A jump through time

Pairing : Bella and Klaus, Elijah/Haley, Rebekah/Marcel (a bit)

Twilight: Book 2, after Edward leaves.

The Originals: not too long after episode 7, ignoring what comes after.

Story similar to An Eclipse in Time that was a Twilight/TVD crossover with Bella/Elijah pairing that I wrote a while back.


-New Orleans- End of September-

Haley was with Elijah in the cabin (in the Bayou) Tyler had taken her to, looking for some clue about her family when she went to get some fresh air, needing a break. She was pregnant after all and being this close to the handsome man that Elijah was, wasn't an easy task. She didn't know if her pregnancy or Elijah was responsible for the heat but she needed some fresh air.

It hadn't been an easy day for her but she felt that she was close to getting answers, finally.

As she walked out, she saw an old book on the ground and while Elijah joined her, she opened it and started reading it.

"What is it?" Elijah asked her.

"An old family bible, I think…" She said as she flipped to the last page.

"Look at that name, Charlie. He would be about 38 now… His last name is scratched, no date of death…" Elijah noticed.

"The name under it, Isabella… Seems like she's his daughter… Just turned 18 a few days ago but the last name is scratched here too…" Haley pointed out.

"And who is Andrea Lebonair?" He asked.

"It's my birthday… I think I am…" Haley realized.

"Well, I think you just found what you wanted…" Elijah told her softly with a smile.

"But why are Charlie and Isabella's last name scratched? Who are they and where are they?" She wondered.

"In the old days, they would scratch the last name of someone in the family bible if they betrayed their family and got exiled, much like Katerina Petrova. Given the situation for werewolves here, it's possible that he simply ran away to protect this Isabella and that the family didn't take it well… Especially since the name of the girl's mother isn't written… Maybe he had a child with someone he wasn't allowed to be with…" Elijah explained.

"Well, I guess we'll have to look into it later." She declared.

"Why later?" Elijah asked her.

"Because right now you need to rest. When Klaus' venom is out of your system we will go home and deal with everything." Haley told him, guiding his sweaty body back inside and helping him lie down on the one bed that was still there.


-Forks- Mid-December

It was December and Bella wasn't happy.

Edward, the boy she thought she would love forever had left her the day after her birthday and she had been feeling empty ever since. To top it all, her father wanted to talk to her today after school and she had a feeling that it had nothing to do with her current zombie like mode. She had a bad feeling and was dreading the moment she would find herself face to face with him. She hoped he wouldn't try to send her to live with her mother again. She wouldn't be able to stomach that.

"Sit down Bella, please." Charlie told her gravely when she came home from school on the last day before the Christmas break.

"What is it Dad?" She asked in her now habitual monotonous voice, trying to appear happier than she truly was but failing.

"I have been meaning to tell you this on your birthday a few months ago but then you had that party at the Cul… Well, you know. Anyway, then I decided to tell you the next day after school but… Well, you weren't in the mood to hear it after that and I kept on postponing it, pushing it back until I realized that there would be no perfect time for you to learn this and that it was important for you to learn the truth from me." Charlie told her.

"What is it?" Bella asked, worried and, for the first time in a while having some sort of life in her eyes and her voice.

"Swan isn't my…our real last name. I changed it a long time ago. Now it's a long story so prepare yourself Bells… First of all you should know that I was aware about the Cullen's being vampires."

"What?" Bella asked, shocked and surprised.

For the first time in a long time her voice rose above a whisper and it pleased Charlie.

"I turned a blind eye on you dating that boy because when you were born a witch told me that your destiny was with a vampire… I figured he might be the one but I was wrong… Obviously."

"A what? Did you just say witch? They're real?" Bella exclaimed.

"Yes Honey. But you better calm down because I haven't even started telling you what I needed to tell you." He smiled softly, loving the life he was seeing in his daughter's eyes for the first time in months.

"You said you changed your last name… Why is that? What was it before?" Bella asked him curiously, wondering what last name could have been so bad that he needed to change.

"Do you remember when I told you that I didn't grow up here and how every summer I would take you around the place I was born?" Charlie asked her.

"New Orleans, yes. That's where Grandma' still lives." Bella nodded.

"The truth is, New Orleans is what you could call a supernatural central. Covens of witches, groups of vampires and families of werewolves… Always battling for power, control and domination over the land… Now, before I go further into the story do you remember how I met your mother?"

"Yes, at a party in the French Quarters… You immediately left to come here when you realized you were in love." Bella nodded.

She chuckled when she thought of the TV show How I Met Your Mother and was glad that her father didn't take as much time as Ted Mosby to tell her that tale. She was also glad that her father hadn't included as much details as Ted Mosby had and she was hoping that her father wasn't about to change that. There were things a kid didn't need to know about his parents, no matter his age.

"Your mother…She's a witch. She hasn't been using her magic because she was never in control of it but it's in you too… She left you her old family's spell book when she came back in September…" Charlie marked a pause when he saw his daughter's face.

"So I'm a witch?" She asked him.

"That's the thing… The reason I changed my name and we ran from New Orleans was because we couldn't be together…Nobody wanted you to be born, you would have been too powerful…" He started.

