Let's rearrange
I wish you were a stranger I could disengage
Just say that we agree and then never change
Soften a bit until we all just get along

It had been about a week since Rachel had spoken with the others at the library. It had been a fairly uncomfortable ordeal to say the least but it was done and she was grateful for that. That didn't mean she didn't regret telling them, she had been bombarded with plans created by the stupidity of their heads. They really were terrible, she had shown a couple of the ones they had sent her on her phone to Jinx and the pink haired girl had belly laughed over a few from Gar and Kori. It was troublesome but Rachel supposed it couldn't really be helped. She couldn't change the fact that she had told them so she wouldn't shut them down, that would only lead to more questions.

While the others made up absurd plans she and Arella actually considered ones they could use. They had gone through everything but nothing seemed probable. How did you take down a man who was all powerful? Rachel couldn't get in from the inside, he knew who she was. Despite Jinx's position in the gang she still couldn't take out the gang on her own accord just by herself. How else did you do it? Sneak in? And do what? They didn't know anything about Trigon's plans at the moment. Besides, the organization was too big to take down in one sneak in. They didn't have enough information to do anything else anyways. All Rachel could do was wait.

She sat on the bed in the current motel they were staying in. Arella was sleeping on the sofa, it was still pretty early in the morning and Rachel hadn't bothered changing out of her pajamas. A lot was on her mind so she couldn't sleep. Sighing, she rested her head on one of her knees. She wanted to be patient, really she was being just that, but she was still put off by the knowledge that this was going to take longer than expected. Sure it wasn't ever going to work over night but at the rate everything was developing at this could be more than a year of working.

Her phone suddenly buzzed, Rachel checked the caller ID.


Rachel's brow furrowed distastefully. It was too early for his uncontrollable babbling. It was almost enough to convince her not to pick up but it was obvious he would keep calling.

"It is six thirty in the morning Gar, this better be good." She muttered, her voice cracked from lack of use.

"Ehehehee!" He snickered from the other end, "So I'm here with Vic in front of the motel you're at."

"What?" She demanded quietly trying not to wake her mother, "How do you even know where we are?"

"Vic tracked your phone." He revealed proudly, "Aren't we awesome?"

"He can do that?" She groaned groggily, "And why, may I ask, did you decide to come find me at this hour?"

"Because we are taking you out for breakfast, that's why." Gar laughed, "C'mon, it'll be eggcelent."

Rachel put her hand to her forehead; apparently he hadn't grown out of his jokes quite yet.

"Sorry you were bacon for it." He jabbed.

"Fine." She agreed, "Only if you stop with the puns."


"I told you a long time ago I don't make deals."

"Well it looks like you just did."

Rachel hung up. She really did not want to do this. This was a recipe for disaster.

"Hey Rae, nice outfit." Gar commented cheekily from the passenger seat.

She wore jeans and a thin knit sweater and black converse. Not exactly couture.

"You're hilarious Gar."

"Just sayin'"

"C'mon kid, leave her alone or she might kill you." Vic warned keeping his eyes on the road.


"With a machete." Rachel confirmed grimly.

"And a weed whacker." Vic replied.

"In the middle of the night."

"Dressed as Santa Claus."

Gar looked visibly disturbed, Rachel forced herself not crack to smile. He paused a moment before asking,

"Wait are we talking fat, red, and jolly Santa or cute, sleek, and sexy. 'Cause there's a difference."

Vic sputtered out a laugh. Rachel cocked an eyebrow. How charming.

She leaned forward onto the back of Gar seat and deadpanned,

"Which ever scares you more."

His ears turned bright red before his cheeks follow in suit. Rachel smirked triumphantly.

"Sorry bud but she won that one."

"Damn." Gar mumbled.

The three of them sat at a booth at some random diner Rachel had never heard of. Gar was looking at Vic's meat heavy meal in disgust and Vic stared at his meatless meal with a similar expression.

"That is sickening." They each said at the same time.

Rachel glanced at her green tea awkwardly. Why was she always dragged into their loud and eventful shenanigans? A week back and it seemed like that hadn't changed at all.

"How can you eat animals like that? Don't you feel sick knowing they were alive?!"

"How can you eat so many plants? Are you a rabbit?"

"You'd eat me if I was!"

"Say that again!"

Rachel rolled her eyes. Really? They were doing that? Then again what was she expecting? A calm, mature conversation? Hardly.

