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Before anything else they all first celebrated Sakura's birthday with a picnic in the park, it was filled with a lot of sports activity. The kids just seemed to play on and on. Harry had fun baking a lot of sweets that Sakura was curious to try and they all eventually enjoyed an active fun day.

Of course, it being April first, the picnic was riddled with funny pranks that had everyone laughing. Even if the probable highlight of the day was the water gun fight that Harry prepared for Sakura with Toya, Yukito and Fujitaka's help.

It was a nice break before Harry and the others spent the next following weeks trying to muddle through the books on Runes and rudimentary wand making.

Luckily for the easterners they only needed a channel or focus, an actual wand would've been impossible seeing as Harry wouldn't have much animal parts to use since his potion ingredients were prepared differently from wand making ingredients.

It was just pure luck that his father liked to experiment with his transfigurations so much that they had such a variety of materials to work with.

Of course the runes while something that the easterners could also luckily use, had a different challenge to them too.

By what Harry could learn from the books his mother had and without official tutelage, Runes were basically a magical language, they used the Elder Futhark, and by they he meant his parents Magical Society. The chinese used different characters like the ones Syaoran had in his jifu. He knew there were another set of language for the Russians and the Egyptians and many others he wouldn't know, which was why wards from different countries were a whole other level to study.

The Runes worked because of the magic and belief infused to the characters, the 'universal' truth that their readers or practitioners believed the characters presented which also explained how different countries had their own runes and no actual Universal runes that anyone could use.

Now as for how the runes worked, a single character could represent different things and depending on how it was meant to be used, he could use the " " Eihwaz rune which represented strength, reliability, dependability, trustworthiness and through special tools imprint it on an object to have its represented attributes. Of course that also had its own process, like what would the rune strengthen? It's function? Durability? And that's where the intent came in, though the use of the user's magic when activating the rune.

Harry having known nothing else but the runes of his parent's magical society had no trouble in believing the purpose of the characters and using his magic colored with his intent.

For Syaoran who grew up entrenched in magic and in china, he wouldn't be able to use Harry's knowledge of runes without learning the whole alphabet and knowing without a margin of error which runes corresponded to their meanings. A single mistake would render most runes useless at best or blow it up at worst.

Thankfully, the others didn't know any other runic language and was able to commit to learning the Elder Futhark but of course it would take time to learn the alphabet. Fortunately they didn't need to memorize all the alphabet and their meanings, they only needed to memorize the alphabet and the meanings of the specific runes they needed to use.

Other that that, Harry tried to teach them how to control their magic and lace them with intent which unfortunately he wasn't quite good at as it was the only way he knew how to use his magic.

Basically, the focus making was full of busy days and long hours kept in each others company.

Since Harry lived alone now, it was his house they almost always stayed in to learn and the time they spent with each other definitely strengthened their bonds.

In the Kinomotos sake, having no secrets with each other definitely improved their relationship losing the strains they had before from keeping things from each other.

The others was just happy they were all getting along, learning to be included more with them and learning new magic.

It was peaceful for the most part, with Harry about to finish transforming most of his cards and was busying himself with familiarizing with them when mysterious transfer students arrived.


Harry was minding the arrival of stocks for the clinic when Toya and Yukito opened the doors and closed it with a bit of a slam.

Blinking he raised his eyebrows at the two when Toya quickly took his lunch and Yukito firmly guided him to the window. Sighing but mostly amused he stared at Toya's back when he looked around for a bit before jumping out, they followed him as they headed to their usual lunch spot.

"Alright, what was that about?" Harry had to ask as they sat.

"Could you put that, what was it, the ward to make us unnoticeable from others first?" Touya asked, still tense.

Harry raised a brow and looked at Yukito who only nodded solemnly with a bit of irritation almost unnoticed on his face and Harry really became curious now.

With a bit of concentration he casted the Notice-Me-Not and looked at the two curiously.

Finally relaxing Toya and Yukito set about starting to eat their lunch before the brown haired teen sighed in irritation, "It was the new transfer student, she's irritating me."

Harry had to raise his brows at that, "That's nothing new, I though most girls your age irritated you."

Toya scoffed, "Yeah, well this is a different level of irritation, even Yuki doesn't like her!"

Harry looked genuinely shocked, "Really? I never knew you could dislike someone at all Yuki."

Yukito had to chuckle at that, "Honestly you two, I can dislike someone just like any other person."

Toya and Harry had to look at each other in disbelief, saying at the same time, "Not likely."

"The fangirls? You actually talk to them." Toya had to add.

Nodding Harry stated, "Even those annoying mothers who liked to know everyone's business near my house, you're pleasant to."

"Yes, well, they were mostly harmless, and I certainly did not like the Dursleys."

Harry snorted as he ate, swallowing the cough that threatened to break out he said, "Everyone didn't like them, if you did I would definitely think you're crazy."

Yukito had to smile wryly at that, "True, but this time I think anyone would also find it hard to like someone who keeps on being annoying."

The two had to stare at the bespectacled teen who ended that statement with such a calm smile that they had to shiver.

Harry looked at Toya wide eyed and the brown haired teen raised a brow and stared pointedly at Yukito. Harry rolled his eyes sighing, "Okay, what exactly did the transfer student do?"

"Be annoying." They both answered, one with an irritated glare and the other with a calm smile as he speed ate.

Harry sighed louder, "I get it, she was annoying but how exactly was she being annoying."

The two older teens looked at each other and Toya mumbled, "She keeps on hugging me for no reason."

Yukito's smile turned frosty and Harry could feel himself getting just a bit annoyed too, "Really? Invading your personal space then."

Toya huffed and Harry asked, "Can't you just say no?"

Yukito interrupted before Toya could answer, "He already did that she's not listening."


They ate in silence.

"Well, I don't really know how I could help there since I've never been able to get rid of persistent fangirls."

The two looked at Harry in surprise, Toya smirked, "Not really asking for help midget but maybe just keep this handy ward on every time we're together."

Harry chuckled, "Can do, you look like you need rescuing anyway."

"Rescue? I'd like to see you handle someone like that girl!"

"Certainly not with running away though!"

Yukito chuckled as he watched them bicker back and forth. The tightness he felt at that transfer student's annoying tendency to stick with Toya lessening.

He hoped she wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Yue scoffed, 'I doubt it.'

Yukito couldn't help but feel that his other self was probably right.


On the way back to the Kinomoto's they encountered Sakura and the others at the park buying ice cream. Catching up with them Toya of course just had to tease his younger sister.

"Thanks, kaijuu I needed this." Toya said with a smirk.

"Onii-san! That's my ice cream!" Sakura puffed at him fuming.

Yukito shook his head, "Really, Toya if you wanted one we could've just bought one. Why don't I buy you one Sakura-chan?"

"Hoe? N-no need Yukito-san! I'm fine without one!" Sakura stammered blushing.

Harry chuckled, "We don't mind Sakura-chan, we were gonna buy one for ourselves anyway. Come on Yuki, let's go buy some!"

Sakura sighed, "Mou nii-san, Harry-san and Yukito-san is so much nicer than you are!"

Toya just shrugged, eating the ice cream before sensing someone and starting to look around.

With a muffled curse his ice cream fell as someone glomped him from behind.

"Toya-kuuuunnn! I've been looking for you!" A brown haired girl said.

"Gah! Would you stop that! Get off of me!"

"Hoe?! Nii-san!"

