Although Claiborne was a Breton among the High Rock Rangers, he wore his father's Bosmer archer armor. Many didn't take kindly to this, as Valenwood had sided itself with Alinor to form the Aldmeri Dominion not long ago, but just as many respected him for it and understood that he was simply honoring his father and heritage, his commander among the latter. Claiborne was of higher rank, so he could travel all throughout High Rock, sending flying, pointy justice wherever he found it.

Claiborne had no features to distinguish him from any other Breton; he had fair skin, long, slightly curled, dark brown hair, which he kept tied back, with full chop sideburns. He had large eyebrows, blue eyes, a narrowed, pursed mouth, and a prominent jaw with a ballish chin. If he were to adorn his mask and use his skills in archery, some might mistake him for a pale Bosmer, while if he used magic he would be mistaken as an Altmer from afar, and if he used his skills with a blade, many would take him for a Nord.

Claiborne's skill as an archer was renowned, though, and he had his father to thank for that, not just training but also heritage, as there are no greater natural archers in Tamriel than the Wood Elves. Currently, he was in a shooting blind that he had set up in a tree a few miles northwest of Wayrest, just along the road. He knew that this particular stretch of road was dangerous, and littered with bandits waiting to ambush any cart or well-dressed citizen that happened by.

He could see a cart carrying chests and large bolts of cloth, likely for a merchant or perhaps the King of Wayrest. He nocked an arrow onto the string and set it in the rest, waiting for the first sign of trouble. Beneath his eye, he caught sight of a human form, when he looked down he saw a knight from Wayrest. Claiborne continued to examine the cart until it looked about the size of a crabapple, for that was when it was set upon by five bandits. The cart stopped when the leader drew his blade from the frog, but before anyone could react, it seemed like all of the raiders had been shot simultaneously. The cart driver and his passenger looked around them in shock and awe, viewing the spectacle around them, what group of merry men could have pulled off such a feat?

It was then that an arrow stuck into the backrest of the cart, the thumping sound making the two atop the cart nearly jump out of their own skin. There was a note tied near the middle of the shaft, which, when unwrapped, read, "Be along your way, I'll be there to clean up eventually, if the knight doesn't first. Sincerely, Claiborne of the High Rock Ranger Corps". Upon reading, the pair stared at it in shock while the driver snapped the reins once again, how could one man have performed that kind of feat alone? They had heard the stories, for sure, but to see it in action was truly the most amazing thing they had ever seen.

"You there, carriage driver," the knight said, "are you and your companion all right? Have either of you suffered any injuries?"

"No, Sir Knight, thank you, a Ranger from the Corps saved us!" The passenger replied, a hint of admiration in his voice.

"Pah," the knight replied, "that group of petty archers are little better than vagrants, serving no King, only themselves. You best beware them." It was then that he felt something strike him in the helm, making a loud sound that rang in his ears for a few seconds and rattled his brains a little. He looked to where he felt the shot come from and saw nothing, but looking down he saw a blunt arrow used for hunting rabbits and the like, but this one was tipped further with cloth to make it soft. The knight picked the note and began to read, "A group of "petty archers" and "vagrants" that could shoot the buckle clean off from your fauld from two leagues away. Beware I, Claiborne, a Ranger that particularly enjoys shooting the pantaloons from man and mer alike." You couldn't tell it – nor would the knight admit it – but he was blushing from embarrassment.

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