"Sorry to barge in on your little argument but if you decided to come and tell me more of your ideas I think I'll just make my way back." Rachel said in a voice without inflection as she sipped her tea.

"Aw come on please?" Gar begged.

"I'm not sure whether to be surprised or not that Gar roped you into this."

"Well I don't always agree with you." Vic pointed out, Rachel rolled her eyes at that, "Besides he has the right idea, you don't want to go into this alone. You're only one person."

Rachel gave him a look of disbelief,

"Can we talk about something else instead, or rather you two talk and I'll pretend to listen."

"But I have so many ideas!" Gar protested, stuffing his face with his breakfast.

"You are spitting food all over me and I do not appreciate it." Rachel said, fairly disgusted, "I cannot believe you two."

"Look I'm just going to blurt it out OK? I can't keep it in much longer."

Rachel sipped her drink quietly,

"As I said, I'll pretend to listen."

"Hey, hey, hey," Vic cut in, "At least listen."

"Do you know what he's about to say?"


"Then it can hardly be sensible."

"Raeeeeee." Gar whined, "Don't be so mean, I'm just trying to help you out."

"Two syllables. Rae-chel." She sounded the word out for him.

Rachel frowned, he meant well and she wouldn't deny it but she couldn't have any more blood on her hands. She'd never killed but people had been killed because of her and him and the others would not be added to that list. Getting them more involved than they already were couldn't be a smart course of action.

"Don't mistake me, I am not ungrateful, I just don't want you involved in this."

"Still, just give this one idea a thought OK?" Gar said, batting his eyes in a way that was probably supposed to be sweet or comical.


Vic looked at Gar doubtfully, then back at Rachel.

Gar turned around on his chair and reached into the bag he brought. He rummaged around a few moments tossing a load of who knows what out before pulling something rec

Rachel and Vic stared, both curious and both unsure as to what he was getting at.

Gar flipped over to face them quickly and slammed something on the table causing the drinks to splatter.

"Hey careful man!" Vic cried.

Rachel looked at what Gar put on the table. It appeared to be a thin book of some sort and she couldn't tell what it was since his palm concealed the cover.

"Here." He said firmly.

"Move your hand."

Gar obeyed and Rachel tilted her head in confusion.

"Usually I get you, but I am confused as hell right now." Vic said scratching his head.

"It's a Spiderman comic." She deadpanned.

Gar wagged his eyebrows,


The three of them exchanged glances until Rachel understood what he was getting at. He couldn't mean…

"Dude… you seriously aren't saying…" Vic said slowly.

"I think you know what I'm saying."

Rachel looked at him firmly,


Gar smirked.

Rachel sat next to Vic in the car. Vic was driving quite a bit above the speed limit on the way to his garage. Gar was in the back trying to defend his absolutely absurd idea. She had to pretend he wasn't breathing down her neck as she was on the phone with Jinx.

"He just handed you a Spiderman comic and left it at that." Jinx demanded, "What is that supposed imply?"

"Exactly what you think it does." Rachel confirmed, "We're headed your way now. Please talk him out of this."

"You gotta admit the kid thinks big, we need that."

"Like hell."

"Fine, but I'm still hearing him out. He won't let it go if we don't."

"Do not tell Richard about this."

"What does this have to do with Richard?"

"Nothing, just don't tell him."

"Whatever, see you there."

By the time Vic arrived at his garage Jinx was waiting for them. Vic still wasn't sure what to think about this whole thing. Sure Rachel needed help but this idea was not exactly reasonable. It was cool in movies and games but real life called for some sort of realism. Vic got out of the car and shut his door. Rachel dragged Gar out by his collar despite his protests.

"Rachel what is all of this supposed to accomplish?" Vic asked as he led them to the back entrance and unlocked the door, "I mean the idea is stupid but it's not like it's a big deal right?"

Rachel didn't respond but sent a glare his way.

"I agree with the big man, this seems extreme." Gar replied.

"Exactly if you are willing to suggest something like this then I want none of you part of it." Rachel snapped.

Vic understood now. She wanted to nip this thing in the butt before they got hurt, not because Gar was obnoxious (not that that wasn't true) but because she cared. In her own way of course. At least that's what he hoped this was all about, if it wasn't then they were all screwed.

