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Chapter XIV

Earth II

The robots and drones charged in at the enemy firing their blasters at them. The heroes and Soul Reapers work together to fight back against the robots.

Hanako blocks the attacks with her sword shielding Nathan. "Nate, take Supergirl to Luna and get her healed up."

Nathan nods his head and towards the captain of squad 4 who is with her lieutenant and Kid Quantum who is using her shield to protect them. He lands next to Luna and hands her Supergirl.

"Can you help her?"

Luna places her hand over the injured Krypton and begins healing her. "It will take me a while, but she'll be back on her feet soon."

Nathan nods his head. "Thank you and thanks for coming."

"You should thank Momo," replies Luna as Kara's wounds begin to heal. "She convinced everyone to help. Hanako had her and the others stay in the Soul Society in case Carina attacks it like before."

Nathan looks over at the fighting and narrows his eyes. "I'm going to kick her ass."

"Get in line," Nathan looks over and sees the captain of squad 11, Kenpachi Zaraki. "I heard how she defeated Superman long ago and how she came close to defeating Talsamu."

"And let me guess you want to fight her?" asked Nathan who sees a large grin on Zaraki's face. "You are nuts."

"Nope," Yachiru, Zaraki's lieutenant appears on his back and smiles at Nathan. "He just likes to fight, right Kenny?"

Zaraki nods his head. "Tell your buddies Nathan to stay out of my way. I'm going to find this Carina and kill her myself."

Zaraki charges at the robots while Yachiru stays behind. "Go Kenny!"

Nathan turns towards the older woman surprised. "All these years and you still act like you were little."

Yachiru glares at Nathan causing him to fear her. "What did you say?"

Nathan responds nervously. "No-nothing."

Yachiru's expression changed back to happiness. "Good, hey Kenny! Wait for me!"

She runs after her friend while Nathan turns towards Luna. "Don't look at me she was already like that when I first met her."


Angela uses her powers to create a shield around herself and Ben. As the robots try to break through, Ben pulls out a blaster and opens fire shooting the heads off the robots. More come in and try to break down the shield. As they did they are hit from behind by a small projectile, which short circuits the robots out.

Ben looks over and sees it's a batarang. "Nice shot Bats, where are you?"

Batman appears behind Ben. "Right here."

Ben jumps in fear and lands in Angela's arms. "Shit, don't do that!"

Angela drops Ben on the floor. "Idiot."

Batman looks over and sees the fighting going on. "I guess Masaki wasn't kidding when she said the Soul Society is bringing backup. I didn't think they would like this."

"I guess after what happened last time they don't want to risk it happening again," Angela uses her shield to transform into the shape of a Raven. It lets out a loud shriek before it charges at the robots and drones destroying them. "I just hope this fight continues to be easy."

Ben nods in agreement. "Yeah…do that again with the bird thing."

"No," responds Angela as she flies towards the drones.

Ben looks over at Batman and smiles. "I guess it's just you and me fighting the robots here."

"Nope," Batman extends his arms revealing the bat like wings underneath. He jumps up and takes off flying.

Ben looks on with his eye twitching. "Oh come on! Am I the only one who can't fly?!"

A robot tried to shoot Ben from behind until the young man used the Force to lift the robot into the air. He then begins crushing it into it was compact.

"Nice try tin man."

The Dauntless

Savage looks out of the ship and sees the battle that is taking place. He knew it was only a matter of time for the Soul Reapers to appear. Like the heroes, they will not stand by and let the world burn. It was all too predictable.

Just like what is about to happen. He sees the door be smashed open and in comes Carina who looks upset.

"Hello Carina, shouldn't you be out there battling the Soul Reapers?"

"You betrayed me." She growled, "Only you could have disabled the systems and let those soul scum on my station."

Savage knew there was no point in denying it. "I still can't believe you would keep me around for this long. My friend thought you were supposed to be smart, but I knew you would be easy to manipulate like all the women I've met in the past."

"You may have been able to mislead me." Carina advanced on him, "But now I will teach you the price for treachery."

Savage took out a small device from his pocket and activates it causing Carina to stop. She tried to move, but nothing happened. She tried to escape her body, but she couldn't do that either. Savage approached her and showed his controller.

"Like it? My friend made it so I can easily control you," Savage proved it by making Carina get on her knees and bow before him. "Not so powerful are you?"