"Ara? What a cutie! And who might you be?" The girl asked looking at Sakura with sparkling eyes.

"U-um, I'm Kinomoto Sakura! Nice to meet you!"

The girl gushed, "Oh you're Touya-kun's little sister! I'm Akuzuki Nakuru! It's nice to meet you too! Are they your friends too?"

Akuzuki said all this while staying on her brother's back and Sakura couldn't help but sweatdrop, "U-un, This is Daidouji Tomoyo and Li Syaoran."

Tomoyo and Syaoran greeted the older girl bowing a bit though Syaoran looked to be smirking at Toya.

Toya couldn't help but glare at the brat knowing that the other was probably enjoying his misery.

"We're back! Here you go Sakura-chan. Hmm? Who's this?" Harry said handing the smaller ice cream in his hands to Sakura as he stared confused at the new addition to their group.

Akuzuki couldn't help but stare at the other, dazed, the younger male was practically oozing with magic he was so bright. She could actually feel herself getting energized just by being near him.

"What a cutie! I'm Akuzuki Nakuru! It's nice to meet you little boy!" She announce before proceeding to try and glomp him which was avoided when Yukito smilingly maneuvered Harry out of the girls way.

Harry had to make sure his ice cream didn't topple off and hurriedly licked at it, before her words registered with Toya's snickering.

"Excuse me? I'm not a little boy, my name's Potter Harry, and I'm the assistant nurse at school." Harry said with an irritated glare at the new student.

Akuzuki looked surprised and dismayed at losing the chance to hug that bright magic source, "Eh? Really? Sorry! You just looked very young."

"I am young, I'm only 15, I just happen to be quite advanced."

"Really? That's amazing! It's nice to meet you then, sensei!" Akuzuki looked genuinely pleased to meet him and Harry noticed that her usage of the title had no sarcasm or mocking edge to it at all just sincerity and he couldn't help but feel flustered.

"A-ah thank you, Akuzuki-san, you may just call me Harry."

Akuzuki nodded pleased, "Hai! I'll see you tomorrow then, Harry-sensei! Bye Toya-kun! Minna!"

They waved goodbye at her though some more stiffly and when she was gone Toya had to say, "Don't tell me you actually like her now, midget."

Harry blinked, "What? She doesn't seem so bad."

"Eh? Nii-san? You don't like Akuzuki-san?" Sakura asked confused.

"Hmpf, I don't like her either." Syaoran said and Toya couldn't help but look pained, "I can't believe I'm agreeing with the brat but yeah, I don't like her."

The two shared grimaces at each other for being on the same page and the two girls couldn't help but giggle. Harry sighed looking at the owner of the hand still holding tight at his shoulder, "Yuki? Are you alright? Your ice cream is melting."

Yukito blinked his serene smile dropping as he checked on his ice cream and hurriedly licking it, Harry had to laugh, "What's gotten into you? I didn't think you'd ever waste food too."

Yukito sheepishly smiled, "Let's just say I got distracted."

It started raining then and they all had to run back to the Kinomotos as it was the nearest.


After some showers and drying off they headed to the kitchen where Harry and Sakura started cooking in their matching aprons again.

Harry just sighed at getting used to the frilly things knowing that it was just something he was used to now while Tomoyo giggled at the background.

Syaoran was blushing at his borrowed clothes, the only spare that Harry had and closest to the other in size while simultaneously glaring at the borrowed clothes that Harry and Yukito were wearing, knowing that it was Toya's clothes.

Toya just looked smugly at the brat, smirking a bit and Yukito couldn't help but chuckle whispering to the other, "You look like a father taunting his spoiled son that he couldn't have his mother since she's your wife, or in this case wives."

Of course the bespectacled teen timed it just as Toya was drinking some warm tea causing the other to cough and spill it all over the table.

Syaoran looked vindicated while Sakura and Harry gaped at him.

"What are you doing Jerk?! Here have some towels, you're so messy. Honestly you're like a kid!" Harry scolded throwing a towel at Toya's face and cleaning up the mess.

Toya just glared at Yukito, who was laughing into his hands, his face a bit red, "It's not exactly my fault, midget!"

Harry rolled his eyes smirking, "Yeah yeah, whatever you say. Good thing Tomoyo-chan caught it on tape, I'll make sure to treasure this memory."

Toya whipped his head to Tomoyo, who was indeed videotaping everything, as she was prone to do when Harry and Sakura was cooking. The girl looked apologetic but she knew the older teen won't do anything to her tapes, he was too nice to his sister's friends. Looking at Syaoran she amended, 'well his sister's female friends'.

Toya grumbled knowing that there was nothing he could do about it now, "Can we focus on something else? Like that downpour? Something seemed different about it."

Harry looked at him skeptically, as he prepared their dinner, "Are you sure you're not just trying to change the subject?"

Yukito chuckled, "No it seems, Touya is right, my other self noticed something too."

They all turned to the teen and Harry stated, "Really? Would you mind letting him out then Yuki?"

Sakura looked uncomfortable, being a bit scared of the other guardian while Syaoran looked apprehensive but determined and Tomoyo looked worried. Harry and Touya were more neutral about the being but Touya was definitely more than a bit hostile of Yue. Touya knew Yukito longer and hearing the other state that Yukito was just some false form definitely made him angry. Harry however was far more understanding having heard the story of Clow from Keroberos.

Nonetheless Yue rarely appeared before them and usually only to Harry anyway, knowing perhaps that the younger ones weren't quite comfortable with him.

Yukito smiled gently closing his eyes before it was now Yue with his sharp inhuman silver eyes staring at them. Turning to Harry he stated, "The rain had magical energy to it, It feels familiar but-its not something I want to be true."

Harry looked confused before he was enlightened, "Ah, I see. We should definitely investigate it but maybe after we're sure its not going away. It could just as easily be something else."

Yue nodded a bit of relief in his expression before it was closed off. He was getting ready to let Yukito out again but Harry stopped him, "Wait, why don't you eat with us for a bit you haven't been out much at all."

Yue involuntarily looked at the children but Sakura smiled encouragingly at him, turning to stare at Toya, the one who sustained him for so long he had to utter, "I do not need sustenance if my counterpart is eating. It would be as if I have eaten too."

Toya stared at him, scrutinizing before sighing, "It's fine, even if you are sustained, it doesn't mean you've tasted it too right? Second hand senses doesn't seem right to me."

Yue's eyes narrowed, bluntly sating, "You do not like me, I do not understand why you'd want me here and not my counterpart."

Toya scoffed, "I don't like you because of how you said Yukito was a false form but that doesn't mean it can't change. Not if the midget approves of you anyway. Just don't treat Yukito as if he's inconsequential he's important to us, no matter that you think he's not real."

Yue nodded, "I suppose you are entitled to your own opinion as I am to mine."

"Hmpf. I guess that's good enough, let's just agree to disagree."

Harry and Sakura stared at each other before clapping at the same time jolting them from their thoughts, "Let's eat then!"


Dinner was a lively affair, the Kinomoto Patriarch wasn't able to come home the storm too strong too really wade through so he was stuck in the university.

They all just kept bickering until they eventually headed to the living room to do their homeworks. Eventually they even managed to fall asleep clustered together.

Until, that is, they were woken by a sharp rise in familiar magic.

"Hoe? A-a dream?" Sakura mumbled jolting awake.

The two guardians woke up too looking at each other wide eyed. Keroberos immediately went to the source while Yue rubbed his head the magic was familiar, it seemed like Clow's but not at the same time.

