Hello, new and old to another story written by yours truly. Just a quick intro to what this story is about and then you can start reading. Basically, my motivation is Irina. In the anime/manga/light novel she is given very little 'screen time' something which baffles me since: she is Issei's childhood friend, an Excalibur wielder, the only interaction Issei and his harem have with a heavenly figure since Xenovia becomes a devil and lastly, has quite possibly the cutest character I have ever seen in any anime, manga or light novel, hence my motivation for writing this story.

In addition to this, lots of stories seem to bash the crap out of Issei because he is perverted… what do you expect?! He is a seventeen-year-old teenage boy what do you want him to be? Granted I have toned down Issei's perverseness in some areas in this story, but he IS a seventeen-year-old male, so obviously some perversion is expected, the difference being Issei will be a little more subtle about it.

Now I have up to the first 4 light novels (both seasons of the anime) already planned out. Just to let you know of a few things, no devil Issei, as you may or may not have guessed from the title, this will have pseudo dragon Issei. Obviously, this is a harem and considering that DxD is originally a harem genre, you really shouldn't be surprised. Most of the usuals are in the harem and I have added a few favourites of my own for various reasons. Also expect the first few arcs to largely deviate from canon.

That is all for now so read and review with any questions, comments or suggestions you have, I will happily respond to all, although unjustified flames will be ignored, some flames are justified and do help (because they make the writer come back to a story they haven't updated for a year ([*cough* me *cough*]).
Enjoy .
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'Ddraig talking and Sacred Gear sounds'

"Ddraig thinking"



Chapter 1 – The Price to Protect

Two children, both eight years old, were playing tag in a park. It was rather empty with just the two of them around, with a few other people jogging or walking their dogs. There were lots of trees and four wooden benches scattered around the park. The sun was beginning to set, dyeing the sky a light orange.

'Haha Issei, you will never catch me, slowpoke.' Teased one of the children. The child had a cute, high pitched voice with violet eyes and light brown hair, with a few bangs coming forward, with a little tied back into a scruffy ponytail, while the rest was in a spiky mess. The child was also wearing slightly worn white sneakers, mid-calf length socks, along with a pair of dark brown shorts reaching mid-thigh, and a sleeveless dark blue shirt with yellow-coloured bands around the neck and shoulder area.

'Oh yeah, just you wait Irina, I'll get you!' Shouted the other child. This child's voice was also high pitched, but not as high pitched as the other child and was slightly more masculine. He had light brown eyes and messy brown hair. He also wore sneakers, but his were red. Like the other child, he also wore mid-calf length socks, along with blue shorts reaching mid-thigh and a white shirt with a red collar.

Issei eventually caught up to Irina and jumped at her, only for Irina to sidestep and Issei to slam face first into a tree.

'Ouchie.' Mumbled a sniffling Issei, beginning to tear up.

'Hehe, Issei kissed a tree.' Giggled Irina, before laughing.

Issei pouted before he too started to laugh at the funny thought that he had kissed a tree.

After a while, the pair stopped laughing and Issei pounced on Irina, sending her to the ground. He hovered over her triumphantly, holding her arms down.

'Yay, I got you!' Said Issei cheerfully, as he stood up.

'Mou, no fair Issei, you cheated.' Pouted Irina, crossing her arms with a small huff.

'Well too bad, you laughed at me hitting a tree and got distracted, so I win.' Said Issei, before sticking his tongue out.

'Meanie.' Said Irina with a small pout, which slowly turned into a smile, before she lunged at Issei and held him down in the same position she had been in before.

'Ha, I got you back!' Said Irina, sticking her tongue out at Issei, before getting off him.

'Fine, you win this time. Wow, look, the sun is really low, we better go home soon.' Said Issei, as he shielded his eyes with his hand, as he looked out at the sun.

'Okay, let's go.' Said Irina, as she started walking off, with Issei following.

After walking for a while, the sun had set lower, casting a dark red and eerie glow. Issei was looking around as they walked, noticing less and less people around.

'Hey Irina, don't you think it is weird that the streets are so empty?' Asked Issei, raising his concerns.

'Hmm, not really, but we are almost home now anyway, so what does it matter?' Replied Irina.

