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Five Kisses

Kiss #1

Beth lay in the grass staring up at the crystal clear blue sky overhead. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as she gazed on with her own blue eyes. Her arms cushioned her head and her legs locked together by her ankles as she relaxed into the soft grass. It was early spring and that was usually the best time when in the south. The day was warmer but there was always a nice cool breeze coming through. Beth sighed content with the day and ready to take a catnap while she was at it.

Judith was being watched by Carol along with the other kids for the time being so Beth took what time she could to relax and being out here was the best way for her to unwind.

Of course there was still the constant groaning of the walkers at the fences but she could easily ignore them especially when she closed her eyes and daydreamed of better days. A smile lit up her face as she thought about the farm and the horses. She could still remember what her bedroom looked like too. It had been the smallest of her two siblings with Maggie getting the biggest room aside from her parents' bedroom and Shawn getting the second biggest. Beth didn't much care either way; she still got the window that faced the front of the house where the sun would set giving her bedroom a soft orange glow.

Beth sighed wistfully as she remembered sitting by the window when the sun would be setting just to watch, it had such a calming effect on her.

Her eyes fluttered open to see the sky still clear of clouds and a pristine blue like before only this time her smile was replaced by a sad grimace. An ache throbbed in her chest as she thought about her old home, her Mama, her brother…everything she had left behind that horrible night. Beth sighed deeply trying to release the tension in her heart and to get back to her happy place. She came out here to relax and unwind not work herself into a tearful frenzy.

A grunt snapped Beth's attention to her right where she could see Daryl off to the far right. He was stabbing walkers through the fence with his big hunter's knife. She watched almost mindlessly mesmerized by the strong muscles in his arms that strained as he stabbed forward then pulled his knife out as he stepped back. It was a work out all its own from the looks of it. Beth had done this many times before instead she had used one of the pipes; it was actually a great way to relieve stress.

Another smile came to her lips as she continued to watch Daryl stab, pull back, and repeat. He was getting closer to her as he moved down the fence and she could now make out the sweat dripping from his hairline and down over his forehead and cheeks. He looked much thinner than when she first met him almost two years back. He had also gained muscles in more places than just his arms. Beth felt her cheeks flare up in heat when she remembered not too long ago she had walked in on Daryl while he was showering.

Well not really showering anymore to be exact she amended. He had just gotten down and had a towel wrapped low on his hips when she walked in figuring it to be Maggie or Carol. Usually someone, mostly Carol, would have to nag him about how dirty he is to get him to shower. Daryl liked being dirty it seemed but usually he would give in when nagged enough especially if you threaten to not let him play with Judith. Beth bit her bottom lip as she remembered the water dripping down his shoulders over his chest and abs to seep into the towel.

Daryl had narrow hips and the abs he had developed through all the hard labor they went through day by day…Beth felt her blush engulf her entire face. She took her arms from behind her head to place both hands over her face. Even her hands felt cooler than her face did. That had been the best thing about that day, just the sight and eye candy. The worst had been when she stood there with her mouth gaping like a fish out of water. Daryl had raised an eyebrow at her as she stared at him like it was the first time she had ever seen a man topless before.

It took him chuckling and saying in a teasing tone, "Like whatcha seein' kid," for Beth to snap out of her daze to react. She squeaked like a little mouse about to be eaten by a cat and blushed down to her toes before hightailing it out of there.

Daryl never let it down either.

Beth figured she reacted that way because she had only recently came to terms with the fact that she had a crush on the man. She had never reacted that way when she and Jimmy had skinny dipped that one time before they started dating. They had been fifteen at the time though and it was nighttime so it wasn't like they could see each other all that much. She could remember feeling very warm in the icy cold water because she was so embarrassed her blush kept her warm throughout the swim though it didn't last long. Shawn caught whiff of what they were doing and threaten to chop Jimmy's dick off if he didn't get his clothes on and scat.

To this day Beth felt so bad about all of it; the idea had been hers.

"Smilin' awfully hard over thair, thankin' 'bout me 'gain?" Beth sat up instantly as she took in Daryl standing only a few feet away with his arms crossed over his chest. There was a smirk on his lips as he stared down at her with his eyes dancing in humor and sarcasm. She stuck her tongue out at him childishly before getting to her feet.

"Smirking awfully hard over there, dontcha know cockiness is a sin." Daryl shrugged his shoulders still smirking at her.

"I call it confidence."

'Of course he would.' Beth thought with a roll of her eyes.

"Whatcha doin' lyin' in the grass?" She shrugged walking a bit closer to him.

