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The past few weeks after Bella showed her new family how to fight a vampire, things went by quietly. They all still practiced as often as they could and if they didn't match Mickeal in strength or speed, they were confident that they could get him if they joined their forces. They had even dipped their white oak stakes in heavily concentrated vervain to make sure it hurt as much as possible. They had all agreed not to change into vampires until Mickeal was dealt with.

Bella and Klaus had been able to witness Kendra's first word. She had said "Dada" while looking at Klaus and, the next day, "Mama" while looking at Bella. It had made the joy of the newly engaged couple who couldn't stop trying to get the little girl to say more words. Being as smart as she was, Kendra evolved quickly and learned more words everyday. Even if she didn't talk clearly, she managed to make it clear who she was speaking to. They all had nicknames.

They had celebrated Kendra's first birthday in joy one evening in Bella's house and if the hybrid-witch was happy to see Kendra growing up so much, it also reminded her of her cousin's passing on the same day a year ago and a bit of nostalgia clouded this happy day for her but she was thankful for Niklaus' presence by her side. He seemed to understand how she was feeling, having been told the circumstances of his daughter's birth before and he was doing his best to cheer Bella up, which worked pretty well, especially since Kendra was perfectly adorable and kept on making them all laugh.

It had been a few weeks since that happy birthday but Bella couldn't shake her feeling that something bad was coming their way. She couldn't deny that the past few weeks had been pretty happy, that Mickeal had stayed away and that nothing bad had happened to them but she was nervous, feeling that all this happiness would come at a price, that something bad would happen.

"You're still worried Bella?" Henrik asked her as he spent the afternoon with Kendra and her.

The little boy was obviously the one who spent the most time playing with Kendra. The two of them had a special bond and Bella knew that it was because for once, Henrik didn't have to be the youngest anymore. He was with Kendra every time he could.

"Yes…" She nodded.

"Hey, Remember that friend of Rebekah's who disappeared a few days ago?" Henrik tried to distract her from her worries.

"The one who left running after her father told her she was going to marry someone she didn't like because she thought his ears were too large?" Bella asked him, getting her attention away from the window.

"Yes, her. She came back. Apparently she fell and hit her head somewhere in the woods and got lost for a few days before she found her way back last night." He informed her.

"She's lucky to be alive. I can't imagine what Mickeal could have done to her had he found her… Or even the wild animals…" Bella shook her head.

"She looked tired but she was not sick or anything. Her mother said that she didn't even have a scratch on her skin." Henrik added.

"Well, I'm happy for her. She got lucky. Listen, I need to go get some water, do you think you can stay alone with Kendra for a while?" Bella asked him.

"I can go and get the water if you want." He offered.

"I don't think so. Remember your fall yesterday, your mother doesn't want you carrying anything heavy for the next few days." Bella shook her head with a smile.

"Right, I forgot. I'll stay here with Kendra then." He nodded.

"We both know that you love it. I won't be long." Bella said before she kissed Kendra's forehead and whispered "Mama loves you" in her ear.


Bella had a bucket full of water in each hand and was hurrying back to her house, having had a dreadful feeling in the pit of her stomach for the past few minutes. When she approached her house, she saw that the front door was opened when she remembered clearly leaving it closed. It was almost dark out so Bella tried to calm her worries, thinking that maybe Klaus had come by the house already.

As soon as she pushed the door open wider however, Bella dropped the buckets of water and yelled for help.

Henrik was lying face down on the floor, unconscious, Kendra was nowhere to be seen and the back door was wide open.

She knew that she had yelled loudly but she didn't care, she wanted people to come and help her look for Kendra.

"Bella, what's wrong Love?" Niklaus asked her.

He had been on his way to her house when he heard her scream and had rushed there to help as much as he could.

"Someone took Kendra and hurt Henrik." Bella cried, unable to do anything.

"What's going on?" Rebekah asked them as she arrived, having, too, heard Bella's scream.

"Go get Mother, then when she's on her way here get Finnik, Elijah and Kol. Now!" Niklaus yelled at his sister while he went to check on his little brother.

Everyone arrived pretty quickly and Bella was still not responding, it was like she was frozen, unable to do or say anything. Esther had used her magic to heal Henrik and he was just starting to come to.

"What's happened Henrik? Who did this?" Elijah asked his little brother while Klaus was comforting Bella and trying to get her to react.

"She took Kendra… She knocked on the door and I opened it, thinking that it might be Niklaus. It was that friend of Rebekah's who just came back. She punched me and went to Kendra… I lifted my head and then she hit me again and it all went back… I'm so sorry... I couldn't do anything…" Henrik told them, crying.

