Author Note – Hi everyone! This is a new story that I am going to be putting together for you. I got the idea for this story after reading "His Equal" that I had found on this site. I can't remember who wrote it, but the premise was that Tim was never hired by Gibbs and he went on with his career in NCIS and became a team leader several years later. I liked that story a lot but unfortunately I am unable to locate it on this site anymore. So, I have decided to write my own version of that story. The only thing I am using from that story is the fact that Gibbs did not hire McGee, McGee went on with his career and flourished, and becomes a team leader at a very young age. There will be minor characters from the show that will be given a much bigger presences in this reality that I am going to create. Hope you enjoy!

Things you need to know before you start reading:

Timothy McGee – was hired on his 20th birthday; worked in the Norfolk field office until he was 21 then was transferred; he was adopted when he was 8; his biological parents were abusive towards him and his adoptive family is well known on the show.

Ziva David – is 2 years younger than McGee; she was a part of Mossad from the time she was 17 until she turned 22 then her friend Jenny Sheppard pulled some strings to get her out of that life and was able to get her US citizenship and gave her a job at NCIS on Gibbs Team; she took the spot that should have been Tim's as the Probie; she has some background in computer technology that was taught to her by her boyfriend; she is also highly skilled in the field as well thanks to Mossad; she wears reading glasses when working the computer; she is an only child (circumstances will be explained in the story).

Kate Todd – is alive; She has an estranged older sister that is 15 years older than her and has not spoken to for most of her adult life; Instead of the Secret Service Kate worked for the FBI in the counter terrorism unit for 5 years; in the story she will be 33; her mother is dead and her father is serving a life sentence in prison for her murder; she sees Gibbs as the father she always wanted; she sees Ziva as the younger sister she never got to have; at this time she has no romantic involvement with anyone (could change later).

Tony DiNozzo – for this story will be mostly the same (personality wise); he is 35; is Gibbs' Senior Field Agent; instead of being a cop before NCIS he was a US Marshall on the Fugitive Task Force (they went out and hunted down wanted criminals that were on the run); doing that job is where he met Gibbs for the first time and soon after joined NCIS and started working for him; Tony's father is a Marine General that works in the Pentagon (as in the show Sr. neglected Jr.) except this time it was for his career, not women; Gibbs is his father figure.

Jethro Gibbs – is the same as on the show.

Jenny Sheppard – is the same as on the show.

Leon Vance – minor changes to his character and family, but is otherwise the same as on the show.

Eli David – is the same except for the fact that he is a loving father.

Minor Characters and OC – will be of my own design. The only similarities with the show will be their names.

The Story – will span many years; there will be episode tags; is for the most part an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE (so there is no confusion)

Hope you enjoy!

FLETEC Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2004-2005

The Graduating Class of new recruits was silent as the Head of FLETEC gave his closing speech. They were all now heading for various posts in different agencies across the country. The majority of them were heading for the FBI, some for the DEA and ATF, but only one was heading for NCIS. Most of the Graduating Class did not know of NCIS and the rest only had a vague idea of what it was. Timothy McGee was not surprised that most people didn't understand his career choice. With his education and the fact that he was the top ranked of his class in all categories, he could have had his choice of any postings in some of the more well known agencies. Some headhunters had even tried to persuade him before the ceremony began.

When asked why he wouldn't change his mind he just said, "I have my reasons." Then he would smile, and politely excuse himself. During the ceremony he could not keep the grin off of his face, especially when he spotted his mother and baby sister in the crowd. Tim had tried to convince his mother not to come, because she was pregnant with her second child and he was worried that traveling across country would put too much strain on her. He should have known that wouldn't work though. Trying to convince his mother to do something she didn't want to do was like telling the sun not to rise. Even though, he told her not to come he was really glad she did. His father wasn't there, but it wasn't because he didn't want to be. His father was currently in Europe attending a security conference and couldn't get away from it. Tim understood that and had talked to his father this morning so he wasn't too bummed out about it.

"…Congratulations and best of luck in your endeavors!"

