Wednesday 2:15 P.M

Cameron's Perspective

So we all just recently got back from Total Drama Island. Chris got arrested (finally) and Chef is now hosting his own cooking show. I assume he's happy doing that.

We all go to the same school now (we are all sophomore) and it's pretty fun now that we know each other. Zoey and Mike are still dating. I'm so happy for Mike that he finally solved and ended his MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and even though Zoey misses it sometimes, she is happy, too. There was a huge issue with part of it, like if his shirt came off, he turned into a tough italian guy named Vito, who fell in love with Anne Maria. Half the time, after Mike returned to normal, he couldn't even remember what happened. But he's got it solved now and he and Zoey are still going strong. Zoey is quite nice to me, and I think it's because she still feels bad about going all "Commando Zoey" on me after Scott got Mike voted off.

Speaking of Scott, he finally got out of the trauma machine. He looks normal like he did before and he's been much less mischievous and talkative, and I'm sure everyone's happy about that. No one really cares about him, anyway. Except for Dawn, the moon girl. She was always nice to him, no one knew why. She became angry at him after he got her voted off after sabotaging half his team. If she's over it, no one knows yet. To most of us, she's still just the "Creepy Girl", and she doesn't have many friends, except for Anne Maria, Brick, Mike, and Zoey. Then again, Zoey is still known as "Zoey the Lonely", and Dawn did help comfort Zoey and assure her that Mike still likes her. But I still don't know what went on between Scott and Dawn at the island, and now it's plain weird. I don't think they've talked yet, but I still see Dawn looking at him sometimes. I wonder what that's all about.

As for Lightning, he's still braggy and still hates me, that's nothing new. Yes, he still says "SHA" in front of everything. He is now on the football team and is still single. I try to avoid him as much as possible.

Staci finally grew her hair back. She is still very talkative and annoying, but she is now skinny. I guess the radiation not only burned off her hair but also did something to her weight. I heard she found a boyfriend who is as quiet as can be. They've gone on a couple dates already. I think his name is Robert. I have not met him (probably because I do not talk to Staci), so I guess she likes him. That or she's too busy talking to break up.

Dakota also returned back to normal over time. She and Sam have started dating. It's pretty awkward to see them awkwardly flirting, but everyone has almost gotten used to it. Sam has actually started cutting back on his video games and has even started training for track a little, because he wants to look good for Dakota. He's actually lost some weight. It surprised everyone, but I'm happy for him. He finally found someone who doesn't mind what a gamer he is.

Anne Maria has gotten herself into a couple commercials. She got over Vito/Mike, mostly (she is still slightly angry), and has started dating someone named Justin, who I think was a contestant from last year. She still sprays her hair all the time, and if my lungs are still waterproof from it, I don't know, because I don't plan on testing it anytime soon.

B, still known as Silent Treatment, his nickname given by Chris, has been hanging out with Sam, Brick and Mike, but they still haven't heard a word from him. I hope he doesn't stay silent forever.

Jo and Brick still have an unofficial love-hate relationship going on, and no one can predict if they'll get together. They sometimes hang out, only to show off to each other, and Brick's arm is still healing from dislocating it showing off for Jo. Lightning finally figured out Jo is a girl, but she still hates him. Brick still looks up to Jo for being the only person stronger than him, even though she got him kicked off.

And as for me, I've been getting out more. I started hanging out with Sam, Brick, sometimes Jo, Mike, and B. Again, I avoid Lightning because he still wants to crush me like a bug, and I avoid Scott because I care for him as much as anyone else- none.

Jo still calls me Pencil Neck sometimes, but she can't really call me Bubble Boy because Ma started letting me get out. I love going camping now, and hiking can be pretty fun. I like the bugs outside, and I know Dawn would be happy to know that. In case you didn't know, Dawn is the nature-loving aura-reading moongirl.

It's a week before Christmas right now, and everyone is getting ready for it. It's started snowing, so it's really pretty outside. Ma made me help her put the tree up and decorate the house. I'm pretty excited about Christmas because I think Ma is getting me a science kit I've been wanting. We'll see what happens.

Anne Maria's Perspective

I am in the middle of an argument with my new boyfriend, Justin, who was also an old contestant in Total Drama Island. He's sooooo cute, but he gets on my nerves sometimes. I just hope he doesn't forget to get me a Christmas present.

