I saw Riddick walking out of the ship and smirk as he looked towards me, before walking over to Jack. I sat down beside him, or should I say her, as everyone was getting their stuff to take. I could see her throwing glances at me, specifically at my goggles, before she asked, "What's with the goggles?"

"To hide my eyes. And it's a reminder of my parents." I told her before pulling out my daggers and begin to sharpen them.

"Cool daggers." She said staring at the blades in my hands in wonder.

"Souvenirs." I smirked as I held them up before sheathing them.

Before she could ask more, everyone came back out and we started back towards the settlement. Riddick was tasked with dragging the sled that had their stuff on it and I decided to walk in the back, in front of him. The entire time I felt his eyes on my ass, and I added a little shake just to hear him growl. I smirked before I heard Shazza talk to Johns. "So, click your fingers, and he's one of us now?"

"I didn't say that, but at least this way, I don't have to worry about y'all, uh, falling asleep and not waking up." I saw him glance back at me. "I'm more worried about the girl."

"Why? She seems like a decent sort, especially after all she's been through."

"Yet we don't know much about those things underground, and she's not being forthcoming on that information. Just saying those damn cryptic responses. Also, you see the way she handled her blade, she's used it before I can tell."

"She ain't given us any reason not to trust her. It's a dangerous galaxy out there, she's probably learned to take care of herself."

"So, can I talk to him now?" Jack asked, referring to Riddick.

"No." They both said simultaneously.

I chuckle at Jack's admiration of the convict behind me and Johns' skepticism. I honestly don't give a damn what a damn merc thought of me. I can practically smell the morphine coming off him in waves, and no way in hell am I being ordered around by an addict.

I hear a chuckle coming from the convict behind me. "Must really put him on edge to be more worried about you than me."

I glance behind me before giving him a dark smile. "And he has every reason to be. I don't like mercs."

He smirked but didn't say anything as a bottle of Paris' booze fell out of his bag. I pass him as he runs back to get it, but Riddick kneels down and picks it up. Suppressing laughter, I watch as the weak man gulps and wipes his sweaty hands on his shirt before holding one out. "Paris P. Ogilvie. Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur."

Riddick's smirk widened as he shakes his hand. "Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict, murderer." He opens the bottle and starts bringing to his mouth, causing Paris to get very nervous.

"That's-That's a particularly good Shiraz. It's-It's a lovely drop." Paris told him, hoping he wouldn't drink it. I let out a chuckle as Riddick ignores him and starts to drink. "It's-It's very expensive." He continues to ignore him causing me to chuckle, as he finishes the bottle. "By all means, please help yourself." He leaves, heading back towards the front of the group.

I shake my head at him, before turning back around. I had to admit it was entirely amusing watching the exchange between Paris and Riddick. The poor man was practically shaking in the presence of the silver-eyed predator, and I can see why. With his tall and wide frame and his muscular stature, he gives off that intimidating vibe but it's laced with a sensuality that makes him hard to resist. Yet I'll continue our game, for I want to see who will give in first: Me or him.


"I mean, normally I can appreciate antiques. But this, is something else." Paris said pointing to the skiff.

We had recently arrived in the settlement and immediately headed towards the ship. I leaned against some crates as I watched the rest of the survivors in front of me. Johns turned towards Paris as he said, "It'll work."

"It's nothing we can't repair, so long as the electrical adapts." Caroline tells us as she walks out of the skiff.

"Well, it's not a star-jumper." Shazza says as she looks over the ship.

"It doesn't need to be." Riddick said with his arms crossed behind his back. "Take a two-seater like this back up to the Sol-Track shipping lanes. Stick out her thumb, bound to get picked up." He looked at Caroline. "Ain't that right, captain?"

I watch her and Johns exchange looks before she says, "Can I have a little help here?"

Riddick walks up towards the ship but is stopped by Johns, causing me to smirk. I knew he wasn't going to make it to the ship. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." I saw Riddick exhale in frustration as Johns continued, "Do me a favor. Check these containers out and, uh, see what we can patch these wings up with. All right?" They had a stare down before Riddick stepped back and walked off. I decided to go with him since I had a feeling I knew where he was going to end up at. I see him walk around the corner of a building and, knowing what he planned on doing, followed him. He grabbed me, pulling me inside the building and slammed me up against the wall, pinning my wrists by my head. I could feel his body molding to mine as I looked into his silver eyes, glazed with a predatory heat.

He smirked at me before he leaned down and purred, "Now, where were we?"