"What? Why? I'm not powerful, I'm nothing…" Bella protested.

Had she been powerful, Edward would have stayed with her, she knew that. He left because she was a weak human.

"Bella honey… You're only half a witch but you're the last of a very powerful line of witches, your destiny is with a very old and powerful vampire, I don't know who he is but he definitely scared those old witches. And…Honey…The reason I couldn't be with your mother… My family…it runs in the blood and I activated it when I was a teenage boy and accidentally killed a man who was attacking a child in the street…I…I'm a werewolf."

"You're a… Why didn't I know this?"

"Because every full moon I tell you that I have to work late and I go to the reservation where Billy helps me…" He explained.

"Billy? How can he help you?" Bella asked.

"The young men at the reservation turn into wolves too but they are shape shifters… They help keep me in line because when you become a wolf, you're not in control of anything you do anymore. They keep me in control and it makes the change less painful. I run with them and so I don't have to fight my inner wolf, it makes everything much easier." Charlie explained.

"So, wait. Does it mean I'm one too?" Bella asked him.

"Yes… You can use your witch half anytime you want but you won't be able to use your werewolf side until you kill someone and activates your curse…which better be never. Now Bella, changing hurts a lot, you have to break every bone in your body to do it…It's painful…but the good thing is that because of your witch half, you'll never lose control of your inner wolf, that's why you've never had rage outburst during the full moons…" He explained her the best way he could.

"So I'm a witch, a werewolf and am destined to fall in love with an old vampire? How is that even going to work? Can I be all of this at once? Is it even fair? Doesn't nature need some sort of fair balance or something?" Bella asked him.

"The thing is, you can't be a witch and a vampire at the same time but… Before she gave up on using her powers, your mother looked into it and saw what the witches who wanted you dead saw… Because of your werewolf side, you will be able to keep your witch powers, even if you become a vampire…that is, as long as it's the blood of your Love who changes you." Charlie informed her.

"That's…wow… Hey, maybe I'll even find a spell or something to prevent me from sparkling in the sun….wait did you say blood? Ed…Edward said that venom changed them into vampires!" Bella exclaimed unaware that she had managed to say his name for the first time since he left her.

"Well, there are two sorts of vampires, the Cullen's were Cold ones, the kind that is in New Orleans is the one you're destined to join… They're more…traditional I guess, stake through the heart, burn in the sun if they don't have a special ring… It's all explained in your mother's old spell book, you'll be able to learn it all in there. She even added a few pages with everything she found out about you." Charlie told her.

Bella was shocked, it was obvious on her face as she opened the old book her father handed her. It was tick but as soon as she held it, she felt like it belonged to her, like it was familiar.

"Maybe my being a witch was why Edward couldn't read my thoughts when he could hear anyone else's." Bella said thoughtfully.

"Maybe… Listen Bells, tonight is a full moon and I need to get to Billy's before it's too late… I just… You read this book, think about what I just told you, even call your grandmother if you want. She never triggered her curse but she married a werewolf and raised a few. She'll be able to answer your questions until I see you in the morning." Charlie told her.

"Wait dad, what was our last name before you changed it to Swan? And why did you change?" She asked him as he put his jacket on.

"I changed so that they couldn't find us too easily…the witches, the werewolves or even the vampires. The werewolves were run out of town a while back and I didn't want other wolves, witches or vampires after us to hurt you… Our last name was Lebonair. You still have a cousin somewhere. Her name was Andrea, she's a little older than you but my brother, your uncle, abandoned her when a vampire killed her mother. It was to protect her… She probably has a new name and no memory of any of us now." Charlie told her as he opened the door.

Before he walked out he turned around and said:

"Your cousin, Andrea, she has the same birthmark you have on her shoulder. You both have the exact same, at the same place. A sign that you were destined to lead our clan…but last I heard the few wolves that stayed hide in the woods… Most of them either left or got killed… Anyway…maybe you can find your cousin with your magic or something… Well, see you tomorrow morning bright and early. Be careful."

Charlie then left the house and Bella was all alone to pounder what she had just been told. It was a lot to take in and for the time being, Edward leaving her couldn't be further from her mind.

She had a cousin she never knew about, she was half witch, half werewolf and was destined to end up with an old powerful vampire that didn't sparkle in the sun… What else could she learn now?

Bella stayed in the armchair and started on reading the old grimoir. She couldn't help but wonder, in the back of her mind, what her cousin was doing.


Bella spent the entire night reading the book. She tried her first spell on a candle, then on the fire place. Then she channeled the full moon and felt the power run through her. She read the warning in the book about using too much power but with the full moon, she knew that there was a lot she could do so she used this opportunity to try a lot of different spells. She created a barrier around her father's house so that Edward's sort of vampire couldn't come in anymore and out of revenge for him leaving her, she was planning on putting the same spell on his house. Maybe Alice would see it coming and ask her not to do it or maybe they'll be surprised by it in a few decades… She didn't care, either way she was winning. If they came to ask her to undo it, then they'll have to explain themselves, if they didn't, then too bad for them. They'd have to find another house or to hope she was still alive and willing to help them. They'd have to explain themselves anyway.

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