'I don't know, but I'm getting a bad feeling.' Said Issei.

-line break-

'Is that the child?' Asked a figure atop a building, looking down at the two eight-year-old children.

'I believe so; she matches the description and even seems to exude a small holy aura.' Replied another figure disdainfully.

'So can we move now?' Asked the first figure, in a gruff and irritated tone.

'Yes.' Said the second figure, with a malicious grin.

-line break-

'See Issei, we are just two streets away now, nothing to worry about after all, the Lord is protecting us.' Said Irina cheerfully.

'Ah yes, that must mean you are the girl we have been looking for without a doubt.' Said a man, who literally dropped down from the sky.

'Oh who are you? An angel?' Asked Irina, with childlike curiosity.

The figure who was covered in a black cloak laughed, before pulling the headpiece off, revealing black hair, dark red eyes, and a rather angular face.

'No little girl, I am in fact the furthest thing from an angel.' Said the being, before two black, bat-like wings burst from his back.

'I am a devil.' Said the figure.

Irina gasped, while Issei's jaw dropped for entirely different reasons.

"Irina is a girl?" Thought Issei in surprise, looking at his childhood friend in disbelief.

'You're bad.' Said Irina, breaking Issei from thinking on this new revelation, while pointing at the devil, which caused him to laugh.

'Yes, you're right, I am, bad, as you say, and I am here for you.' Said the devil, as he pointed at Irina.

'What do you want with Irina?' Asked Issei, as he stood slightly in front of Irina protectively.

"Girl or boy, Irina is my friend. My best friend." Thought Issei firmly.

'Haha, you are quite brave, aren't you little boy?' Said the devil mockingly.

'Well, since you are just kids, I don't mind telling you. I am here to take the girl hostage and force her father to relinquish his Holy Sword to us.' Said the devil, as his partner dropped down behind the two children, scaring them even more at the thought of not just one, but two devils being here.

'Why do you want a Holy Sword? Devils are bad and a Holy Sword is good?' Asked Irina in confusion.

'You are very simple minded, aren't you? Then again though, you are just a brat.' Mocked the devil, before laughing.

After regaining himself, he tapped his chin in mock thought.

'Well if I am bad and a Holy Sword is good, what do you think I will do hmm, little girl?' Asked the devil.

'You want to destroy it, don't you?' Said Issei.

'So I guess you are the brains in this group, interesting. Although you are correct, we want to destroy it, something our king is too cowardly to try.' Said the devil scornfully.

'You have a king?' Asked Issei in confusion, but still keeping his guard up.

'Oh, it seems I've said too much, although then again, we only need the girl, you my dear boy are expendable.' Said the devil maliciously, before sticking his right arm out and releasing a compressed ball of energy, which shot at Issei.

Issei pushed Irina out of the way and dived to the other side, the ball passing between them, before exploding into flames as it hit a nearby streetlight.

'Lucky, you actually dodged that, but now, you're finished.' Said the devil, before launching two balls, which struck Issei, burning him and sending him into the building the devil had previously been standing on.

'Augh!' Cried out Issei in pain, at the searing burns across his torso.

'Issei! What's going on, why is no one coming to help us?' Said Irina in fear, eyes starting to tear up.

'Oh, no one can see, or hear any of us right now, in fact, anyone looking in this direction will see an empty street, which means you're all alone and no one can help you.' Said the devil.

Irina started to pray, before the second devil grabbed her from behind in a one-armed chokehold and used his other hand to cover her mouth.

Issei stood back up in pain, breathing heavily.

"So much pain… I feel like I'm dying." Thought Issei weakly, unknowingly rousing a being from its sleep.

"I have to save Irina." Thought Issei, before he picked up a nearby rock which he threw at the devil holding Irina, only for the other devil to vaporise it with another ball of fire.

'Foolish little boy, you can't stop me, in fact, the only reason you are still alive is because I find your attempts to fight us amusing.' Said the devil tauntingly.

'No! I will stop you; I will save Irina.' Said Issei firmly with a huff.

'Hmm, well let's see just how many hits you can take, here is number three.' Said the devil in amusement, as he launched another ball of fire at Issei, which was much faster than the ones before.

'Ahh.' Cried Issei in pain, as he felt the ball explode into flames and slowly burn his already damaged skin.

