Fire, water, stone, and knives

Of barren houses, broken lives

Roars of thunder, death in sky

Fate has come, doom is nigh

Youth is passing, age regress

Gone is heart, gone is breath

What is courage, what is fear?

What is time but passing year?

Victory is naught but life for life

Death for death, loss and strife

Come thee all and come thee did

What comes of triumph but thy life thee bid?

Flame leapt and seared, mine heart did burn

Crumbling ashes, naught left to yearn

Thine eyes grow dimmer, thee do depart

What was love that had no start?

Trembling lips, heart, and breath

The end forgo in naught but death

He had a cloak, he had a scythe

His eyes did gleam, loathes what's blithe

Tumbling swords, axes, bow

What thine people reap, they'll surely sow

Caught up in clouds, caught up in tide

'Twas not only thee, but more whom died

Verily, verily, come what may

If thee had not gone, I might have stayed

But he takes all, leaves naught left

Twas his before, hence 'tis not theft

Naught remains, he shan't look back

Cares not for pity, cares not for lack

He leaves me barren, stripped and cold

I had been warned, I had been told

A toiling road 'tis death to cheat

A stolen love, how bittersweet


A/N: Lied, not a three-shot. Sort of corny I know, but I thought it gave it a sort of artistically/tragical flare. And yes, this actually is the last update.

Thank you ever-so-much for all the reviews. It seems as though my Sigrid touched a chord in many of my readers, and your feedback has been incredible. There's nothing an author likes to hear more than to know her work is being appreciated.

Also, I have tentatively posted an alternate ending for this, titled uair amháin, where Kili does not die and maybe, possible Sigrid and he embark on the twisting journey of a romance between two races. The first chapter (and coming soon, the rest) can be found on my profile.

Thank you again!