"Impossible." she struggled, to no effect, "I am Carina Omega. I am invincible."

"No one is invincible my dear," said Savage as he kneels in front of the girl. "You proved that to me years ago before I found you."


John jumps into the ship for cover as five drones come after him. Using the Force he lifts several boulders and tosses them at the drones. They blasted the boulders into pieces, but then John appears and chants a spell that causes the pieces to become small projectiles. They pierce through the drones and destroyed them.

"That wasn't so hard," he lets out a loud yell as he is shot from behind. Looking over he sees six robots advancing towards him. "Damn it."

He activates his lightsaber and deflects the attacks. The robots continued firing as John takes cover behind the remains of the drones. He takes out his blaster and opens fire, but the robots dodged the shots. Where's backup when you need it?

A small whirlwind of energy swept around the robots and they shattered into pieces as a familiar figure appeared from inside the whirlwind, "Hello John." Sierra grinned.

"Sierra?" John gets up and approaches the girl. "I can't believe it, you're here…wait I thought you left?"

"I did." she casually looked around at the destroyed machines, "But then I realized that something had gone wrong. You were supposed to die alongside the rest of your race when the inferno wiped out the planet. But something has happened and changed the outcome of this battle. So I decided to return and help you."

"Oh okay well that's great I'm glad you came back," said John who decides to ignore the first part of what she said and focus on the battle. "So, shall we go kick some ass?"

"You're so romantic." Sierra grinned, "Just let me get ready."

She clenched both fists and let out a massive roar. Before their eyes her skin turned into metal with red symbols etched into it. A long sword coated in purple flames appeared in her hands, "Now I'm ready."

John stares at her surprised and amazed. "I love you."

"You've got great taste then."

More robots appeared and open fire on the two. They charge towards the robots with John blocking the blasters and Sierra behind him. He swings his weapon cutting down the blasters. Sierra jumps over and swings her weapon destroying the robots.

More drones appeared, but John summons a magical barrier to block the attacks and deflects them back at the robots. More appeared and fired missiles at them. They dodge the attack and John grabs Sierra's hand. He tosses her towards the drones and she easily takes them down.

John runs over and catches Sierra in his arms. For a moment the two simply stared into the other's eyes as flames burned around them from the destroyed machines and the alarms blaring about an emergency.

"You know." Sierra blinked, "You are rather... interesting."

John raised an eyebrow, "And you are rather beautiful."

Sierra grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss as the flames danced around their shield. The two broke the kiss a minute later and John stares at Sierra in awe.

"Where have you been all my life?"

"You know I was stuck in that pod." She looked thoughtful, "Not a bad first kiss."

"Really?" they looked over and see Angela nearby. "You two are making out while there's a fight going on."

"Get lost." Sierra muttered, "Or better yet go take on a horde of robots and lose. It'll make me feel really good."

Angela was about to say something, but John stopped her. "Just be careful Angel and don't interrupt us please."

"Fine," she then mutters something quietly. "I hope you get shot in the head you bitch."

She takes off flying leaving the two teenagers. "So, what do you want to-…" Sierra grabs John and kisses him on the lips.

The Dauntless

Savage grabs a chair and sits down while he explains his actions to Sierra. "When you attacked our world I was impressed at how well you defeated the Justice League. I have met many powerful villains and rivals who went up against the League. But for you to take them down on your own well, it was impressive. I actually thought when Superman got involved you would lose, you proved me wrong."

"I was created to be the ultimate weapon against organic filth." Carina replied, "Decades of information was gathered on every hero and their weakness to allow me to destroy them."

Savage nods in agreement. "And you showed me not even the Man of Steel was unstoppable. "If he could fall, then that means so could you. Those two Soul Reapers defeated you and you were sealed away after you destroyed the planet. I stayed to try to fix it, but I failed. But then, I met someone who helped me survive on the planet and showed me where you were hidden."

Savage gets up from his seat and grabs her by the face. "I freed you so I could use you to get what I want. It wasn't for me to do that. Your hatred for those heroes and Soul Reapers made you easy to control. I didn't like that I had to serve you, but I knew it was the only way to get what I needed and now I did."

"I hope you enjoy your brief victory." Carina snarled, "Because when my family learns of this they will hunt you down and inflict an eternity of torment on you."