'Now five.' Said the devil gleefully, launching two more balls of energy, hitting Issei again and burning what was left of his shirt off, while inflicting weak burns to his arms and even stronger ones to his chest.

"No… It can't end like this… Irina, my friend… I don't want to lose my best friend." Thought Issei weakly.

'How far would you be willing to go to save your friend?' Asked a deep voice, which Issei didn't recognise.

"What, who is that?" Thought Issei in confusion.

'I can give you the power to survive this; it will come at a cost though.' Said the voice.

"You can, how?" Asked Issei.

'What, only five? Ah, such a shame, and I had such high expectations.' Taunted the devil, as Issei dropped to his knees, unaware of the conversion he was currently having in his mind.

'I guess I will just have to finish this then.' Said the devil, as he started gathering power in his hand once again, causing the muted Irina's eyes to widen in panic.

'Yes, if you give me your left arm, I will be able to give you enough power to survive this next attack and flee with your life.' Said the voice.

"No, I can't run away, I have to save Irina! She is my best friend, even if I didn't know she was a girl until today, she is still my best friend." Thought Issei furiously.

'I don't know if your arm will be enough to beat these two devils, you are only a child.' Said the voice in thought.

"If that's the only problem, I will give you anything, even my heart, I can't let my friend be killed." Thought Issei strongly.

'Are you sure? This isn't exactly a small sacrifice to make.' Said the voice in surprise.

"Yes, if it gives me enough strength to save my friend, it is worth it. I won't lose my friend because I was scared. If all it takes is me sacrificing my heart, I will gladly do it." Thought Issei, as tried to get back to his feet.

"Hmm, this one is different. He is only a child, but already has a strong sense of self-sacrifice. This might just be interesting." Thought the voice in Issei's head.

'Very well, say these words then.' Said the voice.

Issei stood back up, causing the devil to momentarily pause powering up his attack.

'Oh, you stood up, impressive. What's that you're mumbling?' Said the devil in surprise, which quickly turned to confusion.

'I, Issei Hyoudou, carrier of the Red Dragon Emperor, pledge my mortal heart to the Heavenly Dragon. I who will walk the path of righteousness and protect those close to me and crush those who oppose me. Awaken Boosted Gear! Shine forth Over-boost!' Chanted Issei.

'Welsh Dragon Over-Booster.' Echoed a gauntlet which suddenly appeared on Issei's left arm, before spreading over his whole body, leaving him entirely clad in red. The red garb was a plate-armour with the motif of a dragon, with two green jewels covering his left arm, one over the hand and just before the elbow, two more green jewels on his right arm in the same places as his left, jewels on both of his knees and shoulders, and one large green jewel over where his heart would be in the centre of his torso, just under his chest and above his abdominals. The whole armour had a sharp shape, as well as what appeared to be yellow fangs jutting out from the elbow, neck, and front of his shoulders, with two more just under his eyes. Lastly, over Issei's head was an angular dragon-like visor, with the eyes appearing to be green crystals.

'What is this?' Said the first devil, as he unconsciously backed up.

The second devil threw Irina to the side and moved to stand next to his partner.

'Quickly, you can only be in this form for two seconds or you will die!' Said the same voice from before.

"Two is plenty." Thought Issei, as he copied what the devil had been doing previously and created a tiny ball of red energy in his left hand.

'Dragon Shot!' Shouted Issei, as the small ball of red energy exploded outwards in a massive cylinder of energy, reaching half a meter in diameter, and blasting through a chunk of both devils' midsections.

After the energy ploughed through them, the armour around Issei vanished and he dropped to his knees, before slumping headfirst and passing out.

'Ugh *cough* beaten by some lousy kid.' Said the devil, before coughing out a large amount of blood, before collapsing ungracefully and dying along with his comrade.

Irina was absolutely gobsmacked and had no idea what had just happened. Irina walked over to Issei, before dragging him up and slinging his arm around her shoulders.

'Mou, Issei, *huff* why do you have to be so heavy?' Said Irina rhetorically, as she tried to lift the unconscious boy.

Irina walked slowly in the direction of her house. After a short distance, she looked back and saw both bodies had vanished without a trace.

