Just because this story was such a downer in parts, I decided to have a little fun in the end and treat this story as if it was a DVD. And like all DVD's there has to be extras! Just about everything in this bonus chapter is done for fun, and hopefully will get a laugh or two. However, if you havent read the story yet, most of these jokes will probably either not make sense, or ruin the ending for you. Anyway, Enjoy!

Thank you for you buying the DVD version of "Trapped Souls". You won't be sorry you did! This last chapter is jammed packed with extras such as Outtakes, Trailers, and even deleted scenes! The story might be over, but that doesnt mean we still cant have some more fun with it, so please sit back, relax and enjoy!

PART 1: (TRAILERS) This is a trailer of a comedy i wrote a while back... its pretty funny, (so's the trailer) but if you dont want to read it just skip to part 2, thats where it starts getting good!

Trailer #1: (This trailer has been rated for everyone by the Fanfic Society of America) Announcer: "It's another beautiful day in Pallet town, so just what is our pokemon master in training doing right now? But more importantly, who really gives a shit? You know how much they pay me? 100 bucks an episode. Pikachu gets more money just for taking a Pikashit! I've had it with this crap. I'm out of here. *sounds of footsteps walking away* . . . . . . . (That's right! One of the zaniest pokemon comedies of all time is coming back! "Going to School" The jokes come fast and furious in this crazy comedy, including the famous "lion king" gag. Its R rated for a reason, there's nothing sacred. )

"Oh, you know Professor Oak," Ash said, "He's always been a bit eccentric. remember that

time the Professor tried to catch a Diglet?"


Professor Oak, stalks on the screen carrying a gun and wearing a large deerstalker cap, looks at the

screen. "Shhhhhhh.. Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wiglets! Heheheheheh" Then stalks off the


(Already released to the address of http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=97986 Be there AND be square!)


PART 2: (Deleted Scenes)

This scene should start right after Ash leaves Geoff's house, still a spirit.


Ash flew as fast as he could into Pallet Town. "Alright," Ash talked to himself, "THINK, where's the funeral parlor..." Ash flew down a few blocks, thinking... He stopped suddenly. "ORANGE AVE!!! Right of Apple street! The funeral parlor is right there!" Ash bolted right for the old building and right through the wall.

Ash flew from room to room, "Damnit! Where's MY room??? I can't be late can I? Oh man, if I'm late, I'm done for, I don't know where they'll have taken me!!!"

Ash, frantic, flew from one room to another. Suddenly Ash stopped and thought. "Wait... my funeral wouldn't be at the funeral parlor... It'd be at a church. Ash's ghost actually seemed to turn a pinker tone as Ash 'blushed'. "Man am I stupid sometimes..." Ash floated up through the ceiling and out of the funeral parlor. As he took off towards the church, Ash thought to himself, "When I tell this story to Misty later, I think I'll leave this part out..."


Authors Commentary: That there was a real scene that I had to take out. I liked the idea of a of comic relief. And it struck me as funny that in a panic Ash would run to the wrong place. Even better I really loved "I'll have to leave this part out" line. However, Unfortunately, it seemed to kill the urgency of Ash trying to get to his body. I tried working it around but it just didn't work out, so sadly, it went to the cutting room floor. Well that's what extras are for!



This one should take place when Ash is in Team Rocket's Balloon.


"There it is!" Ash cried, "Geoff's place. You ready Pikachu?"

Pikachu nodded, "Pika!"

Ash fiddled with some of the wires on the fire gizmo. "Damnit!" Ash cried out as the Balloon shifted up, and did a 360. "How the hell do you work this thing? We need to go DOWN!"

Pikachu couldn't take it, and yelled, "PIKACHU!!" And it released a thunderbolt through the balloon. The Balloon burst and Ash fell to the ground and landed with a solid thud. Ash was jostled but otherwise ok, as was Pikachu.

Ash looked down at the deflated balloon, then at his Pikachu. Then grinned. "Not exactly what I meant, but I suppose any way that works!"


Author's Commentary: "I'll make this short and sweet because I know you probably want to get to the outtakes. This scene was deleted and redone because as funny as it is to see Ash know what its like to have Pikachu burst the Team Rocket's Balloon, the balloon NEEDED to be intact for later when Team Rocket takes off. Oh well, too bad, so sad. Now please move on to the outtakes! :-D



Author's Commentary: "This was a great story to write and to direct, but don't let anyone tell you that the cast of pokemon are easy to work with. Between the mistakes they made, and the goofing around they did, I didn't think we'd ever get this one done. Ash and Geoff were the WORST!!! They used to go non-stop!