They walked inside, Rachel still dragging Gar and were met by Jinx. She was sitting in the kitchen with two unexpected guests. They seemed to be casually having coffee as if nothing was wrong. Vic gulped, this wouldn't be good. He sent a hard look towards Jinx who shrugged nonchalantly.

"What are they doing here?" Rachel demanded.

"Nice to see you too." Richard muttered as Kori waved happily towards the displeased girl.

"I called them over, they were in town and I thought they had the right to know." Jinx said simply, looking at Rachel, daring her to challenge her statement.

"I specifically told you…"

"And I specifically didn't listen, come on you should know me by now."

"Apparently not enough." Rachel scowled.

"Rachel, calm down. Jinx, shut up." Vic sighed exasperatedly, "It is too early to be fighting and I have a headache from lack of coffee."

The two girls sent him a glare but kept quiet. Good.

"So what's this all about then?" Richard asked.

His question was answered with stares sent Gar's direction.

Gar looked uncomfortable, Vic suddenly felt like he needed to protect his friend. He didn't always agree with him but the kid was important to him and he didn't like people ganging up on him. Gar's brain wasn't the quickest in situations like this so he needed all the help he could get.

"Lay off you guys, let's all calm down a minute OK? I'll make some coffee and we'll talk about this like adults."

Gar and Jinx snickered,


"Dude, I've seen you play video games."

"Very adult like." Jinx said sarcastically.

Vic rolled his eyes,


"So Garfield wishes to become this 'Spiderman', yes?" Kori asked in confusion.

"Kinda," Gar replied, "More like do what he did. He fought the bad guys."

Vic looked at Rachel in worry, this didn't seem like a good idea. What experience did they have? Sure Jinx, Rachel, and Richard would be fine but him and the other two… not so much. This was a plan that was asking for dead bodies. Rachel didn't meet Vic's eyes she just had an overall disapproving look pasted on her face.

"This is pointless." She deadpanned, "Can someone please tell him that."

"Gotta agree with the lady on this one," Vic said apologetically, "We'd get killed out there."

Gar's posture sagged, obviously he was discouraged that his best friend disagreed but what was Vic supposed to do? Encourage something like this?

"My concern involves the law." Kori pipped up innocently, as if not wanting to stir the pot any further, "Is what you are speaking of legal?"

"Being a vigilante? Yeah." Vic confirmed.

"Then how can it be a good course of action?" She asked.

Simple. It wasn't. The girl had a point, and a damn good one at that.

"Isn't there that guy who kinda does something similar in Gotham?" Richard pointed out, "What was his name?"

"Newspapers seem to have dubbed him, 'The Batman'. Can't remember why." Jinx replied casually, "He causes trouble for Trigon occasionally but he seems to deal with those crazies in the loony bin more than gangs. If you ask me that guy belongs in the crazy house with the people he fights."

Everyone sat in silence for a moment. Rachel traced the rim of her cup grimly. The others weren't sure what to say.

"Look Gar," Jinx yawned, "Your idea is interesting but you better have some sort of plan behind dressing up in spandex and playing super hero."

"I do!" Gar protested, "You guys really do think little of me huh?"

"Actually I think this idea might work." Richard said casually.

Rachel rolled her eyes,

"This is why I didn't want him to hear about this."

"Why not?" Kori inquired,

"Because your boyfriend is addicted to trouble and would jump at the chance to fight Slade or Trigon. Vendettas are powerful things." Rachel replied.

Vic had forgotten that Trigon, Slade, and some other guy had been involved in the killing of his parents. That just made this idea that much more risky. Richard may have appeared to have mellowed down over the last couple years, but apparently Rachel wasn't fooled.

Kori nodded sadly. Vic was surprised she agreed so quickly. Rachel was right though, no matter how much trust they had in Richard they could never fully leave him to his own devices like that.

"Seriously? I meant that if we could manage it could be a good way of taking down some of the crime while getting closer to Trigon and Slade." Richard explained, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Dick has a point here." Jinx admitted, "If you guys could manage it that is. I mean, what other options are there? The law hasn't been much of a help to anyone."

"Really though," Vic cut in, "What are we supposed to do, just walk in the middle of a crime and be all, 'In the name of the moon, I'll punish you,' then kick ass? Seems a little unplanned."

"At least someone has some sense," Rachel muttered, "Despite the childish reference."

"I am inclined to agree with Vic. Most of us cannot fight." Kori said worriedly.

