So, after going back and forth on how to write more of Elsa's Modern Life, I've decided to continue on in the "journal" like fashion that I did with the last one, rather than attempting to fit several various concepts together and try to make it work. So, you'll see some short little drabbles or some longer drabbles as I think up ideas for our favorite FrostbittenQueen to adapt to her new modern life. This is partially because a lot of these ideas are fun, and I want to write them, but they would also be boring if they are much longer than a couple hundred words. You all know the characters; I just want to bring you into a glimpse of that particular modern situation with this difference between past and present being shown.

Hope you enjoy! 33 Aria

Elsa and the Smoke Detector

The smoke detector in my house is beeping, and driving me nuts. Instead of driving out (read, getting dressed and going out), and getting batteries to stop the beeping. I wrote a little Elsa's Modern World drabble instead.

They walked down the hall of the palace, the faint noise of conversation emerging from the open door far ahead of them when a chirp sounded from above them. Elsa paused, looking around and frowning.

"What was that?" she asked, eyes wide at the strange new sound.

Jack chuckled from beside her, his hands coming to rest on her shoulders in an attempt to steer her back down the hall.

"Just… a machine, on the ceiling."

She looked up, frowning at the strange circles on the ceiling tiles. "They have machines on the ceilings now too?"

"Yeah, they let out an alarm if there is a fire in the building," he said, pointing at the errant alarm as it chirped its low battery warning.

"They need a machine to tell them if there is a fire?" she asked, a note of confusion in her voice.

"Well, yes-"

"But there are fireplaces in the building," she continued, interrupting him to give him a puzzled look.

He paused, opening his mouth to try and give a response before closing it.

"These new machines are strange," she said, continuing to walk down the hall, Jack smirking behind her.

Jack's Sing-a-long

Elsa pushed the cracked door of their bedchamber open, curious at the loud music blaring into the hall and stared at the scene inside as she stepped through the door.

Jack stood, his back to the door, shirtless, with his staff turned crook end down as he sang along off-key with the song, hips moving and thrusting with the music.

Elsa raised her eyebrow, moving her hand to cover her mouth as he belted out the words.

"Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb!" he crooned into the staff.

Elsa looked beside her, seeing Emma stare at Jack as well.

"What are you doing?" Emma said, her eyes wide.

Jack spun around, shock registering on his features as he looked between the two.

"Uhh, umm," he said, smiling sheepishly. "Exercise?"

Elsa and her eBook

Many things had changed in Arendelle over the centuries since Elsa had been gone, but the vast and expansive library had stayed mostly the same. More shelves had been added to the room, others had been replaced with new ones that held more books. Some shelves spun around in a full circle, allowing books to be shelved on both sides of the bookcase. There were hardbound books, softbound books, leather-bound books and clothbound books. There were popular books, rare books, first edition books and books from second hand shops and every book was well loved.

In the center of the room, situated in front of the large open fireplace, were several overlarge leather chairs with knitted blankets draped over the backs of each one. On the wall opposite the fireplace, was a desk, perfect for studying or writing, with a computer sitting idle in the corner.

Several years ago, Anton had hired a firm to come through and catalog the entire collection and create a computerized library. The more popular books had merely just been cataloged as being housed in the library, while the rare volumes had been carefully cleaned and scanned into a database. The royal family had even been contacted by several archives, universities and even a television program, all wanting access to the collection. One student from a university in Oslo had petitioned to come and do a study on the history of the Arendelle Royal Family after seeing the aforementioned television program; they were politely declined.

While many things had changed for Elsa since she had returned, like fashion and technology, she was always pleased to retreat to this quiet sanctuary, with its unique scents and loving pages, and simply lose herself in a volume.

She smiled as she entered the library, the sun streaming in through the long thin windows against the far wall as she picked up her book from where she had left it on the desk, running a fond hand over its hard cover as she made her way to a chair. There was so much to read now, nearly two centuries worth of material that she would get to spend a lifetime catching up on. She still chuckled at the idea of classic literature being written and published after she had lived and died; a never ending "must read" list it seemed.

Currently she was reading the works of Charles Dickens, an author she'd only just begun to hear about before she died and a treasured first edition copy of Great Expectations was cradled in her arms. She settled herself into the chair, settling the blanket over her lap; while she didn't get hot or cold, the feeling of the knit fabric over her lap and legs was comforting while she read.

She opened the book, removing the piece of paper she had inserted as a marker and resumed reading from the day earlier, quickly losing herself to the literary world.

She looked up after a long while had passed, the sun moving to cast long shadows over the room and a large portion of the pages having shifted from the unread to read side of the book; a knock had sounded at the door and Emma came into the room, holding up a thin black square of plastic in one hand.

"I got you something!" Emma said in an excited, cheerful voice. "It's for you to read books on!"

Elsa blinked at her. "What?"

Emma hurried over to her, still grinning and perched herself on the arm of the chair, holding out the tablet in her hand to show to Elsa.

