Never Send An Agent to Do A Sister's Job

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Lyrics Used:
Britney Spears "Work Bitch"

Author's Note:
This idea just came to me when I watched a clip from the new episode (which Marvel so kindly uploaded to YouTube). Not really sure where it came from and definitely no clue where the hell it's going. So, just sit back and enjoy the ride on the crazy plane!

Work Bitch

Bring it on | Ring the alarm | Don't stop now | Just be the champion | Work it hard | Like it's your profession | Watch out now | 'Cause here it comes

Here comes the smasher | Here comes the master | Here comes the big beat | Big beat to blast ya | No time to quit, now | Just time to get it now | Pick up what I'm puttin' down | Pick up what I'm puttin' down

Agent Hand walked on to the mobile headquarters used by her colleague, Agent Phil Coulson, and his new team of operatives. Standing outside one of the bunks, she merely stared at the occupant of the bunk as she turned and spoke to the senior agent.

Holding up the bracelet on her wrist, Skye barely even looked at the senior agent before her as she continued to focus on her work in finding Agent Coulson. "Just in time." She offered by way of greeting. "Can you override this?!" She snapped, impatiently. The hacker didn't have time for protocol or courtesies. She had a hell of a lot of work to do and not a lot of time in which to do it. She needed to find Coulson and she needed to find him, yesterday.

"What do you think you're doing?" Agent Victoria Hand asked, accusingly. She had never liked the hacktivist from the very beginning. She never trusted her. Quite honestly, she had no idea what the hell Coulson had ever seen in her. The woman never gave him one good reason that she could see to trust her. Until now, she had merely humored Coulson in his misguided trust in the hacktivist. But, Coulson wasn't there, now. She was calling the shots, now, and Skye had to go.

"The money trail's the key to finding Coulson." Skye explained, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She really couldn't understand why she was the only one so invested in finding Coulson. This woman, before her, was part of S.H.I.E.L.D. She was part of the agency that was supposed to have their backs. "I just need to gain access to Vanchat's financials and from there I can trace Centipede's payments and then, hack their account."

"You're the consultant." Agent Hand replied in the same accusing tone. "The one who shot Agent Sitwell." This is insane! Skye thought to herself, angrily. That's seriously what she wants to fixate on, right now?! She thought, taking in the senior agent's attitude. This is bullshit! She really didn't have time for this, right now.

"Technically, that wasn't me..." Skye replied, hoping that humoring the agent would get her where she needed to go. But, before she could utter another syallable, she was immediately shot down as Agent Hand cut her off, again.

"I want you off this plane, immediately." Agent Hand deadpanned, clearly disinterested in actually doing anything to save her colleague. That was the final straw. Skye understood the need for protocols and following the rules. But, right now was not the time for that. If there was ever a time for going off-book, this would have to be it. Fuck it, I'm going for it! Skye told herself as she leapt from her seat on her bed and followed Agent Hand out of her bunk.

"What?!" Agent Grant Ward demanded. This is bullshit! Grant thought to himself. He didn't always agree with the hacktivist's methods, sure. But, right now, she was their only chance at finding Coulson and, he would be damned if he'd turn his back on a teammate much less, their leader.

"Wait!" Skye called out, defensively. "I know I'm not some badass field agent like May or Ward. But, this is what I do! You can't just kick me off this mission!" She argued. And, she knew she was right. They were never gonna find Coulson without her, and, they all knew it. But, apparently, Coulson didn't matter to this Agent Hand. Well, he is that important to me... "Listen..." She began, with a resigned sigh. "I will do whatever you say..." She offered, reducing herself to the point of pathetic grovelling. "All of this 'protocol' crap doesn't matter to me..." She added, firmly. Skye was not a person to let herself be bullied. She was going to stand her ground, on this, even if it killed her. "All that matters to me is Coulson..." The hacker stared, fearlessly, into the eyes of the senior agent as she spoke her final line, making it perfectly clear that she would not roll over and play dead.

"Well, all this 'protocol crap' matters to me." Agent Hand, replied snottily. Skye couldn't help noticing how the woman sounded like a high school cheerleader trying to prove that she was the toughest bitch on campus. It took everything the hacker had to bite back a snort of derision. "You're a distraction and you're gone." This was nothing more than a weak-ass attempt at a power play and everybody knew it. Or at least Skye did. And, apparently, so did Ward.

"Agent Hand..." Grant interjected. "I know Skye's methods are a little...unorthodox..." He admitted. "But, she's a member of this team..." Skye was both stunned and relieved to see her supervising officer come to her defense. "She can help."

