johns began

"I don't need his life story. Is he really that dangerous?" she asked as Johns gave her a small grin

"Only around humans"


Valerie turned to the computer screen to see the surveillance of the now

abandoned colony. It had been three years ago since their arrival on this god-forsaken planet and something had attacked and killed everyone, leaving no survivors only herself and Eric who had enclosed themselves in the lab. Luckily the lab held a pantry room, stocked with food and a bathroom just in case something like this would happen and they were to be stuck inside.

In all honesty Valerie never thought that they would be stranded on the planet for so long. After the attack they called for help and yet no one came...and she wondered about the colonists and how in only one night the colony could be turned into a ghost town. Yet when she presented these questions to Eric, he only shut her down; his voice now interrupted her train of thought

"Oh my beautiful, beautiful Assiel...how much you've grown" Eric whispered as he caressed a thick raven strand.

Walking up to the examination table to stand beside her collogue Eric; who was a tall slim man with graying blonde hair and light blue eyes resting on a slim face with a sharp pointed nose, in which his round glasses hung, she turned her attention to the young female laying on the table. Her skin was as alabaster as the moon, bringing out the rosiness of her cheeks and the redness of her cupid arrow lips, long thick eyelashes rested against her cheeks like crescent moons, her small nose brought out childish features as her heart-shaped face was surrounded by thick black hair, side bangs resting over her eyes giving attention to her fair eyebrows.
Assiel was fifteen years old when she was brought to them by a merc named Toombs and the testing begun.
She was the youngest convict to ever exist. Taken to Butcher Bay at the tender age of thirteen but escaped along with the infamous murderer Richard B. Riddick a man known to be "Death" himself. Eric, herself and a group of other scientists were working on the geno-morph program, using convicts on death row as experiments, but with each experiment they seemed to fail until Eric heard of Assiel's capture and immediately sent a word out, though Valerie objected to it since she was still a mere child, but Eric…Eric saw a difference in Elysium. She wasn't like any other human being and the tests performed on her proved his conclusions and theories correct. Her hearing, agility, strength, sight and among other things were far more powerful than that of a regular human, though the only conclusion that Eric was never able to prove was if she was a Furyan, a powerful race much stronger than that of any other but long since gone and the only one that held the answer was Assiel herself. Even though Valarie objected they went on ahead with the experiment and finally after so many experiment failures they had finally succeeded in creating the first Geno-morph.

Her body was covered by a thin clothe, as clear tubes which were connected to a machine just above them also connected to the computers; were embedded into her toned forearms and legs, the main one being embedded to the side of her skill near her temple.

"She has grown into a beautiful young woman" Valerie said watching Eric caress the girl's hair

"How is her progress?" he asked not taking his eyes off the sleeping girl

"Better than we could ever imagine"

"The first successful geno-morph...amazing isn't it Valerie...can you believe we have finally succeeded where millions of others have failed" Eric said proudly

"Yes" Valerie whispered as she turned again to the surveillance only this time she caught sight of a moving figure walking across the cam outside which was perched on the roof of the building they were in. Not believing her eyes Valerie walked up to the computer screen to take a closer look

"Eric..." Valerie called his name as he turned to the computers

"Is there anyone here!?" came the voice of a woman

"Survivors?" Valerie asked as she turned to him

"Impossible...it has been three years, unless they heard our distress call" Eric answered

"We must let them know that we're here Eric, they may be our ticket out of here" Valarie said

"Turn the camera to the entrance of the lab, they will come to us" Eric instructed


As the scouting team explored some of the buildings of the ghost colony. Fry found the entrance to the lab in which Eric and Valerie were sealed in; located in one of the vacant rooms inside a home, where a model of the solar system stood on a table.

"Lights? Lights on" Fry spoke out loud though the command wasn't answered. Walking toward a window, Fry opened it.