Outtake #1: The ref spoke up, his voice booming throughout the stadium, "This round one battle is against Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and Harry Rottop of Celedon City. It will be a three on three battle, a pokemon is out once it is called back, or cannot battle any longer. BEGIN!!!"

The crowded exploded with cheers as Ash pulled out his pokeball, "Alright lets start this out right, I choose you Noctowl!"

And out of the pokeball came a dancing blue crocodile, Totodile! The pokemon looked at Ash and danced laughing, "Toto toto toto dile!"

Author: "CUT!" Geoff covers his face with his hand

Ash groaned, "Who switched my pokeballs on me?"


Outtake #2: The ref up to Harry yelling at him, "You're disqualified, and you're going to be arrested! Stay where you are!"

Harry grinned evilly. Without even paying attention to the ref, he called back his Gangar and called out his Alakazam. "Alakazam, teleport all of us out of here."

Alakazam nodded curtly and disappeared... leaving Geoff standing there. (Laughter breaks out from backstage)

Author: "CUT!"

Geoff laughed, "Next time Alakazam, take ME with you!"


Outtake #3 The room was silent. No one spoke a word, but sometimes words just aren't important. What was important was that everyone was there for one another. One the outside, everyone was dressed up looking nice, and proper, but if you looked closely you could see that they were all showing the effects of fatigue, evidence that none of them had much sleep since the tragedy.

Misty spoke softly, "I'm going to go outside for a minute, I need some fresh air." As Misty stands up she walks by Ash's coffin, Psyduck pops out of its pokeball and appears standing on Ash's face.

From underneath we hear Ash say, "Misty... would you please get Psyduck off me..."

Misty is helpless with laughter, as is everyone else in the scene.

Author: *laughing loudly* "Cut!"


Outtake #4 Ash shook his head, he couldn't believe this was happening, "What are you talking about?"

"Its really quite simple." Geoff said, "My Gangar removed your soul out of your body. It's a little trick I taught him. Right now, your body is a lifeless, soulless husk; dead for all general purpose. No brainwaves, no heartbeeps, no..."

Ash starts to giggle.

Author: "Geoff, did you actually just say Heartbeeps?"

Geoff looks shocked, "Did I?"

TAKE 2!!!

Ash shook his head, he couldn't believe this was happening, "What are you talking about?"

"Its really quite simple." Geoff said, "My Gangar removed your soul out of your body. It's a little trick I taught him. Right now, your body is a lifeless, soulless husk; dead for all general purpose. No brainwaves, no heartbeeps, aw shit I did it again!"

Author: "CUT! The word is heartbeats!"

Geoff sighing, "Alright Alright. got it"

TAKE 3!!!

"Its really quite simple." Geoff said, "My Gangar removed your soul out of your body. It's a little trick I taught him. Right now, your body is a lifeless, soulless. lifeless. soulless. soulless."

"Husk?" Ash asked.

"HUSK!" Geoff said, "Yes a husk. a mere empty shell."

"With no heartbeeps, right?" Ash asked laughing.

Geoff joined in with the laughing.

Author: "CUT! Alright guys, enough, lets get this scene."

TAKE 4!!!

"Its really quite simple." Geoff said. and starts to crack up right away, along with Ash. The two laugh uncontrollably, causing people offstage to start laughing too.

Author: "Ok. that's enough, let's break for lunch."

Geoff waving his hand trying to stop laughing, "Sorry, I'm sorry!"


Outtake #5 Ash felt like he could cry at this point. Here he was a disembodied spirit, at the hands of an obvious madman, intent on killing him, for god only knows what reason. "But WHY???? Why me?"

"BECAUSE YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!!!" Geoff screamed so loudly that it actually shook some of the dust off the ceiling. Ash backed up slightly. Geoff moved in on him, his face twisted with rage, "You little bastard, I was Sabrina's next in command of that school and..."

The scene is interrupted as Togepi happily walks by, "Toge, Toge, toge, toge.". Misty is close behind, going, "Togepi, get back here, they're filming!"

Geoff and Ash watch Misty run off, then Geoff looks back at Ash. Ash asks, "So... you were saying?"

"Ah, yes" Geoff continues without missing a beat, "I was THIS close to becoming as powerful a psychic as Sabrina, but then you came along. You cheered her up..."

Author: "Nice try guys, would you cut already? And Misty would you please keep Togepi in closer check?"

Misty calling over, "Sorry!" Togepi cried, "Toge!!"


Outtake #6: Mrs. Ketchum laughed gently, and sadly said, "Oh they were best friends growing up. They were just competitive."