The speech had just wrapped up and his classmates started cheering, bringing Tim back to reality. He had been too focused on his mother and imagining his future career he completely zoned out of the entire speech. Tim just shrugged, and started giving handshakes and hugs to his classmates as he made his way over to his mother and sister.

"TIMMY!" Tim's sister Delilah screamed as he got closer. She then ran at full speed and threw herself into him almost knocking him over. "Oh I missed you so much! Are you surprised?" She said as she hugged with strength that an eight year old shouldn't have.

Tim chuckled despite all the air being squeezed out of him. He bent down and picked his sister up, "Of course I missed you Lily! And I am very surprised! Mom didn't tell me you guys were coming." He said as continued walking over to his mother. "Hi Mom." Tim said as he kissed her cheek and gave her a hug with his free arm. "You know you didn't have to come today. Are you feeling ok? The trip didn't wear you out did it?"

Tim's mom returned her son's hug then gave him a little smirk. "Timothy, you know there is no way I would miss your big day, no matter what the circumstances!" She then reached up and cupped his cheek looking into his green eyes, "I am so proud of you son!" Then she got a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "But you know, I would have thought that FLETEC would have taught you how to clean up after yourself!" She said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a Kleenex. She then she licked it a couple of times and started wiping Tim's face with it. "How can my baby be a respectable federal agent with a dirty face, hmm?"

"MOM!" Tim cried in embarrassment as he started to blush and look around to see if any of his friends were watching. "Do you always have to do that when I graduate from something? You're embarrassing me!"

"Well if you would learn how to wash your face properly I wouldn't have to do this now would I? Besides it is a mother's job to embarrass their children every once in a while."

Tim's sister started to laugh but quickly changed her mind when her brother gave her a little glare. "Don't even start squirt, because pretty soon you are going to be graduating from something and you are going to get the same treatment." Tim and his mom started to laugh when his sister looked absolutely terrified at the prospect.

"Have you spoken to your Father Tim?"

"I talked to him this morning Mom. He said he was really proud of me and wished he could have been here." Tim said with a small smile. "But, I told him that it was ok and I understand. We made plans to get together for dinner when he made it back to the states."

Tim's mom nodded sadly. "He really wanted to be here Tim, but as you know orders are orders."

"I know Mom."

Just then a young man around Tim's age approached. "Hey Tim! A bunch of us are going out to celebrate. Do you want to come along?" The man asked. Ron Sacks had been Tim's bunk mate throughout FLETEC. They had become as close as brothers and confided in each other. Though neither would admit it, they were going to miss having the other around.

"No Thanks, Ron. I am going to be taking my Mom and my little sister here out to dinner." Tim said to his classmate, then he turned to make the introductions. "Mom, this very noisy person is Ronald Sacks. He is going to be taking over the FBI someday. Ron, this lovely young lady is my Mom and this little headache is my baby sister Delilah."

Ron made a little bow, "It is a pleasure to meet you young ladies. Tim has told me a lot about you!"

"It's a pleasure Ron. My name is Jackie Vance. Tim's father couldn't make it today but, we are here to show him support!" Jackie said.

"And give his face a good wipe down." Ron teased as he nudged Tim. "That's why I have been avoiding my mom. I swear every time she sees me she seems to find something on my face that needs to be cleaned off." Ron and Tim started to chuckle.

"I heard that Ronald Andrew Sacks!" A short older woman said from right behind Ron.

Ron froze and slowly turned around to see his mother scowling at him and his father right behind her with a huge grin on his face that just screamed "You are so busted!"

After Ron got a very aggressive wipe down and the introductions were made the two families parted ways. Jackie had told Tim that she had made reservations at a fine Italian restaurant downtown and they headed off. After a lot of fussing, Jackie let her son drive them to the restaurant his reasoning was that since she was pregnant she should take it easy. Jackie wasn't really surprised by the behavior. Tim had acted the same way when she was pregnant with Delilah. It was just his overprotective nature.

After arriving, Jackie went to the hostess and asked if their table was ready while Tim played with Lily. "Yes ma'am. Right this way." The hostess said. "The other member of your party is already here."