"Guys! Guys! Look!" Keroberos stated waving around a pink book.

The barely awake others looked at the pink book and Harry asked, his voice husky with sleep, "What is that?"

Unknown to him Toya became wide awake looking at the other in surprise his cheeks a bit pink, even Yue's eyes darted to the red head. Of course the children were oblivious to the two.

"This is Clow's Book, I told you about it but I forgot to give it to you after seeing you always carrying the cards around. It's pink now like Sakura's Card!"

Sakura was starting to look guilty again while Harry was nonplussed, yawning as he stretched, "Makes sense, the staff became hers too after all and I though that was the key to the book? Since we're already awake how about I make us some breakfast?"

They looked at him shocked and Sakura had to scramble up and tug at Harry's top, "You're really okay with it Harry-san?"

Harry blearily looked at Sakura smiling unguardedly and patting her head, "Good morning, and of course it is, it's not your fault. You know I don't mind it if you have it, it was yours first anyway. It just means I may have to make another one for my card-friends. Why don't you sleep some more while I tend to breakfast hmm?"

Harry walked away to the bathroom freshening up and Sakura was left standing with a beet red face and Toya couldn't help but snort, "You heard him Kaijuu, get some more sleep."

"N-nii-san! How can I sleep after that?!"

"I should take note of that ne? Harry-san is much more lethal half-awake." Tomoyo said cradling her face with a serene smile.

Syaoran just nodded rapidly his face just as red as Sakura's.

Yue just shook his head, a tiny smile on the end of his lips.


After breakfast where everyone was mostly quiet they discussed what Sakura dreamed about.

Harry asked, "Have you been having dreams like this for a while now? Prophetic dreams?"

"Hoe? Prophetic? I don't understand Harry-san." Sakura answered confused.

"Well, prophetic dreams means that you dream of things that could happen, it could be vague or obvious but the main purpose of it is to impart some knowledge to you. Whether it's about the past, present or future." Harry explained.

Keroberos nodded, "Yeah, you do seem to have dreams like that Sakura, maybe you have some seer's blood in you!"


"Well Seers are commonly known as someone who can predict the future but I don't think its like that at all. Seers seem to be one who's capable of gleaning knowledge beyond the normal means. I mean, Seers seem to have different ways of knowing what they know. There are those who dream like you do, those who need a medium like a tarot card or crystal ball, there are those who hear things that others can't while some even get their knowledge from creatures we can't see or spiritual beings."

Sakura's eyes were wide and she pointed at Toya, "You mean like onii-san?!"

They turned to look at the elder Kinomoto that just stared at them neutrally, "What?"

"Onii-san! You can see and talk to ghosts can't you?!" Sakura exclaimed.

Toya seemed to be thinking before stating, "Oh, yeah I can."

Harry laughed, "It no big deal to you huh? Well I guess that answers that, the two of you may be of a Seer's lineage. Just heed what knowledge it gives you, Sakura-chan, but don't take it as the truth or a fact. There may be things that affects those you see, there's always more to it."

Sakura nodded thoughtfully, "Then I guess we should definitely check the storm right?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, I guess we should. It would be good practice for your magic anyway."

"Oh wait! I have just the thing!" Tomoyo announced before heading off to make a call.

Sakura and Harry looked confused but Toya had to share a smirk with the brat, which led them to glaring at each other. Yukito just shook his head contentedly sipping at his coffee, which he surprisingly takes black.

Keroberos just stared at everyone in entertainment, while inching away from Yukito. That black coffee tasted nasty, no matter how good it smelled. It figures that Yue's other form was as weird as he is.


When they arrived at the Penguin park, where Yue and Keroberos said the magic was concentrated in, Harry couldn't help but fidget in his new clothing.

"Is this really necessary?"

Toya smirked tugging at his pony tailed hair, "I think it suits you, you look like an anime magical girl."

Harry punched the other in the shoulder and smiled irritatedly, "Oh? And how would you know an anime magical girl would look like? Watch a lot of those?"

Toya glared at the other rubbing at his shoulder, "The kaijuu likes to watch it, so of course I'm forced to watch it."

Sakura stepped on Toya's feet, "There's nothing wrong with watching those kinds of things, baka onii-san!"

Smirking Harry bent down to the crouching brown haired teen, "Aw, is Ya-chan hurt?"

Touya blinked looking up at the other, "Ya-chan huh? How cute, want me to call you Ri-chan?"

Harry's face turned red and he launched himself at the other to actually throttle him if not for Yukito hugging him around the waist, "Now now, Ri-chan, no need for that. I think it's super cute just like what you're wearing now!"

Harry covered his face, "Yukito! Why do you have to say that? I'm not cute!"

Yukito cuddled with Harry pouting a bit as he placed his chin on Harry's hat covered head, "Why don't I have a cute nickname? And there's nothing wrong with being cute Ri-chan. Ya-chan can be cute too, you know."

Touya who was snickering at the scene had to groan exhasperatedly at Yukito, "Yuki!"

Now Harry was the one helplessly laughing.

"They really go well together, ne?" Sakura said a sad smile on her face.

Tomoyo looked at her sadly holding on to her hand, "Sakura-chan…".

Syaoran reddened, holding Sakura's other hand, saying embarassedly, "It's gonna be fine. We're here."

Sakura looked surprised staring at the two before smiling happily, "Un."

Their moment was disturbed by the loud thunder and the downpour seemed to worsen.

They turned to where the magic seemed strongest and found to their surprise what seemed like a snake made of water ready to attack them.

They scattered and Harry yelled, "Tomoyo-chan, since you're good at shields, would you mind shielding us from attacks we can't dodge?"

Tomoyo looked at him determined, "Not at all, Harry-san! Leave it to me."

She brought out her long pearl necklace an held it between her clasped hands, concentrating she willed a shield to sprung up between Sakura and an attacking tendril of water. She almost staggered at the force behind it but she smiled at Sakura's shouted gratitude.

Luckily Syaoran seemed to have noticed it, "Daidouji! Deflect it! You'll tire too fast if you meet it's strength just redirect it!"

Tomoyo nodded concentrating and instead of her shield placed directly in front of an attacking tendril it was now angled, making it easier for her, "Thanks Li-kun!"

Harry had to smile at the two, "Good job you two! Good thing you easterners are good at elemental based magic, let's ready some fire then! Yuki, just help us direct it!"

They all nodded. Yukito, knowing that magic based under the sun, even in western magic was harder for him understood the need for him to direct it. He was much better at sensing magic and directing it anyway, specially since the other's magic was willing to let him direct it.

Sakura and Syaoran used a jifu for a fire spell, using their magic to fuel it and their focuses to amplify and direct it. Toya on the other hand, did better using runes, using a slip of parchment he'd imbibed with a Thurisaz rune he used his naginata to direct sweeping forces of fire to the tendrils, evaporating it.

Harry had it the easiest, summoning Firey and with a nod to the card being they started generating enough heat to evaporate the water around them. When Yukito directed the other's fire to them they amplified it and shot it straight to the skies.

Within minutes the oppressive clouds were gone.

"Thanks Firey!"

Firey nodded, cocking a salute at him and a smirk before returning to being a card. Turning to the others who looked exhausted. He grinned, "Well, wasn't that a good exercise!?"

The others chuckled at him, with Toya groaning, "Maybe for you, some of us aren't used to exerting directed magic yet you know."