"Why? Why did she take her? Did she say anything?" Bella asked in a dead voice, having finally come out of her stupor.

"No… I… Yes, she said 'SORRY' before she hit me the second time… Her face... She looked emotionless... Different." Henrik replied, afraid that he had lost Bella's trust for good.

"Mickeal must be controlling her. That sick monster won't get away with this." Bella said before she grabbed her sword and rushed out the back door, whispering a spell to track the girl.

Everyone followed her, except Rebekah who was told to look after her brother and prepare everything in case they needed to heal Kendra in a hurry.

Bella had never felt this much rage in her. There was no way Mickeal was going to hurt Kendra, her baby cousin who had become her daughter in the past year. There was no way she was letting Mickeal getting away with hurting such an innocent and sweet baby.

They were all running now and they knew that they were getting closer to the girl by the second. They were all ready. Bella had her sword and her magic, Esther had her magic, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Finnik had the white oak stakes that they always kept on them.

"It stops here." Bella said as she watched the tracking line fading in a cave she wouldn't have spotted if the line hadn't led her there.

"He's hiding… Coward!" Esther whispered.

"Ah, it appears I have visitors today… Please, feel free to come inside." Mickeal said as he appeared at the edge of the cave, making sure that he was still in the shadows.

"Don't, it's a trap." Esther told her sons as they started walking forward.

"I can feel magic around the entrance…" Bella said before she added "I can't use magic on him!"

She had tried to send him flying across the cave, to break his legs, to give him aneurisms, to make his blood boil, to choke him... Nothing had worked. He was well protected and smug as ever.

"Yes, I thought that protecting myself against your evil powers was a good idea." Mickeal replied smugly.

"She's evil? You're the one who kidnapped an innocent child here!" Niklaus barked at his former father.

"Oh, it seems love has given you the courage you didn't have until now boy. This child may be innocent now but she shouldn't exist, just like this error of nature you fell in love with and had the disgrace to propose to shouldn't have been born. Her parents should have struck you dead as soon as you were out of your mother's womb, child." Mickeal snapped at Klaus before finishing his sentence by speaking to Bella and glaring at her.

Behind Mickeal, the girl held Kendra in her arms and the baby girl was crying and held her arms out to Bella and Klaus, probably no understanding why she was with these people she didn't know and why they weren't picking her up.

"Please, don't hurt my daughter… Don't listen to Mickeal, fight his compulsion, you can do it. Come back out with Kendra, I'll give you anything you want. I'll make you rich and strong if that's what you want." Bella begged the girl she had only talked to couple of times since she arrived.

"She can't fight it, she's under my complete control. She's been compelled to hear only what I'm telling her." Mickeal smirked widely.

"I can't believe I've ever been proud to be your son. You bring shame on the entire family." Elijah told him.

"It's the lot of you who bring shame to me!" Mickeal yelled before he rushed to the girl and bit her neck, drinking heavily and quickly to kill her painfully, ignoring Kendra who was crying and trying to leave them and go to Bella.

"No!" Esther yelled.

Mickeal drank from the girl and Bella tried to come forward but an invisible barrier prevented her from entering. Thinking that the barrier might only block people with magic and not caring if he got hurt, Niklaus tried to go inside to save his daughter but he couldn't walk in either.

Soon, the girl was dropping on the floor and a crying Kendra was harshly taken in Mickeal's arms.

"Don't try it, you can't come inside. I might have met up with a witch and asked for her assistance." He smirked.

Bella forced herself to keep thinking that she was strong, that she'd be able to break this protection soon, especially with Esther presently helping her but Mickeal was fast, she knew it. All she had to do was tap into her dormant werewolf side. She was going to kill Mickeal for what he was doing, even if it activated her werewolf gene.

"Please, father, stop this… There is still time to redeem yourself…" Finnik pleaded.

"Don't speak to me, you're no son of mine! Agreeing to marry this red haired whore when you knew I was against it! And you, little witch… You actually think you can break this barrier in time? You think you're a match for me? Think again, I'm stronger than you could imagine and I'll have this handled in no time." Mickeal smirked.

"What do you want?" Niklaus asked him.

"I want to see all of you dead and I want you all to suffer for it first. You shouldn't have defied me bitch." Mickeal told Bella.

What Mickeal did next was done too quickly for anyone to be able to stop him but they still all had time to remember every single move, every look, every noise, and every drop of blood that escaped his mouth as he forcefully bit on Kendra's fragile little neck, making everyone scream in horror.