As they approached the table Lily broke away from Tim when she saw the man that was sitting at their table. "DADDY!" she said as she ran over. Tim was frozen in place. He couldn't believe his father was right there in front of him. He turned to look at his mom and she just looked at him with a knowing smile. "You planned this didn't you?" Tim asked her.

Jackie shook her head. "Not really, he called me yesterday and told me the conference ended early but he wouldn't be able to get back in time for the ceremony. His flight touched down when it was halfway through, so we decided a surprise dinner would be better."

Tim nodded with a huge smile on his face then turned back to his dad, who was putting Delilah back down after giving her a hug and a kiss. Tim stood tall with his back straight and walked over to his Father and stuck out his hand, "Hi Dad."

Tim's father looked at Tim's outstretched hand and just shook his head. His son was always like this whenever he accomplished something in his life. "Tim, you know I don't do that." Then he opened his arms and engulfed his son in a very big powerful hug. It was easy to see where Delilah got her hugging abilities from. "I am so proud of you son! I wish I could have been there to see you graduate." He whispered into his son's ear as he held him close.

Tim returned the hug whispering, "You were there Dad. Every day you were there with me. I love you Dad!"

"I love you too, son!"

Jackie Vance just stood back and watched as the Father and Son had their moment. She was so happy that her baby was able to see his father on the most important day of his life. She knew her husband was very sad that he couldn't see his son graduate from FLETEC. This was the first time he wasn't able to be there for his son. He had been to every other milestone in Tim's life. The countless science fairs, graduating high school, earning his Eagle Scout badge, being accepted to MIT and Johns Hopkins, and then graduating college and going into FLETEC. Although he didn't get to see the ceremony, Leon Vance was able to be there to help celebrate his son's graduation. And that was enough for them.

After dinner and some light conversation, Leon turned to his son. "So Tim, do you know where Director Morrow is putting you yet?"

"Yeah I had a meeting with him last week. He said that he wants me to start out in the Norfolk Field Office, to get my feet wet. I will be posted there for about a year and I will be working as a Case Agent."

"What would that entail baby?" Jackie asked.

"Well I would basically be a fill in for teams from different departments. Pick up slack where needed. Director Morrow said it will give a good opportunity to see the different aspects of NCIS and determine what I want to do."

"You mean he is going to let you choose your posting?" Leon asked. "That doesn't sound like the Tom Morrow I know."

Tim blushed a little. "Well he saw my education history and my scores from FLETEC and said he could see a lot of potential in me and knew that no matter what I chose I would succeed. As far letting me choose my posting he said that he didn't want to risk losing me to another agency should he make a mistake and post me in a position that I hate."

Jackie and Leon chuckled. "You know son, you didn't have to join NCIS just because I work there. If you would be happier working with another agency I wouldn't be offended." Leon said. He had this conversation with his son many times over the past few months. Though he was happy that his son wanted to follow in his footsteps so to speak, he just didn't want his son to feel obligated to do so.

"Dad, we talked about this. I want to join NCIS because it is the Agency that my father works for. I am not joining because I feel it is expected of me but because I want to honor my father's legacy!" Tim said firmly while looking into his father's eyes.

Leon Vance was deeply moved by his son's words. Even though Tim was adopted, it didn't matter to Leon or his wife. They saw Tim as their first born son and loved him as such. "Ok son. As long as you are sure, your mother and I support you one hundred percent!" He said with a smile.

Tim looked at his mother and she smiled at him and nodded. Then Delilah chimed in, "Yeah Timmy! Just try not to make the old man look too bad!"

Everyone howled with laughter. At the end of the evening Tim went back to his dorm at FLETEC and started packing. His family had to return San Diego in the morning so after some heartfelt goodbyes they went to their hotel. The next day Tim was moving to Norfolk and the following day he was starting his new position. He was so excited he barely slept.