"What better way to get used to it but actually use it? Come on, let's go back to the your house we should change and eat, I just bet most of you are hungry."

Some stomachs growled but none were probably louder than Yukito's.

They stared at the bespectacled teen but Yukito just chuckled, "I guess I definitely am!"

Laughing they all headed back to eat.


Eriol hummed with his eyes closed, monitoring the situation with his first trial, "It seems you're right Ruby Moon, that young man is definitely powerful."

"Right, Eriol?! Definitely a powerful one, but it seems the key owner is still Sakura-chan!" Ruby Moon mused.

"Then it doesn't matter, Eriol's plans are still intact." Spinel Sun boredly drawled, trying to nap.

"Yes, it does seem like my plans are still intact. Different elements has just been added to it, that's all. My Heiress friends just seem to be more magically active. Sakura-chan still has my key and book, she's still the mistress of the cards…perhaps I should talk with this new element, to get a proper read on him. Things seem to be getting interesting."


The next few days, the group seemed to be stuck battling an unseen force that Keroberos and Yue stated was like Clow's but not. Their best guess was apparently a descendant even though Syaoran stated that they were the only clan that had a significant connection to Clow Reed.

Of course their first suspect was the transfer students but they didn't have proof and the only ones that have met the other transfer student was the younger ones so they weren't sure.

However these attacks seem to be getting more dangerous.

The next incident after the storm was a piano hound. Apparently it kept pursuing Tomoyo's voice, a good thing that she could shield herself near instantaneously or she would've been seriously hurt. Tomoyo and Sakura managed to defeat it with Sakura using her Fly card to carry Tomoyo as they led the piano off the roof of the school.

The older three were upset and worried they weren't able to help but was proud all the same that the two managed to defeat it. Of course now, none of them were allowed to go anywhere alone, which led to Harry now staying over again at the Kinomotos with Yukito.

What happened next was where they finally got some answers.


"It really is after me! Even when something was controlling Li-kun the focus was on me! I can't believe someone wants to attack me!" Sakura ranted to them.

Harry turned to Toya and triumphantly said, "See? I knew I didn't have anything to do with this!"

Touya rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Really that's what you were focusing on?"

Harry looked sheepish turning to Sakura, "Right, Sorry Sakura-chan, your brother just hasn't stopped teasing me about being a trouble magnet."

Sakura turned to her brother puffing up in rage, "Nii-san! How could you tease Harry-san about that!"

Touya had to clear his ears from the loud shout, "How could you side with the midget over your own brother kaijuu? Besides I was only teasing he was the one who was worried he was the cause of this."

"Hmpf, because I knew you're meaner than Harry-san! And you were worried? Really?" Sakura scolded her brother before turning worried eyes at Harry.

Harry chuckled wryly, "Ah well, if you haven't searched it yet, I've been kidnapped before. I thought I might've been bringing my usual trouble with me again."

They all stopped to stare at him, "Kidnapped?!"

Harry blinked, "Ah, you didn't know."


After Harry explained the circumstances of his usual kidnappings though leaving out what really happened with his Master the others were more than a bit worried.

"I can't believe you didn't tell us about this midget." Toya said sighing, his brows furrowed.

Harry rolled his eyes, "It's not exactly a conversation starter you know, besides, I didn't exactly trust any of you then. I can handle it anyway, I've always been able to."

Yukito shook his head, "Ri-chan, it doesn't matter if you could handle it. It doesn't mean you should do it alone. If it happened again, we would've had no idea how to help. Besides, Yu-chan said that if you didn't tell us and we got involved we'd have no idea what we got into."

Though stricken by the realization that he had definitely inadvertently involved them in his mess he was distracted by the nickname, along with the others, saying at the same time, "Yu-chan?!"

Yukito blinked, nodding with a smile, though he seemed to wince, "Yue-kun, of course, since he should've a nickname too even if Ri-chan didn't give me one."

They had to laugh at that even if Keroberos was laughing the loudest.

"No, just no, Yuki. Can't you let go of it already?" Harry said unable to stop himself from chuckling.

"Nope, I like these nicknames." Yukito said with a sincere smile.

Harry grinned, "Ma, I'll just use your nickname for a special occasion then, but back to our topic. Y-yu-chan's right. I didn't mean to involve you guys but you are now and I should definitely have warned you before anything's too late. There were some things I've been working on ever since I was kidnapped anyway, it should help..if not well..."

Toyota scowled, " You better not be thinking something idiotic like leaving us alone. It's almost been a year already anyone wanting to know about you would know you're associated with us. It doesn't matter how close they think we are we're still valuable bargains."

Harry grimaced, "Thanks for rubbing that in, Jerkface. I know I should have stayed away."

Toya groaned, "That's even worse! No one should be alone, idiot! I thought we already talked about being a coward and running away?! Besides don't you think that leaving us alone now would only mean we'd be sitting ducks? At least we'd you here, you'd be able to help immediately."

"I get it. I'm sorry, just bad habits. I know I make stupid decisions. Let's move on from that." Harry sighed.

Yukito almost whined, "Wait, I have a nickname and you won't call me by it yet?!"

Harry raised a brow at the bespectacled teen, "Focus on the important things Yuki!"

"But this is important to me!"

"Shouldn't the probable kidnappings be a priority?!"

"Sure it is, but I want to know now."

Toya sighed, "You're both idiots, we should focus on the fact that someone's attacking kaijuu for now. We can prepare for the kidnapping but not exactly the attacks."

The two backed down though Harry had to murmur, "We aren't idiots, jerkface."

Toya asked, his eyebrow twitching, "What was that?"

"Nothing!" Harry said raising his hands.

The others giggled, relieved to find that despite everything, it seemed things would be okay.


Sakura was trying to make her bear, after failed attempts, knowing that she couldn't give it to Yukito-san now but hoping she had someone to give it to someday.

"Oh? You have a special someone now Kinomoto-san?" Hiragizawa asked appearing suddenly beside her.

"HOE?!" Sakura had to shout throwing her bear in the air, which luckily, Hiragizawa caught.

"Hmm, it looks like you've put a lot of effort in it." Hiragizawa said, fiddling with its ears.

As Sakura's heartbeat slowed down she blushed, "Um, Thank you Hiragizawa-kun. But it's not for anyone specific. I just wanted to make one for someone I hope I could find someday."

Hiragizawa blinked, caught a bit off guard, "S-someone?"

Sakura blinked, "Un, I wanted to give it to someone in the future!"

"I see." Hiragizawa stated, pushing his glasses up.

It seems more than a few things have definitely changed.

Maybe he really should meet with this unknown element.


Syaoran was busy doing his own teddy bear, at first he wanted to give it to Yukito-san but seeing him with that annoying man and his idol he knew he couldn't compare. He was treated like a little brother and he didn't think he could change that but…he wanted to give it to Harry-san but it seemed even he was for someone else too.

Downtrodden he was surprised to see a gloved hand touching his bear and he turned, seeing Yue behind him.


The Guardian stared at him blankly before flicking his gaze to bear again, "May I know who this seems to be for?"

Syaoran reddened looking embarrassed, "It doesn't matter! I know they won't accept my feelings!"

Yue's head tilted, he didn't know why he wanted to help the Li brat, but his power, still recognizable as someone of Clow Reed's line, called to him for help, "I think they may accept it, but reciprocating is another matter. Your feelings may not be the same."