This sad and horrifying scene would haunt them forever.

Mickeal had bitten Kendra's small and tender neck and soon, the little girl stopped crying. They all watched as her face contorted in pain and lost its color before she stopped moving all together. Mickeal looked up, smirked at Bella an open mouthed smile that showed his bloody lips and teeth. They all watched as a drop of Kendra's blood left Mickeal's lips and fell on the floor. They were all shocked and this little drop falling on the dirty ground of this dark cave would haunt Bella's nightmares for centuries. Already she could see it in her head, falling all over again, like a death sentence being given on a loop.

"No!" Bella's voice resonated all around them and they all watched as her power seemed to multiply.

"What's going on?" Kol asked as everything started to change and shake around them and Esther replied:

"She's tapping into her dormant wolf side to have more powers… This is going to exhaust her. I don't even know how she managed to do this..."

Everything started shaking around them, the cave, the ground, the trees, absolutely everything and they could see the barrier weakening before their eyes. Acting quickly, Mickeal kept on smirking and said:

"It's already too late, her little heart stopped beating a few seconds ago, trust me, I have good hearing now. In case you think you can still revive her, let me make things clear." Mickeal cruelly announced before he heartlessly broke Kendra's neck in front of his family's horrified and tearful faces.

The small snapping sound seemed to resonate all around, much louder to them that it truly should be.

Bella started yelling with rage and pain and as she yelled, everything shook much harder around them. A big block of stone fell on the previously compelled and now dead girl and more, smaller ones kept on falling around Mickeal.

"You think you can stop me?" Mickeal yelled as he held on to his head, dropping Kendra's body harshly on the floor.

"I know I can. Niklaus, take her." Bella replied lifelessly and the devastated father knew that she was speaking about Kendra.

While Bella walked closer and forced Mickeal backward, giving him an aneurysm after another and making his blood boil, making him weaker, Niklaus gently took Kendra's lifeless and broken body and walked back outside, keeping her in his arms while his mother tried to use magic to preserve her body temporarily and check if she was truly dead. Bella kept on torturing Mickeal but the man was strong and he managed to stand back up, getting used to the pain quickly.

"I told you I was strong enough." Mickeal growled at Bella, ignoring the blood that had dropped out of his nose and ears.

"I'm just getting started." Bella replied in an enraged voice as she used her powers to break Mickeal's left leg.

"Is that all you've got?" He asked her in a maniacal laughter after he yelled in pain.

"Bella, just immobilize him, we've got the stake to kill him." Elijah called out to her.

"Fine." Bella nodded.

Before she could do anything and understanding that they did have a way to kill him, Mickeal grabbed two of the biggest fallen rocks and threw them at Bella and Esther.

Having no choice but to grab the rock with her powers, Bella was unable to stop Mickeal when he ran away, neither did Esther who had turned from Kendra's body just in time. Finnik, Elijah and Kol stood in the entrance, preventing Mickeal from leaving while Niklaus was behind them with Kendra but Mickeal just punched them away and ran, ignoring his sons that had all fallen hard on the forest ground.

As soon as Bella stopped the rock, she threw it back away and turned around to see that Mickeal was running. Before he was out of view, she used her powers to take Kol's stake from his hands and sent it in Mickeal's back.

Stopping briefly, Mickeal glared at her and Bella was glad she had told them to dip the stakes in vervain first. Acting quickly before Mickeal could take the stake out, Bella made it go deeper inside him. She didn't have time to take it out and put it back in the heart but she smirked, knowing that he was going to be very weak for a very long time.

"You'll pay for this Mickeal! I swear I will make sure your life ends in more pain you could ever imagine!" Bella yelled after him.

Mickeal cussed and glared at them all before he left running.

"He's going to be weak for a long while. We'll have plenty of time to prepare ourselves." Bella said before the reality of what had just happened dawned on her as she brought her eyes on Kendra's lifeless broken body.

"No… she can't be… She's not dead, right?" She asked Niklaus who shook his head sadly, already crying a lot.

"I'm sorry Bella. I know how hard it is to lose a child..." Esther told Bella who shook her comforting hand off.

"No, She's going to come back. She's a hybrid. She's special. She'll come back to life in a while. Klaus' hybrid blood is running in her." Bella replied.

"She was too young Bella..." Esther tried to reason with her.

"No! I'll prove you wrong." Bella said as she cried and started calling the spirits, asking them to fix this mistake, wanting to know when Kendra would wake up.

