The sound stopped. The sound she grew so near and dear to stopped. The sound of a Tardis traveling through time and space, the sound of a crazy man in a blue box, her favorite sound...stopped. He was gone. Forever gone.

Rose Tyler's hand unwounded from the duplicate's as her knees sunk into the sand of bad wolf bay. "S'really it this time yeah? No traveling, no hoping universes, no way back. I... He... My doctor. Gone." Tears slid down her face. Rose couldn't wrap her mind over what had just happened. She kept replaying the scene over and over again, but she still couldn't believe it to be real. One minute they were saving the universe together just like old times and the next she was snogging his twin while he deserted her after sorta kinda professing his love to her. Rose was devastated. She tried so hard and she thought that maybe everything was righting and itself and things were getting back normal but now things have never been so wrong and out of whack and there was nothing she could do about it. Rose was helpless. Helpless and alone. Just then a familiar set of hands found their way onto her shoulders. So familiar, but full of lies. Just a convincing allusion that everything would be alright. That's all this doctor was, a convincing allusion.

"Fascinating you humans... us humans? are, quite quite fascinating." The duplicate spoke with a cracked voice and a heavy heart. "The amount of a love you can poor into one living organism is one as disturbed and horrid as the last time Lord. As me." Rose quickly turned to face this... Fake doctor. This imposter. This man who was trying to steal the identity of her crazy man and his blue box. And she was furious.

"Don't. Don't you dare. Don't you dare pretend to be him. Don't you come over here and give one of his timey wimey speeches trying to make sense of how I could love you. I love him and you're not him. You never will be. You weren't the one that grabbed my hand and told me to run on the best day of my life. You weren't the one I danced with that night that everyone lived. You weren't the one that I saw the end of the world with. You weren't the one I battled werewolves, Daleks, Cybermen, Super Skin stretched wanna be humans, and sycorax's with. And you most definitely were not the one that Satan himself couldn't even keep from me. You. Are. Not. Him. You bloody bastard." she sneered at the man and was severely shaking with confusion, rage and guilt. She then turned away roughly shrugging off his touch in the process.

"But Rose I-"

"Don't!" And with that Rose Tyler jumped up and ran. She didn't know where and she didn't know why, all she knew was that she couldn't stay there any longer. She ran not caring about the sand filling her shoes or the family waiting behind her . She just had to get as far from that man as a women without a Tardis can. Running from her emotions until they, as emotions do, caught up with her. Crippling her into a ball of brokenness on the ground with only a few yards of distance covered.

He was a stupid man. Like his counter he was a brilliantly stupid man. He made the mistake once all those years ago of following her home, letting her save him from far more than just living plastic, but from himself, and inviting her into his life and here he was about to do it again. He walked his way up to the pitiful ball and carefully sat down beside it cradling it in his arms. "Rose. Oh my sweet Rose Tyler. What have I done to you? I'm so terribly sorry."

"I kissed you. I kissed you while he watched. I let him leave because I was too busy snogging you. What kind of person does that make me?" Her words were panicked cries muffled by the Duplicates jacket she had her face buried into.

"It makes you human." He stroked her back comfortingly while rocking her fragile form. "He wanted this for you. For us. You know he wouldn't of had it any other way. No matter if you put up the largest and most classic of the Rose Tyler fits he wouldn't of budged. You could of looked into the heart of the Tardis itself and nothing would of changed... Well except for the fact that you'd be filled with the time vortex but we've been there done that." He chuckled softly and then whispered into her ear "Trust me Rose. I'm the doctor."

He held her crying form like that until the sky turned black and her consciousness finally gave out on her. Carefully he lifted her up like a blushing bride and carried her to Pete's car filled with her waiting and worried family. Jackie Tyler stepped out of the passenger seat.

"Is she alright?" she asked very wordily.

"No. No is she is not. She very much is not, but I'm hoping with time she will be. Time. Oh so relevant now isn't it?" The humanity of the situation was finally sinking in.

"Let's go home box boy. It's been a long day? Week? Hour? I can never tell with you. We'll get Rose upstairs. I'll make us a fresh pot of tea and everything will be alright. You'll see. After all, Rather I like it or not if there's anyone that can fix my daughter it's you."

"Sometimes you're alright Jackie Tyler" The doctor gave her a small smile and they all loaded the car to drive away from this sad sad place. Rose slept in his lap while he looked her beautiful sleeping form. Only one thought crossed his mind. One worry. One horrifying possibility. What if Rose Tyler never accepted him for who he was? What if Rose Tyler never accepted him for all he knew to be? What if she never saw the doctor?