Remember Me

Selene: New story time, my friends. My first in this selection of fanfiction, but still, it's a new story.

Sasuke: Joy, a new way to torture your readers who have been looking forward to your other stories.

Selene: *looks at Sasuke with kicked puppy look* B-but I've already written new chapters for two of my other stories for them.

Sasuke: So! It still doesn't give you a reason to torment your readers.

Selene: *goes teary-eyed with wobbly lip*

Naruto: Damn it, Sasuke-teme, don't make the author cry. She can control what happens in this story, so be nice.

Selene: *glomps Naruto* Naruto, it's good to see you out here and not in my head.

Naruto: Hello to you as well, Selene. Don't mind the teme; I still say he has a stick stuck up his-

Sakura: *covers Naruto's mouth* Sorry about that, Selene. I doubt you'd want to lose readers with what Naruto said. He seems to have hit his head while getting ready for your new story.

Selene: Thanks Sakura. I don't mind. After all, if need be I can torture them in my story.

Sakura: *smirks* True. So, who should do the disclaimer?

Selene: Why don't you as the boys seem to be a bit busy?

Sakura: *nods* Selene-daughter of the sea does not own Naruto in any way, shape, or form. If she did, it would be very different.

Selene: Selene is a good girl! *eyes widen and does anime-cry* NO! Tobi has infected Selene!

Tobi: *drops in and dances in glee* Yea! Tobi has infected another person with Tobi's awesomeness! Oh and Tobi would like to add that awesome author Selene is making Naruto two years younger than his fellow ninja!

Sakura and Sasuke: *anime sweat-drop* Enjoy the story!

Naruto: WHAT!?

Author's Note: Title is from the song 'Remember Me' by Mark Schultz


Itachi moved silently threw the Uchiha compound, making sure that anyone that saw him was killed. He knew the consequences of his actions, but to protect his younger brother and his village, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make. After all, it was better to be a missing-nin, in his opinion, then watch as his family forces a coup d'├ętat in the village.

Itachi had even made sure that his little brother, Sasuke wouldn't be home until after the deed was done. He had placed him under a genjutsu so that he would stay in the area that the civilians were in as they celebrated the defeat of the kyubii. He hated to leave Naruto alone in the village, but it was the only way to keep hunter nins from following them immediately.

Approaching the room where his parents sat, enjoying the quiet evening, Itachi raised his blade in anticipation.


Sasuke watched the children around him laughing, as they ran from booth to booth. He smiled faintly, before he blinked. Wondering why he was there, he headed back towards the Uchiha Clan compound.

Stepping inside the gates, he wondered where everyone was. There was no guard like there always was and this made him frightened. Checking one of the houses, his eyes widened and he ran out, the sight of the bloodied corpses filling his mind.

'I have to find aniki,' he thought as he ran towards the main house. Before he reached the front door, he saw what seemed to be scuffles and more corpses. Opening the front door, he headed for the living room, knowing that his parents were there.

"Mom? Dad?" he asked, stepping into the living room. Sasuke backed up against the wall, putting hand over his mouth as he saw them on the floor with their necks slashed open. Standing above their bodies was his older brother, Itachi with a bloody sword. "Aniki, what happened? Why is everyone dead?"

Itachi turned at his voice and a dark smile appeared on his face. "They are dead, little brother, because I wanted to test myself with them," he purred, stepping towards his brother.

"W-what do you mean?" Sasuke asked, backing away. He didn't like the look in his brother's eyes.

"Let me show you," Itachi replied, his eyes forming the Sharingan before his eyes began to spin and changed into what looked like a pinwheel in the center with no pupil. "Tsukuyomi," he murmured looking into Sasuke's eyes and with that, Sasuke's world shattered.


Naruto was running from a group of villagers, panting. It was the same year after year, ever since he could remember. It was especially bad this year, as the orphanage had thrown him out, saying that they had no more room for him a week ago. Because of that, he had no place to go and he didn't want to trouble the old man.

Running into an alleyway, he stopped, seeing that it was a dead end. He turned to try and get out, but saw that the villagers had blocked it and he backed up, back hitting the wall at the end of the alley.

"Well, well, well, look at what we got here, boys!" a villager jeered, a sneer on his face. "It's the demon brat who thinks that he can move around and taunt us by living after he brought the death of so many of our comrades!"

The people around him laughed darkly, pressing forward. They all wanted a piece of the brat. They hated him as they thought that the demon was taunting them by being reborn as a mirror image of their precious Yodaime Hokage.

"Get him. The demon should pay for what we suffered!" a female voice yelled, stepping forward. She had bright pink hair and a banshee-like voice.

The other's cheered and surged forward, getting a few hits in before they were blasted back. Looking over at who thought that they could stop them, they froze, seeing an Anbu, wearing a crow mask.

"Karasu-nii?" Naruto asked, wincing as the movements jarred his ribs.

Karasu turned and nodded at Naruto before turning back to the crowd. Pulling out his sword, he slaughtered a few of the villagers before the others went running, wanting to save their hides.

"Don't worry, Naruto. They're gone now. Let's get you back to the orphanage," Itachi said from behind his crow mask.

Naruto shook his head frantically. "I can't. They kicked me out."

Itachi sighed, looking at him sadly. Hoping that the Hokage wouldn't be angry with him, he made a quick decision. "How about you come with me, then? I'm leaving the village for good, and this way, I can protect you better," he said.

Naruto looked at him with watery eyes. "You mean it?" he asked.

Itachi nodded, kneeling beside Naruto. "Of course I do. Have I ever lied to you?"

Naruto shook his head, starting to get to his feet.. "Will I ever have to come back?" he asked.

"Only if you want to," was the answer.

Naruto nodded. "I'll come. I feel safer with you anyway, Karasu-nii." With that, Itachi picked up the small blonde-haired boy, and leaving his mask behind on one of the dead bodies so that people would know who did it, began running from the scene and the village, Naruto held close. Neither knew that in six years, one of them would be forced back.


Selene: Whew, Selene has finished the prologue!

Naruto: Why did you make me younger? I feel like I'd be weaker!

Selene: *sighs* Selene made you younger because one: this is Selene's story, two: Selene can do whatever Selene wants with said story, and three: it could be worse.

Naruto: Oh?

Selene: Selene could make you a girl.

Naruto: *eyes widen dramatically* I'll be good, and why are you still talking like Tobi? Isn't it annoying?

Selene: Tobi showed Selene the joy of talking like this, so Selene shall continue-*drops to floor*

Itachi: *sighs* Sorry about that, Naruto. It was starting to get annoying.

Naruto: Yeah, but now how will Selene finish her story?

Itachi: *sweat drops*