The tide was rising and Agent Hand knew she was in very real danger of being pulled under. She was losing ground and fast. So, she turned to her last line of defense. "Agent May..." She began, looking at the pilot as she addressed her. "In your professional opinion...Will this girl be of any use to us on this plane?" She asked. It was a bitch move and she knew it. But, she knew that May had feelings for Ward and viewed Skye as a threat to their already tenuous relationship. It was quite possibly her only shot at getting the hacktivist off the plane and out of her hair for good. She had to go for it.

Agent Melinda May glanced from Skye to Agent Hand and back a few moments before delivering her response. "No." She deadpanned. This was her opportunity to get rid of the hacker-thus giving her Grant all to herself-and she'd be damned if she didn't take it. She did almost feel a pang of guilt at leaving Coulson out to dry the way she had. But, she couldn't help herself. She didn't connect with people easily. So, whenever she did, she did whatever it took to hold onto them. Even if it meant abandoning the man that she owed so much to.

Smirking triumphantly, Agent Hand turned to the agents behind her. "Increase her restriction level. Confiscate her laptop. And, have her delivered to debrief." She ordered, ever so smugly.

Skye couldn't believe that May would sell her out in such as petty bitch move. She knew that the pilot didn't like her working with Ward, but, she never thought that she would turn her back on Coulson to get her way. She had been just about to speak when another woman boarded the plane.

"Not. So. Fast." The woman sneered, glaring daggers at Agent Hand, before turning to Skye. Oh, shit...Skye thought to herself. "Skye, you stay right where you are." She ordered, tersely. "Agent Hand, you are hereby relieved of your duties-effective immediately." The new woman added, darkly, returning her murderous gaze to Agent Hand.

"You don't have the authority." Agent Hand argued, snottily. Skye didn't know who this new woman was, but, she was definitely starting to like her more and more.

"I don't need the authority." The new woman corrected, ominously. "Because, you see, Agent Hand..." She taunted, with a dangerous smirk on her face as she stepped directly into the senior agent's personal space. "I didn't make the call." The deceptively calm smile on the woman's face scared the living hell out of every single occupant on the plane as she dropped her voice to an even more frighteningly murderous tone. "I just didn't argue with the director that did."

"Is she saying what I think she's saying?" Skye whispered to Ward, never once taking her eyes off the heated exchange between the two women before them.

"I think so..." Ward breathed, in awe of what they were seeing.

"The orders came down directly from Fury, himself, Hand." The stranger sneered as she noted the time on her watch. "Now...because I'm such a generous person, I'll give you precisely thirty seconds to get the hell off this plane and outta my sight..." She began, before looking up from her watch. "Before I remove you from this plane, by force..." Skye watched in morbid fascination as the stranger stared down Agent Hand. "Make that twenty seconds...Time's ticking, Agent..."

Finally, Agent Hand seemed to have taken the hint as she left the plane, immediately, without another word. "And, Agent May..." The new woman turned her murderous glare onto the pilot. "I'd watch my step if I were you..." She warned, dangerously. "You're on thin ice as it is...Turning your back on my brother won't earn you any brownie points."

Skye and Ward turned to each other with looks of sheer astonishment on their faces as they each mouthed "'Brother'?!" in unison.

"Noted." May deadpanned. After a brief staring match, the new woman returned her attention to the agents that had followed Hand onto the plane.

"Agent Hand will no longer be calling the shots on this-or any future missions." She instructed. "I will be taking the lead on this mission-effective immediately. If any of you have any problems with that, your decommissioning paperwork on my desk by morning. Any questions?" The woman seemed to take a sick sense of pride in all of the frantic head-shakes she received. "Then, why are you still here?!" She demanded, watching gleefully as the agents all scurried away, out of sight.

As the team watched the new woman return her focus to them, they were surprised to see her expression soften. "I'm sure you must all be wondering who the hell I am and what the hell I'm doing here..." The woman offered by way of friendly greeting. "My name is Agent Kendra Coulson. I'm Agent Coulson's younger, wiser, and definitely much better-looking sister." She added, playfully, as she twirled her chestnut brown curls in her fingers before returned to business. "We've never met, before, because I've been rather busy due to the fact that I took over my brother's old position as handler for the Avengers." Kendra explained. "But, when Fury read me in as to what happened to Phil, I had to get involved. Unlike Agent Hand, I actually do happen to believe that every single agent is 'that important'. My brother included."