Two Days Later

Tim walked into the Norfolk Field Office at seven thirty in the morning. He had an eight o'clock appointment but he had always been one to arrive early. He approached the receptionist in the main lobby, "Hello, my name is Timothy McGee. I have an appointment with Agent Alex Cross. I know I am early but could you let him know that I am here?"

The receptionist was a young woman in her late twenties and couldn't help but give the young man in front of her a once over. "Of course sir. You can have a seat right over there and I will let Agent Cross know you are here." She said with a flirtatious tone.

"Thank you." Tim said and went to go sit down. If he had turned around he would have caught the receptionist staring at his ass and drooling on herself.

After about ten minutes Agent Cross exited the elevator and walked over to the waiting area. "Timothy McGee?" He called out looking around. He was a little surprised when the young man approached him and extended his hand. "Wow! Don't take this the wrong way but I was expecting someone older." Agent Cross said shaking Tim's hand.

"No offense taken sir. I am aware that I am a little younger than most, but I hope you won't hold that against me."

Agent Cross shook his head. "Not at all. Age doesn't determine what a good agent is. What matters is how well you do the job." He said and motioned towards the elevator.

"I will remember that." Tim said with a smile.

Agent Cross smiled back. "Ok. So there is some paper work to be filled out. We can do that in my office. Then I will get your credentials and your firearm. Then get you situated in your own office." At Tim's confused look Agent Cross explained. "Every Case Agent has their own office, since we aren't attached to any one team. We tend to need to offices for extra space, because we are always busy and need some place to put our reports."

When they reached Agent Cross's office Tim's eyes bugged out of his head. There were file cabinets in every available space and boxes of reports were stacked on top of those that reached all the way to the ceiling. Cross chuckled at Tim's expression. "Yeah, yours will look like this too in no time. Like I said earlier we are always busy. Most agents don't give us enough credit, but truth is that we do more work than anyone else. We are the official handymen of NCIS! No matter what department, if they need help picking up some slack or some extra bodies on an operation than we are the ones they call. Doing this is also a good way to get a feel for the agency for a young guy like yourself."

"Yeah." Tim said still in shock at the amount of reports and files that were in Cross's office.

"Well shall we get started?" Cross asked bring Tim back to reality.

Tim nodded and they started the ball rolling on Tim's career.

A couple hours later Tim was shown to his office. It wasn't huge but it was spacious. Tim knew that would change soon enough. "Well Agent McGee," Agent Cross started, using Tim's new title, "Here is your new home. I will have you put into the rotation tomorrow morning. For now just get familiar with the computer system and feel free to walk around the halls and get your bearings."

"Thank you sir! I can't wait to get started!" Tim said with a smile.

"You don't have to sir me Tim. We are pretty casual around here. Just call me Alex." Cross said. "See you tomorrow." Then he gave Tim a wave and walked out.

Tim sat down in his chair and looked around his office. Then he reached over and booted up his computer. As the log in screen came up Tim smiled. "Great things have small beginnings!" Tim thought to himself as he logged in for the first time and started to configure his computer.

Four Months Later

"Tell me again why we are here!" Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo whined.

Agent Caitlyn Todd sighed. "Tony, I swear to God, if you say one more thing about why we are here or that the drive from DC was too long or anything else of that nature I am going beat you senseless!"

Tony had been complaining nearly the whole way down to Norfolk, since it was his turn to ride in the back of the truck. The team had gotten a call from the Norfolk Field office that a body was discovered partially dissolved in a vat of acid by some locals. The first responders had determined that the deceased was Navy and called in the MCRT.

"If either one of you says anything else that doesn't pertain to this case you are both fired!" Gibbs growled. His two agents had been bickering like children for the past few hours and it only got worse once Gibbs said they were going to need assistance after they left the crime scene.

Ducky and Gerald were with the body, or what was left of it, on their way back to DC to do the autopsy while Gibbs and his team were walking into the Norfolk Field Office. Since no one on Gibbs' team was from Norfolk or even remotely familiar with the area they needed someone who worked there to show them around. Plus, Gibbs' gut was telling him they were going to need some extra hands on this one.