Syaoran started to look thoughtful, "Reciprocate…?"

Yue nodded straightening, "Feeling of admiration for example, admiring someone and wanting to be admired in return. Recognition and wanting to be recognized in return. Wanting their attention on you as you give your attention to them. Like however…liking someone and wanting to be liked in return. When they've always consumed your thoughts and you want their thoughts to be consumed by you. Coveting their affections, wanting them to pay attention to you. There is a depth of feeling to liking someone that is different from admiration, a depth that may turn to love…"

Syaoran looked enlightened but confused, "Why are you telling me this?"

Yue stare at the boy, remembering his foolish master who didn't recognize such feelings easily that a mere construct could comprehend it better. Yukito scolded in him, 'Well, you're not just a construct anymore, just as I am not a false form anymore!'.

Yue shook his head before turning away, "I knew someone like you who confused his feelings like you did and ended up crippled by it. Look inside you Li Syaoran, and you might recognize what it is you really feel."


That night when they were at Harry's house again, the children were shocked to see the three teenagers carrying a lot of bears.

"Oh? You three really are popular, ne?" Tomoyo exclaimed.

Harry looked exasperated while Touya just looked irritated, Yukito was as calm as ever replying, "I guess we are, thankfully, Ri-chan managed to tell them how thankful we are and how we couldn't return their feelings without making one of them cry."

Touya muttered, "Not tears of sadness at any rate."

The three kids looked at Harry curiously and the fifteen year old sighed, "I told them how much I appreciated their feelings but that I was too invested in my studies for such relationships. I asked them instead if I may accessorize the teddy bears to give them more personality and give it to the children in the long term wards in the hospital. It could be our gift to them."

Touya rolled his eyes and smirked, "They started bawling in happiness probably only making them like him more. We just followed his lead and now we can actually make use of this bears."

Harry sighed, "So, want to help?"

The three children beamed happily at him and they started to work.


After a few hours of diligent work they were interrupted by Sakura's bag ripping and seeing her bear enlarging, scrambling backwards Harry was forced to banish the bear outside before it could damage his house staring wide eyed at each other they hurried outside were the bear now looked taller than Harry's house.

"How did that happen?!" Harry asked shocked at the size of the bear especially when it turned its head to them and started to swing its arm towards them.

"Ah Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura practically shrieked but Tomoyo's growing skills with her shielding kept them safe and sound, thankfully along with the house.

Yukito concentrated, "Whatever is making it do that, it's definitely from its right ear. There seems to be a concentration of magic there. I should let Yu-chan handle this he's the one with the long range weapon."

Touya and Harry nodded, the brown haired teen releasing his Naginata from its shrunken stage and swinging it with purpose towards the stuffed toy's legs. For something that big it was surprisingly nimble enough to dodge attacks from Syaoran and Touya.

"Thanks Yuki!" Harry shouted before releasing his own Sword and with Jump's help capable of trying to get near the bear's face though it was really good at dodging.

Yue assessed the situation before flying up and notching his arrows. Letting it fly it hit its left ear but piercing it didn't seem to do anything though the bear did falter. Yue intoned. Irritation clear in his voice, "It seems the ear must be ripped off for it to stop."

They turned to him and Sakura nodded to herself, releasing fly she shouted, "Li-kun! I'll give you a lift!"

Syaoran nodded, sitting behind Sakura and gripping her waist he couldn't help but blush however the Jerk's glare at him caused him to focus on their battle.

Harry nodded at the idea, "Yu-chan, would you mind using the sword for me?"

Yue twitched at the nickname, "Don't call me that.' until his words penetrated his head, 'you want me to use the card?"

Harry smiled, "It's your nickname, so sorry but I'm definitely gonna keep on using it. And of course you can use it, I can't exactly fly you know."

Yue looked shell-shocked, "The Guardians are not wielders of the cards."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Who says so? Beside Sword doesn't mind, come on, help those two, they could use it."

Yue flew closer to the other grasping the sword and the hand holding it, staring right at his new master's eyes he said, "Thank you, I shall take care of it."

Harry couldn't help but blush at the intense stare, laughing a tad awkwardly, "I know you will, go on."

With a nod Yue flew to the air and with his help managed to corner the bear straight into Yue's slash. With the ear off the stuffed toy shrunk again and they breathed a sigh of relief.

Yue flew down to hand over the sword and Harry couldn't help but stare at his wings, "Someday I'll definitely get wings like that."

The Guardian of the Moon was shocked when he actually blurted out, "Would you like to fly?"

The two of them gazed at each other in surprise before Harry smiled joyfully, "Yes! I mean, if I could?" he finished unsure.

Yue thought he must be getting crazy but he inclined his head in agreement.

Harry almost wanted to jump in joy but he hesitated looking around, "Wait, I should make sure no one notices first."

Shuffling through his cards, he brought out the Book and all the others that wanted to come out, by now he was already done changing the cards to his but the Light and Dark definitely winded him, he had been asleep for a whole day and woke up to scolding from both older teens, even Yue had been upset with him.

"Alright everyone! I already wrote on the Book to ensure no one notices anything about us tonight so we can definitely fly around! Have fun!"

The others jumped for joy though Shadow stuck close to him as they roamed around chasing each other Harry soothed the shadow wrapped around him and turned to Yue who looked surprised, "So, how do we do this?"

Yue looked at him blankly and Harry chuckled, "I mean how do you want to carry me? Whatever you're comfortable with."

"Harry-san! Why are they out right now?"

Harry turned to Sakura and Syaoran smiling, "Ah well it seemed a nice night out and its been some time since we actually played so I'm letting them out for some fun flights, you should join them."

The two kids smiled before turning to Tomoyo. The long haired girl blinked at them, holding her camera, "Eh? It's alright I can stay down here."

Harry frowned before he felt the Float nudge at him, smiling he turned to Tomoyo, "Don't worry Tomoyo-chan, Float will take care of you! He's definitely stable enough that you won't have any problems taking videos."

Tomoyo looked delighted turning to the Float, "Really? Thank you very much Float-kun!"

Amusingly enough Harry felt the card being feeling flustered and he rubbed it's head, the baloon part of it, "Go on then enjoy the night."

The three kids enjoyed their flight and Harry turned to Toya, who was silently watching the whole time, "How about you Jerkface? Want to fly?"

Toya smirked, "No need I'll let you kids play, I'm fine right here."

Keroberos surged from behind the brown haired teen however and with a yelp Toya was air born with a laughing Keroberos.

Harry finally turned back to Yue, finding the guardian staring at him with a new look he hadn't seen on him before. He seemed softer than usual not as rigid or cold. He was further surprised to see the slight smirk on the other beings face.

He raised his two arms and said, "I believe you said what ever I'm comfortable with."

Harry grumbled as he blushed.


"That Princess carry definitely suited you, midget." Toya teased as they went back to sewing or accessorizing the teddy bears, the children already asleep.

Harry huffed, "Yeah, well, Yu-chan couldn't exactly carry me on his back, how would he fly? It was just what was convenient."

Yukito chuckled, "Well, he could've just held your torso, you know."

Harry blushed, "Shut up."

The two older teen shared a glance, Yukito shrugged with a smile while Toya sighed.

He guessed he'll have to start getting along with the feathered menace.


The next few day were calmer, Syaoran's birthday came with a nice celebration from them. His gifts were treasured and they even got a call from Meiling. Syaoran's favorite part of the day however was when they went to a Martial Arts tournament with an exhibition match Harry was a guest of they were all definitely impressed.