"Look, if we just put on a couple masks, had Rae and Richard teach us, and gave it a shot it might do some good." Gar reasoned.

"I'm going to agree with Gar for the first time in my life," Jinx nodded, "But you can leave me out of this."

"Why?" Vic asked.

"Because I have Slade and Trigon breathing down my neck. Besides, I'm not really the hero type anyways."

Vic hated when she said things like that, Jinx always was putting herself lower than she was. He didn't understand where she got the idea that she a bad person. Yeah, she was sharp tongued and wasn't exactly a saint but he would never pin her down as a criminal and she seemed determined to condemn herself to that label.

"Have you all forgotten that Trigon and Slade, not to mention all of Jump City and Gotham's underground will recognize me?" Rachel said, slamming her mug on the table causing Kori and Gar to jump, "Rachel Roth and Raven are dead remember?"

"Disguises… isn't that common knowledge?" Gar sighed.

"Trigon as well as many others know how I fight regardless of whether my face is covered."

"He can bring it on. If he comes after you then you can take him down then and there."

Rachel's frown deepened. This wasn't going well.

"So where does everyone stand?" Richard asked, "I'm definitely up for it."

Jinx and Gar nodded.

"Against," Vic admitted, "Sorry."

Rachel and Kori sided with him.

"You three can get yourselves killed by all means, but don't get me involved." Rachel said abruptly, getting up and leaving the kitchen, "This is idiotic and suicidal."

Gar scowled and followed her with his eyes as she walked out of the room. As Vic noticed the look in his friend's eyes he knew what the kid was about to do.

"Gar… no." Vic warned, but Gar got up anyways and stomped after her.

"Wait a minute Rachel!" Gar called out.

Rachel turned around before she opened the back door.

Gar was angry, he just didn't get why she had to be so rude when he was only trying to help. He understood disagreeing, really he did, but openly acting the way she did wasn't fair.

She stared at him blankly with no expression, but he could see the annoyance in her body language which only made him the more upset. Gar knew he was annoying and sometimes a little off putting but he hated it when his friends would openly finding him obnoxious when he was genuinely trying to help.


"Why are you so against this?" He questioned, "We're only trying to help."

"I didn't ask for it."

"Are you saying that you don't think we could do it right?" He asked stepping closer to her, Gar heard the other four walk into the hallway and begin to watch from the sidelines.

"Gar, drop it." Vic cut in.

"Shut up," He growled, he didn't need Vic to be the mediator, he didn't want spectators period, "Why do you think that? What do you take us for anyways?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow calmly, which only furthered his frustration, why wasn't she fighting back? Why did he have to look like the crazy one here? He wished she would just get mad, yell at him, anything.

"People who don't have a clue."

Gar clenched his teeth,

"We could handle it." He insisted, "You really hold us up high in that perfect little head of yours, huh?"

Rachel frowned deeply and her eyes darkened,

"You could handle it?" She scoffed, "Your jokes are terrible Logan."

Rachel paused a moment then quickly opened and reached into the drawer of a small table next to her,

"Ah!" Jinx protested reaching her hand out to stop Rachel but it was in vain.

Rachel pulled out a small hand gun and swiftly pulled back the slide and pointed it at Gar's forehead.

Kori screamed.

"Jinx!" Vic said harshly, "I thought I said no guns here!"


Gar's eyes widened. What on earth was she doing? Maybe he shouldn't have been so pushy but that hardly deserve a bullet through his skull, this kind of thing only happened in video games. Rachel's eyes were intent on his face and the look she was giving him was anything but comforting.

"So I shove a gun in your face, what do you do? How do you handle it Logan?" Rachel deadpanned.

"What are you trying to prove?" He said begrudgingly, "Because doing something this stupid isn't proving anything to me."

Having a gun pointed at him point black was not something he enjoyed.

"What. Do. You. Do?"

Gar fumbled over his words,

"Well…um…I would…"

"Don't tell me," Rachel said coldly, "Show me."

He swallowed slowly. He had no idea what she was about to do, he knew how to take a gun from someone but Rachel was always full of surprises.

"Leave him alone Rach." Jinx yawned as she leaned against the wall, "He's right, what are you trying to prove?"

Rachel ignored Jinx and stared Gar dead in the eyes,

"Show me."

