An Addams New Year

By Ninja Misao

Sitting in the living room in her favorite peacock chair Morticia was knitting like usual when Gomez sat down on the couch turning on the TV. Letting her curiosity get the better of her Morticia set down her kitting project and joined her husband on the couch.

Gomez sighed he didn't mind the company of his vixen in fact he welcomed it. Yet as he was flipping thought all the channels he noticed almost all of them were broadcasting the same thing a new years count down. He finally gave up and set the remove aside leaving the TV on a news channel where the news crew was in New York waiting for the ball to drop.

"I guess we cant escape it a new year is finally upon is." Gomez said

"Yes, sadly we must depart from this year I did enjoy it." Morticia said with a hint of sadness.

"Why is that cara mia? Gomez asked.

"This year's number is odd and I like how the number could not be easily divided unlike next year. Morticia said with disgust in her voice.

"True even years do have a better turn out." Gomez chimed in.

"I guess its only natural to miss this year, I mean look at all the fun we had from treasure hunts in the attic to tours of the infamous Transylvania. Morticia said cheerfully.

"Don't forget the sadness this year has brought us like almost losing the house to a full blown family mutiny." Gomez said in a unhappy tone.

Morticia nodded as she snuggled closer to her husband she watched as the clock now said 11:30 PM. Just 30 minutes to go the reporter said on TV.

Now it was Morticia's turn to sigh as she laid her head on her husband's chest.

Where is everyone? Morticia asked looking around.

"Let's see, Lurch and Thing are helping Grandmama with a new recipe." Gomez replied.

"The children?" Morticia asked.

"Asleep, it's strange but they have school tomorrow I guess to make up for another snow day." Gomez replied.

Morticia thought it was odd as well but she could never understand that school and all its bizarre practices.

"Fester is waiting by his window in his room in his to set off his home made fire crackers it should be a real blast. Gomez said followed with a smile.

Morticia smiled as well, she can always count on uncle Fester to welcome the new year properly .

It was now 11:50 PM Morticia held Gomez a little tighter it was almost time now.

"Promise me something my love." Morticia said seriously.

"Yes querida?" Gomez asked.

"Promise me that you'll love me as much as you do now into the new year to come."Morticia said looking into her husband's eyes.

" I promise to love you now and for all eternity." Gomez replied.

"I love you mon cher." Morticia said with a devilish smirk across her lips.

Those french words set Gomez's castilian blood on fire as he kissed his up his wife's are up to her blood red lips.

The reporter on TV began counting down and soon cheers could be heard as the clock struck midnight.

The house shook fiercely as Fester began setting off his fire crackers.

"Happy New Year cara mia." Gomez said in a husky tone

Happy New Year bubele." Morticia replied in the same tone.

The two of them kissed once more enjoying themselves for today is a new year and they planned to celebrate it with a few long hours in their bed room.

Happy New Years Everyone!