-line break-

Inside Issei's mind

-line break-

'Where am I?' Said Issei in confusion, finding himself surrounded by black in every direction.

'Well, I suppose technically this is your mind, although it would be slightly more accurate to say your left hand, with your mind and consciousness projected into it.' Said the same voice from before.

'Not that I'm not happy that you helped me save Irina, but who are you?' Questioned Issei meekly.

'Didn't you pay attention to what you chanted? I am a Heavenly Dragon, the Red Dragon Emperor, although I guess since we are going to be together for at least a bit longer, I can tell you that my name is Ddraig.' Said the voice.

'Uh, mister dragon, uh, I mean Ddraig… can you show yourself or something, it feels weird talking to you but not seeing you?' Asked Issei.

'Hmm, why not?' Said Ddraig, before the black area turned dark red, following which, flames burst up from an area in front of Issei, as a figure rose from the flames, until a large red Western Dragon with green eyes was revealed.

'Wow, you are huge!' Said Issei with a gobsmacked expression.

'Well, I am a dragon; in fact, before I was sealed, I was one of the strongest beings in existence.' Stated Ddraig with pride.

After a while of Issei staring at Ddraig and taking in his size Ddraig spoke.

'There is something we need to discuss.' Said Ddraig seriously.

'What is it Ddraig?' Asked Issei, tilting his head to the side.

'Well, you are now no longer fully human.' Said Ddraig, seeing no reason to sugar-coat things.

'Huh, what? How? Why?!' Questioned Issei rapidly, before Ddraig grunted grabbing his attention.

'Well you remember how you said you would give up your heart?' Asked Ddraig getting a nod from Issei.

'Well you gave up your human heart and now have a dragon's heart.' Said Ddraig getting Issei's jaw to drop.

'The reason I suggested your left arm as a sacrifice instead of your heart was it would still leave you largely human, however, it wouldn't have given you enough power to take out those devils. The reason I needed your heart was because nothing else would have given you enough power to defeat them. Therein lays the reason as to why you are not truly, fully human.' Said Ddraig slowly.

'So does that mean I am going to grow scales and fangs and become a massive dragon with wings?' Asked Issei in worry, only for Ddraig to laugh, although it sounded more like a booming gravely echo.

'No, you will still look exactly like a human. You see, in giving me you heart and gaining a dragon heart, the rest of your body now must compensate for the change, making you a humanoid dragon of sorts. You see, simply put, since you heart pumps blood through your body, your life fluid, the rest of your body has now changed slightly because of it.' Said Ddraig thoughtfully.

'Uh, what do you mean?' Asked Issei in confusion.

'Well, for instance, from now on, your skin will be slightly thicker than a normal human's skin would be, your muscles and bones will develop slightly differently, being much harder, allowing you to be stronger and faster. Aside from that, nothing too major, like your vision, hearing, and sense of smell being a little stronger than they would have been.' Explained the Welsh Dragon.

'Hmm, well that doesn't sound too bad, if I am stronger, I will be able to protect Irina better next time.' Said Issei simply.

Ddraig smiled slightly at this, seeing that the boy was taking the situation rather well.

'There is one downside though.' Said Ddraig, gaining Issei's attention once again.

'Dragons are powerful creatures which are greatly admired, respected, and feared, and thus, generally draw people towards them. With you technically being dragon, or at least not a human, but rather a human-dragon hybrid of sorts, in addition with you possessing me, one of the strongest dragons to ever exist, this means that you will too, just like all dragons, attract many people who will be drawn to your power. However, while strong allies will be drawn to you, so will strong enemies.' Said Ddraig gravely.

'Well then, I just need to make sure I get stronger to make sure that I can beat these bad guys.' Said Issei childishly.

'Hmm, well first you need to wake up, I suggest taking it easy for a while until your body can adjust to your new heart, also, the changes I told you about will take a few years before they develop, so enjoy being a soft, squishy human while it still lasts.' Said Ddraig mockingly.

'Hey, there is nothing wrong with being soft and squishy, soft and squishy stuff are the best, much better than hard stuff.' Said Issei, not knowing that in the future his words would have an entirely new meaning.

'Whatever, enjoy it while it lasts.' Said Ddraig uncaringly, before motioning for Issei to go away.

