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Three weeks later…

Sirius put the newspaper down, surprisingly calmly. The article had angered him though. However, the rational side of Sirius' brain told him that they wouldn't know any better, that the rat had done a good job of framing him. He stopped himself going down that particular lane of memories- he had more important things to worry about at the moment.

Harry appeared in the doorway, moving almost silently and biting his lip nervously. Sirius hated seeing him like this, shy, nervous and permanently scared.

He had made progress though, at first Harry wouldn't even sleep as he was scared that he would wake up back in his cupboard and his rescue from the Dursley's had all been a dream. That first night, Andromeda had warned Sirius that Harry's mental recovery would take time

'I'm no mind healer' she had said; 'but anybody can tell you that it takes a lot more time to fix something than it does to break it. 4 years of abuse will take at least twice as long to heal.'

They had, however, underestimated the extent of Harry's suffering. The next night, Andromeda had suggested that Harry had a bath before he went to sleep. At first, Harry had completely refused but after Nymphadora (who, Sirius had learnt that day, liked to be called Tonks or Dora (anything but her full name)) had suggested that she would help with it, Harry gave in. But, their next shock came when Harry's t-shirt was lifted off and they could see every single one of his ribs poking out, pale skin stretched between them. All three of them gasped simultaneously. His back was worse though, if that was even possible, dark scares were littered across his back, Sirius didn't want to know what had been used to make the scars. He suddenly regretted not killing the Dursley's while he had the chance. Why did Dumbledore let this happen?

So far, Harry seemed to trust Dora the most, Sirius thought it had something to do with her being smaller and less intimidating than the adults. However, they still hadn't talked to Harry about magic. It was clear that he didn't believe in magic and in all the excitement and fear of the past couple of days he had forgotten about Sirius' dog transformation.

"Harry?" asked Sirius. "What do you know about magic?" Harry frowned at the unexpected and silly question. Of course magic wasn't real everybody knew that.

"Uncle Vernon says it not real, stupid and fweakish" said Harry.

"What if I told you that it was real?" replied Sirius

"Then you're stupid." Harry stated. Tonks, who was sat on the sofa somewhere in the background snorted. This was going to take a while...