"What do you mean, you're cancelling our date tonight?!" I screech.

"I have a commercial interview. You know how it is, being gorgeous like me."

I narrow my eyes and glare at him. He shrugs simply and kisses me on the cheek before heading off to class. I plant my hands on my hips and glare after him.

Sometimes, I'd like to break up with him, but he's the only one hot enough for me to date. The rest of these boys are losers and ugly.

I grab my books, being careful not to chip my newly done nails, and shut my locker angrily. Then I head off to the bathroom before drama class.

In the bathroom, I pull out my can of hairspray and start spraying my hair again. A medium-height girl with light brown hair comes out of one of the stalls and starts washing her hands, except she coughs from the hairspray. I stop only for a moment to apologize before continuing to spray. She quickly hurries out of the bathroom. I roll my eyes. Then I quickly reapply a fresh coat of nail polish to my nails, wait a few minutes for it to dry, and hurry off to class. I sigh just before pushing open the doors.

I can feel all the guys watch me when I walk in. I sit delicately at my desk while some of these losers start whispering. I know the girls are jealous and the guys want to be with me, but quite frankly, none of them are my type, or even that attractive. Now Vito, he was attractive, but now he's dating Red, or Zoey the Lonely, and I'm with Justin. Great. I'd like to slap that red-head. Slap her to the moon. Or maybe to Mars? Which is further again

Dawn's Perspective

As I'm moving silently through the halls, I feel a greenish aura near me. When I look up, I see Scott walking with his head down. Everyone knows about his tricks and him winding up in a trauma chair for a while, and he looks ashamed all the time now. No one cares about him. Except me. I was angry at him for a while for getting me voted off, but I forgave him, finally. I forget to keep in mind, sometimes, that Scott has never had affectionate parents or anyone in his life, therefore causing him trauma. In fact, I heard from rumors that his parents are ready to just ship him off somewhere, they're so ashamed of him. I feel so sorry for him. I'd like to say something. But what?

I realize I'm still staring at Scott and blush slightly before looking away. Then I turn to my locker, pick up my needed books, and hurry off to science. We're doing dissection, which is really, really terrible, and the thought caused me to be sick, so the science teacher said I didn't have to do it. I say we shouldn't do it at all, but Mr. John says it's mandatory. I say that's terrible.

Somehow, while I'm thinking of this, Scott creeps into my mind again. I sigh, push him out, and enter the room. I feel my aura turn pink again, but I ignore it. Scott and I? It will never happen.

Scott's Perspective

I could feel people staring at me with disgust. That's all anyone does these days. They talk about me, call me names, taunt me, and my parents? All they do is scream and blame me. I remember her saying I hadn't been held enough as a child. Well, she was right. Now, Pappy is always angry with me. And Ellen (my mother) and he got a divorce after I heard her say she couldn't take me anymore. No one at school knows about the divorce. But now if I ever make a mistake at home, or miss school or anything, he has a perfectly good reason to get the wood paddle or maybe the belt out. I have to constantly cover bruises, even if it now means wearing jackets in 100 degree weather. It's just like being younger again. I still have scars from being hit when I was younger, they stopped around when I was maybe 15, but now I'm 17 and it's started up again. I sometimes have nightmares about it, but I can't do anything about it.

I wish I had at least one person to talk to, but I really messed things up. I realize now that I could have even had my first girlfriend, if I wanted to. But I was a jerk, and I messed it up. She'll never ever talk to me again.

For all I know, she could be talking about me behind my back. I highly doubt it, because she's so gentle and nice, freaky, but nice, but still, it could happen.

I can feel her watching me. I pull my head down further and walk quickly. I'm ashamed to look at her.

I'm sorry, Dawn, I say silently, I'm sorry. But those are words I'll never say. I'm too ashamed.

Zoey's Perspective

While waiting for the social studies teacher to arrive, Mike and I are planning our next date.

"Hey, Zoey," Mike says, sitting in the desk beside me. I smile and wave.

"Hi, Mike!"

"So, our date last night was awesome!"

We went bowling. It was so much fun, and Mike accidentally dropped the ball once, and I started giggling. So he laughed when I got a gutter ball, meaning it didn't hit any pins.

"It was!" I agree.

"You want to go out again tomorrow?" He asks.

Do I! But I am busy doing tennis tomorrow. "Sorry, Mikey, I can't. Tennis."