"Not bad at all, midget." Toya said, ruffling his hair.

Harry huffed, a bit high on the adrenaline, "You realize that even if I am a midget, I can still definitely kick you in the face right?"

Toya shrugged, "I have no worries, you're not the violent type."

Harry grumble before smiling at Syaoran, "So did you like the tournament?"

Syaoran nodded rapidly, "It was great! I definitely want to learn those moves, thankfully Daidouji recorded the matches so I can probably decipher it later."

Harry chuckled, "No problem, I'll help. You're getting well enough with one of my styles that you really only need more experience in it. It's something we and the fight can definitely train for."

Syaoran's eyes were definitely sparkling now.

"You'd definitely made the brat's day." Toya shook his head.

Harry shrugged, "It is his birthday you know."

Yukito chuckled, "True, I think its very sweet of you, Ri-chan."

Harry sighed, that nickname is definitely staying.

"Come on, you three, Mr. Wei apparently booked an authentic chinese restaurant for dinner." Fujitaka said beckoning the three teens as he followed after Syaoran's butler.

Smiling they headed off to enjoy the rest of the day.


Weeks after that it was time for Harry's sixteenth birthday. Just like the last time they had a party but this time with Harry actually helping with the planning they managed to head to the beach. The kids definitely enjoyed the venue and even the adults got to relax.

Toya, Yukito and Harry just played and indulged the kids too.

"I thought, this was supposed to be your birthday? You seem to be focusing on the others instead of yourself, midget." Toya had to state, a bit concerned that they weren't celebrating this properly.

Harry however waved him off, "Last year was enough, besides if it's my birthday then I should be in charge. And what I'd like to do today, is the people I like happy too. So really, win-win situation for everyone."

Yukito chuckled, "You're definitely too selfless Ri-chan."

Harry shook his head, "I happen to think this is pretty selfish too."

"Nah, not if you're putting others before yourself."

"But I'm not putting others before myself, I want them to be happy, so I think that's pretty selfish."

Before Yukito could reply again Toya tossed a bucket full of sand at the both of them, making them gape in shock at him.

Smirking, he said, "Stop arguing about idiotic things, let's just agree it's both and try to enjoy the day huh?"

Staring at each other Yukito and Harry nodded in agreement before springing up from the castle they were trying to make and chasing after Toya.

It turned into a bit of a manhunt when the kids joined in and they managed to dunk each other into the sea.

By night, they enjoyed the fireworks display and his card friends celebrating with him again.

All in all, it was another perfect birthday.


The next few days were far more hectic, while Sakura and her class were doing community service, cleaning up the park, Harry had suggested taking Erase with her because he knew the card being wouldn't mind helping out for a good cause.

Just their luck that Sakura was somehow dropped into a hole the others couldn't get into. Apparently Sakura was almost suffocated by piles of stuffed sheep, if not for Erase who had been able to help.

The next incident was when Toya's bike somehow went rouge, peddling all over the place. They had to chase it and thanks to Tomoyo's magic's attribute, able to purify the bike of whatever magic had been possessing it.

As days passed, they celebrated Tomoyo's birthday next, right inside her giant mansion. It would've felt lonely and too big for one person if not for the fact that all the staff were warm hearted people who treated Tomoyo as family instead of just their little mistress.

They all still had fun and by night they even got to watch Sakura's adventures, which actually led to a lot of lectures from the older Kinomoto sibling but a lot of entertainment for the others.

For a while everything seemed much more calm when the Kinomotos went on a small vacation. Harry and Yukito actually lived together after finding out that Yukito's grandparents actually died sometime ago and he had been emancipated since. His mysterious ability to make everyone agree with what he wanted probably the reason for it.

Harry definitely had not been amused.

"Yuki! How could you not tell us?! Wait until Toya finds out about this! I can't believe you hid this from us!"

Yukito sat at Harry's couch watching amused as the younger teen paced back and forth, "Well no one asked too, you know."

Harry had to glare at the older teen, "It's not exactly something you go asking someone! What was I supposed to do blurt it out like, 'Hey Yuki, can I ask if you still have a family? I haven't seem to meet them yet.'"

Yukito looked thoughtful, nodding, "That seems right."

Harry stared at the other incredulously, "It is not right! That is definitely tactless, insensitive and rude!"

"I told you Ri-chan, it didn't really matter. I was emancipated about a year before I met Ya-chan. Its been four years since then, it was hardly something that was constantly on my mind."

Harry pursed his lips and Yukito definitely noticed that this time Harry seemed to be holding back tears, "Come here." The older teen beckoned.

Harry shook his head, heading to the kitchen to start on dinner but Yukito was quicker snatching the other up before he went around him, laying down with a grunt and with Harry as still as a statue on top of him, he started carding his hands through the others hair after taking out its tie. Which Harry miraculously didn't actually grumble about.

"What's this about, Harry?"

Harry if possible, stiffened even more before he relaxed his rigid stance when Yukito massaged the nape of his neck, "That's not fair." He grumbled to Yukito's shirt.

Yukito chuckled, "Come on, answer my question please."

Sighing, Harry complied, finally raising his head to look at the other's chin, so that he was no longer talking to the other's shirt, "I guess I was just projecting."

Yukito just hummed encouragingly and he sighed again, "I don't know what its like to have an actual proper family, and sometimes when I think about wishing that I could've at least get to know them I'm wrecked by just imagining what it would've been like to lose them. That encompassing feeling of loneliness is suffocating Yuki, I always wished someone had been there to help me."

By now Yukito's hold on him was tighter and as comforting as ever and he couldn't help but chuckle sadly, "Imagining you feeling like that makes me wish I could've been there. Feeling alone even with people surrounding you may be sad, but at least they could've been a distraction. Feeling alone in an empty house? That's just…"

Yukito chuckled, the sound rough and he quickly maneuvered them to a position where they could look at each other. Harry's green eyes were glassy with tears but he stubbornly refused to let them fall. He couldn't bear to look at Yukito's eyes which were soft with something he couldn't really name.

However Yukito was quick to grab his chin and gently make him look into his eyes, the bespectacled teen smilingly said, "I think, I'm already extremely lucky to meet you now, meeting you back then would've probably been to greedy to ask for. You and Toya, you don't make me feel alone. Even Yue helped, back when I didn't know about him, I always felt as if somebody was watching over me. Besides, this time we'll live together right? I don't think you'd allow me to live alone anymore."

Harry scoffed, "Don't make it sound like I'm forcing you."

Yukito smiled angelically, "Oh no, I'm all too willing if you're the one forcing me, Ri-chan."

Harry stared wide eyed before his face completely reddened, he wanted to hide his face but Yukito's hand which were holding his chin a while ago was now cradling his jaw and definitely preventing him from hiding, "You can not say things like that, with that smile, Yuki!"

Yukito only looked innocently confused, "Oh? Why not? It really is my genuine pleasure, Ri-chan. You can force me anytime you want."

"NO! Stop it! That sounds different!"

Yukito continued teasing the other, wishing for the moment that Toya was here too.

"Ah! Where is Jerkface when you need him? I'm sure he would've made you stop."

Blinking, Yukito was definitely pleased that Harry missed Toya too, "I know you miss Ya-chan, but he'll be back soon. Don't worry."

Harry spluttered, "Don't misunderstand! I don't miss him!"

