Just a quick note. This is my first real shot at writing something other then comedy, so I hope you enjoy it. I put the genre down as General, although you'll see that it has some Fantasy, Angst, Tragedy, and Adventure stuff in it. So when one is not sure, you go with General. Also, I'm going to go under the assumption that everyone who's reading this knows what pokemon is, and have seen the show, so I'm not going to go into too much detail describing basic stuff, like what a pokeball is, and who Ash is. However, anything that I think needs exposition will get it. Enjoy. Oh also, forgive the format, when I originally posted this, it came up with no TAB spaces, so it was very congested, so I figured spaces are better then a big ol' block of words. Anyway, Enjoy.

The story picks up back in the Kanto league in the Indigo Plateau. Ash has recently found out that once a trainer collects the 8 Kanto badges, he's or she's allowed to compete in the Kanto league pokemon tournament as often as he or she pleases. So since they were near the Johto/Kanto border anyway, Ash decided to take a break from collecting the Johto league badges to try his hand at competing at this years competition.

Our three heroes, Ash, Misty and Brock have just arrived outside the main sign up office for the tournament. "Come on guys," Ash beckoned to his friends, "I cant wait to sign up! I bet I win this year!"

Before his friends could catch up, Ash took off inside the building. Misty just shook her head, "You gotta give him credit, the way he's carrying on about this tournament, you'd have think he was in the top four the last time he was here."

Brock grinned, "Hey, cut him some slack, he's gotten much better since then, I think he's got a good chance of making it far this time."

"Yeah well." Misty said, "I just hate to see him have his hopes so high, remember when he lost last year? He moped for a week!"

"Yeah, but that's not all that unusual, when I lost my first match against a gym leader I stayed away from pokemon for 3 days, I just spent all that time in the town's arcade. But I got over it, and so did Ash. It's all part of the maturing process."

Misty shrugged, "I guess."

Ash stuck his head out the door, and shouted, "Hey are you guys coming or what? We've already been here 2 minutes and I'm not even on line yet! Come on!!!"

Misty glanced at Brock and asked, "What was that you were saying about maturity?"

Brock just shrugged and started off into the building, followed closely by Misty. In the bushes a middle aged man watched the two's exchange and departure with a burning interest.

Sometime later...

Ash walked out of the sign up office with his nose in a map-like piece of paper and Pikachu on his shoulder looking on. Misty and Brock trailed behind him. "Hmmmm." Ash said, "It says here that I'm trainer number 857. Man. I'd forgotten just how many trainers tried out for this tournament!"

"Over one thousand, Ash" Brock said, "It's a ten round tournament, finally ending with the tenth battle, the final two."

"The final two." Ash said dreamily, "Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it Pikachu?"

Pikachu agreed. Ash started up again, "And then after the final two, we'll be the winner! Isn't that right?"

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed again enthusiastically. Misty couldn't help but smile, Ash's enthusiasm really WAS contagious. "So when's your first match Ash?"

"Well, if I'm reading this thing correctly." Ash said reading the complicated layout of the pokemon battle schedules, "Then. I have no absolutely no idea when my match is."

Brock and Misty let out a groan. "Here Ash," Brock said taking away the schedule, "Let me take a look. Hmmmm. this reads like stereo instructions. Let's see. 857, that's you, battles 125 at 8:30am tomorrow."

Misty checked her watch, "It's 5pm now, maybe we should get some dinner and then get a good night's rest?"

Ash grinned, "Well, I like the dinner part, but I'm WAY to excited to sleep!"

The same middle aged man watched the three of them walk into a diner. After the teens were out of sight, the man stood up from his bench and brushed himself off. He ran his fingers through his raven colored hair. He grinned and whispered to himself, "Don't you worry boy, soon you'll get all the rest you'll ever need."

The next day, about 10 minutes before the match, Ash was getting ready. "Ok," Ash said taking out some pokeballs, "I've decided to use Noctowl, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu."

