She awoke in the living room again. Alone. The room was dark. The tv was on, blankets over her soft skin. Eerie. She panicked. Her heart swelled in intense pain. As she sprang up to look for Flippy. He had just left her, after taking her virginity, such a big piece of her was gone. He took a piece of her heart. Flaky tried to fight back the tears, she felt unwanted and used. This was far worse than death. This was genuine heartbreak. She dropped to her knees on the floor and cried pools into her palms until her cheeks went raw. The burning feeling of salty tears on irritated skin.

She heard the door open. Flaky jumped back, throwing the sheets around her. A white light came through the door. A huge white figure. All sound left her ears, the silhouette reached for her hand.

She witnessed as Lammy ran in sheer distraught, but she could not hear her. Lammy ran in slow, as the hand grabbed for Flaky. Lammy collapsed in tears. Hands on the sheets where Flaky just was. Except when Lammy lifted her hands, they were dowsed... Now Flaky could see the reality too. Out the windows, blue and red lights flickering. A knife lay on the floor. Flaky knew what had happened, her friends came following soon after. A gash in Flaky's back, blood spilt. In a pool of red her friends mourned over loss. When Flaky realized, She...was dead.