The light brightened the room a bit, hitting the model and causing it to light on and move; grabbing Fry's attention she slowly walked over to the table to examine the model

"No darkness...no light because no darkness" she whispered as she turned to see the steel doors lay in the floor not too from the table.

Her curiosity overcoming her, Fry walked over and opened the doors revealing a darkened hallway.

Johns was the first one who walked down the stairs leading down to the hallway, while Fry held a flashlight for him, the others not too far behind

"Stay close" Johns whispered as he took lead and carefully walked down the steps, the light revealing the enormous steel doors, cameras on each side.

"What do you think could be behind those doors?" Fry asked

"Your guess is as good as mine...these are ten inch thick steel doors" Johns answered

"Maybe to keep something in?" Imam asked

"Or to keep something out" Johns finished

"Either way there's no getting inside..." he answered, turning around heading back up the stairs. Fry, Imam and his boys about to follow suit; though as they were about to head back up the stairs, the heavy doors began to groan as they slowly opened, causing everyone to jump and Johns to spin around, pointing his gun toward the entrance ready to shoot anything down.

The doors revealed a white room with computers and two people dressed in scientist lab coats standing before them as if they were waiting for their arrival.

Fry and Johns turned to face each other than to both scientists.

"Are you here to take us out of here?" Valerie asked

"No...our ship crashed landed not too far from here...where is everybody?" Fry asked

"We are not sure really, we arrived here three years ago soon after the attack began, we closed ourselves in here while the others went to the coring room" Eric explained

"Being locked in here is what saved us, but we don't know of the others...we think that after the attack they may have left" Valerie added

"Attack from who?" Johns asked

"That we do not know...all we know is that once it had become dark, the attacks began" Eric said as something caught Johns eye. Noticing a young woman lying on a examination table with tubes attached to her as she lay asleep or what seemed to be a coma,

"And what's all this?" Johns asked indicating to the computers and sleeping woman

"This is Assiel...the first geno-morph to exist" Eric said turning and walking over to the sleeping woman

"Geno-morph?" Johns asked taken by surprise

"Impossible..." Fry whispered

"And yet we have succeed where others have failed" Eric began but was interrupted when the sound of gunshots were heard over the surveillance camera. Johns and Fry turned to each other, breaking into a run out of the lab room

"Valerie stay here with Assiel" Eric instructed chasing after them


Riddick loped through the spires, turning a blind corner, only to have Johns trip him with his baton, turning on his back with flashing speed, Riddick tried to knock Johns over, only to have Johns rip his goggles from him, the light blinding him

"Same crap, different planet, huh?" Johns growled as he began beating Riddick with his baton, only to have Fry haul him off, though this time Shazza began her own personal beating

"What'd you do with'im? You bloody sick animal you, what'dja do with Zeke!" she screamed as Fry grabbed her by the waist

"Ease up, ease up…Shazza!" Fry exclaimed dragging her away.

After securing Riddick, Fry and Johns returned to the grave, examining the bloody hole as Johns took a look at Riddick's shiv

"He used that?" Fry asked

"Sir Shiv-a-lot. He likes to cut." Johns explained

"So why isn't it all bloody?"

"I assume he licked it clean"

Riddick sat against the wall of the crashed cargo, his arms chained to the side, his head bowed and eyes closed, listening to Fry's footsteps

"So where is the body?"

Not getting an answer Fry continued

"Wanna tell me about the sounds…Look you told Johns you heard something"

When no response was returned Fry grew impatient

"That's fine. You don't want to talk to me; that's your choice, but just so you know…there is a debate right now as to whether we should just leave you here to die" Fry said about to walk away only to be stopped by the heavy, rough set voice

"You mean the whispers?"

"What whispers?"

"The ones tellin' me to go for the sweet spot—just to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down. The abdominal aorta.

Metallic taste to it, human blood.


But if you cut it with peppermint schnapps, that goes away quickley.

Course, that's more for winter.