"Oh yeah," Misty said, "Ash was definitely that."

Silence enveloped the two. Then Mrs. Ketchum reached in her pocket and pulled out some photos. "What's that?" Misty asked.

Mrs. Ketchum showed them to Misty, they were photos of Ash. "That nice boy Todd, he gave these to me, he thought I might appreciate them."

Mrs. Ketchum looked closely at one picture and then said, "Oh my poor Ashy... I hope you had clean underwear on when you were killed."

Misty bursts out laughing and from offstage we hear Ash yell, "MOM!!!"

Ash's mom laughs hard and points at Misty, "She put me up to it!!"

Misty falls out of the chair laughing, "I got you, that's for that Caterpie you put in my trailer today!" Off stage we hear Ash, "Grr..."


Outtake #7 Gary looked like he'd been slapped. He opened his mouth and then closed it, not knowing what to say. Brock continued, "If it wasn't for Ash's beliefs, I myself would have found this son of a bitch, and let my Onix have him. But Ash never believed pokemon should be used for war or violence. And so I honor him by not."

Gary's face cracked again, and Brock thought he might have seen a tear, but Gary put up his brave front again. "Well... we'll see." Brock nodded and the two went off into the kitchen. But before they could get in there, the doorbell rang again. Brock puzzled thinking the scene was over walks over to the door. He opens it to see Ash standing there.

"Can I have breakfast too?" Ash asks.

Brock rolls his eyes and shuts the door.

The director trying to sound serious but fighting back laughter, "Ash, your not in this scene, your dead right now!"

Through the closed door, Ash says, ".but I'm hungry!"


Outtake #8 Brock walked off, his face wet with tears. It was now Misty's turn. She walked to the coffin, holding Pikachu. "Oh Ash." She said softly, "I cant believed this happened, and I never got to tell you how I felt about you. I know I was always hard on you, and I know I always told you..."

Misty was interrupted by Ash who coughed a few times. There's a pause. Misty starts to crack, as does Ash. With a big smile on her face, she continues, "I can't believe you're gone..." Ash starts to shaking with laughter. "Completely dead with no signs of life at all."

Author: "CUT!"


Outtake #9

Brock walked off, his face wet with tears. It was now Misty's turn. She walked to the coffin, holding Pikachu. "Oh Ash." She said softly... But Ash sits up and grabs Misty and pulls her into the coffin with him, "Ohhh Misty!"

Misty shrieks in surprise and laughter. Even the director cracks up.


Outtake #10

Brock walked off, his face wet with tears. It was now Misty's turn. She walked to the coffin, holding Pikachu. Brock walks back. "Good that he's dead, huh?" Brock says, "He was such a whiny twerp wasn't he?" "Oh yeah!" Misty says, grinning "Now that he's out of the picture maybe I'll get top billing on the show!"

Ash without sitting up says dryly, "You guys are assholes, you know that, right?"

Everyone cracks up, except Ash's mom, "Ash! Language!"


Outtake #11: Geoff appeared at the door at the top of the steps and looked down at Ash lying there. He was wearing a long dark trenchcoat with a long brimmed hat. Obviously he had just come from somewhere. "Young man." He said, "Did you really think you were going to turn my pokemon against me? They are LOYAL to me, and believe me, they hate you as much as I do. You're just a play thing to them."

Ash floated listening to Geoff, but suddenly the cords holding Ash up snapped and Ash came crashing face first into the floor. "Augh!" Ash cried out. Geoff rushed down the stairs, "Damn, you ok?" he asked, as other movie workers ran onto stage.

Ash was helped up, "I'm ok, I'm ok..." Ash then looked up and yelled mildly annoyed, "You want to be more careful with those wires?"

James and Meowth yell down, "Don't blame us, we just work the floating gizmo, we don't make the wires!"


Outtake #12 "*cough* *cough*" The noise came from behind Brock and Misty who spun around to see their friend sitting up, Ash weakly said, "Apparently he's come here to see his handy work, isn't that right Geoff?"

Suddenly the lid to the coffin slipped back down and caught Ash right in the head. Everyone went "Ooooooo!" Misty and his mom rushed over to help Ash, "You ok, baby?" Ash's Mom asked, stifling a laugh.

Ash noticed that Misty was trying not to laugh as well. "Yeah, I love both of you too." Ash said sarcastically.

"Oh Ash," Misty said, "We're laughing WITH you... not at you... its just that your not laughing!"

"Oh, ha ha." Ash said sticking his tongue out at Misty.