Shifting her focus to Skye, Kendra added "And, Skye, you're right. You are the key to finding my brother, alive. Which is why I've brought in a consultant of my own." She stated with a smug grin as she looked over her shoulder where the rest of the team watched none other than the Tony Stark walk in.

"Which one of you's Skye?" Tony asked with a famous 'Stark' grin plastered on his face.

Skye was far too star-struck to speak coherently, opting-instead-to simply raise the wrist encased with her S.H.I.E.L.D. issued jewelery. Stark approached her with a device in his hand that looked like some sort of magnet key. Watching as he placed the key over the joint where the two pieces interlinked, Skye couldn't deny the wave of relief that washed over her as the bracelet fell into Stark's waiting hand and away from her wrist. "Thank God..." She muttered to herself as she absently rubbed her newly bare wrist.

"I wouldn't go quite that far..." Tony grinned, cheekily. "Just 'Tony' is fine..."

"All right, Stark, that's enough." Kendra chastised, playfully. "Now, I know I said I brought a consultant of my own with me...Well...That was a lie..." She began with a sly smile as she turned to look over her shoulder, again. "I actually brought my entire team with me..." She amended, smiling as the Avengers all walked into the room. Turning back to her brother's team, she began with her introductions. "You guys, I'd like you all to meet Tony Stark-who you might know better as Iron Man, Captain Steve Rogers-better known as Captain America, Dr. Bruce Banner-aka 'Hulk'...And last, but most certainly not least, Agent Natasha Romanoff and Agent Clint Barton-more commonly known as Black Widow and Hawkeye, respectively." Kendra couldn't resist smiling proudly as she introduced her team of heroes. "Collectively, they make up the team known as The Avengers. Avengers, I'd like you all to meet my brother's new team of operatives, Special Agent Grant Ward, Agent Jemma Simmons, Agent Leo Fitz, S.H.I.E.L.D.-Agent-In-Training Skye...and, lastly...Agent Melinda May..." She finished with a challenging glare at Agent May.

"Pleased to meet all of you." Steve greeted, politely.

Before any other pleasantries could be exchanged, however, Kendra spoke again. "Skye, I want you and Stark to work on following the money trail and get into Centipede's accounts, whatever means necessary." She ordered, firmly, sounding astonishingly like her brother. "Let us know the moment you gain access and definitely as soon as you find absolutely anything relating to my brother..."

"We're on it." Tony replied, ready to get down to business.

"You got it." Skye agreed, turning to lead Tony back to her bunk, before she stopped mid-step, to look back at Kendra over her shoulder. "And, thank you for this opportunity, Agent Coulson..."

Smiling fondly at the young hacker, Kendra simply replied "Call me 'Kendra' and we'll call it even."

"Right..." Skye smiled, at the underlying meaning behind the words. "Thanks, Kendra." Without another word, she proceeded to lead Tony back to her bunk to resume her work following the money trail.

Once Tony and Skye had taken their leave, Grant was the first to speak. "So, what do the rest of us do, now?" He asked. For the first time in a long time, he was completely at a loss as to what do to or how to proceed. Frankly, he was still trying to wrap his mind around how May had thrown Skye under the bus with Agent Hand. He didn't know what the hell they were all supposed to do while they waited for Skye and Stark to track Coulson down.

"Right now, Agent Ward..." Kendra replied, helplessly. "We wait..."

"We can't just sit around and do nothing." Barton argued, angrily. "I mean, it was bad enough-you hiding the fact that Coulson's still alive from us..." He added, accusingly. "But, now, you expect us to just sit here with our thumbs up our asses while we hope and pray that Stark and some chicken-shit anarchist track him down in time for us to get to him?!"

"Now, you listen here, Agent Barton." Kendra hissed, venomously. "There are exactly two people on this whole Goddamn plane capable of tracking my brother down." She added, stepping directly into Barton's personal space with the same murderous look she had worn on her face while dismissing Agent Hand. "And, I am willing to bet Phil's life that they will..."

Author's Note:
Okay, so...It's not bad, right? I mean, it's not horrible...And, honestly, I've been wanting to do an AoS/Avengers crossover ever since the series began. Plus, with Peterson out of the picture, they need a little extra muscle to help them take down Centipede's super-soldiers. So, whadda y'all think? You want me to continue this? Drop me a review, and let me know! (And, just FYI, I have not by any means, forgotten or abandoned "Sometimes, It's Easier To Lie" or "Can You Save Me". I will continue writing those as soon as I quiet the other creative monkeys in my head! lol)