"Just relaxing, I sort of don't know what to do with myself now that Judith is big enough to play with the other kids." Beth rubbed a hand over her arm. Her eyes scanned the fences to see the dead walkers littering the area. They would have to go by and clear those out later. Daryl followed her gaze. He nodded wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Yah, I get whatcha sayin'. Lil' Asskicker's gettin' pretty big as it is." Beth smiled. She could not agree more the little tyke was growing like a weed nowadays. Before long she'll be running around the prison raising hell. A giggle escaped her as she thought about how Rick would handle it, not very well in her mind.

"Well I guess since I'll be out of the job of being babysitter I'll need to know how to kill walkers better." Beth commented eyeing Daryl over as he hummed only vaguely listening to her she assumed. Her eyes then moved over his shoulder to his crossbow. He carried that thing around like she did with Judith; it was his baby like the bike was. Suddenly a picture of her wielding the weapon came to her mind. She would look so badass like him. Beth knew Carl wanted to learn how to use it but Daryl wasn't so forthcoming with letting just anyone use his crossbow.

"So how 'bout it?" She inquired not really stating what she was thinking since she knew Daryl was only half listening to her. He blinked once slowly before turning back to her with confusion written on his face.

"Wha?" He raised an eyebrow. Beth smiled brighter stepping a bit closer to him.

"How 'bout you teach me how to use your crossbow?" Daryl instantly frowned eyeing her over.

"Tch, what makes ya thank I would do that?" He asked back with sarcasm dripping off every word. Beth frowned no pouted with her bottom lip sticking out as her arms came cross her chest. Sure she was nineteen but that didn't mean she had grown out of her childish ways.

"Come on Daryl! Don't ya feel like passing on your skills? Your legacy?" He stared at her like he was trying to figure her out.

"My legacy? Shouldn't I have a kid ta pass on my legacy?" Beth rolled her eyes again pushing back some of her hair that became loose from her ponytail.

"I guess but seriously teach me? Please?" Beth wasn't above begging, she wasn't so prideful to get on her knees and beg him. Daryl rubbed his chin in thought looking out over the expanse of the fenced in prison yard.

" I 'pose I could teach ya a little bit but no braggin' ta Carl, he'd be pissed if he knew." Beth nodded quickly as a smile brightens her face. He stared at her for a moment before turning abruptly around leaving her to follow him. They walked around the prison towards one of the old watchtowers that was no more but rumble and concrete. There were a few walkers lingering about on the other side of the fence but further out since the dead things had yet to notice them. Beth looked around thoughtfully.

She jumped when Daryl swung his crossbow off his shoulder almost shoving it to her. She took it as carefully as she could in her hands like it was priceless and really during this day and age it sort of was. Beth came to realize it was much heavier than he ever let on too. It weighed down heavy in her hands surprising her greatly; she could see in the corner of her eye that Daryl found it amusing to see her struggle with the weapon.

"So I just point and shoot?" Beth asked raising it up to level with her eye sight. She heard Daryl snort from behind her shoulder.

"Ain't that easy, ya have ta pull back the bowstring to the tickler first than set the arrow inside." Beth looked over her shoulder at him to just stare giving him the idea that she didn't understand a word he just told her. Sighing as though he was annoyed by all this she watched as Daryl walked over next to her. He pointed at the base of the crossbow where she was holding it and that looked like the bottom of a shot gun. "This is the stock or tiller," he pointed to a small lever where the bowstring was already hooked on, "this is the tickler or trigger," Daryl then went on pointing out what was what and telling her the names of everything.

Beth listened adamantly and asked him questions while he was in teaching mode, it wasn't everyday Daryl taught anybody anything so she wasn't going to waste time just admiring him and feeling giddy inside from being so close to him and touching his weapon. Beth blushed when she thought about how double meaning the word 'weapon' had with Daryl.

"Ya a'right? Not comin' down with anything are ya?" Beth quickly shook her head only blushing more. What if she told him? God she would die of embarrassment.

"I'm fine, really." Daryl watched her for a good second before turning back to the fence. She followed his sight to see a walker not far from them sluggishly walking around. "Bet ya I can hit that walker in three shots." Beth said in a cocky voice and she knew it. A devilish smile turned her lips up in the corners of her mouth as she connected eyes with Daryl. He looked at her like she had grown another head, there was also the sense that he was uncomfortable with her but it wasn't very noticeable for her to catch on.

"What do I git if ya lose?" Daryl asked smirking as he pulled back from her crossing his arms back over his chest. Beth shrugged looking up to the sky in thought.