The wind blew around them, sending leaves and sticks of wood flying in a small tornado all around them but Bella's demands were left un answered. Either the spirits were ignoring her or there was nothing they could do for her. Bella kept on trying to revive Kendra for a while and it's only after a couple of hours that she finally stopped, understanding that nothing would happen.

Bella dropped on her knees, and started crying, feeling the physical exhaustion of all the magic she had used overtaking her.

Knowing that he had to be there for Bella, Niklaus gave his daughter's body to Elijah and took his fiancee in his arms, carrying her bride style as they all silently made their way back to the village, silent tears running down all of their faces.


For the next few days, Bella was in some sort of Zombie like state, much worst than the one she had been in after Edward left her. She barely ate or slept and Esther had asked that Rebekah spent the night with her from now on while Niklaus or another member of their family was always with her during the day. She had placed a preservation spell on the body and refused to leave Kendra's side for as long as she could.

Everyone in town had been warned that Mickeal had come back to life as a blood sucking monster and that he was the one that had killed little Kendra because Bella tried to stop him. They had changed the truth a bit but now everyone was on their guards and they all felt bad for Bella who had been nothing but nice with all of them. They all went to pay their respect to the body and didn't get offended when Bella ignored them and their comforting words. Still, they all took turn bringing her and the rest of the Mickealson's soup or pies, knowing that they were all grieving and hoping that Bella would eat a bit.

Henrik wasn't doing much better than Bella. Even if nobody held him responsible for what had happened and had told him countless times that it hadn't been his fault, he still felt like it was his doing, that if he had been better and stronger, Kendra would have survived and his father would be dead. He avoided going to Bella's house, afraid of facing her and the body and spent most of his time in his room, crying silently and blaming himself for the pain his family was going through.

Niklaus was sad but he managed to handle his pain well enough to be there for Bella. She had barely talked to anyone but he was the only one she responded to. He had managed to get her to agree to give Kendra a traditional Viking funeral and he had been glad when Elijah stepped up and handled everything, giving him time to try and get through Bella. Of course he was sad too and he had loved Kendra but he knew that his own pain was not comparable to Bella's. She had been with Kendra longer, had cared for her more.

13 months just wasn't enough. Not enough to live, not enough to see life and to love. Still, it was long enough so that the people you left behind were hurt.

Belle remembered hearing somewhere that death didn't happen to the ones who leave us but to the loved ones that are left behind after we pass away. She understood it better now and she had to agree. Death wasn't what happened to Kendra. No, the little girl didn't die, she simply moved on. Death is what was happening to her, to Niklaus and to the rest of the people who had grown to love her during her short life.

Esther had gone to Ayana, wanting to ask for her help to make the protections around the town stronger but the woman had left town with her entire family. Her sister had been the one who helped Mickeal and she had been afraid of people seeking revenge on her so she had left in the middle of the night, leaving only a letter behind to explain her actions to Esther.

"She didn't say where she was going… I guess she think that she's partly responsible for what happened…" Esther told her children.

"Who cares? She was always too judgmental anyway and she always looked at you and Bella as if you were beneath her when the two of you are more powerful that she'll ever be." Kol replied.

"You're right… How is Bella doing?" She asked Niklaus as he just walked inside the house.

"Rebekah is with her right now… She's still the same… She only eats when I ask her too… I think that in some way she thinks that she failed her family… Now that she lost Kendra she realizes that she's alone, without anything to link her to the family she left behind in the future… It's going to take some time before she's okay again…" He replied.

"I understand… Will she come to the funeral tomorrow?" Esther asked her son.

"Yes, I asked her if she would and she nodded. She wants to be with Kendra until the very last moment."

"Good. Now go and get some rest, my brave son." Esther told him with a soft smile before she kissed his forehead as she did when he was younger.

It had been 5 days since Kendra had died and they had pulled off the funeral for as long as they could but now, they had to do it, there was no more waiting for a miracle.


Bella had no more tears to cry as she left the funeral and she sat in Esther's house while everyone around her ate the food that had been brought by their friends and neighbors. She had never been a fan of sympathy pies but now they tasted even worst, probably because of the pain it reminded her of.

Ever since they had come back to her house with a dead Kendra, Bella had been unable to sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Mickeal biting down Kendra's neck as she watched helplessly. Every time she saw something that reminded her of Kendra, she felt a jab of pain in her heart, as if someone was punching her heart with a wooden stake repeatedly. It was hard to live with and she knew that if it hadn't been for Niklaus, she would have given up on life all together.

"Hey, where's Henrik?" Kol asked, wanting to know if his little brother wanted the last piece of pie.

"He said he was going to get some water." Rebekah replied quietly.

