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Percy's POV.

I inhaled the scents of Manhattan as I paid the cab. Grabbing my duffel-bag filled with my closed the doorman opened the door and let me in. After reaching out apartment door, my mom as if predicting I would reach the door at this time, opened and gave me a hug.

"Percy, I missed you. Come into the living room I'll bring in the cookies and then we can talk all about your time at camp."

"Missed you too mom, I'll just drop off my clothes in my room."

After dumping my duffel bag on my bed i made my way to the living room and flopped onto the couch. The wonderful scent of blue cookies reached my nose. Home sweet home. About five minutes later mom walked in, placed the tray of cookies and a class of milk on the table and sat down next to me.

"So, how was you time at camp and the kid you were supposed to retrieve?" Mom asked.

"We went on another quest. There were two kids and well it didn't go so well." I started to explain.

Occasionally eating cookies and using my hands to make gestures I told her of the time at camp or rather the quest we went on. My voice started to falter as I reached the part of Zoe's death.

As soon as I finished my mom started to talk."That's sad sweetie. I hope Nico makes it and comes back to camp. Anyways I have to talk to about something."

"What is it mom?" I asked curiously.

"Well you know of witches and wizards right? They're real, and I used to be one. Or still haven't lost my magic yet."

"Wait what? Your a witch? How is that even possible? And what does it make me? A wizard, demigod or both? and Why are you telling me now?" I asked, shock and confusion started to cross my face.

"I was born one. I didn't come from a line of magical people before as some are. Apparently, Hecate had given magic to some normal people. they were visited by her and informed of their magical abilities and had children and the magic passed on to them so now there are a community of magical people living. I'm sure your still human just with some magic and godliness in you. I'm telling you this now because I got and owl informing me the fact that you are once again able to a school called Hogwarts to teach you how to control your magical abilities." She explained patiently.

"You said once again I was able to attend. Does that mean I could have gone before, and what was your life like then?" The info was starting to sink in but the situation was too important for me to laugh at the name Hogwarts.

"You could've attended Hogwarts when you were 12 but with the situation with the gods I rejected the invitation but, since you can only attend Hogwarts until you're 17 I decided to let you choose this time. About my life, I had a different name then. I was called Lily Evans. Your dad attended Hogwarts for what reason I don't know. I only found out he was a god when we got together. You had a twin brother, Harry Potter." mom said.

A brother. I'm a wizard. Mom had a different life from what I knew. There was a school called Hogwarts. These thoughts were whirling through my head.

"I think I'll go. Where is this school? How are we going to get there?" I asked. Excitement was replacing my shock and confusion making me feel giddy which was not good for a kid with ADHD.

"Hogwarts is in Switzerland. We'll get there by a form of teleportation."

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