"There, there Ri-chan. If you want I'm sure we can call him."

"No! I don't want to. Let go Yuki! I can't handle your sadistic tendencies right now! Come on let's eat!"

"Aw, Sadistic? Really Ri-chan that hurts my feeling you know."

"Stop it already!"

Yue couldn't help but shake his head at the two's antics even if somewhere inside him, a feeling of discontent seem to be growing.

Abruptly, not really knowing why, he wished he could be outside too.


When Toya finally arrived home he was surprised to find that Yukito and Harry were apparently living together, Harry's spontaneous hug was definitely a welcome surprise but the reason for the move definitely not.

"I don't really think this is necessary, Ya-chan." Yukito said bemused as Toya held him tightly while they laid down on the sofa after a lecture from the taller teen.

"Shut up. You don't get to talk. Three years Yuki, and I never knew."

Yuki looked up at Toya, raising his hand to turn the stormy dark eyes to him, "Hey, you know its not a matter of trust right? I didn't tell you because it hardly seemed to matter to me. I was fine on my own, I'd been dealing with it a year before I met you. It wasn't on you alright?"

Toya stared at the others amber eyes before nodding relaxing but keeping his hold on the other.

Harry stared at the two on the doorway, feeling conflicted, he was happy they seemed to have resolved the issue, he felt as if they were brewing up to fight back then when Toya looked truly hurt at not knowing about Yukito's situation but at the same time…it felt as if he was intruding upon a moment he wasn't a part of. Something seemed to tighten around his chest and he rubbed it absently grimacing. Quietly he headed back into the kitchen to make them some lunch.

"Oi, midget! What are you doing standing there? Come over here!" Toya shouted sounding irritated.

Harry's eyes widened before it narrowed, his grip tight on the wall, "Excuse you?! I'm not your servant you can order around!"

Toya groaned, "You know that's not what I meant, come here."

"I have lunch to prepare, just relax and let me do my thing." Harry sighed finally moving away from the doorway and heading to the kitchen.

He heard Toya groan something before he was suddenly hoisted up with an arm around his waist. Blinking he quickly realized what was happening before growing irritated, "What are you doing Jerkface?! Put me down!"

Toya scoffed, "Well you were the one who wasn't coming, so I had to get up and get you. Face the consequences like a man, midget."

Harry growled before recognizing that they weren't heading to the living room, "Where are you taking me?"

Toya yawned, "Well, since I was already getting up, might as well change locations. It'd be too uncomfortable trying to squeeze the three of us on your sofa. Ah Yuki, here he is."

Harry was unceremoniously thrown to his bed with a yelp where Yukito already was. Stunned he could do nothing as he was squeezed between the two, his bed was a double, big enough for himself but three teenagers?

"What are you two doing? I have lunch to cook!"

Yukito chuckled, "No need, we can just eat out later. Come on Ri-chan, relax. Let's take a nap."

Harry quieted before mumbling with a sigh, "Why do I have to be in the middle? We should be comforting you, Yuki."

Yukito blinked, before smiling, "No need, I'm happy because my three favorite people in the world are with me."

Confused Harry stared at the light haired teen, "Three?"

Grumbling, Toya squeezed Harry's torso making him forcefully exhale, "He means Yu-chan, midget. You're in the middle because otherwise, you might escape. Now quiet. Nap."

Harry stared incredulous at Yukito who just chuckled at him before raising a finger and shushing. Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Relaxing, the tightness around his chest seemed to have disappeared and the peaceful atmosphere lulled him to sleep.


The attacks didn't stop and though it seemed to have gotten less dangerous and sometimes even silly, it all still focused on Sakura.

She'd been sucked into alice and wonderland, which she thankfully escaped with Fly. During the bazaar at school, something seemed to have eaten all the sweets, though they figured it was actually Keroberos in the end.

Actually, the Bazaar was quite hectic, Yukito was more irritable than usual and they figured it was definitely because of Akizuki-san who actually seemed to be purposely annoying the bespectacled teen. Not that it was noticed any with the teen smiling so serenely though Harry and Toya definitely noticed and the three children were more, let's say delicate with the teen. Keroberos even stopped trying to pick a fight with Yue.

They could understand in the end when Akizuki-san couldn't seem to stop popping out of nowhere and glomping Harry and Toya. Though Yukito tried to get them out of the way, and the two definitely tried to help, dodging the spontaneous hugs themselves but they couldn't seem to stop the clingy girl.

In the end they had to leave early if only to stop Yukito from throttling the girl he was starting to eye the girls neck, and that wasn't something they wanted to see Yukito resort to.


When Sakura and the kids went to the bear festival together with Eriol Hiragizawa, the three older teens were starting to get suspicious of the kid. Especially hearing about what happened in the elevator which only ended safely since Syaoran managed to use a summoning charm to save Sakura. The two calling each other by their first name definitely irritated the older Kinomoto sibling but he couldn't refute when the brat likely saved his sister's life.

Asking about incidents with Hiragizawa they found out that he was connected to almost every single incident that started happening around Sakura. They were confused why the kids never said anything though.

Sakura looked just as confused, "I don't really know, Onii-san. It didn't seem important?" She finished hesitantly.

Tomoyo nodded looking thoughtful, "It was as if after it happened, our memories with Hiragizawa-kun seemed almost hazy."

Toya scowled, "That's definitely suspicious. We should confront the kid already, who knows what else he'd do."

Harry shook his head, "We don't have concrete evidence and ganging up on him, especially since we're older is just a lawsuit waiting to happen."

Yukito nodded, "Ri-chan's right, we shouldn't rush this Ya-chan. We should meet up with him first!"

The younger three intoned, "Eh?"


Of course, their plan to actually meet up with the kid was simultaneously delayed and urged after what happened to the younger three at school.

"Warping space the size of the school building is no easy feat. We definitely need to gauge this kid, because if he's really this powerful then things could get troublesome for us." Harry worriedly voiced.

Keroberos nodded looking just as worried, "Especially since Clow's familiar magic doesn't seem to be going away. That kid might actually be a descendant of Clow at this rate."

Yukito's hand on the armrest tightened, knowing it was Yue's feelings bleeding through, "We definitely need to be sure. Yu-chan really doesn't like this feeling, it's as if he's taunting us apparently."

Tomoyo piped up, "I know! A Field trip is coming soon, I heard we're about to go on a skiing trip after the New Year. You should be able to meet him there if you volunteer as chaperons without it looking suspicious."

Harry smiled, "That's a great idea Tomoyo-chan, that's only two months away, it should be enough time that we could observe some more and manage to meet him."

Toya groaned, "Wouldn't that be too long though? A lot could happen in two months."

"It's not as if these incidents keep happening every other day, besides nothing truly dangerous seems to be happening for a while now. Actually he seems to be testing you, Sakura-chan. For what though, I don't understand." Harry added.

Yukito nodded saying, "Yu-chan said it couldn't possibly be because of the cards, because Clow Reed was a powerful seer, he had been able to see this, apparently he said we would have a new master to guide us. What reason would he have to test Sakura-chan?"

They looked thoughtful at that before Keroberos shouted, "Saa! Don't mind it for now, everything should be revealed soon anyway, for now let's focus on the present! Like the upcoming halloween!"

The others looked at each other before either laughing or chuckling, they supposed that was a good reason as any.


With halloween, came, of course, the need for costumes. Which Tomoyo definitely took advantage of.