"But why do we have to take on a Case Agent?" Tony asked to no one in particular as they approached the front desk. "I don't know about you guys but, I don't feel like holding some rookie's hand throughout this whole investigation."


"Shutting up Boss!" Tony muttered as he rubbed the back of his head. Over the years Tony had received more head slaps than anyone else Gibbs had ever worked with. They were wake up calls to Tony but entertainment to Kate. She teased Tony constantly that she rarely received a head slap from Gibbs and never missed an opportunity to laugh at Tony when he received one.

When they reached the front desk the receptionist looked up and greeted them with a smile. "Hello! What can I do for you today?" She asked.

Gibbs took out his badge and showed it to her. "I am Special Agent Gibbs these are Agents DiNozzo and Todd. We are here to see Special Agent Cross."

"Oh sure, he already called down and said to send you up. Take those elevators over there and go up to the third floor, take a right and his office will be the forth door down."

"Thank you." Gibbs said as he walked off with Kate following closely behind. Tony stayed at the receptionist desk to flirt.

"So, what time do you get off?" Tony asked while leaning on the desk and flashing his trade mark grin.

The receptionist raised an eyebrow and said, "Why?"

Tony was about to answer when Gibbs hollered from the elevator, "DINOZZO!"

"On you six Boss!" Tony responded as he ran to the elevator.

When the three of them reached Agent Cross's office Gibbs knocked and stepped inside. "Agent Cross?"

Cross looked up and stood. "Ah Agent Gibbs and company I presume?"

"Yeah, these are Agents Todd and DiNozzo. We caught a case this morning. You may have heard about the Naval Officer that was found in a vat of acid?" Gibbs said.

"Yes, I heard about that. Bad way to go. So what can I do for you?"

"We need one of your men to be TAD'd to us for the duration of the investigation. None of my people are familiar with Norfolk and we might need the extra hands. Also, I would prefer it if I got your best Agent, so we can wrap this up quickly." Gibbs answered.

"Sure. As long as he isn't busy, he should be able to help you out. Follow me." Cross said as he led the way out of his office.

"What do you mean as long as he isn't busy?" Kate asked. "This is a murder investigation."

"Agent McGee is the most requested Case Agent we have." Cross said without turning around. "Every team he has worked with hasn't wanted to work with anyone else afterwards."

"How long has he been with the Agency?" Gibbs asked.

Cross just smiled. "Four months."

"Four months?!" Tony asked. "You mean to tell me that some rookie is the best you can give us?"

Cross stopped and turned around to face Tony. "What was that?" Cross asked in a low voice.

Tony gulped loudly at sheer venom in Agent Cross's voice. Then Kate stepped in, "I think what Agent DiNozzo meant was that maybe we should have someone with a little more experience assist us."

Cross looked at her then asked. "I thought Agent Gibbs said you wanted the best."

"Is he the best?" Gibbs asked.

"Hands down. Even the most senior agents respect his abilities."

Gibbs looked at him for a second and then nodded. "Then he is who I want."

"Good." Cross said then continued onto Tim's office.

When the group reached Tim's office Cross called out, "Tim?" There was barely any room to move around in the office. All that could be seen from the hallway was file cabinets, boxes and stacks of paper.

"Are these all cases he is working on?" Kate asked shocked.

Cross nodded. "Like I said he is the most requested Agent I have." Then he moved into the office to find that his Agent wasn't there. "Hmmm."

When Cross exited the office he stopped one of the passing Agents. "Hey Mark, do you know where Tim is?"

The Agent just chuckled. "Yeah. Michelle's computer 'broke' again and she asked Tim to take a look at it." Then he walked off.

Cross just rolled his eyes and spoke to himself more than the others. "I told her to call IT instead of getting Tim to do it. I swear she is doing this on purpose just to have some eye candy!" Then he walked off with the others following him.

The scene they were all greeted with when they reached Agent Winter's office was quite comical. Tim was under her desk working on something and Agent Winters was standing behind him enjoying the view.