Brock nodded, "That's a good choice, a flying type, a grass type, and an electric type. Plus they're all well trained."

"How THAT happened, we'll never know." Misty said winking at Ash.

"Oh, haha." Ash said sarcastically.

A gong cried outside the arena, followed by a PA message. "Attention please. Would Trainers competing at the noon, 12:15, and 12:30 battle, please start heading to their designated battle courts."

"That's us!" Ash said as he put his shoulder out for Pikachu, "Well buddy, ready to win?"

With a cheerful, 'pika!' Pikachu leapt up onto its trainer shoulder. Brock grinned and said, "Good luck Ash, that other trainer doesn't stand a chance!"

Misty gave Ash a quick hug, then said, "Good luck Ash, we'll be rooting for you!!"

"Thanks, both of you!" Ash said grinning ear to ear, "Lets go, Pikachu! Time to win round one!"

And Ash dashed into the stadium and out of Misty and Brock's sight.

"We'd better hurry and get a seat," Brock said to Misty, "We want to make sure we get a close view!"

The battle court was a rocky environment. The ground was solid rock, with tall rocky jags sticking up out of it. The trainers stood on either end, atop of a one foot high platform over looking the court. Ash stood on the 'blue' side, waiting for his opponent. He could feel the butterflies in his stomach. "Nervous Pikachu?" Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded. "Yeah, I know how you feel," Ash said scooping up his favorite pokemon, "I'd forgotten how many people show up to these battles!"

Ash scanned the many faces, looking for his friends. "Hey Pikachu, do you see Misty or Brock anywhere?"

Pikachu chimed, "Pika!" and nodded towards the eastern side. Ash looked this way, and after a moment found his friends and gave them a wave. Then he let out a sigh. "You know Pikachu, battling in front of all these people is tough enough, but WAITING for your opponent is even tougher! Now I know how Richie must have felt!"

Suddenly a murmur started through the crowd. It only took a moment for Ash to figure out that the cause of this disturbance was that his opponent had just come through his entrance. The man looked about twice as old as Ash, with tussled brown hair and thick glasses. But what really caused the murmurs was what he was wearing. He wore a brown kakhi's, a white button down shirt, a tie, but most shockingly of all, doctor's lab coat, slightly stained red.

There was a heavy silence in the stadium as the man took his place on the platform. He waved the referee over to him. After a moment of conversation together, the ref said into his microphone, "The challenger apologizes for his tardiness, he was called in for an emergency operation."

General assent flowed through the crowd as the ref walked back to a neutral side. The doctor walked to his side of the ring, and removed his bloodied lab coat and laid it over the side. Ash hollered over, "Don't worry about it, but lets get this match underway, what do you say?"

The doctor grinned, and said, "Nothing would please me more, young man."

The ref spoke up, his voice booming throughout the stadium, "This round one battle is against Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and Harry Rottop of Celedon City. It will be a three on three battle, a pokemon is out once it is called back, or cannot battle any longer. BEGIN!!!"

The crowded exploded with cheers as Ash pulled out his pokeball, "Alright lets start this out right, I choose you Noctowl!"

Noctowl came out of the ball, and soared through the air, glittering slightly. After one complete circle around the ring, it came to a rest on a tall rocky jag. Harry stared at the bird for a moment, then pulled out a pokeball of his own. He opened it and out stood came a Scyther. The crowd murmured slightly. "A Scyther?" Ash thought, "Why would he use a bug- type against a flying type?"

"Quick Scyther," Harry called out, "Use your slash attack before Noctowl can fly away!"

The green insect leapt forward with incredible speed, swinging its large claw. "Woah, it's FAST! Noctowl, fly away!" Ash called. Noctowl flew away JUST before Scyther could attack, the blade slicing deep into the rock. "Now drop down and tackle!" Ash commanded.

Obediently Noctowl soared down and slammed into the bug's chest. Scyther was driven across the court, but somehow managed to keep its balance. "Fight back with your False Swipe!" Harry ordered. The giant bug swung a few more times at the bird, but it couldn't connect, Noctowl managed to keep one step ahead.

