Red and Black and Purple All Over

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: this fanfic pairs characters WITHOUT bashing others that could be seen as rivals to love. Shocking, isn't it?

Caution: this is a Noy Telinú fic, as such; you should remember that there will be references to random stuff. I'm the Text, remember that now.

Thank you: tuatara. For everything… and stuff.

You have been warned….


Prologue: where it splits from canon…

'I have you now!' Shampoo thought gleefully as she sat perched on a tree branch overlooking a redhead girl and a panda near the coast of China. 'Now, young Ranma, you will die.'

Shampoo was about to spring into action when a cat landed on the tree branch in front of her.

Shampoo blinked in surprise.

The cat stared at her, tilted its head and leapt away.

'How did… never mind. I'm go-' Shampoo's thoughts were brutally interrupted by what she saw next.

Ranma and the panda dumped water upon themselves and changed shape.

'I… No… But those…' Shampoo bit her lip. 'Jusenkyo is true then… Damn it! I should have listened better to Great-grandmother.'

At this time, Ranma and Genma picked up their bags and ran for the coast.

'I'll NOT let them get away!' Shampoo followed them, keeping her distance this time. 'If Ranma is male… I would have to marry him. Hmm… I'm the only one who knows this… Maybe this is my ticket to see the world outside my village.'

The purple-haired Chinese girl smiled.

"Think we lost her, Pops?" Ranma asked as the ship they stowed away on sailed to Japan.

"I think so," Genma sighed and reached into his gi.

The man's eyes widened.

"Pops?" Ranma tilted his head. "What's with that face?"

"Nothing… Nothing at all, boy…" Genma lied. 'How could I have dropped my photo? Just great… It was the only thing reminding me of Nodoka… Shoot! She wouldn't hold us to that promise, would she?'

"Right…" Ranma rolled his eyes and walked away.

Genma shook his head. 'No need to worry about that. No. We're going to continue the plan. The boy will marry a Tendo.'

He smiled to himself and looked up to the sky. 'Nothing can possibly go wrong.'

Dark clouds appeared on the horizon as he turned away.


"I'm going back to China," Ranma huffed as she walked away. "You can suck on that!"

However, Genma, the selfish panda that he was, took that chance to smack Ranma in the back of the head with a street sign.

He growled at the pedestrians who were caught in the rain and were staring.

The people dispersed immediately.

Satisfied, Genma started strutting away, taking Ranma over his shoulder.

Before you can say 'haters gonna hate,' however, he felt something strike his neck.

Genma dazedly pulled out what looked like a tranquilizer dart.

*Ptoo twoo Twoo Twoo* came four more and hit him right in the head.

*CRASH* The giant panda fell to the ground.

That's when a purple blur came onto the scene, grabbing a redhead out of the air.

Shampoo smiled as she carried Ranma and the redhead's bag away to her camp. 'Exactly as planned….'


Author's notes: How about that? Noy said that this came about when Telinú was spewing ideas. This was a case of "What if Shampoo found out about the curse while chasing Ranma?" There will be much more. Oh so much more. This is Noy Telinú we're talking about here.