Here it is, the finale for my Shenny story. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. In the end I was able to redeem Amy, but Leonard was too far gone. I've always felt that with counseling Amy could be a better person. She's damaged, like everyone else, but her problems could be eased with love, understanding and a real desire to change. Since season 4 I've rarely felt that Leonard ever has any desire to be better. And when I hear people talk about how he treats Penny and the others in the last two seasons, I'm almost completely convinced he is un-salvageable. To me, that's the real travesty of TBBT. The writers do not even see how painfully cruel Leonard and Amy are. And if they do see it, they make no effort to change that.

Penny took one last look in the mirror before turning to face Bernadette and Anne. "Well?"

They smiled at her warmly. "Stunning," Bernadette said.

Anne nodded, happily. "You look beautiful."

Penny grinned impishly. "As long as I'm prettier than my Man of Honor, I'm satisfied," she said looking at the remaining member of her bridal party.

Wil smiled and walked over to kiss her cheek softly. "You're definitely prettier than me," he agreed, "but I'm still more charming."

Anne and Bernadette rolled their eyes and laughed as they followed Penny and Wil from the dressing room.

Sheldon tilted his head back and tried not to fidget as Raj straightened his bowtie. "Maybe I should just go check on Penny," he said nervously. "You and Wil wouldn't even let me talk to her last night. What if she forgot something?"

Rene snorted. "Sheldon, as your Best Maid I have already spoken to Penny. She is dressed, vows memorized, eagerly waiting the moment she stands in front of everyone and declares ownership over you."

Sheldon snorted right back at her. "It is not legal to own another person."

Rene grinned unabashedly. "Why do you think they call it tying the knot? Penny has culled you from the herd, and roped you tight. She now owns your ass."

Howard grinned as he held out Sheldon's Tux jacket. "If it makes you feel any better, the branding part only hurts for a moment."

Sheldon huffed with irritation. "If you are through teasing me, I would like to get married now."

Rene laughed and linked her arm through his. "Come on, Shelly. Let's get you hitched."

"Penelope Marie Queen, you are the variable in my life. I spent years trying to solve for you without realizing your value was already known. All it took was for me to add your addend to my augend to find the sum of us." Sheldon smirked at the confusion in her eyes, loving the cute way her nose wrinkled up. "In other words, without you, I am not complete. I am only a fraction of who I can be. I love you, Penny. I always will."

"Please God, no more math puns," Wil muttered. Sheldon shot him a glare and Rene snickered before giving Penny an apologetic look.

"I tried to make him rewrite his vows," she whispered loudly to Penny.

"Ahem!" Penny glared at everyone before turning to Sheldon. "Sheldon Lee Cooper, you are the coefficient in my life." Several people in the wedding party groaned loudly. Sheldon's eyes widened with surprise. Penny smiled at him tenderly. "Once I found my operator, I was able to see the constant of us. Together we form an expression that equals happiness. Our love is our equation."

Sheldon gulped and twitched before giving in to his feelings. He pulled her against his chest and kissed her hard. Wolf whistles and cat calls erupted from the witnesses. Normally Mary would have objected to such an undignified display in a house of worship, but she was too busy trying to keep Meemaw from standing on the pew and applauding as she whistled the loudest.

"You know you just mangled mathematics, right?" he whispered against Penny lips.

Penny pulled back slightly and grinned. "You aren't marrying me for my algebra skills."

"Excuse me, but if you two are finished, I'd like to conclude the services," the pastor said, smiling slightly. Sheldon nodded and stepped back a couple of inches from Penny, without releasing her waist. "Now, Sheldon, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love, honor and cherish for the remainder of your earthly life?"

"I do," he said confidently.

"You may place the ring upon her finger. Penelope, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love, honor and cherish for the remainder of your earthly life?"

"I do," she promised.

"You may place the ring upon his finger. With your mutual declarations of love, commitment, and complex mathematics, I now declare you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Sheldon once again pulled Penny tight into his arms and kissed her until they were both breathless.

The pastor smiled understandingly and looked out over the church. "Please rise and join me in greeting Dr. and Mrs. Cooper."

Sheldon and Penny walked down the aisle as their friends and family cheered. "You know, Wil once told me he was going to introduce me to a brand new world," Penny said as they got into the limo Sheldon had hired. She turned to face him as the driver closed the door. "I'm glad I took that chance."

Sheldon kissed her again. "I'm glad you did too. A year ago you were miserable and I was trapped by my fears and schedules. Both our lives have changed for the better." The limo started and he smiled. "Shall we go to our reception?"

Penny grinned up at him. "It's a date."