I take mine straight" Riddick answered his eyes still closed, though he could smell her growing fear, listening to the loud beating of her heart increase

"Why don't we try the truth now?" Fry said, seeing a small grin appear on Riddick's chiseled features as he answered her question

"All you people are so scared of me-most days I take that as a compliment—but it ain't me you gotta worry about now."

"Show me your eyes Riddick"

"You gonna have to come a lot closer for that"

Her heart now beating faster than a Jackrabbit running for its life, Fry began to slowly approach Riddick, her throat dry, as she wiped her now sweaty hands on her trousers taking slow steps toward him, but immediately stops

"Closer…" Riddick's voice was a deep rumble causing her heart to leap in her throat as she closed in a bit more. And just as Riddick knew she was close enough, he leaped from his spot with blinding, dizzying speed causing Fry to jump back in fright.

It was as if a virgin were undressing in front of someone for the first time as he showed Fry his eyes which was startling.

There were no irises, just huge purple-pupils and from deep within, jewel like silver pools.

His eyes were as beautiful and unsettling as those of a starved jaguar.

"Where the hell can I get eyes like that?" Jack asked, Riddick's eyes turned to the kid, giving his eyes a mirror effect, his pupils disappearing beneath the pools of silver

"You gotta kill a few people"

"Kay I can do it"

"Then you gotta be sent to a slam where they tell you, you'll never see daylight again" Riddick explained turning his eyes back to Fry

"Take up a doctor…and you pay him twenty menthol cool to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs"

"So you can see when you sneak up on them in the dark"


"Leave…" Fry demanded as she turned to Jack

"Leave…" she said again, a bit gentler this time, Jack returned back upstairs

"Cute kid" Riddick answered giving Fry a side glance before sitting back down, his eyes glowing like a predator ready to pounce in the dark

"Did I kill a few people…Sure...did I kill Zeke…No…You got the wrong killer"

"His not in the hole…" Fry said

"Look deeper…" Riddick answered.

After a few minutes, Fry left the cargo hold, passing the doctor, who in turn walked in

"It is impossible for a patient to survive this 'shine-job' as you speak…Mr. Riddick" Eric said standing a safe distance from the murderer.

Riddick sniffed the air and noticed that this man wasn't part of the cargo

"That right?"

"Yes…I am a scientist myself…and I know that for a fact no one can survive this procedure in which you speak Mr. Riddick…now my curiosity is far too great…how did you get such magnificent eyes?" Eric asked

"Careful…Doc…sometimes…curiosity can be a real killer…" Riddick answered.

Not long after Riddick answered the question, he began yanking on his chains with his powerful arms, his glowing eyes shining in the darkness, causing the doctor to jump. Eric slowly backed away from the murderer only to hear silence once again; turning to face Riddick again Eric smiled as he began to wonder if Riddick was a match for his Assiel, leaving the cargo only to bump into Johns.

"Doc…what are you doing here?"

"Forgive for my intrusion, I had to see the one responsible for all the commotion. It's truly a surprise to see the one and only Riddick in person" Eric answered, Johns clenched his jaw as he walked past him

"Finally found somethin' worse than me, huh?"

"So here's the deal, you work without chains, without bit, and without shivs.

You do what I say, when I say it."

"For what? The honor of goin' back to some asshole of a cell…Fuck you"

"The truth is…I'm tired of chasing you" Johns answered, causing Riddick to turn his gaze to face Johns

"You saying…you cuttin' me loose?"

"I'm thinking you could of died in the crash"

"My recommendation do me. Don't take the chance that I'll get shiv-happy on your wannabe ass" Riddick answered


"Ghost me motherfucker, that's what I would to you" Riddick answered just as Johns took his gun out and shot Riddick.

Only this time instead of shooting Riddick he shot the chains. Dropping his arms to the side, Riddick turned to Johns slowly as the chains fell

"I want you to remember this moment. The way it could have gone, didn't. Here" Johns said handing him his goggles.