Savage begins laughing as he punches Carina knocking her to the floor. "First of all I've seen your torments. They are nothing compared to what I have been through little girl. Secondly they won't know what happened to you, because you'll have no memory of this."

Savage pulls out a syringe from his pocket. He uses his control and has Sierra lie on her stomach.

He holds her head down and shows her the syringe. "This will erase your memories of what happened. By the time you get home it will destroy the rest of your body. You'll probably have enough time to say goodbye to your family. So, when you see daddy say goodbye."

Carina felt the needle pierce into her system and inject a liquid virus that began corroding her program. With the last of her free connection she set out a message to her entire network of machines.

"All units converge on the command station. All units, destroy the Dauntless!"

On earth every single drone and robot soldier stopped and blasted into the air while the entire fleet of ships rotated in space and accelerated towards the station with weapons fully armed and ready to fire.

Savage grabs the girl and drags her towards the escape pod. He throws her in it and punches in the coordinates. Once he finished he sends the pod out of the ship. He goes into his escape pod , puts in the coordinates, and makes his escape.

"Celebrate this victory for now heroes. For it will be your last."

A few minutes earlier

Kara begins waking up and feels like she's in someone's arms. Looking over she sees its Nathan and he's holding her in the direction of the sun. "Hey, are you okay?"

Kara nods her head slowly as Nathan begins to put her down. Once she regained her powers he lets go and lets her float into the air. Kara looks at her arms and legs to see her cuts are all gone. There are some blood stains, but she feels good.

She turns towards Nathan who smiles at her. "My friends healed you. I hope you don't mind."

Kara shook her head and gives Nathan a hug. "Thank you."

Nathan returns the hug and sighs in relief. "I'm glad you're okay. I was worried Carina hurt you."

"She almost did," said Kara as she breaks the hug. "But, then you saved me. Thank you so much."

"No problem," they then hear the others are still fighting the robots. "Shall we go join the party?"

Kara smiles and nods her head. "Let's do it."

"Then you'll need a new outfit," he uses a spell and helps give Kara her Supergirl outfit. "Ready?"

"It's payback time," Supergirl flies towards the robots at super speed and begins breaking through them.

The other heroes and Soul Reapers see what is going on. They move out of the way and let the Girl of Steel do her thing. Several of robots begin ganging up on Supergirl, who counters by using her heat vision to destroy them all. She dodges the attacks from the drones and uses her super breath to freeze them.

She shatters through them and continues punching her way towards the ship. The heroes and Soul Reapers join in, and help Supergirl break through.

Suddenly something begins to happen. The robots and drones begin to self-destruct. Just out of nowhere they begin to blow up. Then they see the fleet of ships coming towards the ship. The heroes and Soul Reapers begin moving out of the way as the ships open fire.

They all managed to escape as the ships blow up along with Carina's ship. They then see two small ships appear from the destroyed ship and head towards space.

"Escape pods," said Supergirl angrily. "Savage and Carina escaped."

Nathan approaches her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "If they come back, we'll be ready."

Supergirl nods in agreement and continues looking up into the sky. "And if they do they will pay."

Unknown Location

The escape pod lay half buried in the ground while the lone occupant crawled out.

Carina Omega pulled herself away from the pod. During the chaos of the battle she had made her escape from the Dauntless and tried to fight the virus in her system.

She came to a stop as her body stopped following her commands and she lay there for a moment until a pair of boots stopped in front of her face and a pair of hands lifted her so that she across the person's lap.

"Carina Omega." he whispered.

Her eyes scanned the man and she identified him as General Maraxus, her father.

"I am dying, father." she spoke calmly though her voice was beginning to break up, "I have failed you."

Maraxus clung to his creation, "No, you did not fail me, my daughter. Who did this to you?"

Her memory files were corrupted. The only thing she could remember was Supergirl, and Soul Reapers on her station.

"Supergirl, soul scum, the heroes..." she trailed away.

"I will make them all pay for this." he swore, "Rest easy."

Carina smiled as green plasma leaked from her body, "I did my duty for the Forever Empire."

With that her entire system disintegrated and the body went slack as it shut down.

Maraxus stood up and, with tears in his eyes beckoned his escort to pick up the body, "Prepare the ship for immediate take-off. I will hang the heads of every Soul Reaper from my wall for this."

He stared at the sky for a moment before fixing his uniform and striding back to the ship.

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