Sirius Black was bored. He had been bored for the past 5 years, which was not surprising since there wasn't much to do in Azkaban. But today was different, today was the Minister of Magic's yearly tour of the wizard prison and, being a Marauder (yes, even after all this time) he could not pass up the chance to freak someone out, and it was a long time since he had any news. His ears pricked up at the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor and two hushed voices, one Sirius was pleased to note, sounded as if the owner of it defiantly didn't want to be here, Cornelius always was a coward.

"…And here Minister is the high security cells, dementors outside the door day and night."

Black shivered at the mention of dementors, horrible creatures at the best of times, but to live with them was something no less than hell. The dementors didn't affect Sirius as much as the other prisoners, (he hadn't actually gone mad yet) because he had the knowledge that he was innocent, this, being a fact not a memory or some sort of hope, was the only reason Sirius was still sane. Unfortunately, this did not stop Sirius reliving the worst moments of his life every day, but this was nothing compared to the guilt and 'what ifs' that he felt- what if he hadn't persuaded them to swap secret keeper, they would still be alive… if he hadn't gone after the rat, he probably have Harry, watch him grow up, wouldn't have left Remus alone… Harry… Harry… Harry.

By this time the footsteps had paused just outside Blacks bars and Sirius could see Fudge nervously peering in. An evil smirk flitted across Sirius' face as he sat up on the rock he called a bed.

"Hello Minister, lovely day isn't it?" he asked, (Sirius had no idea if it was a lovely day or not, but he guessed it wasn't as a clap of thunder followed his statement)

Taken by surprise, Fudge hastily took a step backwards and ended up with his back against Bellatrix's bars "Umm… Yes?"

Sirius laughed softly to himself he could see Bellatrix approaching Fudge from behind, so he quickly diverted the Minister's attention.

"Have you finished with your paper Minister? It would be nice to catch up with the happenings of the outside world, and I do miss doing the crossword." Sirius asked in mock politeness and then several things happened in rather quick succession, Fudge, taken aback by the odd question coming out of the mouth of someone who was supposed to be so insane he couldn't talk, looked at the guard who shrugged at him smirking at Fudges current predicament. While this was going on, unknown to everyone except Sirius, Bellatrix had crept up behind the Minister for Magic and quickly snatched his bowler hat off his head and ran to the back of her cell cackling. Fudge jumped like he had been struck by lightning, and had quickly glared at Bella, shoved the paper in Black's hands and fled down the corridor screaming like a banshee with the guard hot on his heels.

Chuckling, Sirius sat down on his bed to read the paper when a headline near the bottom of the front page caught his eye:

Dumbledore's new DADA teacher is a were-wolf

This week it transpires, Professor Albus Dumbledore has hired a were-wolf to be the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. The were-wolf in question, Remus J Lupin has said that there has been precautions taken for full moons for the protection of the students however, this new information has sparked panic in many parents who have asked Dumbledore to remove Mr Lupin from the post. In answer to these requests, earlier today, Dumbledore told us: "I have given the job to Mr Lupin because he was the most qualified of all my candidates, he was also my only candidate, so if any parent has a problem with Remus teaching their children, I suggest that they either remove their children from Hogwarts or come to my office and apply for the job themselves." Dumbledore also mentioned that he had personally offered the job to Mr Lupin after he lost a five-year legal battle for the custody of Harry Potter, who is now permanently living with his Aunt and Uncle.

Sirius sat in silence thinking about the article he had just read- Remus had got the DADA job? Sirius thought it was mostly out of pity on Dumbledore's part- he had given him the job to keep his mind of Harry and his failure to give Harry a home. Harry! The newspaper said he was now living with his Aunt and Uncle- but that couldn't mean, no, Dumbledore had more sense than that. Didn't he? He knew that they had hated Lily, and by hated, they really hated her- the last he had heard they had disowned her- just for being a witch! No, Dumbledore had more sense than to leave Harry at the Dursley's. But, now that he thought about it, James didn't have any siblings (unless you counted Sirius but in the current circumstances, Sirius doubted that they had) but Lily had a sister, Petunia Dursley nee Evans who had disowned Lily as soon as she got her Hogwarts letter and had gone on to marry a very violent man by the name of Vernon Dursley. One thing was for sure, if Harry as there, he wouldn't receive any love or anything nice in his childhood.

*flash back*

The day before the Easter holidays in their 7th year, Sirius had gone to the library (it was really weird, there where books and everything) to finish an essay for Professor McGonagal, under the threat of having to stay for the holidays a one big detention, to find Lily looking at a strange photo (it wasn't moving) of a thin, blond horse-faced woman in a wedding dress standing next to a very large man with very little neck as Sirius approached her he could see that she had been crying .

"hey Lils, what's wrong?" he had asked

"huh? Oh, nothing it's just my sister has just got married and she didn't invite me to the wedding because she didn't want my freakishness contaminating it and she doesn't want to see me ever again!" she then collapsed into sobs, Sirius had had little or no experience of dealing with crying girls, this sort of thing was James' job especially as Lily happened to be James' girlfriend! But at the moment, James wasn't around it fell to Sirius to do the comforting. He sat down next to her and braced himself for a very long rant. Lily sighed and pushed a crumpled letter towards him, by the time Sirius had finished it he couldn't help thinking that Petunia was a type of muggle Death Eater which was very ironic

*end flash back*

Sirius shook himself out of the memories stop reminiscing he told himself, that won't help Harry or get you out of this place… That was Sirius' first problem, getting out, a feat that, Sirius reminded himself, was supposed to be impossible. But, if the dementors didn't affect him as much as the his fellow inmates then maybe he could still turn into Padfoot. So, after trying and failing many times Padfoot eventually stood in Sirius' place and a black do slipped through the bars and away from Azkaban prison…

AN: I have had this story bugging me for a while now and I have only just got round to writing it. I don't know weather to have Remus raising Harry along with Sirius or Harry meeting Remus once he gets to Hogwarts. Please let me know what you think I should do. I will try to update regularly but sorry in advance if I don't :) Reviews are appreciated :) Lily Ariana Oswald x