"Woah! Wait a minute, Tomoyo-chan! What is that?! There's absolutely no way I'm wearing that!"

The males of the group heard Harry shout who was with Tomoyo and Sakura in the room, whom they wisely did not ask why he was being changed separately from them.

"B-but…Harry-san, Okaa-san and I worked really hard for this costume…" They heard Tomoyo say and the males winced, Harry definitely couldn't say no to that.

"Besides, its really cute Harry-san! This way we somewhat match!" Sakura enthusiastically said.

Looking at each other they silently agreed, definitely no way for Harry to deny them now.

They heard some grumbling before Tomoyo definitely squealed, "Oh Harry-san, that is so perfect! You look so cute!"

"That's not really something I want to hear, Tomoyo-chan. There's too many frills in this outfit again."

"S-sorry but y-you're so pretty Harry-san…"

"I think that's even worse Sakura-chan…"

Harry definitely sounded somewhat depressed now, the others couldn't reign in their curiosity but knew they had to wait. Rushing them only had Tomoyo showing them a disappointed stare.

"W-wait! I'm definitely drawing the line with make up! I'm not using that!"

"B-but Harry-san…it wouldn't be complete without it…"

"Oh come on, Tomoyo-chan! Leave me some dignity at least!"

"Don't worry Harry-san, Onii-chan and the others wore make up too!"



"Fine, I better not look girly with this…"

"Don't be silly Harry-san! It's not just woman's make-up, it's costume make-up too!"


Sighing the males had to wait for almost thirty minutes before they were finally done.


"Come on Harry-san let's go show the others! You and Sakura-chan look amazing!"

Finally the door opened and the four of them looked shocked.

While they knew they would be matching, they didn't really expect their costumes to be that different. Toya was costumed as a werewolf, with fur ears, a tail, fangs and claws, even wearing gold contacts for the occasion. His outfit surprising consisted of a proper suit, honestly with the earings in his fake ears he looked somewhat like a bodyguard werewolf.

Yukito was costumed as a vampire, his hair slicked back, fake fangs, pale as a ghost and wearing contacts as well, red and real, so that he didn't have to wear his glasses. Again he was wearing a suit and looked like a bodyguard's too. They were apparently fancy supernatural bodyguards.

Syaoran was costumed as a fairy prince so they already guessed that Sakura would be the fairy princess, the brat was already blushing at random intervals at the thought.

Even Keroberos was dressed like a fairy.

They definitely did not disappoint, while Tomoyo and Sakura looked magnificent as fairies, extravagant were their costumes, they've always seen Sakura dressed up like that. Harry however was different.

Somehow he managed to look like a wizard prince. His hair was free, so that his wizards hat could sit comfortably on his head, a circlet however was upon his brows, silver and with some diamonds dangling strategically in places. He had a smoky eye shadow that made his green eyes pop and gold stars randomly stuck around his eyes. His clothes looked fit for a prince, an old style full of frills but in a wizards style robe that Tomoyo somehow managed to work. To fit the occasion he even had a scepter like wand.

"Aren't they amazing, minna?" Tomoyo clapped, delighted.

The others could only nod, before Toya regained his wits first, "Too bad you're not wearing a skirt, midget. You could've been the Wizard Princess we were guarding instead of the Prince."

Harry glared but refused to look at Toya, as Tomoyo sighed, cradling her cheek with one hand, "I did bring one, Kinomoto-san but Harry-san was adamant about not wearing one."

Toya couldn't contain his snicker at that but Yukito chuckled, "Aw, I would've wanted to see that, Ri-chan."

Harry hissed, "No way! This is enough already. Can we go now?!"

Chuckling again Yukito offered his arm to Harry, "Certainly, my Prince. With you, Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan and Syaoran-kun looking so cute I've no doubt we're about to get a lot of sweets."

The mentioned faces grew warm at the complement though the two girls smiled when Syaoran followed Yukito's example, offering his arms to the two, still beet red in the face.

As they headed out they encountered the Kinomoto Patriarch waiting by the door, smiling at them, "Look at you kids, you all look amazing."

"Thanks, Tou-san! Tomoyo-chan did all the hard work!" Sakura chirped happily.

Fujitaka chuckled, "It seems she did, even making some for Toya and the others huh?"

Toya sighed, "Might as well join in as we supervise the kids anyway, Tou-san."

"Alright, alright, have fun you six, let me just take a couple of photos….and done! Have a happy trick or treating!"

They waved goodbye at the Kinomoto Patriarch as they walked, Harry sighed, asking the younger three, "Alright, where to first?"

Sakura happily announced, "The Penguin Park! Me and the others said we'll meet up there first before we go to the event itself."

Nodding the three older teens followed them.

Toya had to chuckle at the wizard prince, tugging at his hair, "Come on, don't be so glum. Show some princely image, you're wasting Tomoyo's hard work."

Harry glared at the brown haired teen, "That's easy for you to say you don't exactly look like a girl now do you?"

Toya raised a brow at the other teen, "Did you forget what I wore during our Cinderella play? Honestly, so what if you look like a girl there's nothing wrong with that."

Harry scoffed his hand tightening its hold on Yukito, "Right, other than looking like a freak maybe."

"Harry." The two of them said at the same time, Yukito's feeling like another voice actually overlapped with his and briefly he wondered if that was Yue showing through.

"Don't repeat things your relatives told you, you know they're nonsense." Yukito scolded him and he was surprised to see the glint of silver eyes in the teens red contacts, it seemed as if Yue was really showing trough.

Toya frowned at him, grabbing his chin to make him look directly at the now gold eyes, "You're not properly listening. I know you know better than to listen to your relatives so what is this about? Besides, you hardly seemed bothered being mistaken as a female back at the aquarium."

Harry closed his eyes, frustrated, "That's different, I still dress like a male then, dressing like this looks too close to actually trying to look like a female instead of just happening to look like one. It would've been easy to ignore if it was just my relatives opinions but they're not exactly the only ones who would've thought like that."

Toya growled, for the moment actually sounding like a werewolf before he grabbed his hand, "Honestly why do you have to listen to people that doesn't matter? So what if you look like a girl? You're beautiful either way, understand? Just be you."

Harry stared wide eyed at the other teen's blunt statement and he definitely noticed the faint pink tinge he could see on the other's cheek even if he kept eye contact with him. Hearing Yukito's chuckle he turned to the others warm gaze, "Toya's right, don't mind what others say. Dress how you like, do what you like, as long as you're not purposely hurting someone then it shouldn't matter. We like you just the way you are, Harry."

Harry looked stunned and he even felt the bond he had with Yue resonate in agreement. Closing his eyes he cursed, "Damn it, Tomoyo-chan's gonna cry at me if I ruin her hard work with tears and snot."

"Hmpf, that would be entirely your fault midget, spouting idiocy like that." Toya stated smirking smugly but his gaze soft, even through the contacts.

Yukito chuckled, "I'm sure Tomoyo-chan would understand if you really have to."

"Shut up, come on those four are leaving us behind, we still have some candies to acquire."


The rest of the night went uneventfully, they managed to get a ton of sweets. Harry managed to get mistaken as a girl most of the time, especially by younger children but he just smiled through it all even as he corrected them. Trying his hardest not to be ashamed to look like a girl and trying to impart that to the younger kids.

There were lots of pictures taken with the group from random people who saw them some scares from random clever halloween decorations and a lot of fun and laughter.

All in all it had been a perfect Halloween.


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