"It's an eBook, an electronic book. You can read any book you want on here, and it lights itself up so you can read in the dark too! Here, let me show you how to use it."

Elsa watched as Emma navigated her away around the plastic book, tapping the lighted screen to order new books and to bring up the electronic library installed on the hard drive. Emma showed her how to turn the pages, how to highlight and look up words she didn't know and how to make the font bigger or smaller, or change it to a different font entirely. When she was finished, she grinned at Elsa, holding the reader out for her.

"Here, now you try!"

Elsa looked up at her, slightly confused and took the reader, looking down at the words displayed on the screen. Emma grinned at her, jumping slightly at the buzzing of her phone in her pocket. As Emma looked at her phone, tapping the screen to read her message, Elsa looked at the story on the eReader, Great Expectations, the same one that she was reading.

"I gotta go," Emma said, standing up. "I'll come back to check on you in a little bit."

And with that, Emma strolled out of the room. Elsa glanced between the two reading choices, the smooth pages of the book, with it's crisp paper and bright ink against the modern electronic book that Emma had brought her. She sighed. Even books hadn't been spared the modernization process it seemed.

Emma returned to the library an hour later, her task done and peeked inside, surprised to see Elsa gone. Seeing the copy of the book Elsa had been reading perched on the arm of the chair, Emma walked over, curiously investigating the bulging top cover and picked it up. She laughed as she saw what was causing it.

Inside the physical copy of the book, wedged carefully inside as a bookmarked, Elsa had placed the fancy eReader that Emma had gotten for her, and it looked like more content of the book had been read as well. Emma shook her head, laughing.

"Well, I guess that shows me to mess with her books," Emma said to herself, setting the book back down on the chair. "No eBooks for Elsa."

Elsa versus the Elevator

Jack and Elsa trailed around after Emma one day as the princess was giving a guided tour of the palace, pointing out various rooms and remembering events that had happened when they ruled so many years before. For her part, Emma did an excellent job ignoring Jack's quips and jokes and only fell for trying to tell one of his falsified stories to her group once, spinning it around quickly when she caught onto his scheme.

The two spirits zoomed around the portrait hall, laughing at some of the paintings of themselves as they remembered the setting and days from when they had been done. They both smiled proudly at the portraits of Henrik in his coronation finery and a later one with his family.

The tour ended in the Royal Vault, Elsa casting concerned glances down at Emma as she led the group into the thick walls with the old gated door standing open.

"Now," Emma said, winking up at Elsa. "This is the OLD Royal Vault, we obviously can't let you into the real one which is now housed in the new wing. All of the jewels in here are replicas of real Royal Gems though, feel free to try some on and take some pictures!"

Two small girls that had been dragging along through the tour with their parents perked up quickly at this last part, wide smiles stretching their faces and quickly hopping forward to grab at the fake jewels and pile it on themselves.

A pair of elderly sisters grinned at each other as they threaded heavily gemmed necklaces on each other and sat mismatched tiaras on their white hair, asking a smiling Emma to take their picture for them. Emma did, happily counting to three before the flash went off and she handed it back.

More pictures flashed in the ancient vault, the tourists laughing and clapping as they draped themselves in the fake jewelry; Royalty for the span of a photograph.

Emma stepped back, grinning back at Jack and Elsa.

"This isn't the vault anymore?" Elsa asked, curious now about where all of the royal treasures were held.

Emma shook her head. "No, when they built the new wing, they made a new, really fancy one that is much safer and much bigger. We've acquired quite a lot more since you were around. Do you want to see?"

Elsa nodded. Emma glanced around, gesturing to a guard that she was going to leave; the tourists were too enamoured with taking their pictures to need anything more.

She led Jack and Elsa through the historical palace into the new wing, turning down several halls and going down a flight of steps to stop at a closed door with a keypad attached to it. She punched in the code, turning the knob and holding the door open.

"Hey Arne, how are you today?" Emma said, smiling at the guard seated at a desk in a small room, a movie playing on one of his computer screens.

Arne looked up and smiled. "Oh just fine, your highness. You want to go down?"

Emma nodded. "If you don't mind."

Arne grinned. "Oh I don't mind ma'am, gives me something to do," he said, turning in his chair and tapping at the keyboard, the sounds of whirring machinery sounded as he did so.

The wall behind him moved, sliding out of the way to reveal silver elevator doors behind it.

"Cool," Jack said. "All secret like."

Emma turned to him, smiling. "I like to think so."

Arne stood up from his chair, joints cracking as he did so and walked with Emma to the elevator, swiping his badge through a card reader to open the door for her.

"See you shortly, ma'am," he said, nodding at her again as Emma stepped inside the car, Jack and Elsa trailing after him.

Elsa frowned when they stepped inside, looking around the small space.

"What is this?" she asked, poking at the hard walls and pulling at the hand rail.

