Hey guys. I haven't written in a while, but a slew of Raven/Red-X stories have been mulling inside my head for a while now, so I've decided to start writing some of them. It's a short first chapter, I know, but I'm working my way up. As always, comments, critiques, and unduly lavish praise is always appreciated!

Inside a small and cozy teashop in one of the older districts of Jump City, a slender-framed girl sits alone at a table, tucked away in her own private corner. The warm glow of the café illuminates her pale skin, and the cup of jasmine tea set before her is growing cold. Her nose is buried in a book, deep amethyst eyes devouring the suspense novel she had picked up earlier that day. Wishing to avoid unnecessary attention, the Titan had opted for civilian garb today, donning a navy blue sweatshirt— hood up, of course— and black jeans. Raven's long, dark hair brushed across her face as she bowed her head forward to better read the gripping book, her lips slowly growing into a small, pleasured smile as she reached the best part—

Gelert raised the candle slowly, his hand trembling as the light spilled over the room and revealed the desecrated corpse of his lost—

"Gee, Sunshine, I don't think I've ever seen you smile before," drawled a cocky voice. A body plunked itself down in the chair opposite from the sorceress.

Raven snapped her head up, scowling fiercely at the idiot who had so blatantly disturbed her reading. He was tall and lithe, with leanly defined muscles and lightly tanned skin. Windswept black hair framed his grey eyes, which seemed to turn to a light green around the pupils. Raven wanted to throw him out of the chair and punch his nose in.

"Now that's more like it. Your frown lines are like dimples, ya know that?" The obnoxious boy flashed her a charming half-smile and winked.

"Go. Away." Raven hissed through clenched teeth, black energy crackling up angrily inside of her.

"I just thought I'd be a gentlemen and offer a lonely damsel some delightful company."

"If I was lonely, I'd talk to a spoon before I talked to you. Now leave before I send you to another dimension," she snarled back at him, slamming her book shut with unnecessary force.

Raven hated jerks like this, messing with her, yanking her chain. Trying to push the right buttons to make her lose control, to make a nasty scene in a public. Raven rolled her eyes to herself, thinking about the probable headlines in the papers.

Teen Titan Explodes Building, Sends 15 Innocents to 7th Depth of Hell

Titans East Called to Take Out a Titan West

Titan Euthanized After Obliterating City Block

"Well, I can see you're already lost in your thoughts again," His voice interrupted her musings, and she returned her biting glare to him.

"I guess I'll leave you to it then. It was a pleasure, little bird."

He pushed back from the table and his mouth quirked into another half-smile as he looked at her. He turned away and made his way back through the teashop, toward the glass door that was frosted with ice. Raven irately watched him as he went, and at the last moment she sent a small coil of black energy across the room, wrapping it around his left ankle. She yanked and he stumbled, pitching forward toward the floor before managing to throw out his hands and steady himself on the doorframe. He straightened up and brushed himself off, casting a wry glance back in the sorceress' direction, but Raven had already buried her nose back in her book again, a small smile playing across her lips.

That'll show him, she thought.