Claiborne woke up, his vision was blurry, it was cold, and he heard the soft clatter of shackles as he moved his hands, I'm in bonds. He stood slowly, wobbily, as he heard a clapping, and familiar voice, "Well, well, if it isn't the man who foiled our plans."

"Amaund," Claiborne said angrily, "why am I not surprised it's you?" Claiborne stood stable now, his vision cleared and the chains prostrated on the floor.

"I'm surprised that High Rock survived the attack," Amaund replied, his voice snark as usual, "much less than can be said of your precious Rangers…" Claiborne charged at Amaund, his hands reaching for his throat, but the chains kept him a pace away from his target. "Ooh! Angry, are we? Mad that your beloved Rangers were killed in their sleep by a Thalmor spy?" Claiborne continued to reach for Amaund's throat, boiling over with anger, as a tall Altmer woman wearing Justiciar's robes walked into his cell.

"That's enough Amaund, we are here to get secrets from him, not make him mad."

"Yes, Elenwen." Elenwen walked over to Claiborne, who had calmed down by now.

"What is your name, Breton?" Claiborne smirked,

"Don't you already know, puppet?"

"We do, your name is Claiborne, 27 years of age, and born of a Bosmer father and Breton mother, leader of the High Rock Ranger Corps, and an esteemed swordsman and mage." Claiborne smiled wolfishly, his eyes staring death at Amaund.

"How did you learn of the impending Thalmor attack?" Amaund questioned, receiving a dirty look from Elenwen. Claiborne looked at Elenwen as he answered,

"Two Thalmor agents in High Rock were walking along the road towards Wayrest, they brought it up in idle conversation, and after hearing them, I shot them in the back and reported to my commanding officer." Elenwen nodded, a frown covered her true feelings, a feeling of relief that Claiborne was being more cooperative than Amaund ever was.

"Where did you learn to wield such great magical power?" Elenwen asked, continuing the interrogation.

"I'm self-taught. I developed my techniques all on my own," Claiborne replied.

"You're very cooperative," Elenwen remarked, "can I offer you a drink?"

"No thank you," Claiborne said, "but can I have a chair?" Elenwen clapped twice, in an elegant, fluid motion, and a chair was brought to him. "Thank you, my feet were getting sore something dreadful."

"Now back to the matter at hand," Elenwen said, "what is the Ranger Corps., exactly?"

"A group of men and women who protect their respective province of the Empire, working outside the bounds of a law-man to bring justice; we accept folk of any race or descent, my commanding officer was actually an Altmer-Breton mix-blood. I am a Bosmer-Breton mix-blood," Claiborne said.

"Thank you," Elenwen said, a smile cracking across her lips, "that will be all. Guardsman… knock him out and place him somewhere that nobody will find him." Claiborne watched as a Thalmor guard walked up, pulling his Elven blade from its sheath, knocking him in the temple with the hilt of the blade. Claiborne's world faded to black once again, the last words to pass his lips was,


Elenwen went back to her quarters, her shaking hands making it hard to lock the door behind her. She sat in her bed, thinking to herself.

I am a noble-blooded Altmer and a Thalmor Justiciar, how can I have developed feelings for the likes of that mix-blood Breton?!

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