"The buckets are here and they're both full. I got some before the ceremony." Elijah declared.

"Mickeal's hunting knife is gone!" Niklaus declared after checking on the wall where it had been hanging since the man's death.

"Oh no!" Rebekah exclaimed.

"What is it?" Esther asked her.

"This morning… I thought he was sad, that he wasn't being serious…" Rebekah started to say as she looked horrified.

"What is it?" Esther asked her daughter one more time, urging her to speak.

"He was saying that if he could exchange his life for Kendra he would, that it was his fault and that the gods would grant him his wish if he did things right… I didn't think he was being serious…" She cried.

This was the first time Bella reacted on her own since falling on her knees in front of Kendra's dead body. She sprung to her feet and ran out of the house, whispering a spell to track Henrik and running after him as fast as she could, not caring if anyone was following her or not.

She quickly found Henrik standing over the place where they had burned Kendra's little body. He was on his knees and praying to the gods to accept his exchange, to take him and bring Kendra back to the people who loved her.

"Henrik no!" Bella cried out when she saw that he was about to cut his throat open.

"I have to, Bella… I have to do this for you." He said as he turned his head to look at his brother's love.

None of them noticed the rest of the family arriving behind them or Niklaus asking them to stay there, to let Bella handle it.

"No, you don't… Listen to me Henrik, I know that I've been out of it lately and I definitely should have told you that it wasn't your fault earlier but I'm doing it now. It wasn't your fault. Mickeal would have found another way to get to her… he had his plan mapped out perfectly… he doesn't care who dies in the process." Bella tried to reassure him and the young boy let go of his father's knife.

"It hurts so much... I miss her so much…" He cried as he rushed into Bella's arms.

"I know, me too. I know how close you were to her, how much you liked spending time with her… We're all going to miss her but you have to think that she had a few months extension to her life when she came here. At first I felt guilty because I took her with me but if I hadn't she would have died even sooner. I know that she had a short life and it's sad but we have to move on. You and I, we both have to move on, to keep on living to honor her." Bella told Henrik.

"I… I was finally not the youngest of the family anymore and she liked me, too. She called me 'ik' but I knew she was calling me when she said that… For the first time I wasn't the youngest, someone looked up to me… I wasn't alone anymore…" Henrik confessed to Bella.

"You're not alone Henrik… I'm here… I promise you that you won't be alone… You'll still be able to come to me whenever you want and we'll spend time together. I promise you, it will get better. You don't have to give up your life… Kendra would want you to live your life to the fullest, to enjoy it." Bella said and Henrik nodded, crying on Bella's shoulder.

"Now come on, let's go home." She said softly after a few minutes of crying and they both stood back up, only now noticing everyone behind them.

"Come on little brother, your favorite desert is waiting for you on the table." Kol said to his brother who followed him.

"Are you okay?" Niklaus asked her.

"Yes, thank you. For everything. I'm glad you were here for me all along… It was like you were the only one I could recognize in this cloud of pain…" Bella told him as he hugged her close to him.

"I'm glad you're doing better… You'll see, we'll be fine." He told her.

"I know we will. I tried to talk to her with a spell to contact the other side but she wasn't there... She moved on, she's in peace..." She smiled at him before she added:

"I want to wait a few weeks before we start planning our wedding… Do you mind?" She asked him.

"Of course I don't mind. It's perfectly understandable." He nodded and kissed her before they joined everyone inside the house and Bella ate on her own for he first time in 6 days.

When she thought back on these past few days, Bella realised that Henrik and her went through the 5 stages of grief together. They had denied it at first, hoping there was a way to bring her back. Then they had been angry. Angry at themselves, angry at Mickeal, angry at the spirits, the gods and the world for letting this happen. Then tonight Henrik had tried to bargain his life for Kendra and she remembered reading that bargaining was the third stage of grief. Then there was depression... They kind of had been through that all along and would be in it for a while longer for sure. Now, finally, they were starting to accept it. They accepted the fact that Kendra's life wouldn't be longer than 1 year, that she wasn't meant to be in this world for longer than that and when Bella thought of all the times her lovely niece almost died, she had to admit that maybe it just wasn't meant to be at all. Maybe the world and the spirits had taken her back because she never should have been in this world...

Please don't be mad at me... Kendra's death was planned the moment I decided she would go in the past with Bella... I almost changed it all though... I wrote this chapter a few weeks ago and on the 29th of March, shortly after I finished writing this chapter, my cousin lost her 20 months old boy in an accident... I almost brought Kendra back to life after this but I knew that I couldn't, it wasn't the way I had planned it...


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