El Paraíso De Amor

Chapter 1

Hey, so I decided to delete "Cruise Of Love: Shipwrecked" because Katniss and Peeta just basically got together immediately so I'm going to restart it and change everything. And all of you who read the first part I edited it and Prim is twelve, Katniss is 19, Peeta is 20, and Johanna, Annie, and Finnick are 21.



"Katniss. Wake up it's time to go on that 'fancy schmancy' cruise of yours, sweetheart." My "dear" Uncle Haymitch grumbled.

I woke up and saw him by the bedroom door with Prim, my twelve year old sister. Prim and I have lived with Haymitch ever since I was seven because my dad died and my mom died a couple months after Prim was born because of a car accident, first impact.

I remeber that day clearly.

I had changed into my pajamas and rearranged myself on my bed. As I was drifting to sleep, I heard a soft knock.

"Come in." I had said

Mommy and Daddy came in and sat at the edge of my bed as I faced them turning on my right side.

"Daddy and I are going to the supermarket, alright my little honeybee?" She had said. I nodded and was about to fall asleep again, when a question popped into my head as they were about to leave my room

"Mommy, can you and daddy sing the song I hear you and Daddy sing

on Valentine's Day?"

They nodded and began to walk back to the edge of the bed, sat down and begin to sing.

"When somebody loves you, It's no good unless he loves you, all the way

Happy to be near you, when you need someone to cheer you, all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is

That's how it's got to feel

Deeper than the deep blue sea is

That's how deep it goes, if it's real

When somebody needs you, it's no good unless he needs you, all the way

Through the good or lean years

And for all the in between years, come what may

Who knows where the road will lead us

Only a fool would say

But if you'll let me love you

It's for sure I'm gonna love you, all the way

All the way

(Instrumental Part)

So if you let me love you

It's for sure I'm gonna love you, all the way

All the way

They kissed my forehead. As I was in the border between consciousness and unconsciousness, they had told me something I'd never forget because it was really great advice and I'd always cherish their last minutes on Earth.

"Katniss, my little honeybee, Mommy and I want you to find true love one day. Even if we die one day, we want you to find love and to enjoy life and all its treasures. We love you honeybee." Daddy had said and sealed his speech with a kiss to my forehead.

They had left and a couple hours later there was a phone call where the doctors had said Mom and Dad died.

As time passed, and I began to fall in love with Peeta. Ever since I met Peeta, I always felt this fluttery feeling in my heart. Every time I remember how much I love Peeta, I remember Daddy's words and take them to heart.

I was taken out of my daze as Prim squealed when she saw me awake and hopped onto the bed, jumping up and down saying "Kat you're going on a cruise." She droned on and on about how the cruise would be and how she wishes she was me.

I just smiled at her. She said "Peeta" and immediately I perked up at the sound of his name. She noticed and started giggling and I blushed a dark pink. She then got serious and said, "You love him Katniss. I remember Monmy and Daddy even if I was a baby. I vaguely remeber him saying something like that to me when I was a baby about how I should always love and treasure everything." I started to cry thinking about our parents and Prim immediately hugs me. Uncle Haymitch spots us huddled in the bed hugging and hugs us, comforting us.

He then walks away with Prim in tow while I moved my blankets out of the way and walked up to my closet to find an outfit.

Johanna and Annie have been shopping with me lately to get something "cute" for the cruise that we're going to with Finnick and Peeta and I just let them since I don't really care that much. As my thoughts drifted out to Peeta, his bright cobalt blue eyes and his golden blonde hair that shines in the sublight… I was snapped out of my reverie by my uncle snapping his fingers at the doorway while wearing this big ol' smirk on his face and Prim silently giggling.

"Thinking about Blondie arent you, sweetheart?"

I blushed a dark pink and threw the nearest thing next to me, which was a book and threw it at them. He dodged it and Prim ran down the stairs giggling while Uncle Haymitch walked down chuckling loudly.

I then picked out a pair of short shorts and a short-sleeved white lacy shirt. I picked out a lacy white bra Johanna made me buy because,

"You never know when you're gonna need it."She had said.

I picked out my white tank top and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and dried myself. After that, I changed into my clothes brushed my teeth and my wavy hair and let it dry naturally. I picked up my iPhone from the dresser and saw I had a text message from Peeta.

I clicked on it and it said

'All of us are going to pick you up to go to the airport'

I then texted back 'OK. See you then :)'

He replied 'See you then :)' I then started thinking about what Peeta would think about my outfit.

'Katniss stop thinking about him!'

For once I actually listened to myself and put on my flip-flops and ran downstairs with my phone and suitcase. As the smell of pancakes wafted up into the air, I became hungrier. I saw Prim watching TV in the living room and kissed her forehead. After that, I immediately went to the kitchen and saw a plate of pancakes set out.

"This is your sweetheart."

"Thanks uncle."

I then started shoving pancakes in my mouth, feeling famished. After I was done I got my suitcase which was packed already and ran downstairs. I heard a honking outside and then kissed Uncle Haymitch's cheek and gave him a hug and Prim's forehead again and gave her a hug.

When I was outside, Peeta immediately came over to help me and I couldn't help but notice how good he looks in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. I averted my eyes from his body and shoved my suitcase, with Peeta's help, in the trunk of Finnick's Jeep. I opened the car. As I sat down in the backseat, Peeta sat next to me and grabbed my hand off of my lap and squeezed it. I squeezed back and smiled at him. He smiles his charming smile and held on to my hand, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand.

When Finnick started the car, I was really excited. I saw Uncle Haymitch and Prim go sit on the porch and wave. I waved back and Prim started pointing at my hand and I blushed stickinv my tongue out. I waved back as the house started getting smaller. When Peeta squeezed my hand, I glanced at him and smiled and he smiled. I couldn't help but think, 'This vacation will be the best yet.'


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Oh, and "El Paraíso De Amor" means The Paradise Of Love.

The song is "All The Way" by Frank Sinatra.

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