Just as Riddick reached out to take his goggles, he grabbed Johns gun instead and stood with flashing speed pointing the gun at him, his glowing eyes staring into Johns blue ones. For a moment Johns could only stare into Riddick's glowing orbs


"FUCK YOU!" Riddick roared gripping the gun as the muscles beneath his golden skin moved

"Do we have a deal?" Johns asked

"I want you to remember this moment" Riddick whispered repeating Johns words as he threw the gun to the floor and yanked his goggles from his hand, leaving the cargo bay.


"Assiel…wake up…" came Shirah's soft whisper

"It is time…wake up now…"

Without any warning, Assiel's eyes snapped open. A loud gasp escaped her lips as she arched her back and sat up slowly, feeling the pain in her legs, arms, and head, turning to see what was causing it, Assiel turned to the tubes embedded in her, shaking uncontrollably Assiel arched her neck she released another painful cry.

Valerie spun around to see Assiel wide awake as she took hold of the tubes and yanked them out from her legs, but before she was able to reach for the ones in her arms, Valerie leaped out of her chair and took ahold of Assiel which was a grave mistake as Valerie was no match for her. Assiel's animal reacted when she felt the weight of another holding her down and managed to break from the woman's grasp, throwing her across the room causing Valerie to crash into the computers and going back to yanking the tubes from her arms, her breathes shallow.

Valerie struggled to stand as she watched in a panic state as Assiel's fingers ran up to the side of her head, taking a hold of the last tubing she closed her eyes tight and released another high pitched scream as she yanked the last tube from her head. Throwing it on the floor she turned to the side, the thin clothe barely covering her as she slip off the bed and onto the freezing cold floor revealing her nakedness as she crawled backwards into a corner, her entire body shaking uncontrollably, her long thick raven-black hair caressed the white floor like a silken waterfall, her panic stricken eyes taking in her surroundings.

Forcing herself to stand Assiel all but did was fail as her wobbly legs gave out from under her, only she tried again, holding on to the wall for support Assiel allowed the trembles and spasms to subside for a moment, taking in deep breaths Assiel blinked a few times so that her sensitive eyes could adjust to the light, her eyes missing nothing and seeing everything down to the tiniest dust mites in the air. Forcing strength into her trembling body, Assiel forced herself to walk toward the entrance,

"What a shitty awakening…" Assiel whispered to no one in particular as she reached the hallway only to fall again, taking slow deep breaths she stood up once again and walked toward the stairs, existing the building


Eric returned with Fry and Johns to the lab only to see Valarie still on the floor and Assiel nowhere to be found.

"Valerie where is Assiel!?" Eric said shocked as he ran up toward the examination table as Fry and Johns went to go help her stand

"Are you alright?" Fry asked as the elderly woman shook beneath their grasp

"I'm fine…she woke up and ran out…I tried to stop her but I was no match for her…Eric she is much stronger than we could ever anticipate" Valerie said as she recovered quickly

"We must find her!" Eric exclaimed running back up the stairs


Jack gasped as Riddick yanked the dirty cover off the coring room hold, revealing his hide-out

"Missin' the party come on..." Riddick said going to rejoin the others, only to stop dead in his tracks as the sweet intoxicating scent of a un familiar female hit him dead on causing him to take a step back.

The scent stirring the animal inside him.

Turning to see Jack falling on his backside as he climbed down the roof of the coring room; observing his surroundings Riddick sniffed the air trying to see where the powerful scent was coming from, his eyes settling once again on the kid only to catch sight of his reaction as he recuperated from his fall, wiping his bottom and freezing as he stared over Riddick's board shoulder. Turning around Riddick saw a beautiful female; And not just any female…

She stood half naked, full firm breasts brought attention to her narrow rib-cage and wasp like waist, which was pretty much covered in nothing but a paper sheet that was clipped in place, though if a gust of wind were ever to blow in their direction it was sure enough to yank the material off which would give Riddick something to look forward too.