A week past like a slow torturous snow storm that had entrapped the sun into an eternal prison. The castle halls were empty sending an eerie chill through the air the windows were draped in black, and the closed were closed. The only life that roamed through the emptiness was Anna as she skidded to a halt in front of Elsa's door. After hearing of the news, she had not hide nor hair of either sibling. She rose her hand to knock hoping this time would be different, hoping the door would open so they could talk. Anna knocked, but just like the past few days Anna revived no answer. "Elsa," she calmly said into the keyhole, "I know you're in there, and I was wondering if you wanted to come out?" Anna waited for a few seconds, but not even a sound was head. "It's snowing we could heard outside and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. Then-" she trailed off knowing it was useless.

Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear Anna whispered, "Okay bye." A few steps away she added, "Maybe later."

Inside her room Elsa released her death grip upon the doorknob, "Damn it Anna, why do you do this. Why can't you just give up? No, you come back each day upon the morning light asking me if I wish to come out. Yet, despite my silence the joy in your voice never dies."

Falling back onto the bed frustrated with herself for being such a coward her own inner voice taunted her. Give it up Elsa, you are nothing without your persona holding your hand.

"That's not true," she shot up. Her eyes meeting her reflection, "I have been able to handle my life without you breathing down my neck. . . for the most part."

Yes, because ignoring someone you supposedly love is handling things?

Narrowing her eyes Elsa left her bed, poking the mirror, "I had you locked away for three years don't I cannot do it again."

Her inner voice laughed, Only after you broke poor Anna's heart.

"The only reason I took that course of action was because of that Kristoff." Who could ever love a liar? His words echoed in her ears.

Ah, yes because I am sure Anna would laugh it off and still accept you. You're joking right?

"We are done. I do not need you, anymore Eskel," she sneered.

Do not forget dear you are the one who gave life to the monster. Even your father knew you were incapable of dealing with other dignitaries.Which is why-

Elsa tossed the nearest thing that laid upon the floor to silence her reflection. A pair of gloves fell to the floor. The sudden reminder of her father's untimely death brought sadness to her heart. Clutching the gloves to her chest she had to make a decision for the funnel. Would she go as Eskel and hide behind it like a child. Or go as herself to and face the problem like a soon to be crowned queen. Taking one last glance upon the covered mirror Elsa made her choice.

Princess Elsa stood by the tombstone her hanging only focusing on the frosted grass. She dared not lift her head to face the crowd. To see their solemn faces in twisted forms of agony. To gaze upon those scrutinizing gazes that would judge her. Playing princess was one thing in the empty halls, but now they would want her to act as the queen she was meant to be, yet doubted she could. She could hear the priest say words of pray wishing that the gods will accept the king, and that her father will be looking down upon them guiding them in their journey in life.

"Princess Elsa," a voice called.

Elsa nodded.

"Princess Elsa, would like to say something?"

Lifting her head Elsa replied, "Huh?"

"Your highness is there anything you wish to say upon your father's behalf?"

She wrung her hand's unsure what to say. "Um, um, well, my father-"

Trudging through the snow late for the funeral Anna took a place in the back remaining silent. Stealing a peek from behind a large man Anna saw a grief stricken Elsa, but a not a sign of that jerk of a brother. Noticing that Elsa was nervous, Anna pushed her way through the crowd. Walking up the small hill snow gather at the bottom of her black dress she did not care. Even if Gerda yelled at her later it would be worth the chided to help her friend. Anna placed her hand on Elsa's intertwining their fingers. Locking eyes with Anna, she saw the knowing and reassurance in those blue eyes. "You can do this," she whispered.

A soft smile curved Elsa's lips. "Thank you." Slipping her hand from Anna's Princess Elsa took an unconscious step forward she was glad to have made the right choice for once. "My father the king-

Elsa ended her speech and after a few more moments of silence the group disbanded leaving only the girls in the falling snow. "See I told you, you could do it."

"Indeed you did, thank you for believing in me."

Anna went in for the hug wrapping her arms around Elsa waist. At first Elsa stiffened against the friendly gesture, but she returned it praying her tears would not fall. A soft squeak sounded from Anna, and the princes felt a slight shiver against her body.

"Are you cold?" Elsa asked, taking a step back.

Rubbing her arms Anna answered, "A little."

Unclasping her cape Elsa draped it over the girl's shoulder. "Is that better?"

Pulling the warm cape closer she simply nodded.