'But before I go, how can I talk to you after this?' Asked Issei.

'Well, you won't be able to for the next week or so while your mind adjusts due to my spirit awakening, although after that, you will be able to talk to me through your left hand. I will be able to speak from it and you will be able to speak to me through it.' Said Ddraig.

'Um ok… weird… talk to you later then.' Said Issei, before closing his eyes and trying to wake up.

-line break-

'Ugh, such a headache.' Groaned Issei, as he sat up, only to be promptly tackled by Irina and pushed back down onto the bed.

'Issei, you're awake.' Said Irina happily, with tears in her eyes.

'Yeah, why, what's going on? I wasn't sleeping for that long, was I?' Asked Issei, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

'Well not really, but you have been asleep for the past twelve hours.' Said Irina slightly embarrassed.

'What's wrong then, why do you look so sad?' Said Issei, noticing Irina's puffy red eyes.

'W-well, before… I didn't get to tell you yesterday, but uh… I'm moving to England.' Said Irina sadly.

'Oh… but that's not for a while, right?' Asked Issei hopefully.

Irina sadly shook her head and looked to be on the verge of tears again.

'No, I am leaving this afternoon.' Irina said sadly.

Issei adopted a downcast expression at hearing his best and only friend was moving to England, today no less, meaning he wouldn't be able to spend any more time with her. Issei wallowed in his sadness for a short time, before perking up, as a smile started to spread across his face.

'That's okay, I'll just have to make sure we see each other again. No matter what!' Said Issei, pumping his fist awkwardly, as Irina still had him pinned down.

'Do you really mean that?' Asked Irina hopefully, as she sat up, allowing Issei to do the same.

'You bet.' Said Issei with a smile.

'Uh Issei, about yesterday, what were you saying about a dragon, your heart and heaven? It sounded confusing.' Asked Irina.

'Well, it turns out that there is some big red dragon inside me, and he is called a heavenly dragon and he gave me the power to save both of us from those devils yesterday.' Said Issei happily, before his smile diminished somewhat.

'Although, because I am still a kid, I needed to give something to the dragon so my body could handle the power, so I… well, gave him my heart...' Said Issei, trailing off, as he saw Irina's eyes start to build up with tears.

'What's wrong, Irina?' Asked Issei, before Irina tackled him again and started crying into Issei's shoulder.

'Uwah, poor Issei! Why did you give up your heart to a meanie dragon? What if he tries to eat you or something?' Cried Irina.

'No, no, he won't eat me, he seemed really nice; besides, it isn't that bad. He said that because I gave up my heart, I will become really strong later on and be able to beat any bad guys that try to attack us ever again.' Said Issei hurriedly, trying to stop Irina's tears.

'Really, he won't try to eat you?' Asked Irina with a sniffle.

'Yeah, I'll be fine, no dragon will eat me.' Said Issei proudly, getting a small giggle from Irina.

'Okay.' She said with a smile.

-line break-

"Worry not you two, you will meet again. I guarantee it." Thought a voice, who was watching the events occurring at the current time.

-line break-

It was now late in the afternoon and Issei was saying goodbye to Irina, while their parents did the same.

'So I guess this is goodbye for now.' Said Issei awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Irina nodded her head with a wistful smile.

'It's ok though, isn't it? We promised we would see each other again, right?' Said Irina, her smile widening somewhat.

'Yeah, you're right.' Said Issei with a small smile.

'Before I go though, I want to give you something.' Said Irina, as she fumbled around in her pockets and pulled out a small locket.

It was in the shape of a love heart and was made of silver, with a small gold cross. The chain was also made of silver.

'So you don't forget about me until I come back and see you.' Explained Irina, before she handed him the locket, before turning around and walking away in the direction of the taxi, which would take her and her parents to the airport.

Issei stared at the locket for a while, before he heard a car horn beep and looked up to see Irina waving goodbye, which he reciprocated until he could no longer see the car.

Issei looked back at the locket, before slipping it around his neck and letting it fall under his shirt.

"Don't worry Irina, I definitely won't forget my best friend." Issei thought confidently, before walking back to his house.