Cross cleared his throat and Agent Winters looked over to see her Boss and three other Agents standing in the hall. "Oh! Hi Alex, Tim was just fixing my computer for me." She said sheepishly.

"I can see that." Cross said. "But these people need to speak with Tim." Then Cross addressed the young man under the desk. "Hey Tim!"

"Yeah?" Tim called out.

"You almost done? Some people want to talk to you." Cross said with a hint of a smile. Even though Tim had only worked in the office for four months, every other Case Agent already loved the kid like family. Agent Cross was no exception. Tim just had that affect on people.

There was a loud beep on the monitor and Tim came out from under the desk. "Just finished." He said as he walked over. "What's up?"

Cross turned to make the introductions, "These are Special Agents Gibbs, DiNozzo, and Todd. As long as you have nothing else going on, they would like your assistance with their case."

The three Agents in the doorway were all shocked by how young Agent McGee looked. Only Gibbs was able to hide it.

Tim shrugged. "I am not really doing anything at the moment but some research on a cold case for Agent Pacchi in DC, but I can do that anytime. What do you guys need?"

"How old are you kid?" Gibbs asked.

Tim looked Gibbs dead in the eye and asked, "Does it matter?"

Gibbs was impressed. No one he had ever met had been able to look him in the eye and speak with such confidence. "Not if you are as good as your Boss is making you out to be."

"Well I don't wear a red cape and leap tall buildings in a single bound but, I do what I can." Tim responded.

Gibbs looked over the young man again then looked at Agent Cross. "He'll do." Gibbs said and turned to walk off not waiting to see if the others were following him.

After getting his gear Tim joined the others in the elevator. "So, how old are you?" Tony asked. In his opinion the kid barely looked old enough to shave let alone be the best Case Agent Norfolk had.

"20." Tim said while reading through the case file that the team had brought with them.

"You are only 20?" Kate asked astonished. "And you are already considered the best Case Agent in Norfolk?"

"Age doesn't determine what a good agent is. What matters is how well you do the job." Tim said quoting his mentor.

Kate looked at him for a second then just nodded in agreement. If he didn't have his back to the trio, they would have seen Gibbs with a smirk on his face. By the time they had reached the lobby, McGee had read the case file and all witness reports. When they passed the front desk the receptionist called out. "Tim!"

Tim stopped and looked over to her. "What's up Cindy?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Well some of us are going out to grab some drinks and play some pool at Harry's tonight. Do you want to come?" Everyone could hear the hopeful tone in her voice.

Tim smiled. "Well I just caught an assignment. I will be helping these guys out with their murder investigation." At this he noticed that Cindy's face fell a little. "But, if I get done at a decent time I should be able to stop by!"

Cindy perked up again. "That's cool! Just shoot me a text or something and let me know! We should get there around eight."

"Will do." Tim said and waved bye. Once outside the four of them started to walk across the parking lot. "So, where do you want to start? Personnel records? Re-canvass? Victim's house?" he asked looking at Gibbs.

"How do you know where the Victim lives? We don't even have a positive ID yet?" Gibbs asked.

"Well according to the name we have, his rank and occupation suggest that he is stationed on a submarine. There are only 2 that have ported in the last 48 hours and the crews only live in one section of housing while in port. It happens to be on the other side of the base." Tim explained.

Gibbs just looked at him for a minute. "Alright. Kate, DiNozzo you two go to the personnel office and see if you can find this guys file. Restrict your search to submarine crews. McGee and I will search for our victim's quarters. After that we will meet up at the crime scene to re-canvass." Gibbs ordered.

"But Boss, shouldn't I go with you to search for the victim's house? I mean I am your Senior Field Agent and judging by McGee's office he seems to be much better at paper work than me so…" Tony said.

"DiNozzo what about what I said sounded like a suggestion to you?" Gibbs said gruffly.

"Um, nothing Boss."

"Good. McGee and I will pick you two up at the personnel office."

McGee climbed into the truck with Gibbs and the two drove away.

"What just happened?" Tony asked looking at Kate.