"Wow," Misty said to Brock from their seats, "Ash and Noctowl are looking pretty good out there."

"Finish it off with Confusion!" Ash ordered almost at the same time.

As Scyther drove forward to attack, Noctowl released a powerful Psychic attack catching the bug full on.

The bug pokemon staggered, then collapsed, and Noctowl was declared the winner. Ash noticed the look on Harry's face. It was contorted in anger. "Well good" Ash thought, "It's easier to win when your opponent loses his cool."

"Scyther, return" Harry said through gritted teeth, "Ok, Alakazam! It's your turn!"

The powerful Psychic-type pokemon appeared out of its ball and stood poised to battle. From his seat Brock said to Misty, "Wow, take a look at that Alakazam, it looks really strong!"

Harry grinned and ordered his Alakazam to use its Psywave attack. Noctowl swooped to avoid it, "Noctowl, use your Confusion attack against it!"

Noctowl obeyed Ash, but Alakazam didn't even flinch.

"Augh! ASH! You dummy!" Misty yelled from her seat, "Don't you know that Psychic attacks are weak against Psychic types???" Fortunately for Ash, she was in the tenth row, and he couldn't hear her.

"Alakzam, why don't you show our. opponent., what a REAL confusion attack looks like?"

Obediently, Alakazam put its two spoons together and shot out a light blue ray catching Noctowl dead on. The flying pokemon let out a chirp of pain as it was driven back over 10 feet, and then started to drop to the ground. Before it could crash onto the rocky ground, Ash quickly called it back. "Noctowl return!"

"Noctowl is unable to battle." The ref declared, even as Ash was calling his pokemon back. "That Alakzam is powerful, think you can handle it, Pikachu?" Ash asked looking down at his pokemon.

"Pika!" Pikachu answered nodding.

"Well, then," Ash declared, pointing at his opponent, "Go Pikachu!!!" The yellow electric mouse leapt forward and stood face to face with its opponent. Pikachu leaped back and sent a blast of electricity. On command, Alakazam teleported away from it. After 3 more teleports, and electric misses, Ash called out, "Ok, forget thunderbolt, Pikachu, match its teleport with your agility!"

What ensued for the next minute was lightning fast moves between the 2 pokemon, the crowd cheering trying to keep up with the two's movements. "Enough!" Harry yelled, "Let's end this stalemate, use your hypnosis!"

Before Pikachu could dodge away, it locked eyes with Alakazam. And in an instant Pikachu was dazed from Alakazam's hypnosis.

"OH NO!" Ash said in unison with his friends up in the crowd.

"No more chances, use your Hyperbeam on that puny runt!" Harry ordered.

"Pikachu, snap out of it and dodge it!!!"

It was hard to see what body part the beam of pure power came from, maybe it was its mouth, or maybe it was the psychic spoons. but where ever came from, it caught Pikachu full force. The blast drove the small mouse clean out of the ring and right into Ash's arms.

"PIKACHU!" Ash cried out, "are you alright???" Though scorched slightly, and in obvious pain, Pikachu nodded to its master to let it know it was ok. "Well you did wonderful Pikachu, now sit here and rest up, ok?"

Ash started to burn slightly with anger, part of it was he was losing, part of it was that smug look on Harry's face, but most of it was the unnecessarily powerful attack against his disable pokemon. What kind of trainer was this guy? "Well, we'll get some revenge for Pikachu right? Go Bulbasaur!"

The grass pokemon appeared on the field in a flash. Alakazam still looked drained from its Hyper Beam. "Alright Bulbasaur, use your take down attack before Alakazam can fully recover!!!"

"Alakzam, teleport!"

But luckily for Ash and Bulbasaur, the psychic pokemon was too tired to follow its command in time, and a well place, powerful attack drove it into a large rock. Alakazam let out a moan and fell down flat on his face. The smug look from Harry's face disappeared as the referee declared Alakazam unable to battle. His face stiffened, and he glared at Ash. "You asked for it." He said coldly. "Gangar, its your time!" And the dark ghost type pokemon appeared on the field.

