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Edward shifted the duffle bag over his shoulder as he drug Bella through the crowed airport. Stepping out of JFK, Edward immediately lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke into the icy air. The bitter cold of the city caught them off guard. A stark contradiction to the heat they were accustomed to. Letting the cigarette dangle from his lips, he zipped up his favorite leather jacket and flipped the hood up on his hoody. He glanced at Isabella as he exhaled once again. She had that look on her face. The one she always got when she was thinking or was … frustrated. Her brows furrowed as her eyes looked anywhere but at him.

"Helios, are you sure you want to do this?" Bella asked with hesitation. She finally made eye contact, her worry clearly evident. "We could, you know, just…" she let the word drop.

"Do what, Bella?" Edward asked angrily as he drew the cigarette to his mouth, exhaling, he continued, "We can't leave and there's no way in hell I'm letting you do this without me."

Bella sighed, looking to the ground. She was not happy about any of this. She had not wanted to come back to New York, let alone drag Edward here. She wasn't sure what to expect but knew it wouldn't be good. Between Senator Newton and Jacob, this would not be easy and could very well turn out extremely bad. Not to mention Alec who she knew would interfere in some way. And if he didn't, would Edward seek him out? A part of her felt that Alec needed a beat down for what he had done to them but that wouldn't solve their problems. If anything, it would make it worse.

Bella looked out, lost in thought. It wasn't that she didn't want Edward with her. On the contrary, she couldn't fathom him not being by her side, but she worried how he would handle New York again. Hell, she wasn't sure if she could handle it herself. Their time here had been riddled with conflict and despair. Neither had been happy. Her chest tightened as she remembered the emptiness she felt when he left. Edward grasped her hand tightly, drawing her out of her thoughts.

"Bella," he said firmly.

She looked into his very determined face. He tilted his head slightly, his brows furrowed solemnly as a crease formed across his forehead. An effect of him trying to control the anger he had been feeling since this trip was announced two weeks ago. He didn't trust the situation, he didn't trust Mr. Wolfe, and he certainly didn't trust Senator Newton. His involvement was Edwards's biggest concern, especially with Edward's and Bella's history with his son, Mike. He also knew that Alec would not let him be here without causing some form of ruckus. Overall, this was a bad situation waiting to happen.

"Helios," she finally whispered, her voice cracking with unspoken emotion.

He immediately dropped his cigarette and pulled her into his arms, drawing her lips to his. She melted into him, as she always did. His tongue moved effortlessly inside her mouth as she let out a soft moan. Their undeniable connection never wavered, even in their brief time a part. Edward was even more determined to settle this. Whatever happened in New York they would handle together, as they did with everything. She was his life and he would protect her at any cost.

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