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Summary: After the final battle, Kagome gets sent home. When she wakes up, she finds out the truth about her father and gets sent to True Cross Academy. Once she arrives at True Cross Academy, she meets both of her childhood friends. She thought that everything was going to be all right until Naraku comes back. Now that he's back she has to protect everyone at the academy. How will Rin and Yukio react when their father come and helps with the defeat of Naraku?



We thought it was the end

After all, he was finally dead

However, the peace was broken as I began to ascend

And I saw my friends covered in bloodshed

That moment I finally knew

My adventures will only begin anew

For my quest here is finally over

Every memory passing through my mind as a blur

If only I was able to say goodbye

To my friends below who cry

Not only because we are never going to see each other again

But because we forgot about the when

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