Alrighty all, welcome to the Frostbitten Vignette series. Now, if you haven't already read "Frostbitten," you need to stop now and go read that. Otherwise, everything you read next isn't going to make much sense to you. What follows in however many chapters, until I run out of ideas or until you all get bored with my writing, is what Jack DIDN'T tell Jamie during those cold nights in Jamie's small college town apartment. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Yeah, you need to go read Frostbitten.

Image credit for the cover art goes to Mikireikai at DeviantART (PLEASE go check out her wonderful work).

Rules for the Vignette series. Rules! Yes, I know, I'm funny at times.

1.) Make suggestions! If there was something in Frostbitten that you were like. "Hmm, Aria, I wish you would have touched on that more." TELL ME. Frostbitten is going to end up being close to if not over 50k words, but even then, I skipped over a LOT of potential material. If you want to see me write on something more, let me know! Other character PoVs, also lots of fun to work on. Like, telling parts of the story from Anna's side, or Olaf's.

2.) HOWEVER, Just because you make that suggestion, doesn't mean that I can/will write it. Sometimes it will fit, sometimes it won't, but I will still love to see what ideas you all have. NOW, that doesn't mean to say that I don't have PLENTY of my own. I currently (as of 12/31/13) have about 10 written down in my own notepad, and more still pop into my head.

That's all! Now, if you don't WANT to make suggestions, you certainly aren't obligated, but this vignette series is supposed to be a little more relaxed and a little more open for all of us than Frostbitten's structure that I had in my head. Frostbitten I had the storyline set in my head (and I'm actually right now still finishing it up as I'm getting this little thing going)

Also, I'm likely not going to be updating this series quite as often as I did for Frostbitten. Frostbitten was once a day, sometimes twice a day. Now, I'm going to be trying to get updates out as soon as I can but it might be more like every other day, as I have family coming down to stay with me for a time.