-line break-

Time skip of nine years (start of canon time)

-line break-

'*sigh* Matsuda, Motohama don't you guys ever feel bad, or even get bored of this?' Asked Issei, as he sat on a ledge, resting his face in his palm with a bored expression, as he watched two of his closest friends peep on the girls of the Kendo club.

'Come on Issei, you should know the answer to that already.' Replied Matsuda with a grin. Matsuda was known as the "Perverted Baldy" due to his shaved head and open declaration of being a lolicon.

'Did you ever think that if maybe you didn't peep so frequently on everyone, you might have girlfriends by now?' Issei suggested tiredly.

'Never. There is nothing wrong with peeping.' Said Motohama with a creepy grin, as his glasses glinted, giving him a very eerie look. Motohama was the smarter of the duo and possessed the ability to calculate a female's body measurements just by looking, which earned him nicknames such as "Perverted Glasses" and "Three Sizes Scouter". Both wore the standard Kuoh boys' uniform.

'Did you hear that?' Asked a girl's voice from within the Girls' Kendo club changing room.

'Eep, later Issei, see you at lunch.' Said Matsuda, before he and Motohama ran off.

Issei sighed heavily and buried his face in his hands, before giving a small chuckle.

'Those guys will never change.' Mumbled Issei, before he felt something thrown in his direction, which he quickly grabbed.

It was a kendo stick and there were at least ten girls with kendo sticks in front of him.

'Sorry ladies, I don't think they will ever stop.' Said Issei half-heartedly, as he stood up and took a stance.

'Why do you hang out with those perverts anyway?' Asked Murayama, a brunette with a front fringe and two long side bangs, going down to the left and right side of her face, with the rest held back in a ponytail with a red ribbon.

'Well, they may have no shame, but they do have some good qualities. Plus, they are my friends. Besides, I can't really fault them for wanting to see pretty girls.' Said Issei with a shrug, getting a few blushes.

'Why don't you ever peep on us then, huh?' Asked Katase, who had pink hair and also had two long side bangs going down the left and right side of her face, although hers were thinner than Murayama's, with a white band on the top of her head.

Issei unknowingly clutched the locket which he wore under his shirt.

'I have my reasons I guess.' Said Issei, as he gripped his kendo stick firmly and lowered himself into a stance.

'Well, why do you keep covering for those perverts anyway? You could still be friends with them without letting them peep?' Asked Murayama, slightly frustrated at never being able to beat up the people who actually peeped on her.

'Well this way everybody wins.' Said Issei confusing the girls.

'This way they get to peep, you get to vent your frustration and I get to spar with all of you.' Said Issei with a lopsided grin, before the girls charged him.

"Just another Friday as usual." Thought Issei in amusement.

-line break-

'Akeno, what do you think of him.' Said a redheaded figure, as she and the aforementioned Akeno watched Issei skilfully dodge and lightly strike the girls of the Kendo club. The figure belonged to a young woman who appeared to be in her late teens with a buxom figure, a light skin tone, and blue-green eyes. Her most distinctive feature was her long, crimson-red hair, which reached down to her thighs, with a single hair strand sticking out from the top. Her hair also had loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. She wore the standard Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, which consisted of a white, long-sleeved, button-down shirt, with a black ribbon on her shirt collar, worn under a black shoulder cape, and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks.

'He definitely isn't completely human and has a very strong aura about him; it's rather intoxicating to say the least.' Said Akeno. Akeno was a buxom young woman who appeared to be the same age as the figure, with long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair was tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs, with two antennae-like locks of hair sticking out from the top and sloping backwards, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. Like the figure, she too wore the customary Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, along with black knee-high socks.

'Do you suppose he is a fallen angel or an angel, as I would know if a devil was in this territory?' Asked the redheaded girl.

'No, he definitely isn't a fallen angel or an angel. Why the sudden interest, Rias, does the big, bad king have a crush?' Teased Akeno.

'No, although keep an eye on him, I have a feeling the fallen angels may target him soon.' Said Rias coolly.

-line break-

Issei was walking home and staring at a flier he had just been given by a figure with a strange magical aura.

"So Ddraig, what do you think? Summoning circle?" Thought Issei, having learned how to communicate with Ddraig telepathically instead of having to talk at his left hand all the time.

