I know I have no business starting anything new. But this idea has been bugging me for months. I touched on a bit of this with my fic "The Price of Fame"...which I abandoned because I changed my mind on the approach. In our 'ship/fandom we usually choose to read and write stories about Stephanie being sweet and relatively innocent. Rather than maybe taking what the smarks say about her and running with it. That's kinda what I'm doing. Except I'm not gonna go digging up smark articles to fuel this story I'll just use my imagination to tweak real-life happenings. That's all I can tell you guys here, without giving the surprises away. LOL

So here it is, my last gift to all you lovelies in 2013! Let me know what you think...it's a bit different than my usual!

Present Day

Stephanie Levesque groaned loudly, her body landing unceremoniously on a hard surface. Cement? Concrete? Brick? She was blindfolded and therefore had no idea what she'd practically crashed into. But it felt like every bone and organ in her body had been rattled out of place by the impact.

"P…Please," she begged. Her mind was foggy and dazed. She was unsure of what exactly she was begging for and to whom her pleas were directed.

A sinister chuckle. A hand in her hair…wrapping, wrapping. Now pulling upwards in a way that made her scalp singe with pain.

"Please what?" A distorted, unfamiliar voice asked mockingly.

The brunette took a deep breath as the hand released her hair and harshly shoved her away. She sat on the ground, rather uncomfortably, knees tied together and her hands bound in front of her, as if in prayer. But she didn't know what to pray for. Yes, she was the current captive, but if the real danger was to her kids…well, she preferred to be the sacrificial lamb. If she was granted her own release, there was a chance that one of them would be taken instead. It was a very real chance that she wasn't willing to take, quite honestly. So she tried another avenue. Understanding what this maniac wanted with her was paramount. "I…I have money?" She said hopefully and half as a question.

When the voice didn't respond, she allowed herself to elaborate. "You can have whatever you want! I swear to God if you end this quickly – my family pays and you let me go – that'll be the end of it. No one will look for you, no one will retal-"

A quick slap to the back of her head interrupted her. The slap hadn't hurt. It shocked her more than anything.

"You're pathetic!" The voice hissed at her. "Have you ever earned anything? Or have you just bribed and bought your way through life?"

Stephanie bit down on her lip hard, mostly to avoid mouthing off. Of course she'd earned some things on her own. Having a leg up in life wasn't a crime. It didn't change the fact that she worked damn hard for what she wanted and needed. And what the hell? It sounded like the voice was judging her for offering to pay her way out of this fucking mess. Didn't kidnappings usually involve a ransom of some kind? Why else would someone take her?

The voice sighed and was noticeably calmer than it had been a few seconds ago. "I don't want your money, Stephanie."

Well, there went the small amount of doubt she had about this person not knowing who they'd taken. She wasn't sure if it would have been better if this individual had just nabbed some random woman off the street. Instead, she'd been chosen specifically. She shuddered as all of the possible reasons why, flittered through her mind one by one.

"Please don't hurt my family," she pleaded tearfully.

The voice remained silent, which only served to make the brunette's fear and frustration intensify. Her tears soaked through the blindfold, making the material even more uncomfortable than it already was. Why was this happening to her? What had she done that was terrible enough to warrant imprisonment? Her most important titles were: wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt. She worked, ate, worked out and spent time with her family. It all made for a fairly normal life…except for the fact that she worked for her father's wrestling juggernaut, the WWE. There was always some sort of chaos occurring but in their industry that was normal.

Goddammit…she'd put her name on the list to volunteer for certain weekend activities at Aurora's new school. Made sure it didn't interfere with play-dates Murphy had with her little friends. Vaughn was just a few months old, but somehow still had…things. Stephanie's life revolved around family and work and she couldn't understand how she'd made such a huge enemy, with such limited time. The next thing she knew, a sob-wrenched, desperate, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" left her lips.

Everything around her remained quiet. So quiet, in fact, that she actually wondered if she'd been left alone. Blindly, she turned her head all around and instantly regretted it. Her entire body ached and the cloud that had descended over her mind had yet to leave. On top of that, she now felt further disoriented by the prolonged stillness of the atmosphere.

Maybe she was being Punk'd or something. She doubted it, since the pranks never resulted in physical harm to anyone. But still. She'd heard the reports about the show being revived a couple months ago. If that little shit Jacob Bieber – or whatever his name was – was responsible for this, she'd make his life miserable. Or maybe not. She'd probably just be grateful that this living nightmare was a ruse.

Stephanie heard a car door slam in the distance. The same one that had been slammed just before she was tossed out of the vehicle and to the ground like a piece of trash. Was her captor leaving? Maybe she could find a way to free herself while they were gone. Or at least get the blindfold off so that she had an idea of what she could use in this place to help her situation.

Footsteps approached her. But she then realized she hadn't actually heard a set leave her presence.

So she was unsurprised – but appropriately terrified – when another distorted voice made itself known. This one had a deeper pitch than the first voice. The two muttered back and forth in hushed tones as Stephanie strained her ears to make out what they were saying. Another onslaught of wetness leaked through her eyes and she finally became so dizzy that she lost the war with balance and fell to her side.

The only readily audible sound was that of her own breathing. Until her captors finally settled on their unanimous answer.

"The truth."