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Chapter XV

Five days later

The president appears before a group of reporters and citizens to hear his speech. Hanako and Supergirl stand nearby with Agent M-8 who stands near the president.

"Five days ago, our cities, our homes, and our planet was attacked by an invading force lead by the same one who drove us from our home so long ago," said the president as he continues with his speech. "The attacks have taken the lives of millions of innocent men and women. Buildings we can rebuild, but the lives lost in this attack can never be brought back."

Supergirl wipes away a tear from her eyes trying to look strong for her friends. Hanako noticed this and pats her friend on the back.

"I know," whispered Hanako quietly. "It's going to be okay."

Supergirl nods her head softly and whispers back. "Thank you."

"This invasion was stopped thanks to our friends from the Legion of Superheroes and the Soul Reapers," said the president as he points towards Hanako and Supergirl. "Thanks to their team they were able to defeat Carina and save our world from destruction."

The crowd begins to applaud for the two women. Hanako bows a little to the people, while Supergirl waves at them.

The president motions for the people to keep quiet as he continues with his speech. "Now that the battle has ended, we must look on to the future. We must work to make sure our homes and our people will never be harmed again That is why I have decided to create a bill that will not only assure our safety, but will make sure if our enemies attack us again they will fail."

The people stand up and begin applauding loudly to the president.

White house

The president is with Agent M-8, Sierra, John, and Supergirl discussing about the aftermath of the invasion. The president had finished discussing with Hanako and the other Soul Reapers. They agreed on a deal where the Soul Society may assist Earth two with any invasion or problems they deal with that requires their assistance. Provided the president and other leaders agree to ask them for assistance or if another invasion like what happened occurs again.

Hanako agreed to these terms, but on the condition that Nathan is allowed to assist the heroes. The president agreed and knows that the superheroes need help dealing with crimes until they are ready to get back into action.

After they finished with the terms they moved on to what happened to Carina and where she escaped to.

"So, it is true then?" asked the president. "That we haven't been able to find Carina and that Vandal Savage is working for her?"

Agent M-8 nods her head. "Carina took out much of our satellites, but there are a few that remained active. We used them to try tracking down the escaped pods. We couldn't find them."

The president lets out a soft sigh. "So, she is still out there."

Supergirl nods her head as she steps forward. "The league is going to try finding her, but since we've lost a lot of our own it will be hard to track her down."

The president turns towards Agent M-8. "What about Savage?"

Agent M-8 hands the president a file. "We were able to track his escaped pod before losing it around this area," she shows the location of where they lost the pod. "We have a good guess where that is, but until our forces recover we can't go after him just yet."

"I see," the president then turns towards Supergirl. "So, what are you and your league going to do?"

"Bouncing Boy will be left in charge," said Supergirl. "I need some time off before I'm ready to continue doing my job. My encounter with Carina has left me with some scars that I need time to heal from."

The president nods in agreement. "Take as much time as you need and when you're ready we'll welcome you back."

Supergirl bows her head to the president and walks towards John. "Tell Nathan I need some time alone and if I need him I'll call him."

John understands and moves forward to hug Supergirl. "Just don't do anything crazy, okay?"

Supergirl nods and breaks the hug. She turns towards Sierra and extends her hand. "Thank you for your help and keep an eye on John for us. His sister would kill us if anything happened to her brother."

"I'd rather have let you all die." Sierra didn't accept the handshake, "So don't get any ideas that I'm on your side."

Supergirl turns towards John. "And you're dating her?"

John smiles sheepishly. "Yeah, I'll work on that."

The president motions for Sierra to step forward. John goes with her as they approached. "John here spoke on your behalf Sierra and we thank you for your assistance. As a show of gratitude we will provide you a place to live and anything you may need."

"Thank you for the offer." she inclined her head, "But I have already found a suitable place for my home." she looked around suspiciously at the others, "I'd prefer not to say for now where that will be."

The president nods his head understanding. "That is fine and is within your choice. Again, thank you for your help."

John and Sierra bow their heads then move towards the door. Once they left John talks. "So, I guess you won't tell me where you'll live then?"

"No." She confirmed, "But whenever you want me to visit just whisper my name on the wind and I'll hear you."

She leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss before vanishing with a grin.

John looks around and sees she's gone. "Wow."

"You have a weird hot girlfriend," John looks over and sees Ben standing by. "I bet the sex is going to be fun."

John rolls his eyes. "At least I have one instead of having one night stands with different girls."

Ben shrugs his shoulders. "Whatever, so you heading to the funeral?"

John's expression changed to sadness. "Tomorrow, you?"

Ben nods his head. "Same, think Kara will get over this?"

John wasn't sure himself. "Hopefully Nathan will help her and get her through this."


Kara changed out of her Supergirl outfit and walks out of the White House in her civilian outfit. She walks down the steps and then looks up into the sky. She lets out a sad sigh and tries her best to hold back her tears. Those that did leave her eyes she wipes them away and continues walking.

"You don't have to deal with this alone," she turns around and sees Nathan standing there. "You know you have friends that can help you."

Kara knows that is true, but at the moment it's not what she needs. "Just leave me alone Nathan. I'm not in the mood."

Nathan appears in front of her. "I want to help you Kara. Please let me help."

"You can help be leaving me alone," said Kara as she moves around Nathan. "Besides, I know you just want to help me because you think I'll become your girlfriend. It's not going to work."

Nathan grabs her by the shoulder and moves her to face him. "You think I'm that selfish? You think I would hit on you after all you've been through?"

"I don't know," said Kara who wasn't sure what to think. "Don't tell me all those times you helped me out, it wasn't you hitting on me?"

Nathan shook his head. "I wouldn't try hitting on you after what happened. Not after what Carina did to Brainiac." Kara moves her head away from Nathan as tears begin falling down her face. He moves his arms around and hugs her. "I don't want to try anything with you when you're like this. I want to help you move on and help you so you won't suffer."

"Why?" asked Kara while trying her best not to cry. "Why would you want to help me?"

"Because I love you," said Nathan as Kara looks up at him. "And because I know what it's like to lose a loved one."

Kara knew he was right and returns the hug. "Thank you Nate, but I really need some time alone. I promise though if I need anything I'll come to you."

Nathan breaks the hug and nods his head. "Okay, be careful and take care."


An escape pod appears out of hyperspace and floats out in the dark cold abyss of space. Suddenly a large ship appears and begins to bring the pod onboard. The pod lands in the hanger and begins to open. Vandal Savage appears and looks around to see it's empty. As he leaves the pod he is approached by a cloaked figure that appeared out of the shadows.

The two walk up to each other and stare at each other. Savage pulls out from his jacket metal case and hands it to the figure. The figure inspects it before putting it away. He then turns towards Savage and extends his hand. Savage shakes the figure's hand and smiles.

"Let phase III begin."

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