Hi guys, this is my first attempt at a fic so go easy on go me. This may sound poetic, but that's the point. The story gets good, the first arc has to be just so. On to the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto but I do own the two characters I created





What makes us who we are?
I have thought of this a long time.
Who is to say why the world we know is the way it is.
It is human nature to create based on other information. We know if we make a house, we make it out of rectangles. The mind cannot simply fabricate information from nothing unless there was some form of input from elsewhere.
This had me think about where the idea of super powered people came from.
That being said, it may surprise you to know that people may very well have had the ability to conjure magic or things, as said above, ideas cannot fabricate from nothing.
Many say there is a possibility of alternate worlds, which is a theory that had fabricated from nothing, so we think. For a time, I wondered what happens to us after we die, we cannot just simply disappear, what happens to our consciousness, think of yourself in general.

That was some of the last thoughts before I too died…

How am I writing this? It's a long story, but Ill humors you.
It began at my end.

I always was the hero, working hard just for some glory hog to steal it all, but that was never why I did what I did, it was for the cause.
I worked as a cop.
If I had to describe myself, I'd say I was little over 6.1 and had a good build for my size. I had brown hair that was held in a cop end it all, I wore a cop uniform.

I'll never forget how I died, it was humiliating and I was kinda happy I didn't have to face my chief. Me and my partner, Mac, were chasing this goon in a corporate building and some idiot must have forgotten to put up a 'wet floor sign'. I after sliding on the slippery floor, we crashed through the window. We must have fallen 40 stories because I had enough time for my life to flash before my eyes.

It wasn't a painful death, just sudden, and next thing I knew, I was born.

The only thought going through my head 'WTF'. I immediately recognized something strange, either my vision was blurred or I was on drugs. I saw that everything was in anime graphics! The kind Japanese art would look like, with people that had impossibly huge eyes and gravity defying hair. Had I not been hit with sudden exhaustion, I may have thought it was a dream, if only.


End to prologue

Alright, this was all a self-insert. The guy who died was a bit of me. The stuff I wrote here makes sense in my eyes, only that most people forget their past lives. There is no way of saying the world couldn't have been different than it is, because the possibilities are infinite.