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Previously: Harry reads his moms letter, and manages to convince his uncle to let him go to the Quidditch Word Cup.

Harry stared in shock at the letter, then passed out, because he would never faint, ever.

~5 minutes later~

The green-eyed male awoke to the painful pecking on his forehead from a small minute owl. He lifted himself off the floor and rubbed his forehead, emotions running through his head. Anger, jealousy, hope, and happiness. Why did his brother get all of their mom's attention? And what about the different worlds. It didn't surprise him to much, being part of the magical community himself, but were there other worlds that didn't deal with magic? Then again, the letter could also be a trick. How could no one find out that his mother was alive, and he had a brother during the past 14 years? Voldemort could've made it a fake letter for all he knew, but something told him that wasn't true. His father wasn't mentioned in the letter, did it mean that he had died? Harry didn't let himself worry about it for too long, he would find out soon enough, and Ron's owl was pecking him again.

He took the letter from the tiny owl and read it. After finishing it, he wrote back a response which said:


I convinced my uncle to let me go. The more important thing is that I received a letter from my mother today. Basically it said that I have a brother and something about not being ready to meet each other but we could now. Apparently Mom knows enough about my life that she knows that the Quidditch World Cup is going on, but can't come. However she does say that my brother could so, if it's not too much trouble, could you get an extra ticket for him? They'll be arriving on Sunday. I know that this could be a trick from Voldemort but, I have a feeling it's not. I tell you more later, but I have to tell my aunt and uncle that they're coming.


"Stay still! I need you to take my answer back!" Harry yelled at the owl. He attached the letter to Pig's leg, and as soon as it was attached, the owl zipped out of the window. Harry turned to Hedwig.

"Feeling up for a long journey?" he asked. Hedwig hooted in a dignified way. "Wait a bit, I need to finish it first."

He unfolded his letter to Sirius and added:

I'll be at Ron's for the rest of the summer. His dad got tickets for the Qudditch World Cup! Anyways the big thing is that I got a letter from mom! I'm pretty sure it's not a trick. If it's not I'll be with my brother at the Weasleys. They'll be coming Sunday so I'll give you more detail later.


He tied the letter to Hedwig's leg, who was showing him how proper post owls behaved by keeping unusually still.

"I be at Ron's when you finish delivering the letter."

Hedwig nipped his finger affectionately before flying out the window. Harry watched until she was out of sight, then crawled under his bed, wrenched loose the floorboard, and grabbed a chunk of cake. He sat on the floor eating it. It was such a nice day. He had cake, Dudley only had grapefruit, he was going to the Quidditch World Cup, and he hopefully had a family. He felt content and couldn't be worried by anything not even Voldemort.

Finishing his cake, he ran downstairs, shout his aunt's name.

"What is it boy?" She snapped.

"I got a letter," Her nephew replied happily. Harry thrust the letter into her hands, the one he got from his mother,and ran back upstairs, packing everything he would need.

The giraffe like woman paled after the read the letter and rushed to the nearest phone to call her husband, who had left to go to work.

~With the Weasleys~

Ron happily stuffed his face full with his breakfast. He had sent his letter to his best friend yesterday and would be getting it around now. As if on cue his owl, Pig, returned with the letter. A grin stretched across his face as he read the first sentence, but then his eyes widened with shock after finishing the letter. The red-head yelled for all his family members, who got down quickly, Percy complaining that Ron had just ruined his work concentration.

"Who cares about work right now?! Read this!"

As they read, expressions similar to Ron's broke out on their faces.

Arthur deciding to break the silence said. "Give me the letter and I'll try to get another ticket."

Percy demanded to go to, wanting to find out more as quick as possible. The others drifted silently away, the same questions going though their heads. How did Harry have a brother, that no one knew about? How did Harry's family even survive?

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