Gar had barely reached forwards to grab the gun when Rachel snatched his wrist twisted him backwards, wrapped one arm around his neck aggressively, and pointed the gun at his temples. He grunted at the sudden force, pain shot up his arm as she held him in the less than comfortable position. Kori yelped, but Rachel ignored her protests. Gar grabbed her thin arms to attempt to pry them off. Her grip however, was too strong.


She released him harshly.

"What the hell is your problem?!" Gar shouted as he coughed. His ears burned with embarrassment. The fact that she had singled him out specifically to humiliate him… well needless to say his was pissed to high heaven, "I try to help you out and you point a gun in my face."

Rachel pulled the slide back and tossed it over to Jinx.

"Thanks." The pink haired girl muttered uncertainly, receiving an uncharacteristic glare from Vic.

"Well?" Gar prodded in anger.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you?"

Gar took a step forward so his face was only a few inches from hers. He could feel anger bubbling up in him like a hot fire, or a kettle about to boil over,

"Actually, yeah."

Rachel sighed,

"Right now I can think of twenty one ways I could kill you. Some of the monsters you want your best friends to fight could think of more, and the difference between them and me is that they wouldn't hesitate in actually pulling the trigger. You told me two years ago that we were friends and I refuse to put my friends in that position."

Gar took a step back, shocked.

"I'm going." She said quietly, all of the fire left her eyes leaving them cold and almost sad.

She turned around and left through the back door.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Gar didn't bother turning around to face the others; he simply stared at the door.

"I did not realize that she considered us to be friends." Kori said from behind, "Perhaps we should go after her."

"There's a lot about her that we don't know I guess." Richard replied, "And let her be, she needs time I guess."

Gar heard the two make their way out of the hallway.

"Seriously?" Vic groaned, "I told you guns stay out of here."

"Uhhh… I forgot?"

"Like hell you forgot."

The two left arguing leaving Gar alone.

He was torn. Torn between wanted to be mad and wanted to be ashamed. He wasn't good with feelings; he didn't understand how people like Kori and Rachel understood that sort of thing. He always knew how he felt but never anyone else, now he had had possibly made a friend feel alienated. Still she had singled him out and embarrassed him and that seemed hardly fair play.

"Man, what am I supposed to do?"

It was times like this where Gar wished he wasn't such a dumbass.

Gar sat on the couch reading one of his textbooks for class but his heart wasn't really in it. Usually he loved school, sure he didn't really feel the same about it when he was in high school but once he got into uni he was much more motivated. Not tonight though.

It had been about two days since Rachel had stormed out on them. No one had spoken to her since then. Gar had spoken with Rita about it, sadly she agreed with Rachel in regards to his idea. Mostly because she didn't want him straining himself.

He wasn't stupid; he knew that eventually he would be dead. Everyone died right, he'd just be a little earlier than his friends. If he suddenly decided to strain himself in the way he was suggesting it would probably end his life a lot quicker than he had expected to. His doctors explicitly said to lay low for his last days and it would be less painful and a lot less quick so Gar didn't understand why he posed this plan in the first place. Then again, it didn't really matter. It wasn't him who mattered in this situation, it was his friends. Rachel was right about that. He truly understood that he and the others could get hurt and he wasn't going to force them but if they didn't do anything they were technically just waiting for Slade to kill them.

Gar hated feeling trapped and Slade wasn't about to make him feel like an animal.

He heard the doorbell ring through the house.

"Hey Mom, are we expecting someone or something?" Gar called.

"Yeah, do you mind grabbing to door for me Gar? I'll be right down." Rita replied from upstairs.

Gar got up from the couch, threw his textbook down and went to the door. He opened the door, expecting some colleague of Rita's to be standing there, it was in fact the complete opposite.

The door revealed two women standing on his porch. Rachel, and someone he'd never met before. She looked a lot like Rachel, only older, with long hair, and a more angular face structure. He guessed that was her mom, she looked young for a mom of a twenty year old, she didn't look a day over forty.

"Um… hi." He smiled with uncertainty, "You can uh… come in I guess."

Arella returned his grin warmly and Rachel didn't show any sign of greeting.

"Hello, you must be Garfield." Arella said shaking his hand firmly, "I'm Arella, Rachel's mom. It's so great to meet you, I've heard a lot about you from Rita."

Gar laughed nervously, she seemed nice enough but he was so awkward around adults. He hoped she didn't notice too much.