"Loser has to do whatever the winner says for a day?" Beth somehow managed to hold the heavy crossbow in one hand taking her left hand away to shake hands with Daryl on the bet. He watched her struggle with holding the weapon in one hand before clapping his right hand to hers in a tight grip.

"Ya got yerself a bet darlin'." He sounded cocky or confident as he had stated before. Beth gulped knowing that she was probably going to lose but she couldn't help herself. Teasing and joking with Daryl was always fun and it rarely happened with how busy she got with Judith and him hunting and going on runs.

Daryl waved a hand outward taking another step back. "Ready when ya are." Beth nodded lifting the crossbow more comfortably on her right shoulder. She closed her left eye on instinct as she aimed at the walkers head. She then pulled the trigger.

The arrow thunked against the chain linked fence before sticking in the ground. Daryl snorted holding back his laughter as Beth blushed. She turned to glare at him.

"Some advice darlin' keep both eyes open." Beth sighed deeply trying to collect and compose herself. She struggled with pulling the bowstring back indenting her fingers as she did so but after five minutes she got it though her fingers were throbbing and red from her effort. She placed the arrow inside and brought the crossbow back up to aim.

Her arms protested the weight but she ignored the tiredness in her limbs. This time with both eyes wide open Beth aimed at the walker once more. She pulled the trigger and it sailed through the fence over shooting her target by a good meter. Beth whined at how close she had gotten feeling a bit frustrated at not hitting the walker. As she struggled to reload the crossbow again Daryl spoke up.

"So much fer yer 'cockiness'." Beth hissed at the feeling of the bowstring digging into her skin and bones of her fingers. Once done she glared at Daryl who was smirking down at her as she was bent to the ground when reloading.

"Third time's the charm right." She stated lifting the crossbow up for the last time. Daryl coughed catching her attention before she set up to shoot again.

"Yah somethang like that. Hell if ya hit 'im this last time I'll give ya a kiss." He said jokingly though no one laughed. Beth almost dropped the weapon in disbelief. She looked over at him only to a light redness on his narrow cheek bones. A blush came to her own cheeks before she turned away from him. She mumbled out, "Deal," before lining up her shot.

Beth steadied herself measuring the yards in her mind as she got ready to pull the trigger. Without a doubt she had to make this shot, not because she wanted to win their first bet but because she so wanted Daryl to kiss her! She couldn't even imagine that happening to begin with so for him to suggest it even jokingly gave her little crush hope. Swallowing a hard lump in her throat Beth aimed and shot.

She blinked several times as she took in the arrow sticking out of the walkers thigh. It looked quite painful to be honest but she knew it didn't feel a damn thing, it wasn't human anymore thus pain did nothing to harm it. Beth turned to Daryl who was still staring at the arrow in slight disbelief, she couldn't blame him either she couldn't believe she hit it either.

"So…about that kiss…" Beth inquired laughing with obvious anxiety when he slowly looked back at her. Daryl brought his thumb up to his lip biting on the tip as he looked at her from top to bottom. A warmth blossomed in her chest at the way he stared at her before slowly nodding.

"A'right, a deals a deal. Close yer eyes." Beth felt her breathing go shallow as she quickly closed her eyes. Her lips twitched as she puckered them up for his lips. She couldn't believe this was happening! It took everything in her to not chew on her bottom lip as she waited.

After a minute she thought he wasn't going to go through with it, actually Beth almost opened her eyes thinking that he had really just hightailed it out of there while her eyes were shut but then she felt his presence in front of her. Beth sucked in some air through a tight hole in her mouth as her heart thumped against her ribs like she had just ran a marathon. There was a soft brush of Daryl's finger tips on her left cheek lifting her face further up because of their height difference. Beth bit the inside of her left cheek as an electric tingle raced through the nerves in her cheeks and down into the gut of her stomach.

Then she felt it. A deliciously soft pressure.

On her right cheek.

Daryl's lips brushed softly on her cheek sending more tingles throughout her body before pulling away just as her eyes fluttered open. He was smirking at her as he picked up the forgotten crossbow in her arms to sling it over his shoulder. He then proceeded to walk away.

What the hell?!

"I thought you said you were going to kiss me!" Beth exclaimed loudly almost stomping her foot in the ground. Daryl just looked over his shoulder and winked at her.

"Neva said I would kiss ya on the lips now did I…"

Beth went to yell something else at him when she sneezed loudly…

A/N: To be continued in the next chapter. Hahahahahaha I'm sure y'all hate me right about now. I couldn't help but tease ya with this one. As the title says there will be five kisses but what they are you will have to read to find out! Muhahahaha!

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