The crowd loved the site of this rare pokemon. "A Gangar?" Ash said surprised, then said, "Don't worry about it Bulbasaur, you can do it!"

Harry's cold glare continued even through the cheers. He looked at Bulbasaur, then at Ash, then at his Gangar. Then his eyes fell back on Ash. "We've come to far to fail now my friend." Rottop said to his pokemon, "Lets not worry about victory, Gangar."

Gangar smiled its large smile and nodded. Ash called out, "All right Bulbasaur, lets start this out with a razor leaf attack!"

"Gangar." Harry said coldly, "You know what to do."

Gangar nodded and quickly disappeared dodging the attack. In a moment it reappeared closer to Bulbasaur and started to charge at it. "Quick Bulbasaur, dodge it!" Ash called out.

Bulbasaur leaped quickly to its side, Gangar just missing him. But the ghost pokemon didn't seem to pay any attention, it just kept charging forward.

The next few moments seemed to go in slow motion. Harry yelled out, "Do it NOW, Gangar!!!"

Ash got out the words, "What the?" And backed up a bit as Gangar rushed him. Misty and Brock stood up in their seats, and got out the words "ASH!!!" Bulbasaur quickly realized that Gangar was attacking not him, but his master, and quickly turned on its heels to attack the ghost. But before Bulbasaur could reach the ghost, the ghost reached its location. Gangar eyes turned a bright red, and it released a pure white light beam. The beam crashed right into Ash's chest, but it didn't drive Ash backwards. It just seemed to go right through him.

At this moment the crowd let out a collective gasp, and Pikachu called out to Ash. The light faded away, and Ash quickly dropped over the back railing, and fell limply to the ground just below the stand. His body just laid there in a head, motionless on the rocky ground. Time seemed to stand still as everyone saw this young man lay there lifelessly.

Then absolute havoc broke out. Some people in the crowd screamed. Others yelled. The announcer was calling for the paramedics and security onto the court. With tears in her eyes, Misty started sprinting down the isle, only a step behind Brock, who was muscling people out of the way. The ref up to Harry yelling at him, "Your disqualified, and your going to be arrested! Stay where you are!"

Harry grinned evilly. Without even paying attention to the ref, he called back his Gangar and called out his Alakazam. "Alakazam, teleport all of us out of here."

Alakazam nodded curtly and in a flash, Harry and the pokemon disappeared. The crowd got louder. Pikachu leaped next to Ash and was rubbing against him, tears in its little eyes. Despite the panic, Misty and Brock had quickly made it down to Ash, even before security could get there. Running up to him Misty kept calling his name, "Ash, ASH! Ash, are you ok???" The two kneeled down in front of their friend. Brock told Misty not to move him, and with a shaking hand felt Ash's neck and face. "Oh Ash, come on! Open your eyes! Please!" Misty said through tears.

The medics came in quickly and moved Brock and Misty out of the way. Misty leaned into Brock crying. Brock just stood there stunned watching his friend being worked on. All three of their hearts sunk, Misty's, Brock's, and Pikachu's, when they saw the medics shaking their heads at each sadly at each other. Then none of Ash's friend could contain their tears.

**************************************************************************** *****

The following day's Pallet Town Press read:


Local teenager Ash Ketchum, age 15, was murdered yesterday during the first round of the Kanto League Pokemon Tournament. The young man died in the last round of his match with a man under the alias of Harry Rottop (the real Harry Rottop was found severally attacked and left for dead behind the food court. He is still in critical condition, see page 3 for full story/Rottop) This unidentified man used his Gangar to use an unknown attack on Ketchum, which resulted in almost instantaneous death. Police are still looking for the man, anyone with any news should immediately call the Indigo Plateau police. (See page 3 for full story/Murder)

To be continued... dont you hate that?

But fear not, because Chapter 2 is already up!