'It seems to be the case, after all, you have felt the high energy of the devils' in your school, haven't you?' Replied Issei.

Issei's grip tightened on the flier without him realising, before he relaxed his grip.

"Yeah." Thought Issei, before snapping out of his thoughts due to a girl approaching him.

The girl was in a school uniform, which consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt, with a thin white strip around the lower end of it. She had long black hair that fell to her hips and violet eyes.

Issei was vaguely aware that she had asked him out on a date, but was focusing more on her aura.

"Definitely a fallen angel." Thought Issei.

'You're right, although, what do you intend to do?' Asked Ddraig.

"Well, I suppose I could agree to take her on a date, I don't have a lot of information on the fallen angel faction." Thought Issei, internally weighing up his options.

After a bit of thought, he snapped out of it and smiled at the girl in front of him.

'Sure.' Said Issei.

-line break-

The next day

-line break-

Issei took the fallen angel going by the name of Yuuma Amano out to a clothing store, where he bought her a small scrunchie-like purple bracelet, before going to a family restaurant for ice cream. Issei was observing her throughout the date and while it seemed as though she was having fun, she seemed to be acting fairly reserved, almost as though she didn't want to enjoy herself.
At the culmination of the date, both were standing in front of a fountain, as the sun began to set in the background.

'Issei, in commemoration of our first date, will your honour my request? Will you die for me?' The fallen angel asked, before shedding her clothing, as two black wings shot from her back. In the process of transforming, she grew taller, taking on a more mature appearance, her eyes changed, taking on a darker, more evil look. Her clothing also changed dramatically, now consisting of black, strap-like objects, resembling leather, around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran right up her arms, with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders, with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high, high-heeled boots. Her voice also tumbled to a lower pitch.

"Damn Ddraig, did you see what I just saw? She was completely naked for a good three seconds… for a show like that, I'll humour her for the next minute." Thought Issei, mind slightly numb at seeing the fallen angel in all her glory.

'Perverted idiot.' Grumbled Ddraig.

'I am Raynare, a fallen angel, and now, you will die.' Said the fallen angel, before a purple spear of light fazed into existence, which she threw straight at Issei's heart.

"Wow, that was such a slow throw, just for that, I am only humouring her for another ten seconds. Did she actually think she could kill me with an attack that slow?" Thought Issei, slightly miffed at being underestimated to such an extent.

'Sorry about that, I did enjoy our time together, but you were a threat to us so…' Started Raynare, before Issei cut her off.

'Ten.' Said Issei, as he pulled the spear out of his chest, before throwing it to the side.

Raynare gasped in shock, but was even more shocked when the gaping hole left by her spear of light was filled by the presence of a new heart, before his flesh knitted itself over until the hole was closed up and his chest was revealed completely unscathed.

'Really fallen angel, don't be so surprised. You should have made sure you did your research on the threat to the rest of you so this wouldn't happen. Truth be told, if you had attacked me nine years ago, you may very well have succeeded. But now…' Said Issei, as his Sacred Gear materialised on his left hand, taking the appearance of a fearsome red, dragon-like gauntlet, with a large green jewel embedded into the section of the gauntlet covering his hand, with two yellow fang-like protrusions coming off it near the section covering Issei's elbow.

'I had some reservations for what I was planning on doing to you, although, after you just tried to kill me, I don't have them anymore.' Said Issei, glaring menacingly at the now fearful fallen angel.

'W-what are you doing? Stop!' Shouted Raynare, after Issei started to approach her, before she threw another spear of light at him, which he easily sidestepped.

'Although, I am definitely going to have to train you.' Said Issei sinisterly.

'No, stay away!' Shouted Raynare, as she flapped her wings and tried to fly away.

'Boost.' Said Issei, which his gauntlet mimicked, before he disappeared in a burst of speed and reappeared in front of Raynare, before he landed a heavy right jab to her midsection, sending her crashing into the pavement.

Issei dropped down on the edge of the fountain, while the fallen angel tried to crawl away in fear.

'Say goodnight, little fallen angel.' Said Issei, before he smashed an axe kick into Raynare's back, knocking her out.

'I Issei Hyoudou, bind the fallen angel known as Raynare to me for eternity.' Said Issei, as he placed his left hand, gauntlet and all, on Raynare's back, before a red circle surrounded by and filled with numerous kanji and formulas appeared over her downed form.