"If I had to guess I would say Gibbs wants to see what the kid is made of."Kate responded as she walked off. Though she wasn't too happy to be combing through files all day, she had to admit that she too was starting to realize why Agent McGee was so well respected around here. If nothing else, to have Gibbs interested to the point that he would take him along in search of a possible crime scene instead of his own trusted agents spoke volumes about the kid.

"Yeah, well the Cabbage Patch Kid better be on his A-Game with the Boss breathing down his neck." Tony mumbled.

"Don't be jealous Tony!" Kate said in amusement. "It's not like Gibbs is going to try and hire him or anything!"

Several Hours Later

The team had been at the crime scene for several hours and the sun had set. After finding their victim's living quarters and doing a thorough search, McGee and Gibbs concluded that their victim was not killed in his quarters and what was worse, his uniform and credentials were missing. Kate and Tony had no luck identifying their victim through the personnel office and told Gibbs they were going to have to wait on Ducky in order to get a positive ID. After combing the crime scene for hours and turning up nothing new but some tire prints Gibbs had everyone call it a day.

"Alright people, pack it in. We will be back at it at 0800 tomorrow morning. McGee, we will be at your office in morning to pick you up." Gibbs said as he started to walk away.

"Sounds good." Tim replied checking his watch for the time.

Just then Tony walked up to Tim. "Hey McGee, we need you to secure the crime scene until the local LEO's come relieve you. Since we expanded it beyond the original perimeter we need someone here to make sure no one contaminates it."


Tony turned and walked off with a smile on his face. When he climbed into the truck Kate asked him what he was smiling about. "Oh, nothing Kate! Just thinking about going to Harry's and playing some pool! Want to come along?"

"Tony we are in the middle of an investigation." She said then a light bulb went off. "Wait a minute. Isn't that the bar the receptionist and her friends are going too?"

"Is it? Hmmm." Tony feigned innocence.

"Where's McGee?"

Tony turned to look at Kate. "Oh he is going to wait for the local LEO's to come and secure the crime scene." Tony said with a grin.

Kate chuckled. "Oh to be young and naive."

The Next Morning

Gibbs, Tony, and Kate walked into the Field Office at 0800 and went straight to the elevators to get McGee and continue the case.

"So Tony how did your date go last night?" Kate asked as they rode the elevator up.

Tony groaned. "It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be."

"Why is that?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Tony grumbled as he remembered being shot down by Cindy the receptionist and being ignored by her friends.

When the team made it to Tim's office they found it empty. "Where the hell is McGee?" Gibbs asked.

Tony and Kate chuckled.

Just then Agent Winters approached. "If you are looking for Agent McGee, he is in interrogation with Agent Cross." She said.

"What? Why?" Kate asked.

"I don't know the specifics, but he arrested someone last night at your crime scene and brought them in for interrogation." Winters replied. "If you follow me I will take you there."

As they followed Winters to the Interrogation Rooms Gibbs leaned towards DiNozzo. "What was McGee doing at the crime scene last night by himself?" He asked in a low tone.

Tony glanced at Gibbs nervously and said. "Um, well it was just supposed to be a joke Boss."


"We will talk about this later." Gibbs said.

The group got to the Interrogation Room in time to see McGee and Cross exiting one of the Rooms. McGee was wearing the same clothes he had been the day before and looked exhausted.

Gibbs approached the pair. "Well, what do you got?"

"A confession and the identity of the imposter now on board a submarine that left port a few hours ago to run maneuvers in the Atlantic with a poison he is going to try to kill the crew with." McGee answered.

"Who is in there?" Gibbs asked pointing to the interrogation room.

"A guy who helped your killer dump the body." Cross said. "He went back to the crime scene to try and find his wedding ring. Said it fell off when he dumped the body."

Gibbs nodded and turned to McGee. "Why didn't you call us when you made the arrest?"

"Didn't have your numbers." McGee said calmly. "Now here is the name of the Sub, the real name of the guy you are looking for, and the written confession of our guy in there. Legal is on their way down to negotiate a deal for his cooperation and a helicopter has been arranged to take you out to the Sub." McGee then started to walk away. "I will have my report finished sent to you in DC. Good luck on the Sub."