Elsa stole a quick look at her father tombstone and knew her day was not quite over yet. "You should get inside. I think there might be hot chocolate the kitchen staff was preparing as a parting favor. Promise me you will stay way from the wine though."

Anna blurted out, "Where are you going?"

"I have a-" swallowing the lump in her throat Elsa continued, "meeting with someone

"Can I come with you?" Anna pleaded. "I would much rather be with you."

Frowning Elsa replied, "No this is something I must do on my own. Sorry." Elsa winced practically able to hear the other girls shoulder's slumping, a long sadden sigh, and that evil pout forming. "I will be free tomorrow, so we might be able to . . . build a snowman."

"I understand." Anna decided it would be best just to give Elsa some space. "I would like that a lot, the castle has gotten quite," she didn't want to say quiet or lonely, " . . . stuffy."

Hearing the hesitation, in her answer Elsa agreed, "Indeed the castle had been stuffy lately. Getting some fresh air apart from a sad moment will do us some good."

Anna rolled her eyes, "You know you can save the royal long winded jargon for the castle. Here we can just be friends." Even though I wish we could be more. Wait, what am I thinking. Bad Anna, she mentally scolded herself.

"Alright, would you like to join me in some wintery fun tomorrow?"

"We'll work on it," Anna laughed, "but yes, it sounds like a plan."

Another nod, and Elsa took her leave. Anna watched Elsa go back into the castle Anna took a quick whiff of her cape. It smells like lavender. Just like . . . Anna shook off the thought daring not to even amuse the idea that was running through her head. "I could use that hot chocolate now."

Elsa took a deep breath she knew she had to escape Anna for beyond the door was something she had to face alone. She, herself had been avoiding the darkness behind the door for years. With one finally exhale Elsa entered. Spotting a woman already in the room Elsa's eyes narrowed, and she ordered, "Leave us, and lock the door on your way out."

Nodding the lady-in-waiting left, and once Elsa heard the click of the lock.

Running her fingers over the back of the chair she could practically see her father sitting in it, crying. Taking the seat a chill went down her spine as the coldness nipped at her. Adjusting her eyes to the lone candle light Elsa took in the person on the bed. Her dark chestnut hair was tied in one long plait draped over her right shoulder. Elsa began to play with hers at the haunting comparison of how both of theirs were done. The queens skin was clammy and ghostly like she was been dead for years but still kept alive somehow. Elsa noticed the clothing was same from the day this spell hit. The only thing that gave Elsa any hope of her mother waking was the slight rising and falling of her chest.

How should go about this? Do I just talk out-loud and pretend she is listening? "Mom," she choked. Shaking her head Elsa began to leave, Nope, I cannot do this, it's too soon.

"Stop running Elsa, and put on a brave face even if the tears wish to fall," she scolded herself. Taking a short breath Elsa conjured up any confidence she could muster. Turning back around Elsa took her seat in the chair, swallowing back all her fear briefly she tried again. "Mom, it's me Elsa. I am sure you have heard dad is," she paused forming the words, "dad is dead. No, reason to worry though he is buried looking over the tree where you two meet."

Elsa words faded into the darkness and she practically waited for a response.

"I really wish you would wake up, I could use someone to talk to about everything. There's this girl, I am sure you already know," Elsa laughed nervously. "Well, long story short I gave her assumption that I am prince by the name of Eskel, and now its come back to bite me. At first the whole prince thing was an escape. Being trapped in the confides of a vast castle alone, and hiding from the endless suitors. I wanted some sort chance to change my lonely world." Elsa's voice cracked, "Then I met Anna and life seemed worth something for a brief shining moment, before it all came crashing down and I messed up any chance at love."

Within the daunting silence of the room, it began to weigh upon Elsa's emotions had been concealing for years. All herself doubt and reservation seemed to well up all at once.

"You do not have to say anything I already know I am not worthy to see Anna's smiling face upon the breaking dawn. Oh, how it sends my heart a flutter. I'm not worthy to be your daughter you so desperately desired. I'm not worthy to be the queen you have groomed me to be. I'm not worthy of the crown, a cape, or thrown. No, I should be thrown out and disowned to a frozen isolation." Breathing heavy after her rant Elsa wiped her cheeks to feel the warmth of tears. In the spur of the moment Elsa let the room slamming it behind her. Placing a hand over chest she leaned against the door, slowly sliding down it only wanting to wrap herself in the warmth of sorrow.

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