After the circle receded, Issei stood up and pulled out the flier he had received yesterday.

'Just one last thing to take care of.' Said Issei, before holding the flier and wishing for a pretty girl to show up.

Surprisingly, instead of one, two appeared and once they noticed each other, they gained confused expressions.

'Akeno, what are you and I both doing here?' Asked Rias in confusion.

'Ara, ara, it would seem we were both summoned here.' Said Akeno with a smile.

'Well, I only wished for one pretty girl, but I suppose two is better. Pleased to make your acquaintances, my name is Issei Hyoudou.' Said Issei, giving a small bow, drawing the attention of the two girls.

'My name is Rias Gremory a devil.' Said Rias, getting Issei's back to tighten, before he forcefully relaxed it.

'Ara, ara, pleased to make you acquaintance, I am Akeno Himejima, Rias Gremory's queen.' Said Akeno, giving a small bow herself.

'Now, why exactly have you summoned us?' Asked Rias as she looked around, before spotting the fallen angel.

Rias and Akeno's hands both twitched slightly at seeing a fallen angel, but Issei speaking stopped whatever they were planning on doing.

'I would appreciate you not glaring murderously at the fallen angel, as she is now bound to me.' Said Issei cheerfully, with a threatening undertone.

Rias and Akeno were both surprised at what Issei said.

'How did you do that?' Asked Rias in surprise.

'Oh, you know, just the usual standard binding formula, with a unique twist of mine.' Said Issei offhandedly, as if he was commenting on the weather.

'The reason I called you, or well I suppose both of you here is to tell you that this fallen angel is now under my protection and I would appreciate if you devils didn't try to harm her. Naturally, I will be telling her the same thing, as I don't want to start a conflict between factions.' Said Issei with a smile.

'I suppose we could agree to those terms, assuming she doesn't try to attack us first.' Said Rias.

'Great, thanks for that.' Said Issei, as he bent over and picked up the unconscious Raynare, holding her bridal style.

'Although, I suppose you will want a payment for me summoning you here. Both my soul and being turned into a devil are off the table.' Said Issei quickly.

Rias pouted at not being able to gain such a strong piece to add to her peerage, but thought of a way around that.

'Very well then, as payment, you will have to join the Occult Research Club.' Said Rias victoriously.

'That's it? Fine, no problem.' Said Issei, surprised at such a simple request.

'Ara, but President, I want a payment as well.' Said Akeno, with a teasing tone and smile.

'*sigh* Must you, Akeno?' Asked Rias, slightly exasperated.

'Well, he did summon me too.' Stated Akeno.

'I have no problem with that, Akeno, but like I said, turning and my soul are off the table.' Said Issei firmly.

'That's fine, I don't want anything like that, all I want is to be able to ask you for a favour at some point.' Said Akeno, smiling with her eyes closed.

'That is acceptable. Hmm, while I'm still here though, if things go well with Raynare here, I would like for her to be able to come to Kuoh… would that be a problem?' Asked Issei curiously.

Rias thought about it for a minute, mentally weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of allowing Raynare to enter, what was quite frankly, a devil stronghold. This coupled with the strained smile Akeno was giving indicated that it might not be the best of ideas. However, with her bound to Issei, there should be a limit as to what she could do without his approval, so in all honesty, the threat of her attacking anyone was rather low.

'Very well, I will see what I can do.' Said Rias tiredly.

'Thanks, in any case, see you both on Monday I suppose.' Said Issei, before walking away and taking the unconscious Raynare with him.

'Wait, before you go, what are you? You aren't a devil, and don't seem to be an angel or a fallen one.' Said Rias quickly.

'Ah, that. Hmm, well, not to be rude or anything, but you haven't earned my trust for me to tell you that yet.' Said Issei over his shoulder, as he kept walking.

Rias was slightly miffed at the abrupt dismissal, but conceded that they hadn't done anything for him to divulge possible sensitive information to them.

'Well, what do you think Akeno?' Asked Rias.

'I think things will be very interesting from now on.' Said Akeno, before both disappeared in a bright red glow, as a red circle filled with formulas appeared under them.