Emma raised an eyebrow, looking over at her as she waited for Arne to activate the car to sent them down to the vault.

"You've never been in an elevator before?"

Elsa opened her mouth to reply, brow furrowed, when the car moved, seeming to drop quickly as it began it's decent.

Elsa screamed, wrapping herself around Jack, as she looked around in terror as the elevator made it's way down to the vault. Jack looked concerned as well, attempting to turn his head to look at her as Elsa continued to scream, limbs still wrapped around him in death like grips.

"Elsa," he choked out, his hands grasping at her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. "What? What is wrong?"

Emma was bent over at the waist laughing, her arms wrapped around her stomach and tears in her eyes as the elevator stopped, the doors opening to reveal the large room of the royal vault.

Elsa bounded out of the elevator, turning to stare wide eyed at it as Jack fell over onto the ground, unable to adjust to the sudden shift in weight quickly enough from her jumping onto him and then leaping off. Emma howled more with laughter, leaning back against the wall of the elevator, gasping for air as she laughed.

"What IS that thing?" Elsa demanded.

Emma choked on her giggles as she managed to pull herself from the car, hiccuping from her mirth as she did. Jack pulled himself up off the ground, giving Emma a glare as he dusted himself off.

"It's an elevator," Emma said, a grin still wide on her lips. "It takes you from one level of the building to another. We're actually under the palace right now."

Elsa looked up, as if she expected to see the palace above her, and then looked back down to glare at the elevator car.

"And just WHAT is wrong with stairs?" she demanded, crossing her arms.

Emma grinned at her. "The elevator is better for safety, security, and it's easier to transport things up and down in it."

Elsa glared at the car a few moments more.

"You want to see the pretty jewels now?" Jack asked her, grinning now as well.

"Don't," Elsa said, turning to point at finger at him. "Don't you start."

Emma couldn't stop smiling the entire time they were in the vault, unable to stop seeing Elsa's startled and stunned face as the elevator had started moving.

"Priceless," she had told Jamie on the phone later that evening. "Simply, priceless."

Elsa and Instant Paintings

"Okay, so you hold it like this," Jamie said, positioning Elsa's hands on either side of the camera, smiling at her as she concentrated on the small device in her hands.

"And you get whatever it is you want to take a picture of on this little screen."

"Picture, like a painting?"

"We call them pictures now. But yes. So, get Jack on this little screen," he said, helping her adjust the camera to have a bored looking Jack, who was lounging on Jamie's bed, displayed on the camera's display face.

"Okay, now what?" she asked, smiling up at Jamie.

"Now you press this little button down," Jamie said, moving her forefinger to depress the button. The camera paused for a moment, focusing the image before the light flashed and the image of Jack displayed on the screen again.

Elsa paused, looking worriedly at the device. "Did it work?"

Jamie chuckled. "Let's look," he said, taking the camera back from her. "See this button here?"

He pointed at a button with a small little play symbol next to it. "If you hit that button, it will show you the pictures you've taken."

She leaned over his arm, watching as he pressed the button and the picture of Jack came up on the screen. She grinned, giving a small squeal of laughter before she grabbed the camera from Jamie and hurried over to the bed, showing it to Jack.

"Jack! Look! Instant paintings! Isn't this exciting!?" she asked him, shoving the camera close to his face.

He looked over at her, giving her an amused smile. "Yeah, really neat," he agreed, glancing briefly at the picture.

She grinned at him, looking down at the image on the screen again.

"Now, how do I take more? Can I only take one?"

Jamie chuckled, shaking his head. "No, you can take thousands."

Her mouth fell open and she looked down at the device. "Thousands of instant paintings?" she whispered, looking at the camera with an amazed awe.

Jamie grinned. "Try taking some more."

She fumbled with the device, her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth as she held the camera up again to get the next image in the view screen, paused and carefully pressed the button. The camera flashed and Elsa giggled with glee again, pressing the button to look at her newly taken picture; another photo of Jack.

"I did it!" she said, smiling widely at Jamie.

He grinned, shoulders shaking with held back laughter. "Good job. Do you want a photo of both of us now?"

She paused, her eyes widening as she looked between them. "But you're too far apart," she said, looking down at the camera.

Jamie chuckled, walking over to sit down heavily beside Jack, slapping an arm across Jack's shoulders as his old friend glared up at him.

"You know I hate you right now, right?" Jack said, sighing and sitting up on the bed as Elsa concentrated on taking her picture.

"Smile," Jamie said, grinning widely at Elsa. "Just be glad she doesn't know about selfies."

The camera flashed, Elsa grinning widely as she moved to check the picture. Jack groaned, leaning back on the bed.

"She's going to be doing this for hours," he bemoaned, laying an arm over his eyes.

"Oh stop you," Elsa said, looking up at Jamie. "What was that thing you said, a selfie?"

Jack held up a hand, pointing at Jamie. "Don't. you. dare."