"You aren't coming with us?" Kate asked.

"I would like to but unfortunately I get sea sick." McGee said.

"You get sea sick and want to work with the Navy? Interesting career choice, if you ask me!" Tony said with a smile. Although he was joking, Tony knew it could have gone real bad for the kid out there and it would have been his fault for leaving him out there without back up. He had seen some of the best men he knew meet an early death because they didn't have proper back-up in the Marshalls.

He noticed McGee tensed up before he answered. "I had a childhood accident that damaged my inner ear, after that I haven't been able to get on a ship without puking my guts out." He said then walked away.

Gibbs watched him go, followed by Agent Cross. "Kate you're with me. DiNozzo head back to DC and run things on that end."

NCIS Headquarters Two Days Later

"So everything worked out well?" Director Morrow asked.

"Yes sir." Gibbs said. He was giving the Director a debriefing after himself and Kate got back having captured the would be terrorist.

"Good." Morrow said, turning back to the report. "You are dismissed Agent Gibbs."

Gibbs turned to leave but then turned back to the Director. "Sir, I have a question."


"Agent McGee."

The Director smiled. He had been expecting this, and he wanted to hear Gibbs' opinion of the young man. "What about him?"

"How long is he going to be in Norfolk?" Gibbs asked.

"For about another eight months. Why?"

"I would like him assigned to my team, sir."

Morrow raised an eyebrow. "After one meeting, you want to assign a rookie to you MCRT?"

"Yes sir. He is already very good. He has the respect of everyone down there and he is the youngest of the bunch not to mention he is the most requested Case Agent and he has only been there for four months. I can tell he has a lot of potential and would be an indispensible asset to the team."

"I agree with you Gibbs. But, I have done something quite unorthodox with that young man. I am giving him his choice of his posting after his year is up in Norfolk."

"What?" Gibbs asked shocked. No one had ever been given their choice of where they would be posted before.

"It's as you said Gibbs. He is going to be an indispensible asset, and I am not going to risk losing him to another agency by putting him somewhere he won't like." Morrow explained. "So if you want him on your team you better make a good impression. Now you're dismissed."

Gibbs nodded and headed for the door, thinking about how to get McGee to choose to be posted on his team.

Eight Months Later

Tim McGee was on the phone with his Father talking about his future.

"Dad, I have a bunch of opportunities but I think I have narrowed it down to two choices."

"Which ones?"

"Well there is an open position on an MCRT at headquarters under Agent Gibbs and an Intel posting in Israel. I would be working alongside Mossad and would report to a Director Eli David. Though the posting in Israel would only be for a couple years."

"Hmm. I know both Gibbs and Eli. Both are good men and both will be able to teach you a great deal. As appetizing as Israel sounds, it is dangerous over there. And even though Gibbs is a good man and knows his trade, he is a very difficult man to work for and from what I hear about his team, they can be a little immature."

"Yeah I know. I have worked with Agent Gibbs' team a few times and they are a great team and getting a MCRT posting is a dream job, I just don't think I could work with Agent DiNozzo and not try to punch his lights out."

"I can understand that. Well whatever you decide to do son, remember we all support you one hundred percent. And if you do take the posting in Israel make sure you get some time to come meet your little brother Jared."

"I will Dad. Thanks!"

"Anytime son, oh and your mother wants to celebrate your birthday when you come home, so be sure to wash your face before you get here."

Tim laughed at that. "Thanks for the heads up. I better get going it is getting late. I love you Dad."

"I love you too, son."

Two Weeks Later Tele Viv

Tim McGee walked into the terminal after exiting the plane. He was looking for his escort. He knew he was expected but didn't know who was supposed to be picking him up. Just then a man about Tim's height approached him.

"Agent Timothy McGee?" Then man said.


"I am Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin. I will be your escort, please follow me. Director David is looking forward to meeting you."

Tim smiled. "I'm looking forward to meeting him as well." Tim said as he followed Michael out of the airport to a waiting car.


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