The two made their way into the house and Gar led them into the living room. Rachel had yet to acknowledge him or say a word which didn't really help the atmosphere. Arella politely spoke with him but he never knew what to say.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Ah hello! Nice to see you both again." Rita greeted as she walked into the room rubbing her pregnant belly

They exchanged greetings, gabbing about the baby but Gar wanted nothing more than to leave right away. His last exchange with Rachel made things more uncomfortable and he felt like he didn't really belong in this conversation.

Gar got up abruptly,

"Well, I'm going to leave you guys to it. I'll be upstairs." He said getting up.

Arella shot a look towards Rachel and she nodded.

"I'll go with you." Rachel replied, sounding like she'd rather be eaten by a pack of lions than go with him.


Rita grinned, and Gar didn't like the look in her eyes. It was the look of a mom who wanted grandchildren, for heaven's sake she was just about to have her own child and she was already trying to get him hitched. He shouldn't have mentioned his crush on her when they first met.

Rachel walked passed him, still not looking at his face and as she went by. Gar made an uncomfortable face but followed her anyways.

They made their way upstairs to Gar's room.

"Leave the door open you two!" Rita called up playfully.

Gar just about died. He was really regretting telling her now.

"Ignore her." Rachel replied simply, "If you can dish jokes, you should be able to take them."

"Glad to see you're talking to me." Gar muttered begrudgingly as he sat on the floor of his room. He was silently thankful that Rita had forced him to give it a slight clean the other day. It was by no means neat but it was a hell of a lot better than before.

Rachel gave him a cryptic look that he couldn't seem to decipher and leaned against his closet door. Gar ruffled his hair, at a loss as to what he should say.

"Your mom seems nice." Gar mumbled offhandedly as he stared at one of the many posters plastered on his green walls.

Rachel shrugged,

"She's alright."

"Why are you two here anyways?" He asked, then corrected himself, "Oh right, you don't want us involved so forget I asked."

"Bitter aren't we?" Rachel mused, "We're actually here to convince your mom."

"Of what?" Then he realized and whipped his head around to face her, "Seriously?! You agree with me now?!"

Rachel looked away, her face slightly colored,

"It's not like that." She insisted indignantly, "Arella and I talked it over and decided that we should give you guys a chance. It had nothing to do with you."

"By chance you mean…"

"You have a month. One month, to have somewhat credible skills to back Richard and I up. He and I will train you, Vic, and Kori but none of you are doing anything on your own. We aren't going to be vigilantes either, we fight to get close to Trigon and Slade. That means no getting caught, no press, no killing, and absolutely no spandex outfits. We conceal our faces, but no superhero garb."

"Wow, never thought you'd be the type to swallow your pride."

"I'm not going to apologize just so you know." Rachel informed him.

"If you did I'd wonder if you were really Rachel and not some robot copy."

"I've been on edge lately, I can't promise something like that won't happen again."

"Hey, no worries." Gar grinned, suddenly forgetting any resentment he had towards the girl (she had that effect on him), "I swear though, when I suggested it I didn't think of it specifically to put my friends in danger."

"You didn't think? How fitting." Rachel said, still not looking in his general direction.

"Hey…" He grumbled, narrowing his eyes before noticing the small smile gracing her face, then instead of biting back he got up and walked towards her. Gar stared at her face a moment, silently remarking how pretty it was, then tilted his head closer to hers with a cheeky smile spread on his face.

Rachel didn't turn her head to face him but her violet eyes moved to look at him,


"I'm just glad that you still think of us as friends."

Rachel scoffed,

"I said we were so why would I think otherwise, besides I don't break promises."

Gar stepped back and crossed his arms smirking.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Rachel deadpanned.

"I hope so."

Rachel and Arella were leaving. She was glad that she had cleared things up with Gar but she highly doubted that they would be ready training wise in a month. Not with what she had to teach them, but she promised to give it a shot.

Other than making up with Gar her trip to his house wasn't completely pointless.

As she had been leaving Gar's room she knocked over a large book. It had been a photo album. A picture had fallen out and as Rachel picked it up she noticed a small item taped on the back of it. Gar was already on his way down to the main floor so Rachel quickly peeled it off and stuffed it into her coat pocket.

As she left for the motel she clutched it in her hands tightly.

Where did this key lead to?

But that's disregard
Find another friend and you discard
As you lose the argument in a cable car
Hanging above as the canyon comes between

-The Fray (Over My Head)

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