Outtake #13 The first to snap out of it was Mrs. Ketchum. "MY BABY!!!" She cried out, "Your alive!!!" She wept hard as she moved in and hugged her son, still sitting in the casket. Misty and Brock quickly joined her. Pikachu jumped up onto his shoulder and hugged his head. "But.. but how??" Brock asked, what everyone was thinking, but he was the only one that still had his voice.

Ash looked at Geoff who was backing away. "Sorry Brock, no time for that now" Ash shrugged off his mother and Misty and tried to hop out of his casket, but got caught up, slipped and crashed face first into the floor.

No laughing at Ash's misfortune this time, everyone rushed over to see if Ash was ok.

"Hey Ash," Geoff said helping Ash up, "Maybe we need to get you a stuntman!"


Outtake #14: Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth were looking quite depressed. Jessie sighed, "Alright, so maybe coming up with a plan to find this guy maybe harder then we thought." Suddenly Jessie started to cry, "I can't believe our little twerp is gone. Its not really like he was such a bad kid." James sniffed into his hankie, "It's just so sudden... Its almost like I can still hear him..."

As if on cue... Ash burst through some bushes right in front of them, "GREAT!" He yelled, "I found it!" And suddenly, out bursts another Ash (???) through the woods and says, "Great! I found it!"

The real Ash Ketchum just stares at his double and says, "Duplica... would you stop it, I HATE when you do that!"

Duplica laughs. Ash walks off, and mumbles, "Creeps the HELL out of me!"

********* Outtake #15: Scyther came out of its ball and held its blade like arms up menacingly. Ash took a step back and said, "It's a little different this time Geoff," Ash said boldly, "This time I have my pokemon with me, and as we saw at our little match back at the Indigo Leauge, my pokemon can kick your pokemon's asses, any time." With that Ash took a pokeball off his belt, "Bayleaf, I need you now!" And Ash threw his pokeball...

...and to Ash's surprise, out came Bayleaf which quickly ran up and started nuzzling him, "Bay bay!!" Geoff started to laugh, and Ash laughed with him, hugging his pokemon. Then he said, "Ummm... if its not too much trouble, my pokeballs were suppose to be empty!"

Author: "CUT!"

Brock laughs off stage and yells, "Hey Ash, maybe you should talk to Misty about helping you empty your balls!" A loud crash is heard off stage and we hear Brock yelp in pain.


Outtake #16: Ash slips into Geoff home, to see Geoff standing there in the middle of the floor. Geoff looks at Ash and says, "So you have come... I knew you couldn't resist. Before I destroy you, I must tell you... ASH! I... am your father!"

Ash gasps, "No! It's not true!"

Geoff pulls out a light saber, (obviously borrowed from the props department), "And now young Ash, you will join the Darkside... or die!"

Ash pulls out a light saber of his own, "I will NEVER join you!" And the two proceed to have a mock Jedi battle. The laughter from backstage was incredible.

Author: "Alright alright, that's enough you had your fun."

Geoff and Ash break down laughing so hard they're nearly crying, Ash puts two fingers together and waves them slowly at the author, "You WILL let us keep playing."

The laughter gets louder.

Author sighing says, "Maybe we should break for lunch people... *SIGHS* I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Star Wars Episode 2 last night!"


Outtake#17: "Yeah... good thinking," Ash said. Ash saw the balloon take off. "PIKAPI!!!" Pikachu cried out. Ash turned around just in time to see Geoff charging him swinging something at his head. But as Geoff and Ash had planned ahead of time, Ash ducks under the lamp, "kicks" Geoff in the stomach, and then gives him a "Stone Cold Stunner!" Geoff, who's idea this joke was, leapt backwards and landed on his back twitching, completely selling the WWE move.

Brock who was in on the joke yelled out, "STUNNER!! STUNNER!! Geoff is down!!!" Ash covers him and Brock drops to his knees next to them and counts, "One! Two! Three!!!" Everyone around cheers.

Author: "Is this your way of saying you'd like to break for the night so you can watch the PPV?"

All three guys nod.

Author: "Fine, that's enough for tonight, good night people!"


Well that's it, that's all he wrote. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sorry it took so long for me to finish it. Reviews would be appreciated. I prefer compliments, but honest criticism is appreciated too, but please, no long winded nick-picking reviews from hardcore fans because you happen to know what Geoff's real name was because it was written on the wall behind Ash in episode # whatever, or because I didn't have Pikachu's "language" down correctly. YOU people know who you are :-D. Thank you again for spending your time reading this story, and please look for my new comedy coming out soon, the sequel to "Going to School" hitting Fanfiction.net within the month hopefully. Thanks again and have a good day/afternoon/night.