"Oh, right. Sorry. How about Friday?"

"That's perfect. As long as I'm not babysitting, but I don't think I am. Sure. Friday."

"What do you want to do?"

"Um... paintballing?"

"Sounds great!" We both smile as Mr. Bennett walks in.

"And the boring lesson starts," Mike sighs and sinks into his seat.

I sigh in agreement.

Jo's Perspective

I am laughing. Let me rephrase that: I'm laughing at Brick.

"I'm serious, Jo!" He cries.

I just keep laughing. "Are you asking me on a date, Major Droopy Pants?" I finally demand.

His face turns red. "No. I just thought you'd want to race around or something. A challenge."

"Are you still trying to redeem yourself from the islands?"

He blushes again. "No, Jo. Do you want to hang out or what?"

"You're redder than a brick, Brick." He stares at me. His face turns redder by the minute. "Sure, Brick. Whatever."

He sighs with relief. Suddenly, he squeals as a dodgeball comes his way. I jump in front of him, grab it, and aim it at Lightning. It hits him and he cries out. I laugh again. Brick shakes his head.

"What?" I say innocently.

"Jo! Do you always laugh at the people you hurt?"

"Yes. I laugh at you all the time, don't I?"

Brick glares at me and I smirk. I just love bugging him. It's a reason I actually look forward to seeing him almost everyday.

Brick's Perspective

Does anyone remember when I said Jo is like a bug trying to get under my skin? Well, she still is. But for some reason, I like being around her. She is crazy and laughs at injured people, but she is fun and I like racing her and wrestling. I like seeing her everyday, she makes school interesting and we're always trying to outdo each other, although she mostly wins. She really is quite nice, if you get to know her. I remember the one challenge when we were in the dark, and I fell into that deep hole. Jo leaned down, and even though she didn't have to, and it didn't seem like her, she called, "Brick! Take my hand!" and I did and she pulled me up. She then redeemed her tough act by slapping me three times to calm me down. I am still puzzled by why she helped me, but I don't question it, because I know if she ever wants to, she can go chuck me down a pitch black endless hole.

Sam's Perspective

I shout excitedly when I beat my high score on my game. Dakota looks at me and giggles from across the room. I smile and wave awkwardly. We are in the middle of study hall. She is doing her hair and she looks as beautiful as always. She smiles again before focusing again on her hair.

Dakota and I have gone on a couple dates already, on which she does her hair or nails or makeup, and half the time I stare at her while talking to her awkwardly and sometimes I'm playing my games.

I've also started track. I still don't like running, but I want to look better for Dakota. She's so beautiful and, well, I'm not the best looking guy. I'm just lucky to be with her.

Lightning's Perspective

"Sha-bang!" I cry, jumping up when a dodgeball hits a girl with dark red hair down to her waist. Suddenly, a dodgeball slams into my stomach. "Sha-ow," I moan. From across the court, I can hear Jo laughing. Jo, now she's evil. A demon. She's always bragging about how good she is. Even Brick adores her because she's supposedly "so great." Now Brick adoring her? I can't understand that. Jo got Brick voted off, bragged about how much better she was than him, tricked him over and over, and took over his team. Yet he still hangs out with her. They got some kinda weird relationship goin' on, but if Brick gets a crush on her, all I have to say is he's gonna be one broken-hearted guy. Unless Jo suddenly gets a heart, she won't be datin' no one, much less kissin' a guy like she mentioned on the island.

B's Perspective

In the hall, Dawn waves to me. I wave back, but of course, don't say anything. I still haven't said anything to anyone, but Dawn understands me. She reads my aura, I think. Not exactly the best communication in the world, if you ask me, but then, Dawn's the only person smart enough to do it. She reads people's auras all the time, so I still don't know why she allowed herself to get sucked into Scott's trap. If she could read his aura, there must have been some strong good reason why she still tried to be nice to him. But he got her eliminated, and I'm not sure if she's forgiven him, yet. He most likely hasn't even looked at her since then. These days, he just walks with his head down. Sometimes, he does something like steal stuff, or sometimes has these retorts to dumb stuff said. But not anything like he tried on the island. Nothing like trying to manipulate girls, because look where it got him after he was eliminated... along with Fang. I hate being mean and all... but, being honest, Scott sort of asked for it.